Around this time of year...

Alot of teenagers like to post about how their new years resolution is to “fall in love” or “get a boyfriend” and it’s actually rather frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong, i love Will, but if i could have planned it, i would actually have liked to have met him after college.

When your in high school it’s kind of your last chance to go out and have fun and act stupid before you have to get all serious about stuff; why would you want to spend that time working on a relationship with someone… and trust me its hard work.

And take it from someone who knows, juggling friends and a boyfriend is sooo hard, in fact it kills me on the inside having to choose sometimes. It’s not something id wish on anyone right now.

Plus, you’re only 16, chill out, you don’t have to start worrying about being a crazy alone cat lady until you’re *at least* 30 xP

Anyway, sorry i clogged up everyone’s dashboard with this, but it’s just something i wanted to say :)

Obnoxious Glee live blogging: Hold onto 16 Random Commentary
  • Sam returns :D must be in chord’s contract to have his shirt off… 
  • Sam my creys why are you such a cool person like sweetest guy ever
  • but seriously his family moment ;__;
  • so did sam transfer back to mckinley? cause gleeverse has a really fast transfer rate…
  • Notice how kurt was speaking to rory when sam arrived; im speculating that he’s explaining who sam is..?
  • I don’t know why people dislike red solo cup. Its a plethora of randomness of the group. its the unplanned stuff that makes group performances fun :)
  • “rich white girl problems” lol quinns got problems way worse than that. 
  • WTF BLAINE. thats a serious low blow to judge sam for his former job. 
  • SAMCEDES!!! i ship it. 
  • Bueno aires! but lolz kurt and rachel singing along. so cute.
  • quinn adult thing to do. hahahahhahahahhahahhahahahah NO.
  • MASH UPS are the best. 
  • so wait when did sam and blaine make up??
  • when did third place trophies get so big in the glee verse??
  • Graduation Creys TT_TT  
  • Obligatory trouble tones performance at competitions. ohh a continutiy promise. lets see if it happens. no expectations…

Promo: christmas!! 

This is a long one wow. and i didn’t even talk about the sectional songs lol maybe in another post…

Blaine and Finn getting along. Shjskxnd.

Finn apologized.

Blaine called him out.

Blaine took up boxing.

Sam moved to Kentucky and became a stripper.

Blaine will never be a hooker.

Kurt seemed a bit excited at the idea of seeing Blaine dancing like that.

Quinn needs to see a therapist.

Puck needs a haircut.

The Trouble Tones were great.


30 Days of Klaine Day 9

Day 1: The moment that made you a Klaine shipper.
Day 2: Favourite Kurt solo.
Day 3: Favourite Blaine solo.
Day 4: Favourite Klaine duet.
Day 5: A song that describes their relationship.
Day 6: Favorite friendship between Kurt and another character.
Day 7: Favorite friendship between Blaine and another character.
Day 8: Favourite Kurt scene.
Day 9: Favourite Blaine scene.
Day 10: Favourite Klaine scene.
Day 11: Favourite Chris quote about Klaine.
Day 12: Favourite Darren quote about Klaine.
Day 13: Favourite Kurt screencap.
Day 14: Favourite Blaine screencap.
Day 15: Favourite Klaine screencap.
Day 16: Favourite Kurt outfit.
Day 17: Favourite Blaine outfit.
Day 18: Favourite Kurt hairstyle.
Day 19: Favourite Blaine hairstyle.
Day 20: Favourite Klaine funny scene.
Day 21: Favourite Klaine eyesex scene.
Day 22: Favourite Klaine fanart.
Day 23: Favourite Klaine video.
Day 24: Random quote that describes Klaine.
Day 25: Favourite Chris quote about Darren.
Day 26: Favourite Darren quote about Chris.
Day 27: Favourite Chris photo.
Day 28: Favourite Darren photo.
Day 29: Favourite Criss/Colfer photo.
Day 30: A list with your top 5 moments.

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Chinese guerillas armed with rifles and dadao (traditional sabers) are photographed in a village near Canton (Guangzhou) after Imperial Japanese forces had taken the city nearly three years previously, on 21 October 1938, following an intensive aerial bombing campaign. The Japanese would hold onto the city until 16 September 1945. Canton would be one of many cities in which the Imperial Japanese Army would conduct bacteriological research on the civilian population under Unit 8604, a section of the notorious Unit 731. Unit 731 was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit which cost the lives of over 3,000 from often grisly inside experiments and tens of thousands from field experiments. Near Guangzhou, Guangdong, Republic of China. February 1941.

[12:12:12 AM] a small dog: the memes will come
[12:15:36 AM] April Bethke: they are coming
[12:15:49 AM] April Bethke: we are entering the memeth dimension
[12:15:59 AM] a small dog: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[12:16:39 AM] April Bethke: all thrusters are ago
[12:16:48 AM] April Bethke: hold onto your seats
[12:16:54 AM] April Bethke: we are approaching warp drive
[12:17:26 AM] a small dog: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shittttttttttttttt
[12:17:35 AM] a small dog: NYOOM
[12:17:50 AM] April Bethke: NYOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
[12:18:01 AM] a small dog: NTOOOOMMMMMMMMM