holding a shell

mermaid self-care tips 🌊

- holding a shell up to your ear in times of panic, letting the distant humming calm you down

- soaking in a blue/green bath bomb + salt infused bath, absorbing the sweet energies of the water

- keeping little charms shaped like marine life in your pocket for good luck

- dabbing your jewelry with a tiny bit of ocean water before wearing, anointing it with the sea’s energy

- falling asleep to water sounds, letting the crashing waves provide the soundtrack to a peaceful slumber



Making a debut at the 2017 SHOT Show, the KSG-25 is a longer 30″ barreled, higher capacity version of the original KSG-12. Although it loses it’s compact size, you have almost double the capacity. Kel-Tec states that it can hold 20+1 3″ shells, 24+1 2.75″ shells or 40+1 1.5″ shells. If you want to really max out the amount of shells, you can load 50+1 of the Aguila mini-shells. MSRP is supposedly around $1,400~. (GRH)

Scorpio and Pisces ~ Sisters of the Deep

Bathed in the murky depths of unconscious oceans, the Scorpio mermaid has scales made of crystal balls, eyes that hypnotise with sacred bewitchment, and a sort of erotic darkness that creates spiritual seductions. She is not made of dreams but angelic longings from the deep, imagination wrapped in the shrill cry of betrayal, and the knowledge she can wield inexplicable power. Down below she dwells alone, she holds sailors and swimmers who have drowned in her arms and transports them to the underworld. Around her neck are shells filled with the souls she has saved from limbo. Her cave is dark, lonesome, and private. She will emerge periodically, flowing with inner highs that crave the sun. Her knowledge on topics is complex, she can gain mastery over subjects, she sees all and knows all, every ingredient of healing, every weapon of psychic destruction, every circulating vibration. She guards the threshold, guarding the sea wall at the drop off, holding two worlds together. Where she truly goes as she swims into the darkness, nobody knows, but she is wild and mad and lovely. Her persistence to charter new depths and explore new dimensions of consciousness conjures a crackling magic, extreme and admirable focus, and magnetic passion that attracts symbols and signs. Beneath the crease of her mermaid tail she covers scars so deep they tattooed the soul. But you won’t ever know. She stares them down with pride, knowing the creatures she has faced alone and conquered. Born of tragedy, died of reverence. Where two oceans meet, while she crosses a smoky sea, puffs of blush like balloons, chaotic with voices and laughter and hysteria. There on a throne of sea shells is the Pisces mermaid, cradling her heavenly crown, the sovereign mermaid queen. From deep below she hears the cries of her children, lost and aching on earth, and she weeps a siren’s song to soothe them to sleep. When people hold a shell up to their ear, it is her breathing that they hear. She has discovered something after death, a sort of infinite cocoon of splayed omnipresence. Sea creatures swim for miles to hear her wisdom. She once read Bibles and Evangelists but she grew the pearl inside, and now she shows others the way. Messages in bottles strew her sea floor, she can drink the liquor until she shakes, sometimes she is howling to be free and escape. Her body is where all human and angelic emotions swirl and fuse. Tired, the Scorpio mermaid swims past, trying to hide in the shadows, she could follow her back to life.


BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Suga (Part Two)

A/N: This is a continuation from the “Accidental Confession” series under Suga’s route! Hope you enjoy my lovelies -Admin Germane :3

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Word Count: 1567

It was around four in the morning the next time Yoongi came to visit you two weeks later. Dressed in sweats, a tee, and an old worn out hoodie, he let himself into your apartment using the spare key that you kept underneath the flowerpot you placed by your door. He kicked off his shoes and locked the door behind him, wandering into your kitchen to hunt for an early morning snack. He yawned as the small fridge light illuminated his face, rubbing his drowsy eyes with a balled up fist wrapped in his hoodie sleeves. He grabbed the orange juice and drank straight from the carton. Yoongi could hear your voice scolding him in his mind and he couldn’t help but chuckle at himself. He closed the fridge and looked around your dark house.

“Aish, Y/N, you need to do the dishes.” Yoongi sighed, observing the messy plates piled high in the sink. Sure, he himself wasn’t responsible with tidying up, but damn it all if you didn’t live in a clean and comfy home. You deserved to be surrounded by comfort and luxury. But that’d be a conversation for later.

He wandered down the hall and softly opened the door to your bedroom. You slept like the dead, and he wasn’t worried about you waking up, but he still didn’t want to disturb you. His lips contorted into a small smile and his heart skipped a beat when he saw you sleeping; your legs balled up close to you, the sheets scrunched in your hands and the fluffy blankets surrounding you in a cocoon of warmth.

“Y/N, what are you doing to this tough guys heart?” Yoongi mumbled to himself, a playful tone laced in his words as he carefully pulled out a change of pajamas from the top drawer of your dresser; his reserved space. He went into your on-suite, changing quickly and removing his piercings and rings. He stared at his reflection carefully.

“Y/N would fuss if she saw your eyes like this Min, you gotta stop staying out so late.” he mumbled to himself, running the tip of his finger over the purple outlines under his eyes. But he knew he wouldn’t stop, besides, it gave him a reason to stay at your place. He went back into your room and climbed carefully into the empty side of your bed, burrowing under the covers and moving closer to the warmth you emitted.

“Hey, Y/N.” Yoongi whispered, gently shaking your shoulder. You groaned softly, and Yoongi assumed that you were conscious enough to listen for at least thirty seconds.

