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How to Love Yourself More

1. Set aside some time to think through why you feel you’re not good enough, or don’t deserve to be loved. Then actively counter each of those reasons. This is a really crucial step for you to take.

2. Make a list of at least 10 of your positive traits and strengths. Each day, add at least 2 more items to your list.

3. Commit to only saying positive and affirming things about yourself – that is, your face, your body, your personality, your abilities, and so on.

4. Each day, tell your body how much you appreciate it.

5. Hold your head high, smile, look people in the eye, and always speak slowly, and with confidence.

6. Have the courage to list and face some of the worst mistakes you’ve made, or some of the challenges you’ve found hard to overcome. Then, gently admit to yourself that you are not perfect. In fact, none of us is perfect, and we all start from different places in life. What has been hard for you may have been easy for someone else. Choose to not be so hard on yourself – forgive yourself for EVERYTHING and then just let it go!

7. Go through your closet and experiment with your clothes until you find something that you feel really good in. Choose to wear that – and to buy other outfits that make you feel good about yourself and your appearance. Get rid of clothes that lower your self-confidence or self-esteem.

8. Learn to listen to your body and mind, and treat what they are saying with kindness and respect. If you are tired, rest. If you are feeling worn down or emotionally drained, then withdraw and do something that will help to build you up.

9. Do something nice for yourself each day. Buy yourself some flowers, some new clothes, some music … or go for a jog, get your hair or nails done …. Whatever makes you feel pampered and special and loved.

10. Give yourself permission to say no to the things that make you unhappy, or that your energy.


Is there even someone who’s happier than me? If there is, then I think you wouldn’t be ARMYs who are cheering for us right now.
                                                      Everyone, are you all happy?
No matter where you go, just proudly say you are BTS’ fan. Proudly tell them you are BTS’ fan! Hold your head high!

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Oh! What about the inquisition companions reacting to a teenage herald being the victim of a racist slur for the first time in their life, and for the herald being visually upset about it?

Cassandra: Whoever said the slur has made a bad decision. A very bad decision. Cassandra looks between the offender and the upset Herald, and her eyes harden as they slowly turn to the racist. Her fists are clenched, turning white at the knuckles, and they realize they have fucked up. They have fucked up so bad. U kno they ded. After handling the matter, she checks up on the Herald and sees that they’re alright. “I know it’s not fair and it’s not right,” she says, “but hold your head high. You are above them.”

Blackwall: He drops whatever he’s doing and immediately gets in the asshole’s face, intimidating them with little effort. The offender jumps back, obviously thinking that nothing would come of their insult, but Blackwall persists and seems to loom over them. “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps. They take off, and Blackwall turns to reassure the Herald. “Are you alright?” he asks, suddenly softer and worried. “You let me know if anyone ever says that to you again.”

Iron Bull: He stands at full height, towering over whoever said the racist thing, looking down at them with a cold, calculating eye. His shadow looms over them as they look up at the massive, furious qunari. “Do you want to repeat what you just said?” he growls before shoving them down. They scramble to their feet as his hand reaches up towards his ax. The Herald is fairly certain he was just doing it to intimidate them, nothing more, but the look in his eye was enough to make the asshole bolt.

Sera: As soon as she sees the Herald is upset, she reaches for her arrows at holds one at length in her bow. “Say that again.” she dares, glaring. They run off, but that isn’t the end of Sera’s revenge, oh no. The racist in question becomes victim to numerous, merciless pranks, and no one dares to stop her. If the offender is a noble or wealthy, she asks her Friends to help take care of them. Sera has the Herald join her– payback will make them feel better.

Varric: He pulls Bianca out and strokes the wood tenderly, looking up at the asshole calmly. “Do you have a death wish?” he starts coolly. “As soon as I tell the others that you’ve upset the Herald… well, the results won’t be pretty. For you, at least.” The person flees, and Varric scoffs before turning to the Herald, eyes soft. “You alright, kid? Don’t let them get under your skin. They’re not worth it, and you’re better than them.”

Cole: He spends more time comforting the Herald than intimidating whoever said the racist thing. He does want to kill the person who said it, if only for a moment, before remembering that’s a bad thing and won’t solve the problem. As soon as he’s finished soothing the teenager, he tells Leliana. Leliana will handle it and he’ll heal the hurt.

Solas: He thinks little of it until he sees how upset the Herald is, and he feels bad for them, especially if they’re an elf. He stares icily at the racist. “How ignorant and pathetic you must be to stoop to insulting a young person in a weak attempt to soothe your own self esteem. You will never accomplish as much as this da’len, even if you try.” His words bite and simultaneously make the kid feel better. If they try to fight him in anger, he freezes them with little effort, and a careless yawn.

