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So in love with this amethyst candle holder I got as a Christmas gift! Would anyone be interested in these for the shop? 🔥🔮💎 I marched in spirit today while working nonstop for tomorrow’s shop update (8pm est). Tomorrow and 1/31 (time TBD) will be my last shop updates until mid February when I return from the Tucson Gem Show and shift from etsy to my new website! Can’t wait to reveal that next month. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, and to those who were able to march today: thank you. 💪🏽

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Tips for High School Witches

Hey guys! I’ve been a witch for about a year now, and being a high schooler in a conservative state has made it quite interesting, to say the least. So here are some things I’ve discovered that have made being a young, jobless witch AMAZINGLY easy!

The Library- if you are in High school, you undoubtedly have easy access to a library. This will contain information on mythology, religion, weather, astronomy, history, and just about any subject. Almost all of this knowledge (certainly all that I just listed) can be used in your craft. These are FREE BOOKS WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. Take advantage!

The Art Room- weather you are in an art class or not, there is usually at least one art teacher in the school who has plenty of strange junk and materials that can be used for witchcraft. For instance, my teacher’s closet includes: bones, wax, wire, clay, wood, soapstone, beads, and all kinds of other brilliant components. These are FREE MATERIALS!!! As long as you have the teachers permission, GET WHATEVER YOU CAN!! You wouldn’t believe how many witchy items I’ve made in third period that cost me exactly $0.00.

The Thrift Store- I’ve seen other witches beat this one to death, but I must stress what a good resource thrift stores are for witchcraft. I’ve purchased brass candle holders, carved wooden boxes, stone incense burners, and more for less than $5. You can also find altar cloths, candles, picture frames, and more. The thrift stores of good for more than retro fashion!

Now, I also want to suggest some of the most useful spells and tricks to a high school witch (in my experience, of course.)

Anti Suspicion- wether your parents know or not (mine certainly don’t) you definitely don’t want your whole school to know that you’re a witch. Trust me. A simple sigil or spell to avert suspicion and ill intent will go MILES! My altar is the first thing you see in my room, I hoard bottles and jars, I use all the candles, and my parents suspect nothing. I’ve come to school with sigils all over my arm and no one so much as blinks an eye. I’ve also been able to get away with not wearing my school ID for a semester and a half, which was a nice side effect. Moon water is also great for making you less visible/noticeable.

Focus/success- when you’re about halfway through a semester of homework and studying, you’re gonna want some help. Spells for focus, knowledge, brain power, and success at schoolwork should not be underestimated. I’ve also found that wearing carnelian and aventurine Jewellry does wonders. I also rub safely diluted Rosemary oil on the back of my hand, and smell it whenever I’m struggling on tests and quizzes, as it aids in memory.

Luck, Prosperity, & health- you are a high schooler. You probably stay up way too late, forget a ton of assignments, spill things constantly, trip, lose socks, lose your wallet, and run into all kinds of awkward, dumb situations. A blend of safely diluted orange, lemon, Rosemary, and lavender oil will provide health, prosperity, positivity, happiness, protection, and psychic power. Aventurine, citrine, and rise Quartz are also some good crystals to keep you focused, happy, and protected.

If you have any more questions for me, want to talk, or want to add to the list, feel free to do so! Love you guys, and good luck!!!


Rose Quartz Smoking Pipe

The Love Stone, gentle and lovely Rose Quartz, with its gentle pastel, essence, is a stone of unconditional love and matters of the heart.

This stone will resonate its love energy throughout the room it is in and amongst the holder of the stone. It carries a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort. It is connected directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments, and to the Thymus Chakra or Upper Heart; the area related to compassion. The Thymus Chakra’s energy is in the seat of acceptance, compassion, inner peace, and the bridge between the voice of reason and the heart’s emotions. 

Here it is.

Here is the moment and the choice that defines Adrien.

He has a free path. If he runs up those steps, he can let all the planning and all of his work go into fruition.

But he hears coughing and turns. There, along the sidewalk he sees Master Fu who has apparently fallen and Can’t Get Up.

And he sees no one helping.

I don’t know what goes through Adrien’s head in this moment.

I don’t know why, when he’s so close to what he’s been striving for, he turns away.

Maybe it was Master Fu’s acting.

Maybe it was seeing another human on the ground and being passed over, knowing that no one would look at his situation and offer help. Maybe it’s just his natural instinct to be helpful and to look out for others, but he does it. He turns away from the school that he’s fought to get to and…

Helps the guy up.

Adrien, baby, you break my heart with your compassion.

This is distinctly DIFFERENT from Marinette’s choice.

Marinette risks her life because she can’t stand to see Master Fu hurt. She put herself at risk physically.

But Adrien, he’s giving up a chance at freedom, something that is just as dear, and he does it without any resentment in his heart. Just like Marinette.

That is why they are chosen. And that is why they are the holders of the Kwamis.

Prosperity Spell

Prosperity is not simply the attraction of wealth or the accumulation of fortune. Prosperity is the increase of inner resources: character, vitality, charisma, determination. Prosperity is a spell provided by the universe, by the Divine, that gives you the spiritual ingredients to be successful. It is the knowledge that you deserve wonderful things and you possess the power to attain them. Here is a spell to open your potential for prosperity.