“Just letting you know I’m here, alright.” he said, pulling you into his arms as he settled down into the mattress. You groaned again and he smiled down at you. He gently stroked your hair until your breathing steadied out again. Yoongi sighed and kissed your forehead gently, nudging his head down into your chest and throwing a leg over your thigh.

“Love you Y/N, good night.” he whispered, wishing that you knew the true meaning behind his words.


You woke up with the sun shining in your face and your alarm going off in the background. You heard an annoyed sigh, a few curses and the alarm was shut off almost instantly and you felt something nudge themselves closer to you. You opened your eyes slowly and found Yoongi snuggling your body to death. You smiled and rolled your eyes; this wasn’t the first time you’d waken up to Yoongi in your bed. Sometimes he was just too lazy to make a bed up on your couch, so he’d climb in with you instead.

You reached your arms up to stretch, content to start the day but your bed mate had different ideas. Yoongi whined when you moved away from him, following your movements and rubbing his cheek against your arm like how a cat would mark their scent on their owners.

“No…stay in bed with me. You’re too warm and soft to let go…just go back to sleep.” he whined and you could feel your heart melt in your chest. You sighed, settling back down and running your fingers through his hair. You could hear Yoongi hum in content, almost as if he was purring.

“Yoongi, what time did you come here?” you asked softly a few minutes later. Yoongi groaned in annoyance and opened one bleary eye to stare up at you.

“I don’t know, four-ish?” he mumbled, closing his eye. You tsked and flicked his forehead.

“Yah! Y/N!” he whined, “Why do you do this to me?”

“Because you can’t keep doing this Yoongi, you need to sleep to live.”

“I get my rest with you, what’s the problem?” he asked, sitting up and stretching since his sleep was rudely interrupted.

“I may not always be around Yoongi, you can’t just rely on me being here.”

“Why wouldn’t you be here Y/N?” Yoongi questioned.

“I don’t know, but I may not be. I could be out with friends, or with a guy or-”

“Don’t say that.” Yoongi mumbled, pulling up the sheets to wrap them around his body.

“I’m just stating the obvious Yoongi. You’re not the only guy in my life.” you pointed out. You saw Yoongi frown and he burrowed deeper into his blankets.

“I know…but I am the most important, right?” he questioned, looking up at you with wide puppy dog eyes. Your heart seemed to burst in your chest, damn Yoongi and his effective aegyo.

“Yes, yes you are, and I love you very much.” you assured, ruffling his hair and getting up from the bed. You headed into the kitchen to start breakfast and you sighed.

“If only you truely knew, Yoongi. You pabo.” you muttered, turning on the stove and taking out the eggs and butter from the fridge.

“What do I need to truely know?” Yoongi’s voice startled you so much that you dropped the egg that you were holding, splattering shells and yolk all over the floor.

“Shit, sorry.” Yoongi muttered, walking over to you to help clean up the mess.

“Don’t you know you can’t sneak up on people like that?” you scolded, playfully smacking his shoulder.

“Geez, I’m just getting abused by you today.” he teased, throwing away the mess and sitting on one of the bar stools, helping himself to the brewed coffee. You rolled your eyes and continued with your cooking, frying up the eggs and popping toast in the toaster.

“So what were you saying about things I need to know?” Yoongi mumbled sleepily, using one hand to prop up his head and the other holding the coffee cup.

“Nonya.” you said

“Nonya, what?”

“None ya buisness.” you stuck your tongue out at him and he flicked a sugar packet into your arm.

“C'mon, we know everything about each other. Just tell me.” he pressed. You sighed and shook your head.

“What if I tell you something you don’t know? Hmm?” Yoongi tempted, a lazy smile etched on his face. You looked over at him and raised your eyebrow at him.

“We can even say it at the same time?” he offered, getting up from the barstool to stand in front of you. Yoongi knew this would be a risk, confessing to you in this way, but he was curious and decided it would be worth it.

“On three?” you asked and Yoongi nodded.

“One.” he started.

“Two.” you said.

“Three.” Yoongi took a deep breath.

“I love you.” you both said at the same time. Both your eyes widened and you could feel your heart beating fast in your ears.

“You love me?” you asked softly.

“The real question is; you love me?!” Yoongi asked, clearly shocked, taking a step closer to you.

“Well…yeah? I mean, I thought it was obvious, I let you sleep in my bed for gods sake.” you laughed to yourself and Yoongi blushed.

“Yeah sure, but you said-”

“I only said because you said sister first.” you cut him off, knowing exactly what he wanted to say, blushing yourself. Yoongi coughed.

“So, umm,” he started, but a loud yawn cut him off. You laughed and shook your head.

“You should go back to bed.” you suggested.

“You’re right, I should.” Yoongi agreed. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, rubbing his hand over your ass possessively.

“Yoongi?” you giggled.

“You said go back to bed, and I’m taking my love with me. How else do you expect me to get any sleep?” he admitted, throwing you onto the bed and climbing under the covers with you. You shook your head and allowed him to cuddle back into your torso, wrapping his arms and legs around you.

“Hey, look at me?” Yoongi asked. You looked down at him and your eyes blew open when Yoongi pecked your lips. The blush returned onto your cheeks and Yoongi gave you the most satisfied smile in the world.

“Don’t expect to be leaving this bed anytime soon.” Yoongi told you, gracing your lips, cheeks, and nose with kisses.

“Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning on it.” you told him, leaning down to return your unrequited love for Yoongi with a kiss of your own.

