holding all the purses

  • Me on a date: so how do you feel about the movie Shrek?
  • Them: it's alright.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: I'm sor-
  • Them: However Shrek 2 is the most beautifully crafted movie of all time. Human shrek is a hunk and "holding out for a hero" is my favorite song.
  • Me, slowly placing breadsticks back on the table: go on...
Unexpected   A Min Yoongi story

Y/N is a single mother living in rural Chicago.  Running late for a business meeting, she bumps into some unexpected tourists.  Time is running out for Y/N to save her failing business, and she gets help from an unlikely source.

Rated M for language



You were walking down the street, one hand had your cellphone planted firmly to your ear, the other was rummaging in your purse, all while simultaneously holding your coffee in the crook of your elbow.

Your day had not started at all like you had planned. You had woken up late, and it was all downhill from there.

“Fuck” you swore under her breath, not even remembering what you had needed from your purse in the first place.

“Y/N?” the person on the other end questioned.

“Oh, no, Ms. Williams that was not directed towards you.” you said, not even clarifying any further what was happening.

“Honey, for the last time, just call me Clara. I’m going to let you go so you can get to work. Again, today is not a problem at all.” Clara said before hanging up the phone.

You hung up the phone and chucked it into your purse.

You waited at the empty cross walk for traffic to pass through before you crossed the street. You were still getting used to not needing to follow crosswalks lights. The rural Midwest was a far cry from NYC, your hometown.

You were still musing about the differences you were adjusting to when someone slammed into you from the front, consequently spilling hot coffee all down the front of your white dress shirt.

You let out a small cry of pain.

Could this day possibly get any fucking worse you thought to yourself.

You got into your purse and got out wipes, trying to soak up what coffee you could.

From beside you, you could hear the quiet voices of whoever had slammed into you. You didn’t pay them any attention. You were irrationally angry and didn’t want to ruin someone else’s day because of your nasty attitude.

“Um, excuse me, Miss?” you heard from beside you. You halted in your movements, recognizing the voice had a very heavy accent and spoke in semi broken English.

You finished wiping off what you could of your shirt and discarded the damp wipes back into your purse. You took a deep breath and looked up at the source of the voice.

Anything you might have said, instantly died in your throat.

“Are you..okay?” The voice asked after a long moment of silence.

“But…you’re…why…here?” you said, forgetting how to speak in full sentences.

“You hurt?” A different voice asked from the other side.

You turned your head and let out an involuntary squeal of excitement.

“Yoongi!” you said, finally finding your voice.

The owner of the second voice gave you a shy smile, eyes going wide.

“Hello.” he said back, nodding his head towards you.

“Namjoon, Taehyung.”

The only thing registering in your brain was three out of the seven members of your favorite group were standing in front of you looking rather sheepish.

“You must be a fan?” Namjoon asked you.

“Yes!” you said, too loudly.

Taehyung clapped loudly, drawing your attention to him.

“ARMY!” he yelled towards you, making you smile.

“We want to apologize for ruining your shirt. These two were being very impolite and pushing each other around. They, nor I, saw you standing here. We are so very sorry.” Namjoon said, bowing slightly in apology.

It was then that you realized that you had indeed spilled coffee on your white dress shirt. You blushed profusely and buttoned your suit jacket over the ruined shirt.

“It’s alright.” you heard yourself saying, even though clearly it wasn’t. Now you were even more late than you had said you’d be.

“It is not alright. Guys, you need to apologize to…” Namjoon said, inviting you to say your name.

“Y/N.” she replied.

“We apologize Y/N. We were being very rude by hitting into you. We are on a sort of vacation and were enjoying how quiet things are here.” Tae said, extending his hand to you.

“Thank you for the apology, I appreciate it.” you said, surprised you could string together so many words in one sentence while shaking his hand.

“I hate to ask this, since you are on vacation, but could I get an autograph?” you asked, hating to be rude while they were trying to enjoy themselves.

“Yes!” Tae said excitedly.

“That would not be a problem at all.” Namjoon said, taking the pad of paper you had extended to him.

“To you?” He asked, clarifying that it was for you.

“Could you make it out to Lily?” you asked, thinking of how excited she would be to have the autographs.

“That is an usual nickname for Y/N” Namjoon said, writing.

“Oh, it’s not for me. It’s for my daughter.” you said, smiling fondly at the mention of her.

“You have daughter?!” Tae asked, sounding surprised. “You so young!” he continued.