You will need:
1. Peppermint oil
2. A green candle (in a safe candle holder)
3. A tiger’s eye stone (you can substitute with a quartz crystal)


If it is part of your practice, cast a circle. As you sit with your ingredients before you, centre yourself. Ground yourself in the present moment by focusing on your breath, the sensations of your body, and your connection to the earth.


To begin, dress the candle with the peppermint oil. This is done by placing three drops on the center of the candle’s shaft and then spreading that oil out to the ends and around the candle. Then place the candle in the candle holder and light it. Focus your intent. Pay attention to the colour of the candle, the flicker of its flame, and smell of the peppermint. Consider the idea of inner prosperity. What does it mean to you? What inner resources can you draw on and which do you want to develop? Visualise these strengths growing within you like a sprouting seed.

When you feel confident in yourself and your strength, rub a single drop of the peppermint oil onto the tiger’s eye stone. Hold it in your hand and repeat aloud and with intent:

     Strength from within
     Stone symmetry
     Bring to the fore

Feel the connection between you and the stone, knowing that when you see it, you see your strengths and your successes. Extinguish the candle. Carry the stone in your purse or pocket.


Peppermint: associated with Venus and the element of air, a healing herb, the scent stimulates the mind and creativity
Green candle: associated with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus and the element of earth, it is grounding and draws prosperity and luck
Tiger’s eye: associated with insight and clear thinking

Prosperity Spell with Green Rocks and Candle

I did this one last week.


  • small pieces of green aventurine, malachite,and bloodstone; 
  • a pentacle or preferred means of charging; 
  • green spell bag; 
  • green candle (preferably something small because you’ll be burning it down) and candle holder; 
  • oil to dress candle (I used plain olive oil but you can use anything that feels abundant to you); 
  • cauldron or other safe place to put the candle while it burns down. 

Feel free to exchange any components with equivalent replacements that resonate with you or better suit you.

Do whatever preparation you prefer for ritual spellwork, whether you cast a circle, otherwise establish appropriate space, ground and center or just jump in and do it.  I inserted it into the “do any working” section of my standard ritual format.

Hold up aventurine.

Grant that this, prosperity’s stone,
brings fortune to me and my family;
grant that we have enough and more
to provide for and sustain ourselves,
grant that we are financially secure.

Place aventurine on pentacle (or otherwise charge).

Hold up malachite.

Grant that this, the merchant’s stone,
brings success to me and my shop;
grant that my work be good
and that those who want it, find it;
grant that my business flourish.

Place malachite on pentacle (or otherwise charge).

Hold up bloodstone.

Grant that this stone, great Heliotrope,
brings abundance to my home and family,
that it holds and preserves
the good we are given;
grant us peace of mind.

Place bloodstone on pentacle or otherwise charge.

Hold candle. Dress with oil from the top to the middle, then the bottom to the middle.

May this candle be blessed to bring abundance and prosperity to my household.

Place candle in holder, place holder in cauldron, place stones in cauldron. Light candle.

May none be harmed by this working and may only good result.

Let candle continue to burn while you complete the ritual and until it burns down.

Do whatever closing you prefer for ritual or spellwork. Stay there while the candle burns down.

I left the stones on the pentacle overnight, then put them in the spell bag which I am keeping on the altar indefinitely.


You can make any changes you feel are appropriate. 

I used the aventurine, malachite and bloodstone (rather than other stones with prosperity associations)  because I happened to have them. Same with the olive oil. 

I used cinnamon incense during the ritual because of the prosperity association. 

There are three stones for three means of gaining prosperity–drawing abundance, attracting business (if you are self-employed in any way), and keeping the abundance you receive, if any of these means don’t apply to you, just don’t include them, or change the wording so it suits your situation.

Daddy’s Little Girl

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Title: Daddy’s Little Girl
Summary: John taking care of your daughter on his own. 
Rating: PG
Word Count:906
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A/N: If you guys like this I’ll add more like The first time John starts dating again or having the talk so just tell me if you guys like it.

John Kennex was called a lot of things in his life: a great detective, a decent partner, one of the best in the force… the best husband. But lately in his life he’s been working on being the greatest dad. Terra was only two years old when John lost you, he just wasn’t fast enough… again. Losing you led to the biggest arrest in his life, he was finally able to take down Insyndicate and finally get justice for all the men he lost, but none of it changed the fact that he was now left to raise your daughter alone.

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On November 22, 1977, Bruce Lubeck went before Judge Ray Banks in Salt Lake City and appealed for a new trial in the DaRonch case. The prosecution, Lubeck said, had withheld evidence, notably Thompson’s report on DaRonch’s initial identification. Banks agreed on the latter point, but ruled that the evidence would not have changed the outcome. David Yocum had been Banks’ protégé during his days as a prosecutor.

December 28th, Judge Lohr released an eighteen-page opinion ruling that capital punishment was “cruel and unusual punishment,” denying a defendant “mitigating circumstances.” Lohr also granted Bundy’s motion for a change of venue, shifting the trial to Colorado Spring, the hometown of special prosecutor Blakey. Three of the six inmates on the State’s death row had faced Colorado Springs juries.