Both your hearts finally lost the “one-sided” grief that they had once felt, and neither of you were going back to that feeling for a long, long time

• Fresh Start Spell •

Perform this spell for help in making a fresh start, whether it be with a new love, a change of job, or for healing a breach in a relationship.

The tides are ruled by the moon and are at their most magical during the phases of the new and full moon. Travel to a quiet seashore and perform this spell on an incoming tide when the moon is newest.

What you’ll need:

• 2 sea shells.

• Fresh or dried vervain leaves.

• A silver coin.

• A flask of wine.


• Hold the silver coin, two shells and the vervain leaves in your open hand and ask the moon for it’s blessing.

• Drink a toast to the moon and sea, and rest while until your mind is clear with your purpose.

• Throw one shell as far as you can into the waves, while chanting your wish.

• Write your wish and your name in the sand with the other shell, just below the high tide mark.

• Wrap the shell and silver coin in the vervain leaves, count seven waves coming in and then bury it in the centre of your message in the sand.

• Take a few steps back and wait for the incoming tide to receive your wish.

• As you wait, chant:

“Tide and time receive my wish, and grant me new beginnings.“

You can also change the spell to include your power number and elements to make it more effective.


Ocean Soldier (Part 3 out of ?)

(A/N): Haaaaa, this one is so bad and it changed perspective between (Y/N) and Bucky a lot so I’m so sorry about that…

Summary: (Y/N) happens to come across a rather friendly mermaid

Warnings: none

Read Part 2: X

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    You were frozen with shock, your face completely numb as Bucky speaks his first words to you.

   His blue eyes bore into yours and you swear you can see a smudge of guilt in them, or perhaps that was your wishful thinking.

   “B-Bucky,” Your voice shakes so much you can barely get the words out but Bucky’s soft coos gently begin to soothe you, enough to the point your tears began to dry and your breathing evened out and you could finally speak properly.

   Even with your now calmer state, the dry cheeks, the steady breaths, Bucky keeps his hand on your cheek, his thumb gently swiping along your skin.

   “Where did you go?” You ask softly, not so brokenly anymore, just sad and distraught.

   “I-I panicked, I didn’t know what to do. I-I shouldn’t even be here right now, it’s against the rules and-”

   “Bucky, you’re not making any sense,” You look at him with furrowed brows and a cocked head, showing your confusion. Bucky sighs gently, the cuts on his neck puffing in and out as he does so.

   “(Y/N) I can’t keep visiting you, it’s dangerous, for both of us. That’s why I was so scared the first day, the day you rescued me. I’m not even supposed to be by the docks, much less caught in a net. I was afraid someone of my cove was going to come and-”

   “wait…a cove? Like a- like a cove of a fish?”

   “I’ve said too much already…” Bucky’s hand slides from your face, leaving you feeling more hallow and alone than you had felt in a long time. “I should’ve just stayed away-”

   “Bucky wait-” You slide to the end of the dock, desperately trying to cling onto him. “Where are you going?”

   “I can’t tell you…you know too much already-”

   “Bucky I hardly know a thing-”

   “They’ll hurt you if they find out I’ve been up here?”

   “Who’s ‘they’?”

   “(Y/N), I really cant stay-”

   “Bucky please don’t leave me-” You stop short when suddenly two hands cup your cheeks, the same slimy, cold ones that you had grown to love but what truly takes you off guard was the fact there was another pair of lips pressed to yours. Bucky was kissing you. He was finally kissing you.

   His lips were soft, wet, cold, but they were oh so perfect, they felt like they were made to fit directly with yours, like two pieces of a puzzle.

   You sigh against his lips, scooting a little closer as his lips move against yours so sweetly and so softly you could almost weep but before you could Bucky was pulling away and disappearing into the water once again, leaving you all alone.

   You sit there dumbfounded for a few minutes, staring a the spot he had just disappeared to but no matter how much you stared at it you simply couldn’t make sense of what had just happened. A man you had known for a total of three weeks just kissed you after he went on and on about how dangerous it was to even be talking to you, and then suddenly he disappears again? You hadn’t seen him in three fucking weeks, he shows up for a minute and then leaves again? You groan angrily as you flip back against the dock, staring up at the sky as tears burn at your eyes. Only this time you knew that a certain dark haired man wasn’t going to show up to wipe them away.

(Bucky’s p.o.v)

   Bucky watched from afar as (Y/N) packed up their things, angrily wiped their tears and stomped away, limping on their still shredded feet. He felt horrible, of course he did. He’d grown to love- no, not love, love wasn’t permitted among his kind, only survival and lust- he’d grown to care for (Y/N) very deeply and to see them so hurt over something he had done truly hurt him. Watching them those three weeks was absolute hell, he could barely stand to watch from a distance, to watch them sing and play whatever they had been playing, to watch them give up on drawing, to watch them slowly lose that smile they always held. He had to do something- he had to apologize, tell them what was wrong-

   “Bucky-” A sudden voice hisses to him, making the merman flip around.

   Floating just a few feet beyond him was the all too familiar face of Natasha, the most cutthroat fish in the sea. Nat was a part of his cove, as was a number of other mercreatures, but she by far was the scariest. Not even Steve, the leader and commander of the cove was as fear inducing as Nat.

   “What the hell are you doing up here?” Her gills fluttered as she breathed in angrily, making her much more intimidating than usual.

   “Nothing,” Bucky whispers back, hoping that she wouldn’t notice that he was lying.

   “Rogers will kill you if he finds you up here, it’s broad fucking daylight,”

   “I know that Nat, Bucky mutters through gritted fangs, restraining himself just enough so he didn’t end up ripping Nat’s throat to pieces.

