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sometimes i think about Luke in an oversized sweater and a flower crown, big circular glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, maybe his hair a cool colour. sitting in a pretty meadow surrounded by lil animals, taking photos and drawing in his sketchbook, walking around, his pink mini kanken bobbing up and down on his back as he skips mindlessly whilst holding daisies that he's picked for Ashton I JUST WANT ART HOE LUKE PLEAS E



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Kenshi knelt down in front of Syzoth's grave meanwhile holding a few daisies in his left hand. He wasn't using his typical red blindfold, instead he was using a black one this time. "You didn't deserve this..." He said bowing his head and placing the daisies down carefully in the tombstone. "My ancestors convey their respect..... And welcome you in the hereafter." (Am I too late for this? ;n;)

// Hehe, of course not friendo!

“The Sswordssman……hass blesssed me?” He thought to himself, a bittersweet feeling rising in his chest. And the fact that Sento welcomed him to the afterlife…..

A sad smile grew on Syzoth’s face. “I thank you, Mr. Takahasshi.” He hoped that somehow, the Swordsman’s ancestor will be able to carry his message to him. 

People really do care for him….


To answer your inquiry please see Dory, Dory the blue tang fish or articles related to or on Finding Nemo (Disney: Pixar, 2003).

Editor’s note: Stop putting fucking prom dresses on every damn Sci-Fi YA novel! Seriously, don’t write a kick ass young heroine and stick her in a prom dress unless she is actually going to the prom.

Also: Is that a floating daisy - how is she holding on to that daisy with out a stem?

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“Just let me in Daisy. I need you. I want you.” Once Daisy let her in, Chanel walked inside and grabbed hold of Daisy’s wrists pulling her in close and kissing her passionately. She’d wanted to do this for awhile now and God did it feel good and wrong in all kinds of ways. midnighthxurs

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Could you do a part to the Daddy Harry series where Em wants to hold Daisy but drops her and H and Y/N like yell at her when it happens (daisy doestn't get hurt) then Em gets really sad and they have to talk to her so she knows they still love her and are sorry for yelling at her but all the kids have to sit down from now on whenever they hold her.

I love this idea! Thank you! I will add it in at some point soon!!

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who's your favorite princess? Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina?

I personally like Peach out of all of them! I don’t care if she gets kidnapped all the time, I can honestly choose cake over a sword…as long as it’s chocolate (especially German chocolate). Plus she is adorable and is actually strong than most people give her credit for.
Daisy holds a special place in my heart; she’s sassy, she’s competitive, she’s athletic and it’s sad that she does not get enough recognition (plus it would be awesome to see her in smash).
Rosalina is GORGEOUS and her backstory makes me cry an ocean of tears! I love her maturity and her maternal relationship with the Lumas!

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ugh thank god daisy and anon have said it because it was rly bothering me how ableist ppl were being and i was tryna hold myself back. Thank u daisy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


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friendship, the amazing feeling of you know someone is going to be famous one day and you'll be like "i knew this person's star was going to shine and i love this person a lot", morning glories academy, red heads and blondes holding hands in a daisy field, a perfect sea witch aesthetic.

“hbwababgh!!!” that’s the closest duplication i can make of the sound that came out of my mouth


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☂ & ☎

☂ picking them up

The girl felt the ground beneath her feet disappear and a weightlessness come over her. She let out a cross between a squeal and a giggle as Selene lifted her off the ground. Daisy kicked her legs the tiniest bit, not too much though in fear that the other would lose their grip and she’d fall face first into the ground below. Her tiny hands playfully pounded on Selene’s back. “Put me down! I refuse to let you manhandle me like this! I am a strong ape woman! Let me down! You are not the mighty one Selene!” The girl declared, giggling. It were times like these that she’d remember to write about one day. Her happiness and friendships with other here at the Academy would be something she’d never forget. 

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"I pack all of her little. hats,socks,shirts,pants and in the diaper bag we can put her baby cereal. and give Sophia the milk to hold." I smile and hand go downstairs with all of it "here for when you go to uncle Liam's." I hand Ava her bag "Dec, will you be able to hold daisy's bag and yours?" he nods and grabs his and daisy's bag -Niall

“Good boy, you’re so strong!!” I say to Declan. I pick him up and cuddle him. I kiss his cheeks. “I love you soooo much.” I say tickling him.

Flash, The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances- Author Rachel Anne Ridge

My review of Flash-

So I have a handful of books to choose from to review and I’m instantly drawn to this book with the cover of an adorable donkey holding a daisy. Part of me sat there and thought, “hmmm, could I really read an entire book about a donkey??” And so I go on to read the back cover, “Meet Flash: a quirky, unconventional hero with gigantic ears, a deafening bray, a personality as…

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Hold me ;) |ib:✧ Daisy Jauregui ✧ |

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*smiles and gently holds her* - daisy // *cleans up once im done * -cara

Do you like your sister daisy?