hold up i need a moment im crying

I like how despite his characterization of being this ball of happiness and ray of sunshine, David isn’t always ‘skip through the meadow of wildflowers holding hands singing Do-Re-Mi’. We see him have anger, pain, sadness, stress, and serious. And they’re mixed together sometimes. Like yeah, he’s excitable and overall joyful, but sometimes he needs a break. And it reflects life a little bit.

It’s good to be happy and joyfilled, and it’s good to be grateful. But sometimes, you need to let yourself be honest with not being okay, and you need to let it out sometimes. You need to vent, you need to talk, and just let yourself be emotional. And that’s what he provides Max in Parents’ Day; a break. A break from holding up this sona that he uses to keep an image to defend himself. The episodes built up to that moment to get to know David for this episode. In other words…

Not only is David a father figure to Max, he’s a reminder to Max that sometimes it’s okay to be vulnerable.

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painfully drunk part 2 - Harry Styles imagine

*Requested by anon*

A/N: I got so many request for a second part of painfully drunk. Thank you guys so so much for liking it =)This one got longer than I expected though… I have other requests waiting in my inbox as well, so I will post them on the weekend. =) enjoy xxx

Harry’s POV – I was standing infront of Zayn’s house. After he wrote me that Y/N was there and I should leave her alone, I couldn’t do less than jump into my car and get to her. My head still hurted from the party the night before but I didn’t care at all. I had to know what happened between me and Y/N last night. I rang the door bell and waited a few seconds. Zayn opened the door finally.

“What the fuck are you doing here Harry!? I told you to stay away from her!!“ He was more than pissed and wanted to slam the door shut but I stopped it with my foot.

“Zayn, please listen to me!! I have no idea what happened last night! I was so fucking wasted, that I didn’t even recognize how I came home. Please let me talk to her.“ He didn’t trust me, I could tell by the look he gave me. My heart was racing like hell and I was so worried about her. Zayn looked back into his living room and just nodded before opening the door for me. Without hesitation, I walked straight into the living room. Y/N was sitting on the couch with a tissue in her hands. Her eyes were swollen and red, like she must have been crying the whole night. I walked around the couch and wanted to hug her but she stood up and ran to Zayn. She was hiding behind his back. Pure fear in her eyes.

“What happened last night Y/N? Talk to me please.“ I felt my heart sink into my stomach. My girlfriend was afraid of me? This was the worst feeling ever.

“Y/N, shall I tell him what happened?“ Zayn whispered and she just nodded. I didn’t understand and it made me sick to see her like that.

“Harry you were drunk as fuck last night after Liam and I brought you home. Y/N was alone, reading in her book. She asked Joshua to come over cause she was bored and thought it was okay since you were good friends. Joshua left earlier though and forgot his jacket at your house. As you saw it, you freaked out completely. You accused her of cheating and called her a whore and a bitch. If this wouldn’t be enough, you grabbed her arm so hard, that it’s all blue now and it still hurts. After you said, she should go and fuck Joshua, you pushed her against the wall. Im sorry Harry but you’re for real an asshole.“ I felt the tears forming in my eyes. I saw the scene infront of me but I thought it was just a nightmare. Y/N was crying even harder and Zayn comforted her with a hug. I could see her blue arm now. This must have been some kind of bad joke.

“Y/N baby, listen to me. I know there is no excuse or no words to make this better, but Im sorry!! Im so damn sorry. I never meant to hurt you or call you like that!! Please believe me.“ For the first time she looked into my eyes. Her scared and yet angry look was like a knife straight into my heart. How could I do this to the love of my life?

“But you did Harry. You were so drunk, that you lost control over yourself. The last four weeks, you’ve always been out and came back completely drunk!! Im so sick of this. I can’t trust you anymore. We’re done…I can’t be with someone who scares me…“ My heart stopped. She broke up with me…her words echoed in my head. I wanted to tell her a million things, but my mouth was to dry to speak.

“I think it’s better if you go now…“ Zayn held her close again, cause she began sobbing again. I was crying as well now. I felt like my whole world collapsed in that moment.

“Y/N please don’t say that. Please don’t break up with me. We can’t throw our love away like that. You know that you’re the love of my life. My one and only. My reason to breathe!!“ I wanted to walk over to her and hold her close to me, but Zayn stopped me.

“I can’t go home without you Y/N!! Im a fucking asshole and Im the worst boyfriend if I leave you here now. We need to talk about this. Please Y/N I don’t want to lose you like that. Im lost without you. Come home with me and we’ll fix this. We made it through so many shittiy situations. Give me a chance to fix this. You know I love you more than everything. Please…“ I was so desperate. I would have done everything, to turn back the time. She looked at me, calmer this time.

“Ok Harry. Let’s go home and talk about this. Thank you Zayn, for everything.“ He looked at me suspiciously and sighed.

“Call me if you need anything ok? Im here for you.“ He hugged her one last time and kissed her cheek. A big rock fell from my heart, as she agreed to come home with me. This was my chance. It was now or never.

Your POV – I was still scared but Harry was right. We couldn’t throw it all away like that. We walked to his range rover in silence. The drive home was quiet as well. At least, the silence helped me to calm down a little bit. I loved him so damn much but I was too hurt.

As we were inside our house, we sat on the couch with a certain distance. I turned the phone in my hands around, not able to hold still. He finally spoke up.

“Does it still hurt?“ He let his fingertips slide over the bruised part of my arm. I didn’t move away cause I actually enjoyed this gentle gesture. I already missed his touch.

“Just a little bit. Harry…do you really have a problem with me and Joshua?“ I wanted to talk this over and forget about it. I couldn’t see him suffering like that.

“No I don’t. He is our friend and I turst you with all my heart. I don’t know why I freaked out so damn bad. I guess it was the alcohol that made me lose my mind.“ He looked down to his hands, totally ashamed of himself. I took his hand in mine and moved closer to him.

“Do you understand now, why I hate it, when you’re drunk like that? It changes you. You’re not my Harry when you’re drunk. It’s like a lottery with you. There is a clingy Harry, an angry Harry, a sad Harry and an overhappily Harry. I can’t handle it, to see you drunk every weekend anymore.“ His thumb was stroking the back of my hand. I knew, that he saw my point.

“Baby Im sorry. It’s just that, it helps me forget about all the shit that’s going on in our life. All the stress and the rumours…“ I cut him off.

“But I am here for exactly this situations!! I got your back, no matter what. But you just care about how to forget all this and with that you forget about me and that’s what hurts the most. I love you and I want to be with you but not if you keep going like that. I just feel like you don’t care enough about me or our relationship…“ He looked up from our hands and I could tell, that the truth hit him straight in his face.

“Im so sorry Y/N. Im sorry for letting you feel like that. You are the most important thing in my life. If I keep fighting against all that things, it’s because you make me strong. I don’t want you to think, I don’t care about you, cause you’re all I really care about. I promise, I wont drink that much again and I wont freak out when you hang out with our friends. I want you and nothing else. I made the biggest mistake in my whole life by touching you this way. Can you give me a chance to make you trust me again? I really don’t want to lose you Y/N.“ I looked into his watering eyes. This wonderful green orbs. Deep down I knew, that I would trust him again and that he’d do anything to fix my trust and our relationship.

I stroke his cheek and smiled at him. It was a mistake but it needed more to break us apart. We were stronger than this. I kissed him slowly and put all my love into this one kiss. So did he. I could feel his emotions. Love, fear and relief.

“I love you so much baby.“ He whispered against my lips and pulled me closer to his body. I knew he did and I was sure that we could fix this together. Just me and him.