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Don’t give me hope. Please. Be clear that it’s over. Break my heart. It’s ok. Just don’t give me hope. Don’t string me along, allowing me to develop this false pretense that we might get back together. You know that it’s over, but I don’t. I am an optimist. I am holding onto this thin thread of hope that we might miraculously work things out and end up together again. So, please. Break my heart into a million pieces and be clear that there is nothing left to salvage.

-Hope isn’t always a good thing.


okay i know Hardeen was a Terrible arc for everyone involved, but what if Obi Wan had told Anakin about faking his death? Anakin’s like no worries dude I Got This, except he really. does not,,

the only reason his “acting” is remotely believable is because almost no one has seen him like this before, so it must be due to all the grief and loss and heartbreak and anger and whatnot

he starts by sobbing over Obi Wan’s supposedly dead body for a solid two hours when Obi gets shot down. “LOOK at him, so cold and Lifeless. D: HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM AND FULL OF LIFE, SNIPS. I know last week I checked his pulse because he was meditating so calmly I thought he passed away in his sleep, BUT HE’S USUALLY SO WARM AND FULL OF LIFE.”

It goes on until Anakin has finished everything on his painstakingly written Outline from last night. At least half of Coruscant hears part of this speech. Mace sends Obi the security footage later, at a time he knows Anakin will be there to sit through it with Obi, because if we had to suffer then you do too, Obi Wan. 

then at the funeral, Anakin pulls out a twenty foot scroll of real actual paper, because he would appreciate this, I think, and clears his throat loudly and messily before telling the council that he has prepared a few words for the greatest jedi this order, nay, this GALAXY has ever seen, and will ever see, no matter how long any of us live—

five hours later,, he’s still going strong. half the eulogy is Terrible and V Cringeworthy, but the other half is actually v heartfelt and moving. even Mace and Yoda have to blink away some tears. 

it becomes easier after Anakin starts going into Unnecessary Details about obi wan’s life, like how he’ll miss holding onto those heavy 327 thread count woolen robes when he’s saving obi’s ass (curvature 48.5 degrees) for the 23094th time, and how he’ll never see a more sincere expression of Compassion than he saw when reading line 83 of Obi Wan’s eighth letter to Duchess Satine last month, quoted now as follows— 

Ahsoka enlists Plo Koon’s help and they finally shuffle him over to the side, promising him they can finish his fake eulogy at the council dinner tonight. Obi Wan’s death may be fake, but MY WORDS ARE REAL, SNIPS, HOW DARE YOU. says Anakin, before he (a little gleefully) starts destroying the walls to show how Emotionally Compromised he is over this 100% real death. 

he takes the 212th drinking, after having told all of them, too. so now there are 293637 men crying about Obi Wan (relatable af, y/y), all of which have the acting talent of a wilted blade of grass. there are 283747 toasts, and every single person there cries for each and every one of them, despite everyone knowing obi is still alive

‘Over the Moon’ Love Spell ❤🌜

particularly potent when the moon is full and/or in taurus, a spell to attract general love and happiness to you

🌜 gather: rose quartz, full moon water, rosemary, and white thread, a sight of the full moon. 

❤ perform during the full moon, if possible.

🌜 kiss the rose quartz

❤ let it sit in the full moon water for a while. 

🌜 bind the rose quartz to the rosemary using the white thread. 

❤ hold the quartz in front of or above the moon in your line of sight as you bind it.

🌜 keep near your bed, or as a charm on your person


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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A thread to hold

Summary: Phil wanted a sensible life, a fireplace and a picket fence, and Dan was a wrecking ball he could simply no longer afford to keep around. But once you care for someone, it never really goes away, a constant thread between the two of them. Divorced!Phan with custody over a child. Angst and Fluff.

Word Count: 8.4k

Trigger Warnings: depression, panic attacks, alcohol, divorce

Author’s Note: Honestly this fic has been in the works for a very long time, it’s my child, and I wrote it during many different periods of my life which is why it flits between happy and sad, I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy it!

