holden hale

Minor Detail, Damaging Evidence?

From our introduction to the dollhouse, one thing that always struck me as odd was the repetitive phrase used for practically any command made to the girls.


Naturally, I figured that this was just an operating system that was built to operate on its most GENERIC functions for an American OS. I still kind of questioned why French was not included, or Chinese, but I figured hey… maybe it’s European designed.

As per a 2009 United States census, the United States spoken languages according to rank:

English – 229 million
Spanish – 35 million
Chinese – 2.6 million +
Tagalog – 1.5 million +
French – 1.3 million
Vietnamese – 1.3 million
German – 1.1 million (High German) + German dialects like Pennsylvania German, Hutterite German, Plautdietsch, Texas German
Korean – 1.0 million
Russian – 881,000
Arabic – 845,000
Italian – 754,000
Portuguese – 731,000
French Creole – 659,000
Polish – 594,000
Hindi – 561,000
Japanese – 445,000
Persian – 397,000
Urdu – 356,000
Gujarati – 341,000
Greek – 326,000
Serbo-Croatian – 269,000
Armenian – 243,000
Hebrew – 222,000
Cambodian – 202,000
Hmong - 193,179
Navajo – 169,009
Thai - 152,679
Yiddish - 148,155
Laotian - 146,297

And plus, I figured that as per Wikipedia (the holy Mecca of ALL reliable sources…) -

“According to the 2000 US census, people of German ancestry make up the largest single ethnic group in the United States, and the German language ranks fifth. Italian, Polish, and French are still widely spoken among populations descending from immigrants from those countries in the early 20th century, but the use of these languages is dwindling as the older generations die. Russian is also spoken by immigrant populations.”

So what’s the big deal, right?

This. This right here.

(Now, let me preface this by saying that I used to want to be a linguist, so as a posing overachiever, I took German my Freshman year of high school, hoping to pursue it, Spanish, and many other languages. However, I wound up primarily sticking with Spanish, and unfortunately, not becoming a linguist. Therefore, I claim to know nothing of the German language or any other languages other than what I learned, which is pretty foggy. Nevertheless, I have always been fascinated by semantics, linguistics, and word origins from where the majority of my theory analysis stems.)

Anyway, what I noticed on this particular card, is that the whole time I had that “A” was saying “Welcome! Bienvenido! Willkomen!” that was not the case at all.


From my introductory German, I knew this much, but I thought “hey, maybe it’s another variant of a German word…”

Well color me confused after this, so I searched what was the derivation of “velkommen” and boy, was I surprised…

Huh? So where do they speak Norwegian or Danish, and why is this a preset default greeting? (Hell, who knows, maybe it came from IKEA. Maybe, you all are going, well, duh “of course, Norwegian is spoken commonly in Germany or …” To me this was pretty shocking. I had a pretty good suspicion, but…

Granted, it is a foreign language, but this is the only other country besides France that I can make a connection with that pertains to the show. And I don’t see Danish/Norwegian anywhere on the US’s language list. So of course, we all know that:

And who else was in Iceland?


Not only that, but he was in Portugal. It’s no relation to the Paris/French motif, but he has always been suspicious to me, which makes me super happy that it correlates to my Aria/Lucas/Holden theory.

Consequently, my theory is that Lucas is Charles, Aria is Uber A, and Holden is definitely more than meets the eye. Norwegian and Danish just seem particularly specific.