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Cuddle Drabble Part 13

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Game of Throne spoilers. Honestly, though, if you haven’t seen season 1 or read the first book, that’s your fault. It’s been out forever.

Summary: You got to Bucky looking for comfort.

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I hope you guys enjoy this part!

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You knocked quietly, gently pushing the door open before you got a response. “Bucky?”

He was up in an instant, worry etched into his features. “What’s wrong? You okay?”

You nod sheepishly as he closes the door behind you. “I just missed you.”

Ugh. Why can’t your brain stop blurting these things out?! You did miss him. You had both been on missions for weeks. But you were going to give yourself away if you kept this up. He would never want to hang out with you again!

But the way he smiled at you cut your thoughts short. “I missed you, too, doll.” He grabbed your hand and lead you back to his bed. Bucky pulled you tight into his side, encouraging you to get comfortable and wrap your leg around his. It hit you how long you two have been cuddling with each other. He knew which positions you preferred, the most comfortable placement of your legs and arms. The consideration he had for you did not help your erratic heartbeat.

You realized that this was the first time you’d come to his room to seek out comfort. As soon as you made this connection, the smell of Bucky’s skin enveloped your senses. God, you just wanted to bury yourself in these sheets.

Was that weird?

Damnit, get it together.

As soon as you were settled, Bucky picked up a brand new copy of Game of Thrones that had been on his bed. He showed it to you, asking, “D’you mind if I keep reading?”

“Game of Thrones? Look at you getting caught up!”

He smiled, and closed the book around his thumb to hold his place. “Sam said I’d probably like it. He said you were obsessed with the show.”

Your cheeks grew hot. Goddamn it, Sam. Your best friend had figured out that you liked Bucky, and had been pestering you for it constantly. He never hesitated to drop some (not so subtle, in your opinion) hints to Bucky by telling him the things you were interested in. Sam Wilson was effectively trying to kill you.

You clear your throat, knocking yourself back into reality. “So, who’s your favorite? What part are you on?”

Robert Baratheon was dead. Ned Stark was in prison. Shit was about to hit the fan, and Bucky had no idea. You groaned when he recounted the events that happened in the last few chapters. “Dude. Uh, just. Don’t get attached to anyone, okay? It’ll save you a lot of heartache.”

“Oh, God, who else dies?!” His eyes bore into yours seriously.

You wanted to answer honestly, but you couldn’t ruin the whole series for him. You had read all the books, watched the tv series twice… You went with the safest answer. “Everybody. Everybody dies. Nobody makes it. Just don’t get attached.”

“Okay,” he nodded, taking your answer in stoically. “So, who’s your favorite?”

Your muscles tensed with excitement. “I love Dany. And Jon. And Tyrion. And Arya. I can’t have just one favorite.”

“Okay, so they live. Thanks, Y/N.”

He laughed at your scandalized face when you realized what you’d done. “You jerk!” you smacked his chest as he laughed and pulled you close. You felt something soft skim along your hairline, finishing with a faint amount of pressure.

Did–Did Bucky just kiss you?

Fuck, you are so boned.

He opened up his book and nuzzled his cheek into your hair. You cleared your throat. “Could you read it to me?”

You felt him smile. “‘Course, doll.”

He shifted, facing you, and deposited the book in his other hand. Your face was tucked securely into Bucky’s chest. His arms pillowing your head and wrapping around your waist. Your leg slotted between Bucky’s, hitching it up so you would be comfortable.

“Yeah, just jam your knee right up my crotch. This is fine.”

You pulled away, wide eyes assessing Bucky’s physical state. “Oh, God. I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean–”

He burst into laughter and pulled you back into his embrace. “I’m fine, doll. Get comfortable.”

His hand ran soothingly up and down your spine as you realigned yourself with him. When he felt you settle, he started to read. “‘The sound faded slowly to silence. One blast meant rangers returning, and Jon thought, I was a ranger for one day, at least. Whatever may come, they cannot take that away from me…’

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Heartbreak Girl - Dan x Reader

A/N: Listen to Heartbreak Girl while reading this! It goes really good because the plot was literally based off of the song. Either version works, but Troye’s matches a bit more, his song is short compared to the imagine reading.