Excerpt: Phil opened the door, his hair stuck up just a little at the back, and one of his sleeves pushed up, the other falling over his hand. Fuck. The same sinking feeling in his stomach. Always the same. Because Phil was still breath-taking to him, despite the projected feelings and the ink stained tears that hid in the crevices of his face. He was still breath-taking. And not just because of his looks, of his gentle tilt of the head and his bright blue eyes which seemed to reach inside of him (you could go swimming in those eyes). But because it was him, because he was gentle and kind and warm and he was Phil.

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Finding Things/Memory Spell🌿

a spell for when many things go missing, to help things reappear

🌿 gather: a compass, a sprig of rosemary, and white thread. 

🌿 attach the rosemary to the compass using white thread

🌿 hold level, and turn three times clockwise with the compass

🌿 place it in the center of the room. 

🌿 wait a few days for it to begin to draw out the things lost

🌿 for memory, each time there is something important to remember, touch the compass and place it somewhere else. 

Why good/long fics are rarely updated?

Every once in a while I get that question or see that question appear in review section of fics I read/comment. So, in case someone wonders I want to give just a few pointers.

  • The first one is simple - the authors have real life that usually comes first (I say usually, because on rare occasion you neglect everything because it’s one of that days/nights when the story just flows and you need to write it asap, because otherwise you will miss the moment). When you have a full time job and some non-fandom usual RL stuff to take care of, you might just not have enough time to write - it has nothing to do with the lack of ideas. Currently I have at least a dozen or so ideas for new fics (they multiply) - and I simply have no time to write them (give me a Time-Turner of Flash’s speed then I’ll have it done in no time). Then again - the fact that most of us works in front of the computer screen causes that sometimes we have no wish to spend some more hours on typing; that usually leaves weekends for writing - not that much time.
  • The betas also have real life and need to have time to check the story. Their work is pratically invisible (when done efficiently), but they greatly contribute to deliver the best product possible. I consider a fic to be a product of sorts - the fact that it’s “only fan fiction” doesn’t mean for me that it can be done poorly. So kudos for all betas! They also deserve some credit.
  • Writing a long, multichapter fic (and by long I mean at least 50k words) is different than writing a ficlet - in needs careful planning and keeping hold on many threads - main plot, subplots, often multiple POVs. What’s more concious writing is not just writing whatever comes to your mind - it’s getting your characters to a specyfic place or/and putting them into a specyfic situation in a logical, believable way. Often it means correcting or fleshing out something that canon itself neglected - that’s why AUs and fix-it fics are so popular. The fact that the author doesn’t update a story every week doesn’t mean that they don’t think about it, don’t plan in their head what should happen next, don’t write bits that will take place far in the future… or even in the sequel! There might be a lot of blank spots to fill in, but the authors have the bigger picture in their head when they start to write a story.
  • Reading 5k or even 10k words chapter doesn’t take long; writing a short comment takes a couple of minutes - but writing chapter of that length takes literally days.
  • Posting comments consiting only of “update more” or “update soon” doesn’t help.
  • Not posting any comments doesn’t help either.
  • Active authors might have many stories opened at once - that’s why it’s worth to keep a track on their ff.net/AO3 profile.
  • And who said that when it comes to fandom activities the authors are only writing? ;) They might be also fanart artists or gifset makers. Or simply be also the readers who comment on the works of others - because they’re well aware how much time and effort it takes to write a story.
Deadly Sins-Envy & Wrath

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter get’s jealous of a man’s hands on the Reader. Then later Peter attempts to… READ TO FIND OUT.

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Fluff, cuteness,Tony Dad mode

Word Count: 2,000+

A/N: Photo edit is my own, I know it sucks leave me alone lmao



[Reader’s POV]

Graduation happened shortly after as time went on since your near death experience. The both of you moving into the Avengers HQ while taking College lessons from a computer. Peter had no time to go to real college ,he’s a superhero. Tony just set up stuff for us to learn but homework wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t a thing because Peter can’t say “I have Psychology homework” he’s an Avenger and they don’t pause for homework.

