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Are you 100% straight or bi?

I don’t believe love is ever 100% one way or another. I think it is more fluid, graceful and ever evolving 😌 Though I’ve never been physically attracted to another girl … I don’t believe it would be right saying that I am one way or another. I think, based on past experiences, that I would consider myself to be “straight”, if that’s the term you would like to use. But I also don’t believe putting love, emotions and feelings should be put under such stiff labels. Nobody knows what the future holds, who you may meet and how they make you feel (: x

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I’m going to try and phrase this in the best way possible because this is a really touchy subject, but first let me say that I BELIEVE SAFE SPACES ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES ARE IMPORTANT. I’m going to use my own university campus as an example. At my school, when I think of safe spaces, my mind immediately goes to the LGBTQ Center, the Multicultural Center, the Women’s Center, places where PRIDE! and Transformers (the student transgender alliance) and BUS (black united students) and SALSA (spanish and latino student association) and any other minority organization/group holds scheduled meetings, as well as residence services offices, campus residence hall directors and assistant residence hall directors offices, rooms of resident assistants, etc. I feel like if it’s a meeting spot of a diversity organization, a center for that organization, or an area where a minority (racial, gender, sexual, etc.) can expect tolerance and understanding (one on one with a professor, for example), it’s a safe space.

College classrooms, on the other hand, ARE NOT SAFE SPACES, and they should stay that way. 

Honestly, what I loved most about college was that it was so far removed from where I grew up. I live in an extremely racist, sexist, homophobic part of my state. My town is tiny as hell and I pretty much got to live the first 19 years of my life trapped in the closet before I felt comfortable expressing myself and being open with my sexual and romantic orientation. There were many times that, while walking home late from the high school after a band competition, I was thankful that I wasn’t dark enough to ‘look’ hispanic. Going away to a liberal university that was very much diverse in comparison to where I grew up was the breath of fresh air I needed. 

However, not everyone on the campuses are going to be super tolerant. And while that sucks, it’s a reflection of the real world. Having people in your classrooms who don’t have the same opinion as you isn’t always great, especially if it’s about social movements. You’re going to have racists in your classes, you’re going to have sexists, misogynists, homophobic people – you’re going to have professors who are complete shit stains but there’s nothing anyone can do about it because they’re tenured. 

As bad as it is, this is how the world is, and it’s practice for when you have to deal with shitty people in the real world, in your career, in your everyday life. It’s just how it is. 

Some of my best classroom experiences came from hearing other peoples’ perspectives on current events, on politics, on drug epidemics, etc. Part of it is (probably) because I’m a journalist and I have to be objective in my job. I once did a story for the campus paper about students finding religion in college and I sat down and listened to a girl rant for ten minutes on how she and all Christians knew for a fact that homosexuality is a sin, and is wrong, and anyone who identifies under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is a sinner (thankfully, she never mentioned the whole ‘burn in hell’ conundrum, but). I’m asexual and biromantic, and that was hard to listen to, but I had to listen to it so I could do my job as a journalist. I’ve had to talk to people for stories and projects who are on the opposite end of the sociopolitical spectrum from me. It’s difficult, but it’s a fact of life. And while it doesn’t always get better, through practice, it gets easier.


Leo demonstrating the leg dance while Ravi holds him in place ^^

josh’s inner thoughts: omg she’s been thinking that too?!? Tbh I just need to hold her hand but I can’t yet and I’m so freakin mad but I gotta tell her I like her cuz I couldn’t let her down again she so pretty and she likes me I’m so lucky hallelujah she knows we’re in the 6 weeks ashdbdhsnxhdkjsna!!!!

Voltron Cat Café AU

me: [running a high temp for the 3rd time this month] oh man……… why isnt there a cat cafe au for voltron yet………………….

General stuff:

  • the cafe is called the Catstle Ship
  • the cafe only really has one floor that all of the cafe stuff happens in, including the restaurant area, the kitchen and the cat play area
  • the second floor of the cafe is where all of the admin stuff goes and its also where allura holds all of her meetings
  • there are more than 5 cats at the cafe, but the “lions” are the main 5 cats that patrons love to see

Cats: (cat names are just the colour lion they are LMAO)

