Several Sunlit Days

pipeyna | mermaid au | wip; somebody beg me to finish this it’s too good to just let go

It’s quiet in her father’s kingdom.

Piper doesn’t like it one bit, because she’s certain that the citizens in the kingdom are going about their daily lives as usual, and are only quiet around her because they’re busy gawking and gaping and whispering behind her back. Not that she blames them, really, because it’s her own damn fault and she knows it, but no matter whose fault it is, it’s still uncomfortable.

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Night Nurse

Alright, I've  been talking a lot about Mordo, now there’s another problem we need to address. Night Nurse, played by Rachel McAdams

We all know when Doctor Strange comes out, Everyone’s going to flock to her and forget about the badass whose been holding the Marvel Universe down since day one. 

Claire Temple has been patching up heroes, fighting ninjas, taking on crime bosses, shadow organizations, and mind controllers, all while holding down a damn job. She’s patched up dudes with unbreakable skin, and then went back to work like it was NOTHING. She’s endured torture. She’s been kidnapped, and she STILL takes on creeps trying to fuck with her hospital. She’s been holdin’ shit down. Alone.

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Claire Temple is the mother fuckin’ Nick Fury of the Netflix world. This new girl may be cool, but we all know she can’t hang with Claire

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Can you imagine Calum in the backyard pool at his mom's house, holding your 3 year old in his arms, floaties ready to swim? Like he had been more of a father figure to your kid than the biological dad, so when Calum lets go of the kid he's a little scared and nervous, but he still lets go ''You holdin me daddy?'' The child says as he swims forward ''Got you buddy, right behind you'' calum says, looking at his little fish go ''Proud of you little man. You did great.''

AHHHHH pls this is precious!!

What I NEED are the Suicide Squad deleted scenes. Like I don’t give 14 shits about Leto’s joker, but omg Katana??? Who’s entire motivation came from one flashback and like 3 lines of dialogue?? I wanna see the damn scene were her eyes  go black and she actually does something with those souls she’s holdin onto.

Also, I need that scene of Diablo ordering water at the bar