“Taehyung, it is improper to make such statements to a young woman.” Namjoon said, berating his friend.

Taehyung bowed his head, but not before you saw the flash of shame that had passed his face.

You was sure if you hadn’t have controlled it quickly, your face would have held almost the same look of shame as Tae’s. You weren’t ashamed of her daughter, just how her daughter came to be.

“You’re correct, though, I am young. Actually Taehyung, we are the same age, 21.” you said, offering him a kind smile.

Turning to Yoongi, who had been quiet through this whole exchange, you continued speaking.

“She’s almost five and I think she’s your biggest fan! She sings as many of the lyrics as she can understand and mumbles through what Korean she doesn’t. She is constantly trying to emulate your dances, asking me to practice with her for hours a week.”

“She sounds sweet.” Yoongi said, smiling at you.

Never in a million years did you think that you would be standing in front of some of the people you respected most in the world. BTS always gave their all to their fans, and never seemed to complain about it. At least, not to the public. They all seemed to genuinely enjoy their lives and how they were progressing as a group.

Taehyung had just handed the notepad to Yoongi when your phone rang from the depths of your purse.

Realizing where you were, and where you were supposed to be, you hurriedly fished the phone out and answered it.


“Y/N, you’re now half an hour late. This looks really bad for you. If you can’t get here in the next ten minutes, the investors are going to leave.” your lawyer said from the other end.

“Mr. Johnson, I can’t get there in that short of time. Is there anything you can do?” you asked, desperate for the investors not to leave.

“I’m sorry Y/N. Once you find new investors, contact me and we’ll try again.” He said, before hanging up the phone.

Tears sprang to your eyes involuntarily. You had waited for this opportunity for two months. You worked hard on finding investors, making charts, doing projections on growth, everything she needed to get help with you drowning business.

You had not only moved yourself and your daughter here from NYC, but you moved your business here as well. You had inherited it from a family member and didn’t want to lose it now.

You were pulled from your sullen thoughts from a worried looking Yoongi.

“Are you okay?” He asked you.

“Yes, I am. Thank you.” you replied, trying to keep your voice from cracking. You just needed to pull it together until you got home, and then you could fall apart.

“Thank you so much for signing this for Lily. She’s absolutely going to love it. And hey, maybe we’ll run into each other again before you leave.” You put your hand in your purse and pulled out your wallet.

You pulled out a small stack of business cards and handed a few to each of them.

“Feel free to stop in and see us sometime. Lily and I are always there, especially summer having just started and she’s not in school. Again, it was nice to meet you all.” you said, and quickly spun on your heels to go the other way. You could feel herself falling apart, and you refused to do it in front of anyone.

Namjoon, Yoongi, and Taehyung were all standing on the sidewalk, extremely confused at the turn of events.

“Do you think we caused that?” Tae asked, feeling sorry for bumping into the woman, and possibly offending her as Namjoon had pointed out.

“I don’t know. But we should definitely go see her again while we’re here. I’m curious.” Namjoon said, looking at her business card.

Y/N Y/L/N Owner/Instructor
Heartbeat House Dance Studio
3764 East Street


This story will be a collaborative effort between myself and @texting-them-kpop-bois.  I will be doing the story and she’s going to be doing all text posts. She’s awesome and I’m so thankful for her help!!!!

I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Stana got married and she’s so happy now and her hubby is this big awkward duck out in public, looking like a confused puppy all the time but courteous enough to hold her purse for her and open doors for her and he takes candid pics of her, just marveling at his beautiful wife (bc who wouldn’t when she looks like that) and he’s probably just as happy and they probably cuddle a lot and explore the city when they have time off and wander around foreign countries holding hands and sharing stories and just being so damn adorable. And the probably curl up with their dog and watch sappy indie movies in different languages or read together and ugh I’m just so happy that she’s happy it’s unbelievable how much I’m actually crying right now.

Here for the Rajan/Kala/Wolfie

Imagine Kala & Rajan teaching Wolfie bollywood dance numbers. Big tough Wolfgang loves it. 

Imagine Kala & Wolfie making Rajan sing karaoke with them despite his protests that he can’t sing even though he sings fine.

Imagine sweet Kala & Rajan being harassed by bigots and Wolfie takes over and goes into protective rage mode all “Rajan hold my purse while I break some faces”. 

Imagine Kala dragging Rajan & Wolfie to temple because these assholes need Ganesha.  

Imagine Wolfie watching his smart babes doing science because omg they’re so smart and attractive.


hey folks.

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