Heartbreak Girl

I can’t believe it happened again. I can’t believe I was so stupid. There I was walking out of Zach’s place in tears. We just had a fight and he was a real jerk about and brushed me off. Last night he was at a club with his friends and apparently one his friends gave a girl his number. Lies, as always what else did I expect with Zach? The girl had been texting and calling him all day and to make things worse, I saw a photo them making out on his friend’s post online. Zach said he was drunk and things happen. I left after that, with my mascara running down my face. I went home to cry on my bed and got some stupid amount of sleep.

Dan’s POV
My phone is ringing, it’s y/n’s ringtone so I got up to answer it.
“Hello?” I say sitting up from my bed with my laptop on my lap.
“Dan?” y/n spoke quietly I could hear her voice breaking. It sounded like she’d been crying.
“What’s up?” I asked trying to sound casual, but I was pretty worried.
“Are– are you at your house?” She said stuttering.
“Yes, do you want to come over?” I offered instantly wondering why she sounded so shaken.
“Yeah. That’d be great.” She responds distantly almost a faint whisper, as if she’s gone. I’m getting quite worried. I nodded my head even though she wasn’t in the room with me, I don’t why.
“What’s going on?” I ask.
Silence. No response, other than shaky sigh. That’s it, something was wrong and I had to know what was wrong with her.
“y/n.” I say sternly. “Tell me what’s wrong please.” I begged, perhaps sounding too desperate as my voice softened.
“I’ll tell you when I get over to your house. Be there in 20.” She said abruptly and hung up before I got the chance to say anything else. I couldn’t even revolt, I am a complete sucker for that girl.
I began to get ready and clean up my apartment. I’ve been in bed having a lazy Saturday and didn’t having meetings or work, so I didn’t bother fixing my hair.
I tried to straighten it as best as I could and put on some skinny jeans and a grey tee shirt. I wondered what was wrong, she sounded so sad on the phone. Well Dan, you’re going to find out so put some clothes on and get ready for y/n.

y/n POV
I walked shakily out of the car. I usually wear eyeliner, foundation, the whole works basically, but I figured I’d be crying today. I opted for some lip stain, minimal eye makeup and blush to put the life back into my cheeks. I knocked on the door.
Dan opened it and waved, instinctively guiding me in, “Hey. Come in.”
As we were going to walk to the lounge, Dan was about to take my coat and put it on the couch. But before he could, I turned around and ran into his arms. He didn’t decline and wrapped his arms around me giving me a much needed warm hug. He held me tight, running over the top of my hair with his hand as his grip on me was protective.
“I broke up with Zach yesterday.” I mumbled into his chest.
Tears began to run down my face once again, and I could feel my eyes becoming red.
“What?” Dan paused pulling me away to look at my face, then said, “Again?”
I cried even harder, “Yes. I know I’m stupid for keep on going back to him and should’ve stopped. But I thought it would work this time and I just— I don’t know h/n.”
“It’s okay.” Dan sadly uttered, obviously empathic for my stupid self.
“I just wanted to make it work you know?” I shook my head.
“y/n, of course you did you’re a good person. You wanted to kept trying, you’re good like that.” He told me with the most hopeful eyes, I guess never really noticed how good he was at cheering me up. But even he couldn’t make me feel better for how incredibly idiotic my actions were.
“No I’m pretty dumb.” I sighed.
He hugged me harder and I felt the warmth of his hand rubbing my back up and down, sighing. It felt so nice to have him hold me.
“Go sit on the couch, I’ll make you something to drink.” Dan whispered in my ear and then seating me gently down on his dark blue couch.

Dan’s POV
When I first saw y/n walk through the door, she looked awful. She was still beautiful but she looked like the life had been taken out of her. I knew it was Zach. That freaking jerk. I cannot believe he messed up again. Jeez what was wrong with the guy. I gritted my teeth. Ok Dan, don’t get distracted. y/n is all alone in the living room, and you need to be there for her. I decide to make her some tea, black earl, her favorite.
I walked back in, much calmer to put the tea on the table and I’m ready to listen to her.
“Thanks.” y/n murmmered wiping away a tear. I hated seeing her like this, what did that jerk do to her?
“So what happened?” I asked with pure sympathy.
She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes of hers and proceeded to speak.

y/n’s POV
I explained to him what had happened. He looked annoyed, then angry and solemn.
“He went out with his friends rather than with you?”
I shook my head, “He does that a lot.”
“Wow. Prick.” Dan spat out rolling his eyes and I laughed a little, it’s been awhile.
“You told him you were upset over him kissing another girl drunk and giving her his number? So he brushed you off.”
I nodded as he put his hand on my leg to comfort me.
“I’m sorry, y/n.” His round deep brown eyes looked furious but he was still he kind self. I just nodded and leaned onto his shoulder, wanting the comfort of my friend.

