hold you when you cry

Pro and Con of Dating the Signs

Aries: Pro: Will defend you against anyone who tries to hurt you Con: SUPER defensive

Taurus: Pro: Will provide you absolutely anything you need Con: Clingy

Gemini: Pro: Playful and motherly. Makes sure you have a good time Con: Seems really distant 

Cancer: Pro: A sarcastic teddy bear Con: Mood changes very .2 seconds

Leo: Pro: Loves themselves and makes sure you love yourself Con: Wants to be the alpha in the relationship. Always.

Virgo: Pro: Super encouraging in whatever you do Con: Never stops talking about their problems

Libra: Pro: Very gentle around you, loves cuddles Con: Flaky. You don’t know when you’re gonna be able to spend time with them

Scorpio: Pro: Never leaves you on read, always makes sure to tell you that you’re enough Con: Trust issues

Sagittarius: Pro: Down for anything Con: Down for anything when they have time for you

Capricorn: Pro: Will hold you when you cry Con: Do you even have a soul

Aquarius: Pro: Once they open up, your bond is 10x better Con: You’ve got to keep up with with their crazy schedule

Pisces: Pro: Bakes you cookies and listens to you Con: Freaks out over everything

Dating Draco Would Include..

• Never ending arguments about him calling people mudbloods.

• Him always wanting to have sex.

• Hanging out during break.

• “Harry isn’t that bad!”

• “He’s terrible!”

• Teaching him Muggle things.

• Taking polaroids of him. all. the. time.

• Him holding you when you cry.

• You holding him when he cries.

• Having to reassure him, about how amazing he is.

• Always telling him how much you love him.

• And him returning the love.

• “Want to go on a date?”

• “You mean, a actual date without you talking about Potter, and not having Pansy, following us?”

• Being sarcastic as hell.

• Snape giving you detention all the time.

I am probably going to regret saying this…

but in light of all the nastiness against those “making it about Larry,” I would like to respectfully point out that when a long time partner’s parent dies, you are intimately, intricately involved. you are their support system. you are their sounding board. you are the person who holds them when they cry. you are the person who tries to take care of everything so that your partner can spend time grieving with their family. and if you knew your partner’s parent well, you are also grieving for them too.

commenting about Harry looking sad, isn’t making this about Larry. it’s acknowledging that hey, it’s probably pretty shitty for Harry too. he’s devastated for Jay’s loss, and for Louis’ loss, and is doing everything he can to be a support to the family and to his partner. that isn’t “making it about Larry” that is acknowledging the emotional burden that a partner willingly takes on when something horrible like this happens.

aries - you have to tear down your own walls first; love isn’t the kind to bleed through the cracks. she wants an ocean. give in.

Leo - i hope one day you can break free from your glass house.

Sagittarius- your love has thawed the ice in me; one day the sea levels will rise to drown my coastlines, and I will welcome your waves with all the love my arms can carry.

Taurus - i saw you in a dream once. i used to hold you when you would cry, but i know she’s stitched your wounds and you’re not crying anymore. i hope you’ve found your peace.

Virgo - they told you all roads lead home, but i know you lost yourself somewhere across the Atlantic when you left everything for something you weren’t sure you even wanted. i don’t know who you are anymore, but i hope you find it– whatever it is.

Capricorn - do you still see me in your skylines? i’ve forgotten what it’s like.

Gemini - they say you have another face hidden somewhere beneath your dress, but i’ve never known anyone who so unapologetically belonged to themselves. but tell me, are you really at war with the world? or is it all just a front? will you ever be caught late at night taking your mask off? i wonder what you think when you’re alone.

libra - i caught you once with your face in a book– did you ever catch me looking?

Aquarius - i worry about the way you love, but i envy it, too. there is beauty in always giving, but there is a loneliness so deep in loving what cannot be returned.

cancer - you are the light in every room, you are the beacon in every storm. you are my manna from heaven, you are the house that keeps me warm.

Scorpio - there are cobwebs in the corner where you used to sit, but sometimes I still see your footprints in the dust. you have a way of haunting the people you loved.

Pisces - your words are featherlight, but your actions are made of iron. one day I pray you learn the weight of what you have done.

—  the signs as I have loved them // mh

Prompt: Would you be able to write where Barry and Cisco go to Earth 2 and basically are distraught when the reader’s doppelganger no longer exists and discover that it could’ve been a reality on their Earth?

