Sometimes, closure arrives years later. Long after you stopped searching for it. You’re just sitting there, laughing this laugh that is unapologetically yours. As it trails off, the corners of your mouth hug your face and it hits you, ‘I’m happy’. It’s just like that. With no fanfare or epiphany. Suddenly, you are grateful for goodbyes that carried you to this moment; to the space you are now holding.

Cute raccoon on the tree by Tambako The Jaguar
Via Flickr:
Another picture I like: a young and cute raccoon posing well on a branch!


After holding for hours while I babysat, I was finally able to rush home 😳 When I got there I figured I could hold just a liiiitle bit longer, pretending I was holding in public while looking for a potty. I couldn’t help a couple of leaks 💧, but kept telling myself I could hold on. Eventually a huge wave got the best of me and a big squirt became a little trickle that I just couldn’t cut off 😖💧💧, making me weak until I had an uncontrollable accident in my panties and jeans 😫💦💦💦

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