  • the black lion is a maine coon that most likely looks like this
  • black is so big that the only people who can lift it are allura, hunk and shiro, no one else is big enough
  • the green lion is a munchkin cat
  • green is also the sneakiest cat. you can never find green if you actually go out looking for them you only find green when greens up for it
  • the red lion is a somali cat
  • red is the only cat that wasnt at the cafe before keith started working there. the cat was a stray that attacked everyone else until keith thought it was an escaped cat from the cafe and just picked it up. lance still thinks keiths a bullshit liar when keith says he wasnt scratched
  • the blue lion is a russian blue
  • blue is the kinda cat that runs up and down the stairs at 100mph each morning right at 5 so if you had any hopes of falling asleep theyre instantly gone and it doesnt help that blue runs into your fucking door too for each lap like theyre taunting you
  • the yellow lion is a tortoiseshell cat
  • yellow is probably a big ol happy fat cat second only to black. yellow is also the nicest cat on the planet. blue and red try and playfight with it and yellow isnt even affected. theyre too strong


  • allura started the cafe after getting a small loan from her father
  • the moment she got the money she was almost running out of the door to start her own business empire so alfor made sure coran came along to keep an eye on things and made they didnt get out of hand
  • allura was already drawing up plans for opening 10 more stores before the first one was finished being renovated
  • it takes a bit of persuading from coran but eventually she makes her plans for domination a bit smaller
  • instead she goes out of her way to try and strike deals and collaborations with everyone from clothing stores to cat shelters. a lot of other business people think its the weirdest fucking shit for allura to do but then they see how liquid her business is thanks to working with much more popular brands and needless to say a lot more cafes start trying to get onto the “work with people who arent cafes/are actually our competition” train. 
  • allura went to a really high grade business university because she like got bored and decided she may as well follow in her fathers footsteps. she gets really into it when one of her dads stores has to close because of a competing giant who has stakes in cafes, clothing stores, resturants and hotels (the galra brand)
  • originally allura wanted to do all the paperwork, but along side meetings and making sure the cafe doesnt burn down multiple times a day shes had to pass some of those responsibilities onto coran and shiro 
  • (she still does her best to do most of it though, shes too stubborn to give her business responsibilities to someone else no matter how busy she is)


  • coran was sent to help allura after alfor was worried that she may just accidentally start a business empire that gets way too big too quickly
  • coran was; Really happy to help out alfor  👀 👀
  • hes constantly been the voice of reason for allura. she knows full well what shes doing since she passed all her exams with pretty much full marks if not full marks, but coran knows full well that knowing everything isnt all that useful if you move too fast and things collapse in on themselves
  • whilst alluras out at meetings coran is keeping an eye on the store, which most of the time means attempting to help in the kitchen until he has to go and make sure the employees dont accidentally destroy everything that allura built up because they want to bring in 5 new kittens
  • coran is, far from the best cook, but allura loves his cooking so much that she refuses to let anyone chase him out of the kitchen. theyre going to have to get through her first if theyre gonna make fun of corans cooking
  • but this also means that coran doesnt know his; cooking is bad
  • coran is in charge of training new people too, and he handles interviews. he considers it the most annoying part of the job since everyone just wants to play with the cats for a job when its so much more than that


  • shiro is the assistant manager and is normally ok handing the floor of the cafe himself without coran needing to check in every 10 minutes
  • (coran still does and shiro cant blame him at all really)
  • shiro is a jack of all trades: he helps clean, care for the cats, supervise play sessions, cooks, waits tables, locks up, opens up, helps with paper work, if the job exists hes done it
  • shiros favourite cat is black, mainly because shes just such a nice patient girl to him and she easily helps him calm down when days get a bit too busy and he gets too antsy
  • shiro is a veteran who got to leave super early on honourable discharge, he lost his arm and doesnt like talking about it
  • shiro somehow manages to fit going to the gym into his busy schedule, and no one is complaining at all even if they know he should rest a lot more since he works so hard pretty much every day
  • shiro has lifted up pidge to move her on more than one occasion, mainly pulling her out of the cat tower
  • pidge cant complain because half the time shes just too lazy to move


  • chef, mechanic and emergency bouncer
  • youd be surprised how many creeps come to cat cafes and youd be even more surprised how many of them thought they could take hunk
  • at the end of the day hes the first to give everyone a hug and the last to give everyone a hug: hes also the person who gives most of the hugs. one time he hugged someone who had just left a meeting with allura by accident but the hug was so nice that the guy didnt even complain he just hugged right on back
  • hes mostly pretty chill about people being in the kitchen, but when its lance or pidge just trying to get out of doing anything hes had to pick them up and move them on more than one occasion
  • if anything every breaks hunks your guy. electronics? plumbing?  electrics? he can fix anything and anything. hes had to constantly tighten up the table legs after lance and keith try to fight on the tables
  • the yellow cat wasnt always hunks, but from the day he started working there he had to keep the door to the kitchen shut tight since the cat just always wanted to be in there. he cant complain too much since knowing hes got a big ol furry friend helps with his anxiety but he always feels bad when he has to shoo her out
  • he and shay used to date, but shays brother wasnt the coolest about it since he thought his sister deserved more than a cafe chef. he and shays brother have since been cool but he and shay kinda decided its best if they werent dating for a bit. that doesnt stop them from going on dates though
  • he always thought he would be way more of a dog person since he grew up in a house that had like 7 of them; but surprisingly he way prefers how quiet the cats are