AN: Thanks to my beta’s for plowing through my stories

Words: 356

          You look up from your book at the sound of the door opening. You smile as Barry walks in, and then it disappears. Barry’s eyes are red, and you can vaguely make out the tear tracks on his cheeks. Setting your book to the side you whisper his name, 0“Barry …”

          His eyes snap to you, and quicker than you can comprehend, his arms wrap around you. You wrap your own arms around him, and run your fingers through his hair, as new sobs wrack his body. You gently lower both of you on to the couch, and you just hold him.

          When the crying finally stops you say “Barry sweetheart, tell me what’s wrong. Please. You’re scaring me.”

          He takes a deep breath, and sits back up. Wiping his hands over his face, he takes a deep breath and finally says “Cisco and I ended up going to Earth-2.”

          You nod “Yeah, you went there to stop Zoom.”

          He nods, and wrings his hands out “It took a while, and we got to see a lot of different doppelgangers. Mine was married to Iris.”

          You grin “She is going to get a kick out of that.”

          “I know, right.”

          You smile “What about mine? Was she nice? Evil? A meta human?”

          The frown takes back over his face “She was dead.”

          You still “What?”

          “You know that night you got mugged. The one with those guys?”

          You go stock-still at the memory. Barry had saved you before anything bad had happened, but it had still rattled you. You’d ended up taking self-defense classes with Caitlin as a result.

          “Well apparently that night happened there as well. And it ended up with you dead. They were dealing with your case while I was impersonating my doppelganger there. Going over the case shook me up bad. I just kept seeing you, and thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t been fast enough.”

          You lean over and hug him “But you were fast enough. You saved me Barry.”

          He holds you close, and you climb into his lap. That night you don’t let go of each other.  

Things the Hogwarts Houses will do for their Friends
  • Hufflepuff: Always be honest (but kind), know your favorite food and make it when you need it, hold you without asking questions, drape a blanket over your shoulders, listen well, hold your hand when you're scared, cry with you, hold you back when you want to do something rash, trust you, stand up for you when no one else will, make sure you're ok before they go to bed, believe in you, stay up late to tell old stories around a warm fire, notice how you're feeling, love you because you're you
  • Ravenclaw: Talk you through your problems, wake you up early for a sunrise/stay up late to count stars, tell the worst jokes to make you laugh on bad days, go over the hard parts of the lesson again and again till you get it, pick up a rock they thought you'd like, know when you lie about being ok and call you out on it, quote your favorite poem, know just how to bend the rules and get you out of trouble, challenge anyone who hurts you, teach you to swim then push you in because you're afraid and they know you can do it, sit and read when you just need someone in the room with you, love you for you
  • Slytherin: Hold you down while they pull the bullet from your wound, make you look good when you didn't sleep, kill for you, keep your secrets, show you what it's like to live by bringing you to the top of a mountain in a blizzard, lie for you - and know when you lie to them, wash away the blood when it's all over, keep their promises to you, buy you whatever you need, kiss your scars and then show you theirs because they know too, teach you how to fly, write down your dreams and paint them, love you because of you
  • Gryffindor: Wake you up when you scream at night, die for you, braid your hair full of flowers, fight with you against the world, tell you when you're wrong, murmur love songs in your ear, pull you off that ledge, keep you warm, teach you your value when don't know it, show you how to be brave, never lie to you, wordlessly hand you a drink when you need one, love you because of you

i could look at you
for the rest of my
life and
never understand
how beautiful someone
can possibly be,
i could listen to you
talk until you breathe your last
and never come
to a conclusion
on how someone’s voice could
be so calming
i could hold you
in my arms until the
stars in the sky burn out
and even then
i would never let you go

so if you let me,
i want to love you
until the end of time;
let me sing you to sleep
hold you when you cry
be your rock
love you when you don’t love
let me be your forever,
because you are
already mine.

(it was a saturday)