You’re sentencing me to death,” Bundy told the judge. “You’re throwing me right in their backyard.” The prosecution asked that the murder trial be postponed until it could appeal the ruling against the death penalty decision.

That night, Bundy placed a collect call to Dick Larsen, a friend in Seattle.

You’re going to have to watch the Rose Bowl game,” Larsen said.

Not here,” Bundy said. Four hours laters, inmates complained to a guard that somebody was moving through the crawl space between the ceiling and the roof.

On December 30th, Ted Bundy fashioned a sleeping form in his bunk with the mound of legal documents generated by the Campbell case. Applying a few final touches with two copies of Penthouse, a yoga book and Shirley MacLaine’s You Can Get There From Here, he then dismantled the lighting fixture in the ceiling. Squeezing through the eighteen-inch hole, he squirmed through the crawl space. He kicked in the top of a closet in jailer Bob Morrison’s apartment, grabbed two shirts and walked out of jail.

A stolen car, police later said, carried Bundy to Edwards, Colorado. He then hitched a ride to Vail, hopped a bus to Denver and jumped on a place to Chicago. He celebrated New Year’s in the club car of a Michigan-bound train.

Three days later, Ted Bundy sat in a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and watched the Rose Bowl game. The University of Washington, Bundy’s alma mater, beat Michigan by seven points.

I felt more at ease when he was gone than I had in two years,” remembers Bundy’s mother, who had pleaded with him to surrender after his first escape. “I knew he had planned it to the nth degree. It was a perfect weekend when nobody was around. We hoped he wasn’t going to get captured. It seemed that in Colorado and Utah he was never going to get a fair shake.

In Washington, the FBI put Bundy on the Ten Most Wanted list; some 250,000 were printed saying Bundy was “wanted for questioning in connection with thirty-six sexual type murders.” This is ten more than the record holder, Juan Corona. - Rolling Stone, December 14, 1978

| Harvest Valley 2 |

| Chloanne, the clueless geologist that wanders around the Cursed island filled with deadly and well weaponized zombies, terrifying monsters of various shapes and sizes, skeletons that are very skilled at parrying, and everything else I forgot to remember. For a simple woman of not precisely noble origin, dressed in a slightly revealing, somewhat fancy dress - she is incredibly lucky. Her weapon of chose is a literal hook. Chloanne doesn’t exist because reasons, she exists because why the hell not.

| Side by side comparison ( image below ) reveals that her body is very well preserved. Inara looks like a sun-starved witch next to her, and the other desert sorceresses look even less alive than the sand granny.
| On a side note - I am very happy that I made Inara somewhat like the rest of the desert sorceresses - under different light Inara looked a bit ‘too’ human. Not anymore.
| What I am still very salty about is the hair. Why couldn’t I give Inara the same length of the hair? Not fair, devs.

| During the talk with the sitting woman she, like many others you meet in the game, says something along the lines of ‘’Oh my, how did I find myself in here? I was just minding my own business when suddenly I was in Drangleic! Life is so strange, heh heh heh!”

| She is a kind woman, but as I said above - she is the one who must be careful. Wandering around with no weapon or sorcery is stupidly risky. Her own father says (once she’s in Majula) that even though she is very knowledgeable in geology - she seems to be unaware of anything that is happening around her. Her luck must be cosmic.

| For the new players and for those who don’t want to grind - she is a godsend. By the end of the game she offers even more materials for the weapon upgrades, but who won’t have all the stones and titanite needed after dozens and dozens of hours of game? 
| She sells bonfire thingy though. Can’t get enough of those. Also a few miracles and hexes. Maybe she isn’t as helpless as one might assume?

| On an another side note: I remember that the game does have her dress as an item, but it was never implemented. I don’t understand why.


ॐ ~ * ~ ॐ Amethyst Cluster • Celestite / Celestine • Angel Aura Quartz • Clear Crystal Quartz point • Selenite sphere & candle holder • Star Fish & Sea Shell ॐ ~ * ~ ॐ

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Okay holy shit look. At the end of XY when AZ fell to the floor we heard a loud klink and were confused as hell and now we realize its some type of brace, Zinnia also wears some type of brace but uses it as her key stone holder. Ok ok but look Zinnias whismur is named Aster. Aster and Zinnia. AZ. Hmmm, why is Zinnia caught up with the asteroid that has to do with something 3000 YEARS AGO TO AROUND THE TIME OF AZ and what legend told of the day of when the asteroid will hit. She also talks about truths and ideals so black and white whatever that has to do with it might be related to N or Iris since she has a mega salamence. Or even be related to Emma who knows. Or might be emma hmm. But the best bet is that she is a relative to AZ. Her name backwards is AinniZ. Hmm. Speculations. How exciting.


I am not an expert on this subject by any means, this is based mostly on conversations with those who practice magick and a lot of google research. Hopefully, you might find some useful information here in conjuction with the other parts of this guide. Without further ado, under the cut, you will find stones, minerals and gems that may be useful in your characters magical ventures.

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