   "What if someone sees you? What then?”

   “I know Nat, I just needed some air, I’m still human after all,”

   “Yeah,” Nat mutters in disgust. “I know. Now lets get going before Steve has both of our asses,” Natasha sucks under the water, her shimmering red tail surfacing from the water for only a moment before disappearing back under the rippling waves.

   “Neither of us even have asses,” Bucky grumbles as he takes one last look at the docks, at the place he once used to be happy. He’d find a way to apologize to (Y/N)- he just needed time.

(Your point of view)

   You knew coming back to the docks was wishful thinking, Bucky had told you he wouldn’t be coming back and yet every morning you found yourself drawn to the same dock.

   For weeks, much longer than the precious three, you rose at sunrise and came down to the docks, sat on your designated piece of wood and waited. You’d sing, draw, maybe read a little bit but no matter what you did Bucky never came back. You even tried at night and still there was no sign of your friend. After weeks of waiting you were starting to lose hope again, no matter how hard you tried to hold onto those last glimmers of it it was just slipping away.

   At this point it was pointless to even wait for Bucky anymore, it was obvious we was never coming back and yet you kept on coming. Perhaps your persistence would pay off in the end? Maybe Bucky really would come back, he’d apologize and explain why he’d left and then the two of you would go back to being Friends? You scoffed as you walked down the docks for who knows what time. Wishful thinking hadn’t gotten you anywhere so far so why should it suddenly start now-

   Your train of thought stops immediately as you stop at your dock, the dock. You didn’t know what you were expecting but a large, white seashell most definitely wasn’t it. You furrow your brows as you stoop to pick the shell up; It was shiny, pearly white, and absolutely gorgeous. You smile softly as you run your fingers along it’s smooth layers, nearly shivering at it’s cold temperature. It must have just come out of the ocean- You stop once again, looking down at the shell in shock. There was only one person who could have done this; Bucky.

   You knew it was a long shot but you couldn’t help but think that your ocean loving friend had left a little present for you. You smile as you hold the shell close to your heart, being careful not to break it.

   “Thank you Bucky,” you whisper to the ocean, hoping your dark haired friend could hear you and it may have been your imagination but you could’ve sworn your heard the ocean whisper back, “You’re welcome,” From that day on every time you came to the docks there was a little prize waiting for you, a pearl here, some cool knickknack there, maybe a plant of some sort another day.

   That’s when your truly knew it was Bucky, who else was considerate enough to Leave little trinkets for you to find, no one.

   Your collection was really starting to grow, you’d been accumulating quite a bit of sea treasures form your mysterious friend. You did feel a bit guilty, he kept bringing you all these amazing gifts and yet you had nothing to give him. You could draw him something, maybe write him a song, bake him some food, anything would suffice. You thought about it for a bit as you sat on the dock on particular day, listening to soft waves of the ocean as you plucked at some strings on your guitar.

   Your parents had always had some more- eccentric kind if foods. Perhaps you could bake him a little something and bring it by, that is if the gulls and fishes didn’t get to it first. You smile victoriously as you pack your guitar up, a new kind of determination running through your veins. Millions of ideas raced through your mind as you walked back home, perhaps a nice bread, maybe some form of desert or pasta? You figured it had to be something that didn’t spoil easily, something that could withstand the poor beach temperatures.

   An idea came to mind and you smiled as you scurried home, wasting no time in baking your little surprise.

(Bucky’s point of view)

   Bucky looked up at the rippling water, the sun shimmering through the deep blue. He missed the surface- he missed having legs, being able to walk around, eat natural foods, he missed being able to interact with a species that wasn’t so vicious. Bucky sighs, or sighs as well he could as a mermaid could in the ocean. His lungs burned slightly as he tried to breathe in, as he hated to remind everyone, he was still partly human.

   Years ago, back in the 1940’s he had been a soldier for the US military and one day a mission ended up going poorly and he found himself stranded in the middle of the ocean. He was freezing, his crew was dead, he was the only one left, just floating in an endless expanse of hell. Luckily (or so he thought at the time) a blonde haired man came to save him (again, or so he thought at the time). The man had looked so kind, with blue eyes and a warm smile but Bucky quickly realized that it was no warm smile, it was full of hunger and malice but before he could truly find time to be scared the man pounced upon him and dragged him down below.

   There was a sharp sting in his neck and Bucky realized that the deranged man was biting him, he was fucking biting him. He remembered struggling but the man was far stronger, he kept on dragging Bucky down until he couldn’t breathe, until his lungs ached and burned, until he thought he was going to die of the pressure.

   His world was slowly fading to black, he could see the sea above him slowly fading, he could feel his entire body go numb but just as his body was close to giving in to the comforting dark everything suddenly snapped back to life. He could suddenly breathe, he could see the rippling sea and the pieces of wreckage floating above, he could see the blonde man swimming, no, floating, beside him except Bucky quickly realized that it was no man. Not a single man Bucky had ever met had a tail and yet this man did. It was shimmering silver, just like his eyes; It was long and thick, just like he was and it gently flicked back and forth through the water, helping the man float. Then Bucky remembered looking down at his own body and seeing a tail just like the man’s only blue, shimmering blue. That’s how Bucky came to be what he was today, some kind of ocean freak. Only there was one small setback, he was still partly human.