I’ll always be here for you. When you need to cry, I’ll hold you close and wipe away the tears. After a long day of work, I’ll rub your legs and feet while you watch your favorite shows. I will make you breakfast in bed and warm up the shower for you. I’ll take you on late night walks and hold your hand under the stars. I’ll tell you “I love you” several times a day and give you random kisses. I’ll make a picnic, we’ll go to the park, lay in the grass and stare at the clouds pointing out the creatures and things we see in them. On your birthday I’ll make sure the house if full of balloons, lights, and your favorite decorations. There will be a cake I attempted to cook from everything you taught me in baking. We will bake together, making cupcakes, cookies, and all our favorite treats. I’ll let you lick all the icing off of the spoons and from the bowl. We’ll go to the beach and boogie board on the shallow waters. we can bury each other in the sands and write silly messages. I’ll start a water balloon fight in the middle of a hot summer day, chasing you with a super soaker. We can do walking downtown under the city lights while we shop, eat, hold hands, laugh, and drink. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I’ll kiss you, tell you silly jokes, tell you I love you with one of my silly quotes, I’ll find a way to make you smile and remind you that everything is okay. We’ll find a cute little house where you can decorate it however you want; paint the walls any colors, tell me where you want the book shelves to be, you’ll have your art room where you can be as messy and creative, decorate the walls with your taxidermy butterflies, the succulent gardens you want in the backyard or around the house, and you will have your closet with all your black clothes and shoes. As I do now, I’ll always talk about you, telling everyone how amazing and beautiful you are, making the jealous with how perfect of a creature you are. We will have days where we do absolutely nothing, sit at home, watch our shows, play games, and eat all the pizza and oreo cookies. We will go to the mall and spend hours doing everything; shopping, modeling clothes for each other, drink bubble tea, eat our favorite vegan dishes from the food court, try and resist buying all the games in the video game store, end up buying a game or two in the video game store, purchase bath bombs, and you can browse all the make-up picking out what you want. I’ll hold on to your hand when we go to music festivals and concerts. We’ll go to the local fair and I’ll win you a prize by throwing ping pong balls into small cups, we’ll challenge each other in bumper cars, eat cotton candy, and pet all the animals in the petting zoo. I’ll take you to the bookstore where we can quietly giggle at the cat calendars and sexy novels. You can fill your arms with books and sit on the ground flipping through the pages. Pick out coloring books, art books, vegan cookbooks, and all the baking recipes you want. We’ll go to the local hobby store and pick out tons of things we can craft at home together. We will use that polaroid camera to take tons of photos of our favorite moments, best smiles, and goofy faces and hang them in a collage. We will find a spot in the city to make our own and watch the sunset together. I’ll find new ways you ask you to marry me each year on our anniversary. We’ll go to Disneyland and forget about the world around us at the happiest place on Earth. I’ll look at you and get lost in your eyes and smile. I’ll remind you of how much I love you with little notes floating around the house, messages on the mirror after a hot shower, and randomly clinging to you and squeezing tightly. I’ll help you dye your hair and let you pick out the colors you want in my hair. When life seems hard I will take your hand in mine and look into your eyes letting you know we’ll do it together and get through it just fine. I’ll always remind you that everything will be okay, no matter what. I will always put you first when the choice is mine and I will not let you down. As I am now. As I was yesterday, and as I will be tomorrow. I will always be here for you.
Being Captain Boomerang’s daugther would include:

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Request:  Can you do what being captain boomerangs daughter would be like? Like a HC? Idk but ya

A/N: I included the Squad a little bit because we all know that some of them are totally into having their own sweet little kids. 


  • Him being always super careful with you.
    • Digger holding you as if you could break any second. 
  • Him almost crying when you don’t want to stop crying.
    • Him at least starting crying once a month because you’re a scream Queen
  • Him making baby noises and funny faces while feeding you.
  • Digger letting you play with his boomerangs and Pinky.
  • Your first word being ‘Boomerang’
  • Him teaching you how to walk.
  • Digger being the dad who films everything you do. 
    • Showing all the cute videos the squad. 
    • Harley cooing.
    • Deadshot and El Diablo giving him dad-tips.
    • Deadshot being your baby sitter. 
    • Harley buying you flashy baby clothes.
    • Too many pictures and videos with the squad.


  • Knowing all the swear words. 
    • Him trying to convince everyone that it’s not his fault.
  • Having your own boomerangs. 
  • Digger teaching you how to throw them, and how to defend yourself.
  • Pinky sleeping in your bed.
  • Him being very patience with you. 
    • Digger actually throwing a fit with you when you’re behaving like a ‘brat’.
  • Cuddling. 
    • You both being cuddler.
  • Digger learning how to braid your hair because he wants to make you happy.
  • Him letting you play with his hair/beard. 
  • You using make up on your dad.


  • Him being very protective. 
  • Him hating too revealing clothes.
  • Him hating all your boyfriends/girlfriends.
    • Not because of the “They are not good enough for my little baby” but because they are not aussies.
  • Him giving you ‘The Talk’ when you ask if you could go buy some bras.
    • It’s awkward so he calls for Harley’s help. 
  • Him being unable to cope with you getting your period for the first time. 
    • Calling Harley and Katana for help.
    • Him googling what to do and buying everything a girl needs during her period - including Tampons and pads (all sizes), sweets, tissues, a hot-water-bag and a few movies.
    • Him trying to be calm and cool with it even thought he doesn’t want you to grow up so fast.
  • Him teaching you how to fight with boomerangs. 
    • You sneaking out to help the squad during a dangerous mission.
    • Digger grounding you for 3 whole months even though you saved their asses.
  • Him getting angry when you start drinking and smoking and doing drugs.
    • Even though he’s pissed he never yells at you but tries to explain everything because you’re like best friends.
    • Him being disgusted that you don’t like the same beer as him.
  • Digger and the squad comming lowkey to your prom and graduation.
    • Harley and Katana heling you with all the make up, hair and so on.

