holding a shell



Making a debut at the 2017 SHOT Show, the KSG-25 is a longer 30″ barreled, higher capacity version of the original KSG-12. Although it loses it’s compact size, you have almost double the capacity. Kel-Tec states that it can hold 20+1 3″ shells, 24+1 2.75″ shells or 40+1 1.5″ shells. If you want to really max out the amount of shells, you can load 50+1 of the Aguila mini-shells. MSRP is supposedly around $1,400~. (GRH)

warmth & light to you all 



the best part about teaching might be developing a friendship with older kids who are “with it” so you can start shenanigans with them 

5yo boy, holding a seashell to his ear: hey miss liz, are there crabs in these shells? 
me: I don’t know, maybe. maybe he’s already in your ear.  
him, now shoving the shell up to his eye to check: what?? really!??? 
me: nah I’m just messing with you 
him: I don’t want an EAR CRAB!!!!  

✨ Back to School Spell Guide ✨

Cinnamon ~ confidence, success
Garlic ~ courage
Lavender ~ peace, clarity
Mint ~ luck
Pine ~ productivity
Rose ~ friendship
Daisy ~ luck
Clover ~ protection
Holly ~ protection


Amethyst ~ confidence, peace, protection
Quartz ~ confidence
Garnet ~ protection
Turquoise ~ protection

Confidence Spell:

You will need a small shell, necklace, or
trinket to carry with you and a yellow candle.
Light the candle, envision its smoke lifting up
your body. Hold your shell or what have you
and recite positive quotes. I do this frequently
by just listing positive things about myself. Pass
the shell through the flame with these thoughts
in mind.

Anxiety Reduction Spell:

You will need a white candle, a protective stone,
lavender, and I find for some reason it really helps
to drink something warm during this spell. With
your candle lit and your stone in hand or in front of
you, straighten your posture but relax your muscles.
Don’t fiddle with your hands or play with the stone.
Feel your energy drawing up your spine with each
breath, envision it twirling back down your core as
you exhale. Recite an empowering quote. I like to
stick to something simple, like “I am strong.” Over
and over. Move the stone up and down your flawless
posture as you breath, up with each inhale, down with
each exhale. Close the spell as you wish.

Enchanting Pens + Pencils:

You will need a white candle, cinnamon, and pine, as
well as a stone of your choice. Mix in your herbs with
your pencils. Picture yourself writing with them, picture
your hand disappearing until the pencils are writing by
themselves and you are calmly sitting. Recite, “You are a
pawn of my intelligence, by the power of three. The heavens
have blessed you, so mote it be.” Pass them through the

Extra Witchy Tips:

~ I know us witches love our tea, did you know it can
be used for more than drinking? Leaving a tea bag
in a pair of socks, your gym shoes, or even a shirt
overnight will leave it smelling wonderful.

~ Sprinkling some cinnamon in your pocket will leave you
smelling like a goddess—and feeling like one too!

~ The posture trick in the anxiety spell with envisioning a
smoky haze of energy running in match with your breaths
can be done at school, just without the stone. It helps
a lot!

Sign of good parentship: forgetting the birthday of one of your 5000 children.

February 17th is Yuina’s birthday so… happy birth, my dumb vampire idiot.


[Image: Two digital drawings of various Unova Pokemon. The first is of Larvesta and Sewaddle. The second is of Zorua and Dewott. Zorua is curled up with its front paws up to its face with a mischievous expression. Dewott is surrounded by a stream of water as it kicks the air and has one arm in a fist and the other holding its shell.]

unpopular opinion: unova has the best pokemon designs

favourite books published in 2015 [2/?]

Made You Up
The lobsters were piled up just below the hatch. I plunged my hand in. Shock raced up my spine from the cold. My fingers closed around the nearest lobster. I expected it to thrash its claws and curl and uncurl its tail. But it didn’t. I felt like I was holding a heavy shell. I pulled it out of the water.
“Thank you,” the lobster said. “You’re welcome,” I replied. I dropped it on the ground.
I reached in for another. And another. And another. And pretty soon the entire tank of lobsters was crawling across the tile floor of the Meijer supermarket. I didn’t know where they were going, but they seemed to have a pretty good idea. Blue Eyes dropped me with a huff and we both landed in a puddle of cold water. He stared at me, his glasses clinging to the tip of his nose.
“Do you do this all the time?” he asked. “No,” I said. “Just today.”

