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BNHA x Troubled Birds part 2! 

Thanks @heroacacaps for making these images available. The words on the Bakugou one came out really blurry somehow, but I’m off to a con and can’t go fix it :/. Sorry everybody!

Part 1

Not a Ransom Note

From our HERO 6e campaign:

“We have the girl, priest. Her name is Sarah, and the birds are holding her at her apartment. If you continue to vandalize the building and drive away Saint Olloyaf’s followers, well…. It would be a shame if something happened to her.
Leave an offering of chocolate truffles from the confectioner’s shop on Gimbal Street on the church steps as a sign of your compliance. Saint Olloyaf hasn’t had any chocolate since you murdered Angela, and he has had quite the hankering. If you fail to comply, well, Olloyaf likes sacrifices as much as he enjoys chocolate, and we could always use another bird.”

The note that the mind-controlled Russian had hopelessly left out for the rest of the party to buy more time to recoup.  He didn’t think it would work, but it did cause the party to argue over whether the girl was important to them, whether or not to bring the chocolate anyway, whether to poison the chocolate, and so forth.  Needless to say, it worked, and at the end of the day, they brought the chocolate along to the fight with the mind-controlled Russian, just in case.

ammoth  asked:

I've seen you mention 'the proper way to restrain a bird' a few times recently, could you elaborate on that? How do I hold a bird? Out of… general interest and also because I have had to pick up hurt birds or lost young birds before (to put them in a safe place or bring them to rescues) and I'd love to know if there's a proper way to do it.

Basically, you want to make sure you’re restraining the wings so they can’t open them against you. If it’s a small bird, wrap your hand around it from the back so their wings are pressed into your palm and your fingers rest on either side of their chest. If it’s a larger bird, use one hand around the back and cup the chest with your other hand - their head should poke out from between your two hands, but you should have a decent amount of control of it. In theory, if you’re handling a larger bird or a raptor (which you shouldn’t be unless it’s a professional setting, fyi) you can pin them to your chest with one hand to restrain their wings and hold onto their ankles with the other. 

It’s always a good idea to wear gloves if you have to handle a bird, since you don’t know what parasites or diseases they might have. Even babies. 


Holding back from jumping on the phone!

Me, stumbling towards you, covered in birds, holding out a coffee mug full of eggnog, with a splotchy face from whatever it is I am allergic to in the eggnog: take a fucking sip babes

mandojerk  asked:

Hi. I just saw your video about the juvenile red-headed woodpecker and I was curious as to how you were holding him so still? I don't plan on going out and trying to catch birds myself, I just wondered what the technique is. Thanks!

The way I’m holding that bird is in the photographer’s grip, which is illustrated below (illustration is from the NABC Study Guide-- check it out if you want to read more about how bird banders handle their animals). I personally use a modified photographer’s grip where I hold the bird between my middle and ring fingers.

Important to note: the photographer’s grip is not safe to try unless trained and supervised by an experienced bander. It is a very risky way to hold a bird, and if done improperly it can lead to wingstrain, overstressing the animal, and severe injury (like broken legs).

This is also NOT the grip used while we actually band a bird and take measurements. The safest way to hold a wild bird (and the way I hold them most of the time) is in the bander’s grip.

Horse holding boy holding kid holding frog holding bird.

What a day.







His…. daughter’s flame?

Is the woodsman’s daughter somehow trapped inside the lantern or the fire or something like that?

That’s messed up.

Ohhh shit.

The beast is now actively hunting the kids.

That is…. less than ideal.

Jesus Christ.

What an amazing end of an episode.