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katie mcgrath :
- broke her foot bc she was drunk
- her lockscreen is a pic of her and her dog (x)
- has a bag that says “helping the environment is a reason to celebrate” in spanish (x)
- nearly cried when she got a deathly hallows pillow and the han solo funko pop (x) (x) (x)
- she got a manip of her and nathan fillion and she caressed him lmao (x)
- said she doesn’t know what to do with her arms when she acts (x)
- said she runs weird bc of her big boobs (x)
- wrote “that’s a lot boobs” on a lena fanart when a fan asked her to do it (x)
- wrote “mine” on a supergirl funko pop (x)
- wrote “go team supercorp” on a supergirl poster (x)
- read bits of supercorp fanfics and then signed them (x) (x)
- a fan said she was sorry ‘cause there were too many photos to sign and she replied “don’t worry i don’t mind sweetheart” (x)
- katie + kids is the cutest thing in the world (x) (x) (x)

Moonlighting - Petals to the Metal:

The Director is the main characters’ boss and she’s mysterious but cool!

Crystal Kingdom:

The Director really just wants to keep the world safe from the relics but she’s got some secrets and maybe isn’t 100% trustworthy, still cool.

Eleventh Hour - Suffering Game:

Lucretia and the Red Robes represent two sides of the same coin. Both have good intentions, but are misguided and doomed to fail without the intervention of the heroes. Lucretia is most likely a well intentioned extremist who truly wants to save the world but might be unwilling to listen to reason and will almost certainly come into conflict with the protagonists because of that.

Lunar Interlude Reunion Tour:

Lucretia took matters into her own hands to do what she believed was best for everyone and did so at a great personal costs. Doing this meant hurting people she loved, or at the very least taking their ability to choose their fates away from them. She knows this, and regrets it, but did it because she ultimately believed it was the right thing to do.  She went rogue and did difficult, even terrible things, but she truly was trying to do the best thing for everyone the entire time.

The Stolen Century:

She just wanted to free her friends from the agony of knowing what they did. She wanted to free this world from what she and her friends had done to it in an attempt to save it. She took the choice away from her friends but she also took the burden of that choice away from them and maybe it was wrong and certainly it was tragic and done out of desperation but it was most certainly done out of the most pure and abundant love and I love her!!!

a quick rundown of today's discourse for anyone who missed it but doesn't want to be lost as to what happened:

@pidger called shiro’s hair ugly
• someone replied to the post saying lance’s hair was ugly
• katie @klanced said to stop dragging lance; he’s balding
• everyone started taking sides on lance’s hair (the “lance has ugly hair” side and the right side)
• katie made a picture of lance with terrible haircuts to try and prove my point wrong that lance looked good in any haircut (for the record i was right, also katie gave him terf bangs)
• i sent @klanced a message saying she was one of the two (2) keith stans i trusted, but her slander on lance’s good hair was slowly diminishing that trust (a Joke)
• someone asked me who the other keith stan who i trusted was
• i said it was madison @klunked bc i remember her saying she was a keith stan • fuck bad decision because i left out a shitton of my mutuals (bibi @cryptidpidge, yes you are a good enough keith stan, cam @keithkogayne, yes you are a trustable keith stan, and no, misha @pinklions and i do not have beef, as assumed by an anon in my inbox) • i was #exposed as being keithstanphobic • i apologized for this • now people are taking this discourse seriously? maybe? • It Was All In Good Fun

Highlights of Seventeen’s Instagram Live (21/2)
-Hosh and The8 being cuties while waiting for people to come in
-The8 constantly saying how many people are watching
-Hoshi commented on how the hearts kept appearing
-They showed the CCTV monitor that showed the entire concert hall
-Mingyu scaring Hosh when Hoshi realized he had sat next to him
-Dino, Dokyeom, Mingyu and Jun appearing in the live
-“3D” (Dino, The8, DK)
-They talked about Hoshi’s hair and Jun’s hair
-Coups coming in all “HEY HELLO HI”
-Jeongcheol chilling on the couch while Jun was standing behind the couch, eating a banana
-Jun didn’t say anything the entire live really, just silently stood behind the couch and observed the members
-When Jeonghan tried to leave but Coups went (in a whiny voice?? bruh idk) “Where are you going?” And pulled him back onto the couch and wrapped his arms around his shoulder
-While talking Jeonghan said the lighting was too bright and made his face almost invisible
-Coups went “and here’s another hungry member” and showed Woozi holding a bowl
-Woozi greeted and asked if it was a live
-Coups talked about Woozi’s hair color
-Jeongcheol ended the whole live
-Coups and Jeonghan saying “Bye” repeatedly and Coups going (in English) “End live”

Summary of 22/2 live here