Dan’s POV
Gradually mine and y/n’s embrace tuned into her in my arms, which I really didn’t mind. In fact I quite liked it, but I didn’t like the circumstances that caused this. Her crying and being all sad, all of it because of that stupid guy. I kinda wanted to punch Zach’s face, actually no, I totally wanted to punch that stupid face of his off hurting y/n. But I obviously couldn’t, so I went back to the most perfect girl in my arms. That girl Zach’s with was probably nothing compared to y/n.
y/n put her hand out to drink her tea. She too looked adorable, but she was heartbroken. I wanted to scream out that I loved her with all my heart and that she could be with me, but I didn’t. There we were sat in my living room both at heart conflicts.
“I just don’t know how I’m meant to get over him. I mean I checked my phone and he’s out tonight with the same girl. He obviously didn’t care about me, but I cared so much about him. How will I ever get over him?” She literally meant every word, as she groaned over him.
“What?” I asked her, surprised. Why would the most perfect girl worry about getting over nor care about a piece of trash?
“I’m just heartbroken.” Was all she could say. Her voice was weak and tired, something she’s grown far too accustomed to and it pissed me off. How could y/n not see how incredible she was?
I tried to bite my tongue and held her tightly. But that was it, I couldn’t freaking lie to her anymore and hide my feelings.
“Y/N, How are you heartbroken over a guy who treats you like crap and is that himself?!” I was angry at y/n for not knowing how she deserves to be treated.

y/n POV
I saw Dan light up with fire. I’ve never heard him raise his voice like that.
“Why are you like this?” I frantically said confused at the boy with brown hair.
“I thought you were my friend?”
Dan puffed out a big breath of air. “Of course, I am you’re friend, y/n!” He said getting defensive. “What the heck, sometimes I wish I was more than just your bloody friend y/n!”
“What?” I’m dumbfounded. Did Dan Howell just confess his feelings to me? I had no idea, I mean he’s always been a great friend of mine but I’ve never seen him like that, especially when I was with Zach.
“Why can’t you just let me love you?” He proclaimed, distressed and upset with watery eyes.
“I didn’t know. Dan, I’m sorry. I just never…” My voice strayed away just my train of rational thoughts.
“What, you never realized?! I love you y/n!” He frustratedly shouted to them become quiet.
I was in shock. Did that just happen? Dan was in love with me. Or is in love with me.
After a couple of seconds pass, all I could say was my true thought, “Why didn’t you tell me?” I quietly ask.
“When you were with your boyfriend or heartbroken?” Dan sarcastic words sharply cut through me. I felt awful and cornered, but I didn’t know how I should’ve felt, my best friend just admitted to having feelings for me. But I didn’t necessarily not mind.
“You put your feelings aside to spare mine?”
Dan’s eye advanced looking down at the ground, “I guess I did.”

I tried as hard as I could to not tell y/n. I thought I’d just live with her being with Zach, but see the way he hurt her, I couldn’t let that happen again without telling her how I really felt. He treated so bad and I could treat her so good, it wasn’t fair. Anyways they’ve broken up, so I told myself it was fine. I confessed my feelings, a bit loud, but I did it and honestly I didn’t regret it. y/n deserves to know that someone loves her and can treat her the way she deserves.

y/n POV
It wasn’t until he said those words, I never really realized it but Dan was an insanely amazing guy. He was caring, witty and smart. He pushed his feelings aside for me, for goodness sake’s. Dan was always there for me from the ups and downs of my relationship to when I had a bad day. Zach didn’t even do such a thing, nor did he care the way Dan does for me. He never left my side and he was the one person I could truly talk to about anything. How could’ve I’ve been so stupid? Why did I not notice that the best person, was right in front of me?