   Steve, the mermaid that day, hadn’t bitten him correctly, leaving some wiggle room for his human form to creep back in. That meant that at any given moment he could change back into a human. He had wanted to do it a billion times but every time he so much thought about it his cove would threaten him into staying, they’d intimidate him, beat him some more, make threats that sent shivers down his spine. In the end he decided it wasn’t worth it to try and be human once again. Since he was a mutt, as so gently put by the Cove’s second in command; Sam, He wasn’t like the other mercreatures, they were pure breads, he was a mutt, a filthy piece of bottom feeder scum who amounted to nothing in sea life.

   Other members of his cove often liked to remind him of the fact that he was partly human, that he was a disgrace to their cove. They treated him poorly, he was abused, starved, left to fend for himself half the time. His cove hated him, the people who had damned him to this life hated him. (Y/N) had never hate him, never treated him poorly, they made him feel wanted and safe, they made him feel like he mattered. They were sad for fucks sake when he disappeared, that’s more than his cove had ever amounted to.

   (Y/N) was something special, that’s why he couldn’t be with them, that’s why he had to stay away. If anyone from his cove found out that he was talking with a surface dweller it would be the end of them, and it’d be all his fault. He couldn’t risk losing (Y/N), he’d do anything to keep them safe, even if that meant going against his every instinct and leaving them alone. Thankfully he had some way of staying connected with them, the little prizes he left them every night. (Y/N) still came to the dock every morning even though Bucky had stopped coming. Every morning they’d stop, smile at the small gifts he’d leave them, then utter a quiet “thank you” to the ocean and every damn time Bucky would respond with an equally quiet “You’re welcome.”

   Bucky’s grip unconsciously gripped the small necklace he held in his hand, the next gift he had for (Y/N). It was his dog tags, the ones from the war. They had his name printed on them, his position, and his number. It was the only thing he had of his old self but he wanted (Y/N) to have it, they’d benefit from it more than he ever would.

   Bucky’s eyes roamed up to the watery sky, it was almost pitch black but luckily he could see as though it were broad daylight, one perk to being a merman. It was night, maybe midnight or sometime later. It was illogical that anyone would be out at such a time but as Bucky rose to the surface, his head popping up from the dark depths he was more than surprised to see someone sitting on the docks; aka (Y/N).

   Bucky bit his lip as he surveyed them, shivering, a blanket of some sort wrapped tightly around their body. Soft lights twinkled around their body and it was impossible for him not to swim closer. He knew he shouldn’t have, he had just told them he couldn’t ever return and yet he found himself venturing closer and closer until suddenly his webbed hands were upon the dock and he was staring up at (Y/N)’s face.

   “You came back,” (Y/N) whispers, almost in disbelief if Bucky thought about it. Bucky nods softly, biting his lip as he stared at the dock sheepishly.

   “I wanted to thank you for the gifts,” (Y/N) suddenly smiles, a smile Bucky had longed to see for weeks, nearly months. Bucky smiles softly, his pale, wet cheeks dusting a soft pink.

   “Did you like them?” He asks quietly, meekly.

   “I loved- love them, especially that shell,” Bucky smiles, his blush only growing.

   “I thought of you when you found it. I remember thinking how beautiful it was, just like you,” Now it was (Y/N)’s turn to blush, their cheeks dusting a rather dark red.

   “Really?” Bucky nods, smiling softly at the fact that he- a filthy human as stated by his cove- was able to make (Y/N) blush and smile.

   “I never thought I’d get the chance to tell you in person…” Bucky whispers as he stares at his hands, at the web in between his fingers.

   “I think you’re beautiful too,” (Y/N) whispers back, their tone soft and full of a kind of fondness that Bucky hasn’t experienced in years. Bucky looks up from the dock, his eyes wide and full of surprise.

   “You really think so?” (Y/N) nods, smiling at Bucky in a way that had his stomach up in knots. “From the moment I laid eyes on you,” Bucky could feel his entire face heat up, straight to the tip of his pointed ears. (Y/N) thought Bucky was beautiful, the most amazing thing he’d ever laid eyes on thought he was beautiful.

   (Y/N) looks to their hands, biting their lip as a wide smile threatened to overtake their features. Bucky had distracted them so much they had almost forgot about the “gift” they had brought him. Almost.

   “But um- I wanted to thank you for the gifts by giving you one of my own,” (Y/N) slides a plate of something towards Bucky, smiling at him gently. “Unfortunately I don’t have any cool little knick knacks like you do but I sure as hell can cook so I figured why not bake you something?” Bucky looks at the plate of food longingly; it’d been so long since he had a proper human meal and since he was the weakest link in the cove he was rarely ever fed so having something so tantalizing placed just a few feet before him was pure torture. “I wanted something simple so I just made some fish. I uh- I hope you eat fish…”

   “Wait…I’m allowed to eat this?” (Y/N) chuckles softly, nodding their head once again.

   “Yes Bucky, I made them for you,”

   “…It’s really okay?”

   “Yes Bucky,” (Y/N) nudges the plate closer. “It’s really okay,” (Y/N) gives Bucky a reassuring smile as he reaches a webbed hand out to the plate, casting one more glance at (Y/N) before gingerly picking a cooked fish up. It looked…different from how he remembered but god- he wanted to eat it so fucking bad. He raised it to his lips and took a tentative little bite. Almost immediately flavor burst in his mouth, something he hadn’t had the pleasure of eating in years (the sea didn’t offer many spices). A soft moan of delight pushed past his lips as he took another bite and another and another until all the fish was gone.

   “Does it taste okay?”

   “Oh my god yes,” Bucky moans, nodding immediately. “I haven’t had food like that in years,” (Y/N) smiles victoriously, proud of their own little accomplishment.