You were currently getting ready for your day in the city. Peter was training with Steve and Natasha today till the afternoon. That gateway giving you enough time to do some shopping for your new living quarters with Peter. Tony upgraded the two of you to an apartment in the HQ. Until Peter turned twenty the both of you were separated in rooms so he could focus on training.

Tony made an apartment in the building for the two of you. It was filled with technology, Karen, and windows that project scenery from Queens.There was a lab with tools so that I could create stuff. Tony finally decided to have Natasha train you so you could use your inventions in battle. You spent the first two years you spent tinkering away. Tony would come into your lab to create your own combat armor.

“Karen, please send me my list for the store” I say out loud not having time to print everything. You were running behind on time cause you had to meet Peter at the store. Mr. Stark made a fake wedding registry appointment at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Sending list organized by what this living quarters lack, Peter should meet you at the store in about an hour… would you like me to message you when he finishes?”

“I’ll call him if necessary Karen,thank you”

Stay safe out there” her voice fills the air before you step outside. Locking the door then making your way down the hallway towards the elevator. Pressing the button it takes a few minutes to come down. The doors open to reveal Steve all bloodied up.

“Hey Spiderlover, Peter’s going against Natasha now” he gives you a warm smile before wincing in pain.

“I see my acid fluid took a toll on you” I grin looking at the burns on his suit and skin.

“Yeah, yeah take pride in the pain inflicted on me”Steve laughs as the doors close once you step in.

“I’m glad I could make something for him, I feel safer knowing he has a better chance with that fluid in battle”

“Have fun on your adventures today, stay safe in the city” he warns as the doors open when he reaches his floor.

“Aye aye Captain” you tease saluting him as the elevator doors closed. The rest of the elevator ride down was quiet. You missed hearing Peter’s excited stories he would tell whenever you two were together. Once on the main floor you exit heading out to the lobby.

“Mrs.Parker!” Tony’s voice comes up behind you making you jump a bit.

“Tony, w-were not marri-“

“Yet, it will happen… I can see it in the stars… stars as in the way loverboy looks at you. Now scan some cool stuff for your place. Also can you scan one of those margarita makers it will be a gift to Aunt May” he fixes his tinted glasses looking down at you.

“Will do, I’ll add that to the list and I’ll p-“

“You will not pay me back,think of it as payment from taking you and Peter in after graduation and defending whatever comes our way.. You’re like a daughter to me..Now wear this, you gotta truly sell that you two are engaged” He says grasping my hand and sliding a ring with a big solitaire diamond in between two smaller ones. The glistening shine catching your eyes. Happiness filling him because he wanted to tell her that he really is her father but knew he couldn’t for her safety.

“Please tell me that’s fake?It’s gorgeous even if it’s fake ,wow” I mutter looking at the ring on my finger. A smile on my face as I look at it.

“Oh it isn’t fake, Peter is Spider-Man and the world can’t look at that and see it’s fa-”

“It’s real?! Tony how much was this thing!” You try taking it off before he stops you. His bigger hand laid on top of yours. Tony stops you before you could say anything else.

“That’s not the point.. now go Spiderlover, you have to be there in fourty-five minutes and with this traffic at this time you better be on your way..” He walks off with a smirk stained on his face.

“I’ll be off now Mr.Stark I don’t want to be late” I give a small smile looking down at my hand  before leaving the building. He watched his daughter walk out of the building into the big scary world. The world he protected to keep her safe so he could see her smile. Just like the way she did when her eyes landed on the ring.


The sound of my heels against the pavement echoed. That’s why I don’t wear these damn things. I only dressed up for Peter to see if he would like the outfit. Other than that I’m dressed in leggings, tank tops or Peter’s shirts at home.

A body collided into mine causing me to drop my purse and Phone. What the hell, asshole. Looking up to seeing a guy walk over and help you up. You thank him as he hands you your items. Brushing your skirt off you continue to head into the store. He places his hand on your back helping you in. Your knees were bloody from the fall and all you wanted was Peter.

“Wait here and I’ll go ask for a First Aid Kit” The man give you a smile heading to customer service.

