holding daddy's hand

When I'm little...

~ I don’t swear at all
~ I giggle at everything
~ I always want cuddles
~ I need lots of attention
~ I will only want to eat candy
~I slur on my words a bit or put random ’s’ at the end of words
~ I will always have a stuffie with me
~ Will get upset easier than normal
~ Will need 10x more reassurance on everythiiiiiiing
~ I will more than likely be singing a Disney song to myself
~ Will skip and bounce around if I’m in public
~ Will not be able to sit still for more than a minute
~ I am clumsier than usual (which is a lot)
~ Will get distracted more than usual
~ Will make random noises to express how I feel about somethin e.g. humming, squeaking, laughing
~ I love having my hair played with
~I will always want to hold someone’s hand


i did damien’s first date right out of the gate, realized how much i was going to enjoy his route, and then saved his second date until the very end. who knew the one playing to my aesthetic favorites would also be the most relatable?

20 rules for Daddy Doms

1. Hold her hand while crossing the street, watching a scary movie or…just because.

2.Leave loving notes all over the place to surprise and delight your littles’ heart.

3.Brush her hair, help her bathe (bubble baths preferably), treat her stuffed animals like living creatures and talk with them.

4.Know all her stuffies’ names.

5. Punish misbehavior with time outs, spankings and occasionally make her write out an apology or things like “I won’t sneak a cookie before dinner” (50 times is good).

6.Take her to fun places that appeal to her inner little. Places like the zoo, a kids movie, build-a-bear, the swings at the park, an aquarium, or a carnival.

7.Reward good behavior with treats and kind words of encouragement.

8.Never lose your temper just because you are having a “bad day”.

9.Know all of her favorite foods, allergies, and all of her favorite things; whether it be color, hair bows, dress, or stuffies.

10.Bedtime routines. If you’re going to do something, make sure (if circumstances allow) that you do it everyday without fail. If you stop doing something you always did before, it makes the little feel as though they’ve done something wrong to lose that treat. Examples: brushing her hair, reading her a story, or just tucking her in at night.

11.A good Daddy Dom does not make idle threats. If you threaten a consequence for a certain behavior you are looking to change, and do not carry through, not only will the little not learn to break the habit, but they will take your threats with a grain of salt. Also, it may make the little feel unimportant if a consequence is not followed through with.

12.Always spend time reassuring your little of your love after a consequence. They need this assurance, and the knowledge that you still love and care for them.
Aftercare is incredibly important. After all…this relationship is built upon trust.

13.Send your little a text message (or many) throughout the day if you must be apart. It warms their little heart!

14.Surprise her with a new stuffie from time to time.

15.Watch a Disney movie of her choosing with her. And it doesn’t hurt to know her favorite one…and all the songs from it.

16.All boo-boos, whether scratches, bruises and scrapes need to be looked after by her Daddy. Nothing makes a little feel safer and totally cared for than having a feel-better kiss, or their Daddy getting them a cool band-aid (Hello Kitty works well). Be sure to lavish them with lots of TLC!

17.If your little makes you something: no matter how big or small, you should always make them feel like their creation is cherished. Hang it up, save a pic on your phone so they see you like it and plan to look back at it…anything at all. Nothing is sadder than a pretty picture, colored with love and care, that is left sitting and collecting dust, and then forgotten.

18.If your little is in a playful, youthful mood (and you are not), do not roll your eyes, get mad or yell. Simply and calmly tell them that Daddy is not feeling playful right now. Everyone can’t be fun and playful all the time. Littles understand that…even if upset about it at times. So tell them, and that way no one’s feelings get hurt, or feels like they did something wrong.

19.Aid the age play dynamic. Do such things as carrying, lifting, and reaching high places for your little. It helps them feel as though they are seen as vulnerable and protected. Also, asking things like, “Are you sure you don’t need Daddy’s help putting that straw in the juice box?”, or “Maybe I should do that, it’s a big job, too big for you.” It keeps the little feeling happy and loved.

20.Ask your little to sit on your lap from time to time. It’s an instant smile and a blush trigger. Other things also work like tying their shoes, brushing their hair or buckling their seatbelt. -Dumb Baby🌼

  • Me: *climbs on top of daddy*
  • Daddy: What do you think you're doing, little girl?
  • Me: I'm in charge now!
  • Daddy: Oh really? I don't believe you!
  • Me: I am daddy! See?!! Grrr!
  • Daddy: You're not in charge, little one. *tries to get up*
  • Me: *holds down daddy's hands*
  • Daddy: Fine. You want to be in charge? Go ahead. What are you gonna do?
  • Me: *giggles and lays my head on daddy's chest* My daddy!
  • Daddy: That's what I thought, babygirl.