   “Tomorrow I’ll have to bring you some other food, that is, if you’re still here…”

   “With cooking like this hell yeah I’m coming back,” (Y/N) smiles and laughs, making Bucky’s heart warm within his chest.

   “Glad I’ve persuaded you to stay, I’ve really missed you,”

   “I’ve- I’ve missed you too…” Bucky whispers as he licks his lips, looking up at (Y/N) with a fond look in his eyes.

    “I’m sorry I scared you away…hopefully the food makes up for my mistake,”

   “no, it was my fault really, I shouldn’t have left so abruptly, I should’ve given you an explanation first.”

   “Was it-” (Y/N) sighs, looking at their hands as they do. Their mood had immediately dropped, going from happy and bubbly to nervous and remorseful. “Was it because if what I asked?” Bucky knew it was coming. He knew sooner or later he was going to have answer their question. He was constantly in the water, he had gills for fucks sake, he was surprised (Y/N) hadn’t asked earlier but now they were and this time he had to tell the truth.

   (Y/N) was the only person- both on land and sea- who treated him well, it was time he started doing the same. Bucky nods softly, casting his gaze down towards his webbed hands.

   “I’m so sorry Bucky- I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,”

   “No,” Bucky whispers, interrupting (Y/N) before they could say anything else. “The answer to your question is no,” (Y/N) falls silent for a moment, obviously taken aback by Bucky’s intrusion. It takes a few moments for it to click but when it does (Y/N)’s eyes widen and their lips part in shock. They gently clear their throat, closing their lips and blinking a bit to compose themself.

   “Can you- can you tell me what you are then? You don’t have to answer, I don’t want to scare you off again-” No. Bucky needed to tell the truth. He needed someone to know who he was, what he was, what had happened to him, he needed to let someone in, he needed to stop hiding and he needed to start telling the truth.

   Bucky sighed, opened his mouth to answer but before he could the water around him became frantic, as though swarmed with a million fishes. The water crashed against the dock wildly, making it impossible to see a single thing. Bucky ducked under the water, in. No mood for the waves to smack him against the dock. The strange thing was underneath the water he could barely see a thing either, the sea was dark and murky for once and it was impossible to even see his own hands. Eventually the waves settled and Bucky rose back to the surface, shaking his wet hair out of his face.

   “(Y/N), are you okay?” Bucky asked as his eyes adjusted to the not murky atmosphere. He squinted as he looked around, trying to spot his land walking friend only there was a problem; they were no longer there. The waves had settled and when they had (Y/N) was no longer sitting on the dock….

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Double-barreled pump-action shotgun made by Standard Manufacturing, the DP-12 can hold 16 shells of 2 3/4″ 12 GA ammo. Actuating the pump loads two shells but must be fired independently; one trigger pull does not mean both barrels will go off. This gold DP-12 is a factory limited edition option for someone looking to have something a bit different. MSRP from Standard Manufacturing for the gold model is $2,000. (GRH)


Quirks: The idiosyncrasies of DBK

U.S triple Grenade Pouch 

Otherwise known “No, that is not Dylan’s half-arsed job of tying his boot lace”  Hopefully this post will help dispel the untied boot laces misinformation (though sometimes admittedly cute) that is still working the perpetuated Tumblr rumor circuit ;) 

From a distance in photos and video, some have automatically assumed that Dylan was just a lazy ass  on 4/20 and didn’t bother to lace his combat boot’s all the way up his shin so that the boot appears to be dangling all flappy-loose as he lumbers about. But nope.  While Dyl made not have given a shit about much as he’d be dead within the hour, it was more of a matter of one of a few of his uniform malfunctions than carelessness.  The reality here is that his right shin/ankle in question looks messed up because he has his U.S. army green triple grenade pouch sketchily attached to it

The U.S. Triple Grenade pouch was used from the end of World War II until the 70’s. It is meant to carry six grenades total so is cumbersome no matter how its worn. It just wasn’t very well designed. It appears in all 3 of his gear sketches, with the first two pouches on the top listed as holding extra (“xt”) shotgun shells or bullets (the order is switched in one of them) and the bottom pouch as “poison” in one of the sketches. 

In the basement tape “transcripts”;  Dylan “attaches black suspenders to his pants and also attaches a tan ammo type pouch to his belt or suspenders & a green canvas pouch to his right shin.” 

Given how sloppy the pouch adheres to Dylan’s leg - half peeling away from his right leg - he likely jerry-rigged the pouch with a shoelace or something tied to the wire.   It’s just another little detail that makes this particular type of pouch and the way he wore it even stranger.  Why Dylan elected to strap it to his boot when it didn’t fit securely to begin with is anyone’s guess.  Based on his sketches, he seems firmly set on it being part of his aesthetic- no matter how impractical it may have been from the get-go when he tried it on for size in the “NBK fashion show” the two had in the Basement Tapes.  Dylan needed a place to store extra ammo and apparently he didn’t come up with any alternative idea for that.   It must have been a bit of an annoyance to him the day he was in action because it looks as though he’s partially dragging it around - half detaching from his leg. He may have even had to stopped at certain points of massacre to check it and fix it more securely so that it wouldn’t fall off completely as he walked or ran.