“Dan, I’m so sorry.”
“No, no it’s alright, I’m sorry.” Dan was awfully too polite for his own good. “I shouldn’t have shouted at you.”
I just shake my head in dismissal of his earlier voice volume, and mutter another sorry.
“Just forget about it, y/n.” Dan said trying to brush it of, in a harsh yet disappointed tone.
I saw how broken he was, from his eyes to his voice, to his entire aura.
I placed my hand on his, but he pulled away.
“It’s fine that you don’t feel the same way, I just needed to tell you.” Dan focused on his hands fidgeting.
“Who said I didn’t feel the same way?” I looked at him, bringing his face to see mine.
He hacked, “Don’t pity me, y/n.”
“No, you don’t pity me Dan.”
He looked confused as I continued, “Please don’t pity me for not seeing the best thing that’s ever happened to me. For not seeing that the guy, who I can talk to anytime and cares about me so much, was here the whole time. Please don’t pity me because I was too concerned in other stuff, to realize that you love me.”
Dan opened his mouth and was about to speak, but I cut him off, I needed to tell him. My eyes began to water and he cracked a small smile.
“And Dan Howell please forgive me, when I tell you that I truly love you, as you do me. That I was just too stupid to realize that you’d always be there for me because you love me. I’m now ready to do the same for you, because I love you.”
I felt tears trickle down my face. But these were different tears, they were happy tears. I looked grinningly at Dan and saw his watery eyes. He was smiling like a little kid and then went to wipe a tear from my face.
“So will you forgive me?” I smiled, grabbing his hand and he held it tight.
“There’s nothing for me to forgive you for.” Dan leaned into my lips. He pulled my lips over into his softly and sweetly. I didn’t decline and let him instantly, insanely satisfied that I did allow myself in his soft lips and mouth. Dan then pulled away slightly to whisper,
“y/n, I love you so much. Always have, always will.”
I blushed and my heart melted at that, pulling him back into our embrace.
“I love you too, Dan,” I tell him with slight tears in my eyes.
“Thank you for waiting, for all those times I was just a heartbroken girl over dumb guys.” I say bittersweetly, brutally honest at myself.
Dan scoffs before pulling my head close to kiss me on the forehead.
“I promise I’ll never break your heart.”


The Loft




“One day, you’ll be all mine, I promise,” I barely get outthe words, even though I know she doesn’t hear me.

Running my fingers through her hair, I start falling asleep,too.

Y/N’s POV:

Does he know I heard that? //

The beam of sunlight hits my pillow causing me to wake up. I rub my eyes and sit up in bed. I look over to my nightstand to find a note from Jack,

“One day, I’ll be here when you wake up, I promise. x – Gilinsky.”

I put the note back on my nightstand; next to the one he left yesterday morning.

I put my glasses on and get out of bed, and go into to my bathroom. I brush my teeth and hair, put on some leggings and head downstairs.

When I open my door, it’s silent. None of the boys are awake yet.

Guess they were all pretty tired from last night.

I decide to do something nice for the boys since they’ve been spoiling the shit out of me ever since I came back.

Hmm.. What should I make for breakfast?

Pancakes. Chocolate-chip pancakes.

I start getting out the ingredients and begin making them. I cook bacon and biscuits at the same time so that the boys have a little more to eat. Considering there are eleven of them, I’m going to be making a lot of food.

As I’m finishing up making breakfast and setting food on plates, I feel two hands come from behind me and wrap around my waist,

I gasp a little from being surprised and here Matt whisper in my ear,

“Good morning, princess. Whatcha’ cooking?”

“Pancakes, biscuits, and bacon. Do you think everyone will like it?”

“Um, of course. It smells so good, plus, we’ll love anything you make us, baby,” he says before turning me around and pulling me in for a kiss.

He pulls me closer and lifts me off the ground a little bit. We continue kissing for a few moments before we hear doors open and boys coming downstairs.

I get on my tiptoes and lean up to whisper in his ear,

“Later, I promise.”

He nods and walks to the fridge to get a drink.

The boys start coming down stairs in groups, most still being shirtless from waking up, and Jack G being the last one to come down.

While the others are occupied setting the table and getting seated, Jack stands next to me and says,

“Chocolate-chip pancakes? My favorite.”

