Creepypasta #1080: Emergency Broadcast

Length: Short


We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you an urgent message.

Numerous disc-shaped objects have been spotted in the sky.

Experts believe that they are of extra-terrestrial origin.

All attempts to contact them have failed, and they are now killing civilians wihout stopping.

The Government has declared a state of emergency, and martial law is now being enforced across the entire country.

All citizens must remain in their homes. Do not attempt to leave your homes. Do not attempt to reach friends and family. Do not attempt to hold meetings, as the extra-terrestrials are attracted to large groups.

All citizens must hand over any communications device to the authorities. Devices with communication functions can be tracked by the extra-terrestrials.

All citizens must comply and obey any order without question.

All citizens must report lawbreakers to the authorities.

Any citizen that does not comply with the authorities WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT.

If you cannot see any of the extra-terrestrial disks in the sky, it has now been confirmed that they are capable of cloaking.

In order to survive you must obey orders without question. Do not refuse any order or you will be executed. All orders are given only for your protection.

The extra-terrestrials are targeting specific urban centers. If you cannot see them, remain calm.


Credits to: Deathcon1337


Yoooo announcement timeeee🎶
I mentioned this briefly in a YouTube video but I’ll be going to Playlist Live this year!!! Who else is planning on being in Orlando July 5th-7th??😁

I thought it would be the perfect time to hold my first little meet-up/hang-out of sorts. I don’t know exactly when or where it’ll be but if you’re going to be in Orlando then I want to meet and hang out with you!❤

My girlfriend Sam ( @theboringlifeofsamantha) and my friends Kenny (@lilbritches) and Tunisia (@willygurl68) will also be joining me!

I’ll put out more info with the exact time and place once Playlist releases a schedule and it’s closer to May☺️ In the meantime, comment if you’re going to Playlist!!🎉

• Andi Mack: diverse cast, interesting plot line with continuity, the adults aren’t dumb, the kids have a life outside of school, a actual true progressive show we’ve been waiting for on the Disney channel.

• GMW analyst blogs: Uh, idk, this show isn’t for me. It’s not aimed towards my age group. It’s for little kids . I wished that Girl Meets Mayo had the same freedom tho. Disney Channel was just holding back GMW. Didn’t allow them to be free.

It’s the little things he does that make you fall in love. Like the way he always texts you good morning, or the way he tells you he loves you and compliments your known insecurities. It’s the way he holds your hand and kisses your cheek and whispers “I wish things could always be like this.” You don’t need flowers or jewelry to know he cares, just his words and the way he looks at you will prove that.
—  Love

TORONTO REPORTBACK: Apparently a person or person(s) unknown did some re-decorating of an east end nazi clubhouse right before Paul Fromm ( Canada’s worst-dressed nazi, 2nd photo) tried to hold a lil’ racist meeting there.   He’s very upset that he & maybe a dozen other white-haired bigots were unable to get into their own venue b/c the locks were not functioning, forcing them to stand outside, freezing, for the better part of an hour.  After standing around, shivering and muttering to themselves got old, they dejectedly dispersed, returning to whatever rocks they had crawled out from under.  


Jongdae doesn’t show up to class very much… but when he does, he pisses Luhan off.

After (unheard by a mourning Luhan):

I’ve decided to set a very low bar for successful episodes from now until the end of the series: 

1) Did my ship touch faces?
2) Did both members of my ship survive the episode?
3) Is my ship still together?

If the answer to those questions is yes, it was a successful episode.

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porkchvps  asked:

What can I do as a white ally to best support and protect minorities around me?

Great question! The support of allies is especially critical moving forward. What we’ve seen during the last several years is that many of the issues that we advocate for are connected. And if there is an issue that you’re particularly interested in, whether it be the movement for Black Lives, immigrant rights, LGBTQ equality or women’s rights, it’s important that you become informed on the issue and connect with activists locally. 

Many cities have groups that work on these issues, and they often hold community meetings and invite people to go. Stay on top of events taking place in your city, or if you don’t have a group nearby, you can always support online by taking actions like signing petitions, or sharing content. And there are many national organizations that advocate in D.C. by asking people like you to call their Members of Congress, and to tell them to support or oppose legislation that can affect communities of color in your city.  

One resource to check out is: www.resistancemanual.org/Resistance_Manual_Home

about haks confession in 134

ive seen alot of people being weirded out by the fact that hak just, blurted out “i love you” randomly out of nowhere. and while i was surprised at the timeing and how he said it, i dont find it “out of nowhere” as it may seem, i think within the contest of whats happening it kind of makes sense

Hak and Yona have just lost everything ALL OVER AGAIN. theyre family is being held captive and will be killed if they dont succeed. and here he is, being forced to bring Yona directly into the lion den, holding a meeting with Soowon. the same Soowon that tried to have them killed, and for reasons he doesnt know hasnt tried again, but its not like Hak can trust him to continue with this odd grace especially with Yona’s life in danger. but the worst part of this is that. lets say the meeting doesnt go well, and Yona dies, then the Dragons and Yun die as well AND the two countries go to war. or if Hak manages to save Yona, the Dragon and Yun are STILL to be killed and the countries wage war.

Hak is walking in a razers edge right now, and he’s definintly not fairing much better than Yona is but hes doing what he always does: being strong for her. i mean we had NO idea how badly Hak was also tramatized by Il’s murder until he had his complete mental and emotional breakdown in chapter 91 and that was UGLY, and hurtful and raw. Hak is defininelty hurting and terrified out of his mind right now. he could very well be sending Yona (and himself) directly to their deaths, as well as dooming their family. there is very little hope of their survival except a miracle

 so thats whats happening on Haks end now here comes Yona’s end. now this is important. yona has been concerned with hak and his mental well being and wanting to be strong so that he can rely on her for a very very long time, and we as the reader are aware of this face, but! this is the VERY FIRST TIME EVER that Yona has said this outloud and to Hak’s face ever!!!

i mean every other time she has had these thoughts of wanting to protect Hak and support hak they have been internal. in chapter 76 when Yona makes a promise to herself to make Hak smile more, in chapter 82 when she vowed to wanting to get stronger to fight by haks side and watch his back, in chapter 92 when Yona was moved to tears over Haks pain and sadness and prayed to the Gods to take his pain away. or in chapter 124 when she realized she might not be able to let Hak go. We have see this protectiveness and wanting to care for haks wellbeing grow out of Yona but she has never told hak how shes felt these things

the closest thing she ever came to telling him was in chapter 110 when she gave him that necklace and told him directly that she wished for goodfortune and happiness onto haks life. and we saw what a huge reaction we got out of Hak out of that statement.

so it doesnt surprise me when Hak is terrified out of his mind of losing everything all over again, including the woman he loves while trying to be strong for her since shes clearly terrified as well.and unlike last time where yona was immature, and a bit selfish at times, and never offered any comfort for hak over his trauma from that awful night, shes a much more mature person as well as knows Hak much better and she knows now that hes not as put together as he sees to be. so when she turned around and comforts him for a change, for the first time ever, as well as telling him that he can lean on her for comfort and that SHE is there for HIM. i can totally see why he fell apart just a little. in the same way he kissed her in chapter 98 before going to face an entire army alone. i think this was hak having a weak moment of “were going to die i have to tell her” type thing, but then refused to repeat it once said.