  • likes to pretend hes in charge of social media
  • in reality he just sits around making memes of the cats before shiro makes him get off his big fat butt and clean out litter trays and wait tables
  • was the person who decided to call the 5 main cats voltron
  • no one knows why and he doesnt explain because “they should get the joke!”
  • (he doesnt understand it either, it was a word that jumped into his ADHD brain and now hes too scared to admit he doesnt know it either so he just rolls with it)
  • has attempted to use roller skates multiple times when waiting, every single time shiro makes him take them off and get some real damn shoes on
  • wont stop flirting with female patrons. lance please youre being That guy
  • he also wont stop flirting with the male patrons
  • or any patrons
  • hes seriously bi
  • tries to convince allura to add more puns the the menu but the one time she said yes and lance shouted “PURRFECT” she instantly retracted her yes and told lance to get back to work. it was 30 minutes past closing time
  • he hates how keith gets on so amazingly with red. LANCE was supposed to be the cat whisperer (he originally called it pussy whisperer but allura put a swift and painful end to that joke)
  • (the joke is kept alive between him and pidge tho. pussywhisperer2k16)
  • is constantly getting into fights with keith. hes nice enough to wait until everyones left and its closing time but the amount of times shiros had to take the stools out from both of their hands and made them sit on them instead of using them as weapons is hard to count at this point
  • “y’know, nya”
  • straight up wore a naruto shirt to work once and keith honestly wanted to kill him right there and then to just put him out of his misery 
  • loves blue because blue looks just like the cat he had as a kid


  • never really planned on working at the cafe, he was the last to join the staff and he just really wanted to get some cash because he saw this cool “collectors statue”
  • (when he shows lance a pic and lance says its just an anime figurine keith punches him in the jaw. Its Not An Anime Figurine You Uncultured Swine)
  • they tried to get him to help out in the kitchen; but he has such a huge problem sensory wise with ceramics that they moved him to waiting. hes absolutely terrible at waiting  because he can never tell if people are talking to him like theyre angry and he kept getting into “defensive fights” so they had to pull lance off cat duty and put keith on
  • red was a stray that followed him around a lot before he started working at the cafe but keith never really noticed. it was only after keith started working there that he thought that red was an escapee cat. he just straight up picked up the stray that has probably taken eyes out before and no one knows how he did it
  • he is so against touching that he’ll normally hide to get away from any form of it: but hes super into the hugs that hunk hands out to everyone
  • shiro always has to give keith, gentle reminders that his broken chew stim toys cant double as “recycled cat entertainment” 
  • one time lance splashed keith with water when they were washing the cats and keith shoved lances head into the water bowl. 


  • voted most likely to fall asleep in a cat bed
  • is the shortest coworker
  • lance made fun of this until pidge figured out she could hide out in the cat towers to get away from doing work
  • loves green the most because green is just like them: small and impossible to find.
  • shiro wont let her say fuck! crime of the year
  • she mainly joined the crew because she thought she could just play with the cats and maybe sometimes handle the restaurants social media: but then she had to start interacting with customers when she waited their tables
  • is easily the catalyst in a lot of lance and keith fights. she doesnt do it intentionally she just finds it funny when keiths first reaction is to jump gargoyle pose on a table like hes about to jump from the ropes and piledrive lance
  • one time she saw that allura was just using those old chunky computers and almost had a heart attack
  • “lance is that a trollface meme are you a 30 year old mother of 2 trying desperately to stay in touch with her children”
  • can make the >:3 face irl and never stops doing it
The AP’s defense of its bad Clinton Foundation story is also bad
The story is still that there’s no story.
By Matthew Yglesias

‘The AP reported, with much heavy breathing and insinuation, about Clinton holding meetings as secretary of state with people who had also donated money to the Clinton Foundation. It did not, however, appear to uncover anything at all improper resulting from these meetings. And it used some questionable math to make the meetings seem much more common than they were.