Dorian: He was angry before he saw how upset the Herald was– now there’s pure rage, and it manifests itself in insults, because violence wasn’t an option. He scoffs derisively. “What a pathetic thing you are. Hurling racist insults at someone you hardly know to satisfy your need to feel bigger than someone else? Sorry to disappoint you, but even a demon of sloth is better than you. Now, run along– the spymaster’s no doubt heard about this incident already. Best sing your prayers while you still can. Ta-ta. Good day.” He checks on the Herald immediately after and reassures them repeatedly. “It’s okay now, Leliana will tear them apart for you. Anyone who stoops to such pathetic insults is even more pathetic than the insults themselves.”

Vivienne: They’ve made a terrible mistake calling the Herald such a thing in front of Madame de Fer. She gently puts a hand on the Herald’s shoulder, reassuring them softly, before sizing up the racist and ripping them to shreds with words, much like she did to the marquis the Herald met at the soiree she met them at. After they leave, thoroughly humiliated, she finds out who they are and ruins their career with an easy grace. 

Josephine: She’s actually shocked at their disgrace and dishonorable actions, and she puts a protective arm around the Herald. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” she says stonily. “We do not want you here, not anymore, if you cannot be civilized and respectful.” If they resist, she summons the guards to handle them, and frets over the Herald– she wants to cheer them up.

Cullen: “You need to leave. Now.” he snaps, irritated. “We have no room for a racist in our midst. Get. Out.” If they do not leave immediately, he has a soldier or two forcibly escort them out. He sighs and takes time to reassure the Herald. “Don’t let them disparage you. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s them; if anyone else gives you any trouble, you let me know. I’ll have them escorted out.”

Leliana: They either didn’t notice the spymaster standing there or they were too stupid to consider their words. In either case, they have fucked up. The woman’s eyes turn cold and calculating and she steps forward with a serene grace. “Would you like to apologize to the Herald?” she asks, giving them one last chance. If they refuse– she has her agents learn everything about them and she gets to work. U kno they DEFINITELY ded.

"Take my bed, the couch can't be comfortable"

A/N: Wow these are fun! I really loved writing artist!reader so more of these to come! Also this ones a bit short, but enjoy anyway!


“(Y/N)…(Y/N) I need to talk to you it’s urgent.” Newt frantically whispers under his breath.
Was he hurt? Was there a break in? What was so urgent?
In a panic, you sit up in your bed and feel yourself sway a little bit. You hold your head in agony, and grumble.
“What? What what what could you possibly need to tell me?” You rub your eyes, reaching for your wand under your pillow.
You were commissioned by August Worme to accompany Newt on his mission to write his book, working as the illustrator because he just insisted on drawings rather than photographs.
“You need to sketch something for me before I forget” he ran around your dark room, fumbling to get a pen and something to write on.
“Lumos” you barely whisper, and the room lights up around the tip of your wand. The sudden light reveals Newt, still fully dressed with his brown vest, yet his hair was all over the place and he had dark circles under his eyes.
He puts the journal out in front of you and gives you the pen. He practically jumped on your bed and sat down.
“Alright I’ll start describing it to you…uhh it has a square-like face, be very careful not to draw it rectangularly but square…then in that square face his eyes were about half way in between the half way point on his face”
“Woah woah salamander…calm down, I’m sketching as fast as I can. Tell me again, why couldn’t this wait until morning?”
“Well…I was up writing the new beast into the book, the one we saw in Barcelona, when I realized I had seen one! A special one out of the corner of my eye! It got away from me but you must help me! So I need you to do it now while it’s in my brain!”
You sigh, then reposition yourself to a more comfortable position.
“Ok ok the eyes…the square face…what next?”
He began describing the beast in a rushed frenzy of panic, but eventually, you finished.
He took the journal from you and glued his eyes to the paper, and broke out into a mad grin.
“Yes…yes this is exactly what it was. Thank you, darling, I love you” he threw out casually. Realizing what he said, she started to backpedal, his heart rate picking up.
“I-I didn’t mean like- all I was trying to say was…I mean I do but-” you shook your head, still groggy from the ghastly hours of the morning.
“It’s ok, I know what you mean. Now get some sleep you silly boy, big day tomorrow.”
He blinked at you, but was grateful for the change of subject.
“Yes-uh…big big day tomorrow!” She scratched the back of his head, and stood awkwardly by your bed.
“I’ll just go down in my case and check on the creatures and then I’ll be on my-”
“No you will not. You’re exhausted. I’ll go down and check on them, what YOU need is some shut eye. Now take my bed, the couch can’t be comfortable.”
“No I couldn’t possibly-”
“Accept the generosity, it doesn’t come around often” you chuckled.
“I’ll find some way for you to pay me back tomorrow.” He reluctantly accepted, and plopped down into your bed as you stood and walked over to his magical case.
“I don’t approve of this” he called sleepily, but you just laughed.
“Sweet dreams you silly, lovely boy” you said under your breath. You opened his case, and walked down into the workshop.
You weren’t sure how long you’ve been down there, but you were just happy to be rocking the little niffler to sleep. You even felt yourself drifting off a bit too, but you heard the creaking of the stairs, which meant Newt was coming down. Was it already morning?
“Oh, hey Newt” you call lazily over your shoulder.
“We have to leave soon are we all- wait…have you been up all night?”
“Have I? I have no idea how long I’ve been rocking this little guy to sleep. I haven’t the slightest idea what time it is. However, everyone is properly cared for” you yawned, putting the niffler back in his little hole, and getting out of your chair. You sway a little bit as you rise, and Newt lunges out to presumably catch you, but recoils when he notices you’re perfectly capable.
“Well let’s get going shall we?”
“Don’t you need to rest? Because I just feel awful that I took your bed” you shake your head.
“No no no I want to be with you, it’s going to be fun…flying into China. I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, we’ll sleep on the plane. No biggy” you playfully push his arm, yawning again.
“I do owe you something thought. A cup of coffee perhaps?”
He offers his arm to you, like a gentleman, and you gratefully accept it.
“That sounds wonderful” you smile.