TLC Ship Weeks/ Mini Ship Weeks | Day 4: Costume

Cinder as Luke Skywalker (with robotic hand), Cress as a Mermaid holding a “shell” (get it? Shell :p) to her ear, Scarlet as a Wolf/Red Riding hood, Winter as an Alien (sort of), and Iko as the headless horseman. Via Pinterest

(Cress can’t walk cause she made her self a mermaid costume with no feet holes, so Cinder is getting tired of carrying her everywhere)


Seashells delight all of us. They have done so since ancient times. Their curious shapes, bright colours, and spectacular patterns make them among the most fascinating of nature’s creations.

The universal appeal of shells is due to their tactile qualities as much as their intrinsic beauty.

While some shells are fragile and easily broken many are solid and pleasant to hold. Such characteristics make shells a satisfying subject to study and to collect.


They’re beautiful! It makes him somewhat miss the lakes and rivers back home, sometimes shells would wash up on the shores.

“Where did you find these…? I wouldn’t mind having some more around the house, or to put in the classroom.”

“From Salem’s coast. And East of this town.” 

The witch smiles and holds up a pale, pink shell.  “Wonderful aren’t they? I’d say all of Diamond City’s houses could benefit from a few conchs and stones. They’re all so…lifeless. ” 

I Sing the Body Electric; Especially When My Power Is Out

by Andrea Gibson

This is my body
I have weather veins
They’re especially sensitive to dust storms and hurricanes
When I’m nervous my teeth chatter like a wheelbarrow collecting rain
I am rusty when I talk- it is the storm in me

The doctor said some day I might not be able to walk
It’s in my blood like the iron
My mother is as tough as nails, she held herself together
The day she could no longer hold my niece she said
“Our kneecaps are our prayer beds
Everyone can walk farther on their kneecaps than they can on their feet”

This is my heartbeat
Like yours, it is a hatchet
It can build a house, or tear one down
My mouth is a fire escape
The words coming out don’t care that they are naked
There is something burning in here
When it burns, I hold my own shell to my ear
Listen for the parade when I was seven
The man who played the bagpipes wore a skirt
He was from Scotland- I wanted to move there
Wanted my spine to be the spine of an unpublished book
My fate, the first and last page

The day my ribcage became monkey bars
For a girl hanging on my every word
They said “you are not allowed to love her”
Tried to take me by the throat
And teach me I was not a boy
I had to unlearn their prison speak
Refuse to make wishes on the star on the sheriff’s chest
I started wishes on the stars in the sky instead

I said to the the sun
“Tell me about the big bang”
The sun said
“it hurts to become”

I carry that hurt on the tip of my tongue
And whisper bless your heart every chance I get
So my family tree can be sure I have not left
You do not have to leave to arrive
I am learning this slowly

So sometimes when I look in the mirror
My eyes look like the holes in the shoe of the shoe shine man
My hands are busy on the wrong things
Some days, I call my arms wings
While my head is in the clouds

It will take me a few more years to learn
Flying is not pushing away the ground
Safety is not always safe
You can find one on every gun
I am aiming to do better

This is my body
My exhaustion pipe will never pass inspection
And still my lungs know how to breathe
Like a burning map
Everytime I get lost behind the curtain of her hair
You can find me by the window
Following my past to a trail of blood
In the snow

The night I opened my veins
The doctor who stitched me up asked me if I did it for attention
For the record, if you have ever done anything for attention,
This poem is attention
Title it with your name
It will scour the city bridge every night
You stand kicking at your shadow
Staring at the river
It does not want to find your body
Doing anything but loving what it loves
So love what you love

Say this is my body
It is no ones but mine
This is my nervous system
My wanting blood
My half tamed addictions
My tongue, tied up like a ball of Christmas lights
If you put a star on the top of my tree,
Make sure it’s a star that fell
Make sure it hit bottom like a tambourine
Cause all these words are stories

For the staircase to the top of my lungs
Where I sing what hurts
And the echo comes back
Bless your heart
Bless your body
Bless your holy kneecaps
They are so smart
You are so full of rain
There is so much growing
Hallelujah to your weather veins
Hallelujah to the ache
To the pull
To the fall
To the pain
Hallelujah To the grace
And the body
and every cell of us all