“I know,” I blush a little before he grabs my chin and turns my face to look at him.

He sees a little patch of batter on my cheek, and licks his finger before wiping it off.

“You’re adorable, but here let me help you-“ He grabs the plates and sets them on the table, going back to the fridge to make us both glasses of orange juice.

I sit down at the table when Matt signals the seat next to him and Gilinsky takes the seat right across from me. Before we start eating, some of the boys ask,

“What’s all this for?”

“Don’t get us wrong, we love when you cook.”

“But, you didn’t have to-“

I interrupt them and say,

“You guys have gone above and beyond for me, making breakfast is the least I can do.”

They all start digging into their food and start talking about how good the food is.

Matt comes closer to me and whispers in my ear,

“The food is great babe, but I bet you’re gonna taste better.”

I cough, choking on my food a little, in shock about what Matt just told me.

The boys end their conversations and look at me,

“Are you okay? Do you need some more to drink?” Shawn asks from the other side of the table.

“No, I’m fine, just had something in my throat.”

Matt chuckles and finishes his food.

After all the guys thank me for making breakfast, I say

“You guys can go back to normal now, you know.”

They all look at me before Sammy says, “What happened with that girl when you first came back won’t happen again. They won’t touch or speak to you unless you want them to-“ he smirks.

“Shush Sammy, but seriously it’s fine,” I respond, looking at all the boys.

They nod and then start getting up, taking not only their own but my dishes as well, and start cleaning.

I try to wipe off the counter and put some stuff away when Gilinsky takes the stuff out of my hands and says,

“Um, I don’t think so. You cooked, we clean.”

I smile and walk to the island counter and sit on top of it, and say

“Okay, so I need to go back to my apartment and-“

All the boys stop what they’re doing and turn around to look at me.

“Guys, I just need to go get some stuff. I have school remember? Luckily I switched to online classes the day before Jack came and got me. Anyways, would anyone be down to go with me to get some of my stuff and then maybe do something else? I don’t know, I kind of just want to go do something.”

Cam, Nash and Johnson speak up before any other boys,

“We haven’t gotten to spend any time with you yet, we could go spend the day together and find something fun to do? And we’ll stop by your apartment on the way home.” Cam says.

“Alright, I’m down. I’m going to go get changed, and by the way, I don’t plan on wearing make up today, I’m feeling extra lazy,” I say before heading upstairs.

“You don’t need it anyways,” Matt says.

I turn around and see the boys still cleaning but them all saying things like,


“I agree.”

They’re so sweet.

“Love you guys, thanks for cleaning up,” I say before heading upstairs with a smile on my face.

I walk up the spiral stairs and into my room.

I change into some shorts and hear two knocks on my door,

“Come in!” I yell in a chirpy voice from my closet.

Gilinsky walks in and says,

“Hey you, wait where are you?” he lets out a small laugh while looking in my bathroom.

“I’m in my closet babe,”

Why do I always call him babe?

He walks in and sees me trying to reach at the top shelf to get a pair of vans.

“Need help?” he laughs again.

“Ughhhh, yes,” I say irritated.

He puts his hands on my hips and moves me backward to give him room.

He gets the brand new white vans off the shelf and turns around to hand them to me. When he turns around, we both notice how close we’re standing. He looks down at the small amount of space separating us, and puts his arms around my lower back slowly, as if asking for my permission.

Without breaking eye contact, he drops the shoes and gently pulls me closer to him.

I whisper, “You’re not going to break me, you know.”

“I’m trying to control myself, (Y/N). I want you so bad; it’s driving me insane,” he responds while looking down my body and back up to my face, biting his bottom lip.

Not knowing how to respond, I just stand there, still looking at him.

I pull away looking for a different shirt to wear when he turns me back around to face him again in one movement.

He pulls my chin to look up at him, and gently presses his plump lips on mine, holding me as tight to him as he can.

We break away from the short passionate kiss when we hear the boys yelling my name to come downstairs.

“Next time, I won’t be able to stop myself,” he says as he lets lose of his tight hold on me.

I want him.

“Go have fun with the guys, babygirl. Be careful. By the way, next time, there won’t be any interruptions.”

He kisses my cheek before leaving me speechless, still in my closet.

Did that just happen?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


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