I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you take my most sincere apology? I’d stretch these arms just to hold you tight, but even I know that it wouldn’t do us any good. There’s so much more out there. There’s a million new things to learn within a day. You’re an artist, right? You’re into the night, right? You love this tiny blue dot, right? There’s so much more than love. There’s so much more than just us. I’m a little caught up with myself lately. Won’t you hold your head high for us? I’d stretch this heart an extra mile just to hear you laugh a little louder, just to see you smile a little bigger, and just to tell you that you’re more than enough for anyone to love. There’s better people out there for you to meet. There’s better people out there for you to fall in love with. You’re a painting, right? You’re made from watercolors, right? A burgundy rose waiting to be dipped into the horizon– you’re a sunrise waiting to happen. We’re a little caught up in the fleeting moments of just more than another us. We’re a little too good to be true, so it comes with a price. We’re alike, so I know what’s best for us. We’ve got plenty of time to explore each other, so we should analyze our reality. Long distance relationships are a test that we shouldn’t be taking– not in our current conditions at least. I’m a little distressed about myself. You’re still figuring out the world and who you are as a soul that loves to paint with just more than colors. We need to learn a little more. What is love to you? I’ve asked this many time before. Your answer is always me. That’s the thing, there’s plenty of right answers, but I’m just not one of them. How can I love you if I don’t know the first thing about it? Failed relationships are like dull pencils that we’ll want to sharpen every second– you were never boring, you were interesting to the shoreline and back. That’s the thing, isn’t it? I would give you the world if I knew how to. I would give you a meaningful promise if I knew how to. I could love you for an eternity composed of my heart twisted into your chest if I knew how to let go of the past. I should, but I still haven’t figured out how to do such a feat. I’m still stuck in my feelings like how you’re stuck onto me. I’m still lost at sea with crew members composed of younger versions of myself. How can I love you if I’m still figuring out how to love myself? How can I devote my passion to you if I’m still in trouble when I hear her name? How can I ruin you just for another shot at love? I wouldn’t do that to you. Alas, maybe I already have. Love is such a simple word. Four letters and the crowd cheers. Three words and there’s world peace. Afraid to open up and longing to be more of myself– I had to tell you every truth about who I am to myself and who I am to you. We’re always spinning ourselves to bed, we were smiling and hoping. You’re so much like me that it’s scary. They say that opposites attract, so how do we explain this? I guess we’re stuck in a fairy tale again and this is just another page. You’re a chapter that I can’t flip past, you’re a positive thing in my life and I don’t think I’m ready to accept that. I’ve got much to learn and maybe this was just a part of it. I’m a little caught up and into you– and this is the part where I have to pick what’s best for us. And the fact that you’re just like me… means that you already get it. You’re already in my head and you’ve made yourself comfy. So I guess an I love you will never start to sound like an apology between us.

“I love you.”
—  This is for you and only you.

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Imagine: You and Newt go to a fun fair for the first time ever.

Author’s Note: Hello cuties! Just wanted to post something short and sweet. I’m in the final stages of editing a jealous/protective/smutty Newt fic, so enjoy this naive innocence while you can! Thank you for following, liking and reblogging as always. You all have my heart. Enjoy x

Word Count: 663

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I envy the moon and the stars, they get to see you every night. I envy the sun that kisses your lips every morning. I envy your sheets that keep your body warm and your pillow that holds your head and knows your dreams. I envy your fingers, running themselves through your hair and your mirror that gets to see you…flaws and all, perfect as you are.