Grown up:

  • Him behaving like you’re still in your teen years.
  • Digger being proud of you if you marry an aussie. 
  • Him being very proud of you when you kick asses. 
    • Especially when strangers try to hit on you or touch you.
BTS Jungkook Reaction: Nightmare

A/N: sorry for any typos, I broke my phone(rip) and I’m trying to avoid pressing any pieces of glass into my fingers. He’d wake up like what. His hair would be crazy(see gif for example) and he’d be really groggy. He’d turn to you and see that you were scared of something. He shake your shoulders gently and hold you tight to him when you woke up. You’d cry and grab onto his shirt and he would rub your back. He’d kiss your hair softly and sing your favorite song to you, after assuring you it wasn’t real. He’d then pull you back down with him and kiss you gently. He’d stroke your hair until you fell asleep again.

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We might not be the in the same place at the same time for as long as we’d like, but every single moment spent with you is a treasure.

I love you. I keep falling in love with you every time you smile at me, every time we kiss, every morning that I wake up next to you and every night that I fall asleep in your arms.

I miss you. I miss you when you have to leave on business, and I miss you when you go to work in the mornings, and I miss you when we’re in the same room but we’re not touching for one reason or another.

We couldn’t be more different in temperament. You, a calm, unyielding giant in a raging storm. Me, a booming fireball that pops and fizzles out with no rhyme or reason. But you stabilize me. You hold me when I cry, which feels like it’s all too often but never because of you. And I bring you back when you lose yourself in frustration over the stupidities of everyday life.

Thank you for loving me like no one else can ❤


“Jon.” You say surprised as he comes in your bedroom.
A sad shine is in his eyes as he sits down on your bedside.
“(Y/N).” Jon whispers, pulling you on his lap and you swallow hard. “I’m sorry, but I have to go.”
“It’s ok.”
Tears swim in your eyes as you bury your face in the crook of his neck. His black curls tickles your face as a quiet sob leaves your throat and Jon wraps his arms around you. Softly he strokes over your back, holding you tight while you cry.
“Tomorrow morning.” Jon responds, wiping the tears from your cheeks.
“Do you stay with me the night?”
Instead of an answer Jon kisses you. His lips moving slowly against yours while you slip your hands under his shirt, wanting him to feel one last time. The kiss becomes more passionate as Jon’s tongue slides in your mouth.
You moan after he pulled your shirt over the head and kisses now the skin on your chest. Desire builds in your lower stomach as he opens your bra and sucks your nipples in his mouth.
“Jon.” You whisper excited as he turns you both around and he pulls down your skirt and panties.
Your eyes fall shut as Jon spreads your legs and he kisses your inner thighs up to your wet folds. Gently Jon licks through your slit before he takes your clit in his mouth, licking and sucking it.
As you tug Jon’s hair to pull him closer a quiet moan leaves his mouth, sending you over the edge. Small intense waves of pleasure shoots through your body and as you look down his lust blown eyes meet yours.
Before he bends down to you, Jon straightens up to undresses himself. You both moan into each other mouthes as his hard erection presses against your core.
“Please.” You beg against his mouth.
Centimeter by centimeter he enters you, holding still as he completly fills you out.
“(Y/N).” Jon moans as you stroke over his back, encouraging him to move.
Slowly, but forceful he starts thrusting in you, wanting to take his time with you.
The sex feels different, more intense and more like a goodbye.
Again tears falling down your face which Jon kisses away while he moves faster.
The knot in your lower stomach rebuilds and you buckle your hips to feel him deeper in you.
“Jon.” You whimper as you find your sweet release.
Your walls clench down around his twitching cock and he spills his hot arousal deep inside you.
Exhausted he slides out of you and falls next to on the bed.
“Come here.” Jon says and you snuggle up to his chest while he wraps an arm around your back.
“I love you.” You whisper, listening to his strong heartbeat.
“I know.” He responds, kissing you on the top of your head. “I love you, too.”
The whole night he holds you in his arms, stroking over your back and placing kisses all over your face until you fall asleep.
As you wake up the next morning Jon is gone and even when you can’t hold back a sob, you know that you’ll see him again.