The Triple Grenade Pouch is specifically drawn on all of his gear sketches so he conceptualized and envisioned this with his fantasy ‘uniform’ atleast a few months prior. In the end, the pouch was more of a nuisance in reality than a useful, practical battle accessory.  In the sketches above, he slightly makes modifications on what goes where in the pockets: the first two pouches was to contain ‘XT’ shorthand for ‘extra’ 9mm bullets or shotgun shells. In one of the sketches, he fantasizes that the 3rd pouch pocket will be for “poison”..which likely was never included.  It’s was simply was that he liked the idea of having various suicide methods at his disposal in case the cops were closing in on them.  He also stuck a bullet in his boot - which of course, was useless without a shell or clip. But it was the idea for him that he was ‘prepared’ for his Death Day. 

In the two photos above, you can see Dylan’s actual grenade pouch as well as his trench and the other gear of the two in that glass display case of the 2004 Columbine Evidence Exhibit. This exhibit was permitted to showcase one time only as part of Jeffco. Sadly, most of this evidence has now been destroyed as far back as 2011, if we can entirely believe Jeffco’s claims..

A Shell Call Away ----(YES!)

Watching the clip of Emma sitting on her front steps holding Killian’s shell necklace from the preview for 6x15, I remembered reading or seeing a picture that Colin has filmed a scene with Jasmine, I believe, on a beach and was holding a seashell.  I’m hopeful that he will be able to get word to her via a shell call. My wish is it goes something like this. 

words ~ 1500

They say you should never make big changes right after a major loss and after a few drinks with her mother and Regina, Emma had to agree.  She had originally been upset when the call had ended up being a false alarm just to get her out of the house, but seeing a slightly tipsy Snow had been good for a few laughs and being away from the memories in the house for a while had allowed her more rational side to return.  Unsure what had caused the girl that she had been in the past to return the last few days, she was now determined to relocate the woman she had become.  The woman who had turned Killian into a dark one against his will to keep from losing him.  And the woman who hadn’t accepted his death, following him to the underworld to bring him home.   A woman willing to fight for that white picket fence life that was within her grasp.  

Walking into the house, she flipped on the lights and noticed that not only had Henry forgotten to put his shoes away but he had also forgotten to take the sea chest out to the shed.  Sitting on the sofa she pushed up the lid and lifted out the chain holding Liam’s ring.  Memories of Camelot and how when Killian had given it to her with a “calm down Swan, I’m not proposing,” she had felt both relief and disappointment.  Not only had the darkness had hold of her emotions but so had fear.  But slowly his patience and love had helped her have confidence enough in herself to lower her walls until he had proposed and that had been the happiest day of her life.  

But like so many other instances in her life, a single moment in time and a few words best left unspoken had reached inside of her awakening that little lost girl.  The one who always dreamt of a home and a family but never thought she was good enough to deserve one.  And when she had walked by and noticed Killian sitting in front of the fireplace with his memories, her insecurities had taken over her voice and accused him of not trusting her.  Of not trusting that their love was strong enough that together they would be able to overcome anything.  This time though her accusations on top of his self- flagellation over the past had brought forth more pain then she knew how to handle.  

Leaning back on the settee, with Liam’s ring clutched tightly between her hands, she let the memories wash over her. The memories of the night she had been searching for answers in Killian’s things - no - if she were really honest with herself, snooping for answers in Killian’s things - and had discovered the engagement ring, she had been so excited that she may not have given Killian the opportunity to say everything he wanted to say.  Remembering the look on his face when she had made the quip about him drinking Captain Morgan, and then his words, “I’m afraid it wouldn’t give me the courage that I need.” Had she misunderstood and he hadn’t been going to propose right then, but had been going to tell her what happened?  Feeling the tears well up she closed ther eyes and let the call of sleep carry her away. 

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warmth & light to you all 



I’ve had a few questions and requests to explain my set up and how I care for my hermit crabs. This is just how I do it, and I’d like to stress that I am not an expert and I’m still learning myself. Make sure to do your own research in regards to any information in this post.

Set Up:

Glass aquarium - I’m really not too sure about the exact size, but it is fairly large

Substrate - Mixture of coco fibre and washed children’s play sand. The tank also has a pure sand pit area and has a false bottom made of large pebbles to allow for drainage.

Lighting/heating - cheap aquarium light from eBay - not necessary but I like to add a natural day/night cycle. Heating pad. Digital hydrometer and thermometer.

Structure - Foam rock background cut to fit to encourage natural climbing behaviour. Wooden rodent bendy bridges used as dividers and against wall all climbing toys. XL piece of goldvine as centrepiece and climbing toy. Wooden rodent climbing tube.

Bowls- Large white fresh water bowl (as you can see in the above pic the crab can fully submerge). Smaller salt water dish (to be replaced with larger bowl that crabs can fully submerge in). Two food dishes, one for staple diet and one for treats and fresh food.

Extras - Vines for decoration and climbing, Repurposed reptile hide, dollar store auction cup shower caddy used to hold moss and spare shells, spare shells, pinecones for climbing and cuttlebone for calcium.

Food - I don’t feed commercial food. I use a mix of coconut, shredded oats, seeds, dried fruit and seaweed as an everyday food. In addition to that I also give fresh fruits and vegetables as treats. Rarely I’ll also give them a pinch of good quality fish flakes or dried shrimp as a treat.

Care schedule:

Daily: I spray the tank daily with declorinated water, and refresh the salt and fresh water. I find my crabs like to trek substrate in their bowls a lot so they don’t stay clean for long. I also feed a small amount of my staple diet every day, and make sure to remove and clean any old food/treats. I also daily check for mould and spot clean if necessary.

