holden's project


ever since i read solitaire i really wanted to do a project with the main 6 and actual playing cards but i had no idea how to do it BUT with help from my friends (thank u heartstopper discord) i finally figured it out so,,

here’s michael & tori as the king card!

(i’d tell u to expect more drawings in this series but everyone who follows me knows i’m terrible at projects so uh,, maybe)


“To put it simply, I’m selective about who I work with…”


Vans Snow x Lucas Beaufort Recover Project

Earlier this year we held an art show at House of Vans Denver showcasing collaboration work from Vans Snow photographer Aaron Blatt, and artist Lucas Beaufort. You may have even seen some of his work scrolling through social media that feature monsters on iconic snowboard and skateboard photography. Following the art show we caught up with Lucas to get the low-down on these monsters, and learn more about his unique choice in medium. Read more after the jump…

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