The initial article was bad, and while the defense of the article usefully clarifies a key point, it is also bad…….’

Josh Matthews/Joshaya headcanons:

Just some little headcanons I have about Josh, his interpretation of Joshaya & just generally about him as a person.

  • He’s a seriously picky eater, but will eat what he’s given if he’s @ a friends house or something to be polite. 
  • The only thing he will never eat, under any circumstance is oatmeal. Josh always has, and always will, absolutely abhor oatmeal.
  • He skipped a grade, which is why he’s entering college as early as he is.
  • When he was a sophomore in high-school, a boy named Brandon transferred into his homeroom, and the two of them had a very intense academic rivalry for the remainder of high-school.
  • Josh is majoring in Criminal Psychology 
  • Once, Maya && Josh went to Connie Island on a date &&& ended up leaving with seventeen stuffed animals of varying size because Maya wanted to see who could win the most. A majority of them were won by Maya, but Josh did win the biggest one.
  • One of these stuffed animals was a bright neon purple goldfish, that Maya insisted she won specifically for him. Despite getting teased a little from his friends, Josh keeps it on his bed & has named him Mr. Fins. 
  • His best friends name is Liam. He’s known Liam since the second grade. Liam is not attending NYU, but they still make it a point to at least text each other once a day.  
  • Despite his best efforts, the day Liam met Maya was exactly how he thought it’d go. Liam told Maya just about every embarrassing story he could think of && the two of them joined forces to tease him. Josh is still ridiculously thankful they got along though. 
  • Though he tried not to, Josh did experience some painful jealousy whenever Maya was with anyone else in the time that they were just friends. He still finds himself getting jealous of Zay, but works very hard not to act on it. 
  • The first time Josh got thoroughly college-party wasted he called three people. Cory, who didn’t answer, but that didn’t stop Josh from leaving a badly sung “We are the Champions” cover in his voicemail. He then called Brandon &&& challenged him to a trivia competition ( which he lost ) and promptly afterwards called Maya to complain about his loss, ramble about how much he liked her hair & inform her that she looked very good in red. Maya will never let him live it down. 

      All things considered Hanzo and Genji grew up with a crime lord for a father. Surely he taught them a few things on the business aspect of their criminal empire. Hanzo excelled at it but keeps it a secret of course. The only other person who knows about Hanzo’s felony skill is Genji. 

      That is until one day Hanzo sees Jack struggling while looking over Overwatch’s finances. Hanzo offers help and Father Overwatch lets him, not realizing what he just unleashed. Hanzo immediately kicks him out of his own office and tells Jack to come back an hour later. Dad76 is just happy he gets an hours break and don’t think much of it. Come an hour later, Hanzo steps out, holding a trash bin of papers, “Burn these” he says giving it to Jack before walking away. It took Jack another week to sort out the very elaborate and tedious mess Hanzo made. Seriously how did he manage to do 10 years worth of prison time of work in just an hour? Afterwards Jack holds a meeting…

Jack: Listen… Many of you didn’t start out on the right side of the law, but that’s changed now. We are all heroes now. And heroes…. do NOT commit felonies. I’m not naming names, you know who you are…But to give an example… tax fraud is illegal, therefore wrong, therefore forbidden.


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How to Keep your Tub Lids on!


If you don’t have a need for a rack and you’re using a stand alone tub, you may find yourself asking “where the heck did my snake go?” Snakes are incredible escape artists, and even though you may think those latches on the sides are sufficient, your snake will eventually prove you wrong! Luckily, there is a very easy way to fix that.

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Title: Kachou Fuugetsu | 花鳥風月
Author/Artist: Shimizu Yuki
Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s you who killed him, —- Daiki.”

Sabato is the town chairman of the town where Ito’s living as well as his landlord. Wearing suspicious black clothes from head to toe, he always holds a live “meeting” every morning. Sabato, who always surprises Ito, made a promise with Daiki, a potter who has a workshop in the town. Their promise is to kiss only once a day.

Download/Read Online: Here

Note: Whoa, it’s been a long time since we last released chapter 18. Sorry about that woops. Hopefully can release more chapters of this soon-ish. I really want to get into Hizuru’s story! Ahh! Also, happy birthday to Lee and Laddy!! \(´ ●`)9

  • Ranpo:Can humans even wake up at 6 in the morning??
  • Fukuzawa:No, we're holding the meeting at 6 a.m
  • Fukuzawa:So you'd have to wake up at 5 a.m.
  • Ranpo:There are things that people can and cannot do!