Weekly: Clean and reset. I remove the top layer of substrate and any soiled parts being carful to not disturb any crabs that may be buried below moulting. I replace with a layer of fresh substrate. On my big cleaning day I also fix any plants or decorations that the crabs may have disturbed and I shuffle their spare shells around. I also clean all the bowls with boiling water.

Monthly: I clean the glass with warm declorinated water and clean all of the lids.

As for where I got my supplies I really don’t have a concrete answer as their tank was given to me by a relative and many of the other supplies have been frankesteined over time from many different stores. I do have some tips though. Bird and rodent toys often work really well for hermit crabs, especially natural wooden toys as they can climb them very easily and they’re nontoxic. Just make sure to check any wooden objects for mould and clean them often. You can also use reptile supplies.

Hope this answers any questions you may have about my tank and crabbies! If there’s anything else you’re curious about, or if you see something I can improve on feel free to message me.

(And yes my crab is white ^^. These are Australian hermit crabs)

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also thank you to @fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem for your lovely advice!
CS FF: One Call Away

Summary:  Ten years in the future, Emma and their children are thrown into a nightmare when Killian disappears due to another curse.  Emma is determined to find him and decides to try to communicate with him using the shell necklace he wears around his neck.  Killian, who has lost his memory and believes he is someone else, has no idea who the woman is speaking to him through the shell hanging around his neck.  But something in his heart tells him she’s no stranger.   

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to Missed Connections.  So this definitely won’t be happening in season 7.  I still have no idea how the time jump, or older Henry and Lucy are going to work, so I didn’t even attempt to work any of that in.  I just really wanted to show how Emma and Killian will always be connected, no matter what, and will always find their way back to each other.  I am hoping the show finds a way to demonstrate this in season 7 somehow.  So that’s what the goal of this fic was. Hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…One Call Away: Part 1/1…

Killian felt the sun on his face, beckoning him awake.  He slowly rolled over and pried one eye open.  His eyes scanned the small, plain bedroom.  Brow furrowing, he sat up and surveyed his surroundings more thoroughly.   His brain told him this was his bedroom, but something didn’t feel right.  He looked down at his left hand and stared at it for a long moment, as if it was foreign to him.   He lifted his right hand in front of his face and wiggled his bare ring finger.  Why did it feel like something was missing from it?  

Killian shook his head, feeling more disoriented by the moment.  Was he hung over?  He couldn’t recall drinking anything.  Perhaps he had blacked out.  He reached over to the night table and picked up his wallet.  He opened it and stared at it for a long moment, as if seeing it for the first time.  His eyes moved to the license inside.  It read Devin Cooper.  

Devin Cooper.  Devin Cooper.  The name rolled around in his head.  He knew it was his name.  It had to be.  The picture alongside it was certainly him.  Then why did it feel so unfamiliar?

Emma was living a nightmare.  She had gone to sleep feeling like the luckiest woman in the world.  She was happily married to an amazing man with whom she shared two incredible children.   But when she woke up the following morning, her world was turned upside down.  

Killian was gone.  She frantically searched the house, called his cell numerous times, visited all of his normal haunts, and called all of their family and friends, but no one had seen him.  And, to make matters worse, Regina and Rumple were also missing.  Everyone guessed it was another curse, but who cast it was unknown.  And, at the moment, Emma didn’t care who was responsible this time.  She just wanted her husband back.

She stared at her wedding ring as she squeezed her eyes closed, tears burning her lids.  She could still hear the wails of their eight year old daughter and six year old son as she explained to them that daddy was missing.  Killian was an amazing father, just like she always knew he would be.  They had built a wonderful life together.  Ten happy years filled with incredible memories.  

Of course, it hadn’t all been smooth sailing.  There had been the usual curses to break and villains to battle. Just like any marriage, they had their hard times.  But they were few and far between and they always worked through them together, emerging stronger than before.  

And then, in an instant, he was ripped away from her, from them.  Their family was torn apart.  Emma didn’t have any idea where her husband was, but she knew one thing for sure.  She would stop at nothing until they were reunited.  

A sudden thought hit her and she jumped up from the bed.  She hurried over to his chest that sat in front of the window and knelt down in front of it.  She lifted the top and dug through it.  A smile slipped across her lips when she found what she was looking for:  the conch shell Killian had used to communicate with her when Gideon had banished him.   

She stood up and rushed over to the dresser and opened a small, wooden box he kept his jewelry in.  Shortly after their wedding, he had taken to wearing the shell necklace so that if they were ever separated again, Emma would have a way to communicate with him.  Emma, along with Regina’s help, had even found a way to enchant it so that it couldn’t be removed from his body.  Her smile widened when she found that it was missing from the box.  

Emma held the conch shell up to her mouth.  “Killian?  Killian, can you hear me?”

Killian was positive he must be going mad.  First, he felt like he was having an out of body experience.  And now he was hearing voices.  

“Killian?   Are you there?  It’s me.  It’s Emma.  It’s your wife.”

Killian.  Who was Killian?  Emma.  His brow furrowed at her name and voice, his heart inexplicably beating more quickly.  Why did her name and voice illicit such a reaction in him?  And where was the voice coming from?”

“Killian, please tell me you can hear me.”

It was then that he realized the soft voice was coming from beneath his t-shirt.  He lifted the collar and peered down his chest.  It was coming from a shell hanging from a chain around his neck.   He pulled the necklace out of the shirt and stared at it in bewilderment.  

“If you can hear me, please answer me back.  I need to know you’re okay.”

Who was this woman?  And how was she speaking to him through a shell necklace?   Nothing made any sense.  He was beginning to wonder if this was just some crazy dream.

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