hold your head

Moon and stars

Stand up hold up your head
Let it fill with the moon and stars
Feel the cold wind cut through your soul
Give yourself to the night
Let the insects and animals be your voice
Look at the world through the stars in the sky
Judge beauty from the moon
Let yourself dissolve in the early morning dew
Quiet your mind
Listen with your body
Feel the vibrations from the world
Speak only of love
Let go your emotions with the wind
Bliss will shine brighter than the sun
From within your heart
Blood with flow in the rivers
For you are the world
The world is you
hypnotic sez:

This started out promising but went downhill quickly. There’s no real structure here, you’re just listing off a bunch of things. You’re telling too much, you’re really digging into the platitudes after maybe the fifth or sixth line, and the ending is incredibly dull. Back to the drawing board.

anonymous asked:

We sometimes have to hold really long presentations in class and I can't stand up for that long due to my chronic pain and fatigue. I don't want to look like I'm asking for "special favors" by sitting down, would it be OK for me to use a cane?

Hey love,

Honestly I don’t think asking to sit down would be special favours at all! We often do presentations at my school that are ordinarily standing up but usually some students ask if they can sit down for no other reason than because they want to. But if you’re still against it I’m sure it would be perfectly acceptable to use a cane. It’s you I’m worried about and you have to look after yourself! If you’re like me, when the fatigues so bad you can’t even hold your head up, then get all the support you need.

Bella x

How to Fake Confidence

1. Hold your head high, and look others in the eye

2. Smile

3. Stop apologizing

4. Relax and be quick to laugh at yourself (but not at others!)

5. Dress in a way that indicates you have self worth

6. Use good manners (like saying please and thank you) as this is actually a mark of self respect

7. Expect other people to believe in you, and to see and appreciate your good qualities.

tips for confidence

hey everyone ! the title speaks for itself, this is a post on how to be more confident. (i will try not to make this personal but who knows)

i. have a playlist that makes you feel badass. this is the easiest tip i know. when you feel horrible, blast that badass playlist. feel the fire in your bones. lose yourself to the power in the music. i have a few playlists h e r e if you want to check them out for inspiration or whatnot.
ii. posture is everything. hold your head up high. this is so hard sometimes, i know, trust me. sometimes you want to curl in a ball and disappear. but if you want to look confident, want to be confident, you need to hold your head up and straighten your back and walk like you mean business.
iii. know yourself. know your flaws. know your strengths. know what your limitations. honestly, this is so hard for someone with a personality disorder or someone who is neurodivergent or anyone actually. but knowing what you can do, sitting down and thinking hard, is incredibly helpful.
iv. make a list of what you know you can do. you can breathe, you can blink, you can kill a man, it doesn’t matter what is on the list as long as you can do it. it can be hard or easy. it can be something everyone can do or only people of your culture can do or something only you know how to do. trust me, there is something you can do. now look at all the crap you can do ! look at you ! hell yeah you can do stuff !
v. now make a list of what you can’t do/ haven’t been able to do yet. maybe it’s riding a bike, maybe it’s scoring a 5 on your ap test, maybe it’s kissing that cute girl in your math class i don’t care. it can be something everyone can do or something no one can do or a small task or a hard task. highlight what you want to learn to do or want to do. how will you do it? if you ever end up doing the thing, move it onto the list of things you can do. woohoo ! you did something hell yeah ! be confident, look at you accomplishing stuff ! smile, babe.
vi. maybe make another list for your flaws, also highlighting what you want to change. strive to make those changes. you can become a good person, you can become a better person. people change. that’s okay. look at you improving as a person. high five !
vii. breathe. do it. in through your nose. out through your mouth. now go back to that point about posture. straighten your back, lift your head up, breathe again.
viii. fake it til you make it. confidence is not easy. pretend to be confident through my tips or someone elses or do whatever you want actually just pretend to be confident. keep on doing this everyday. you will become confident eventually trust me.
ix. treat yourself sometimes. working yourself until you pass out isn’t really a confidence booster. sometimes, you need to care for yourself. it will make you feel better. hell yeah your skin smells like cocoa butter ! hell yeah you look cute asf ! you are worth it. show yourself that sometimes, okay ?

that’s all for now ! have a lovely day ily <3

Please remember
you are not alone.
Please remember
you are loved.
Please remember
your life makes a difference.
& please, please remember
that your smile alone could
light up the entire world.
Promise me you’ll remember.
The world needs your light.
—  10/14/14

these pants should be illegal.  jungkook please hold my head in your thighs