[Peter’s POV]

“ Peter we’re done for the day why don’t you get changed and swing over there in time okay?” Natasha pats your shoulder giving it a squeeze after.

“Have to get her ring first, I like to keep it in my pocket since it was my mother’s she gave it to May before.. Yah know” I explain taking my mask off.

“Parker, you’re going to be late.. Don’t make my daughter sit there.. She just left  HQ according to Karen” he chastens looking at his watch.

“Y-Yes Mr. Stark..”

“Also I made a duplicate of your mother’s ring with a tracker in it, you’ll be able to locate her when you swing your way over” He grins pointing to his watch.

“Mr. Stark I’m not ready to propose yet!” My eyes bugging out at thought of her having a duplicate of his mothers ring.

“I know spiderling, I’m putting this tracker on her for her safety and plus you two have to look the part.. Here” He tosses something my way, reflexes instinctively catching it. Opening my palm to see a wedding band with a web like design.

“I have to go now!” I shout shooting a web and swinging into the doorway of the locker room.

“You have arrived at your destination” Karen’s states as I climb down the building. Clicking the buttons on my wrists my suit disappears underneath my clothes and into device on my back. Fixing my black tee I head towards the building. A few people taking double looks at my face.

“Isn’t he Peter Parker?” A girl asks her friend.

“It’s Starks legacy recruit” another whispers.

“I heard he’s engaged.. she’s one lucky girl” 

Walking in I head towards the Bridal Registry area to see something that infuriated me… A man was on his knees in front of her,my girl. Looking at his hands that are on her legs. One too close to the edge of her skirt. Her hands pushing the bottom of her skirt down.

“Stop please..”

“You’re still in shock” the guys voice irritates your spider hearing.

“You can stop now please, it was just a fall.. My fiance is coming” she whimpers looking away. Fucking perv was trying to make a move on her!

All I saw was red in my vision. Running over I grip his hand twisting it off of her. He let out a groan as I twisted harder as I positioned myself in front of him. No one touches my girl.. No one but me.

“Who the hell are you to be touching my girl like that?” I seethe letting my Spider strength take over. I knew his intentions, he was a sleezebag.

“F-FUck man, I was just helping her!” He defends avoiding eye contact with me.

“Peter!” She sighs in relief standing up behind me. Fuck she looked good. 


“Then why was your  hand going towards the bottom of her skirt?” I ask feeling my grip get tighter on him.

“Peter stop you’re starting to attract a crowd” she whispers taking my free hand in her left one.. She pulls my hand up giving it a gentle kiss. Looking at the replica of my mother’s shine in the store light.  Sighing I loosen the grip on his hand so I don’t break it entirely.

“Say you’re sorry to my fiance, now” My voice grew darker.

“S-sorry m’am” He falls to the ground gripping his hand. I turn around to see my girl with tears in her eyes.

“Babygirl, don’t cry” I whisper pulling her into my chest. My hand rubbing her back in soothing circles.

“He tried to shove hi-his hand up my sk-skirt Peter” the whimper that came out of her pained me.

“Shhh love, I’m here now.. Let’s get this scanning thing done okay?” Tilting her chin up with my finger ,her eyes met mine. An ease from my anger and jealousy is her. She can calm the crazy seas inside me. Only her.

[Reader’s POV]

“Hold on baby I need to scan these for our guest room for when May or our friends come for a visit” I say bending over to scan the black towels. Peter said he would be back after he scans the sheets we need but will come back to see if I like the ones he picks.

“Dude check out this piece of ass” someone remarks causing you to look back. Two teenagers were standing behind you making you nervous.


“Well you’re wrong dude, that ass is mine” Peter states darkly coming up behind the guys holding 500 thread count silk sheets.

“Not doing a good job of being around her” the guy scoffs.

“Want to say that again?” Peter tenses up looking down at the teenagers. Dammit, you didn’t need a news headline saying Peter attacked kids.

“Peter.. Just ignore the teens” I say standing up with the scanner and our list. Walking over to Peter I place my free hand on his chest. He looks down at you then glares at the teens.

“Plus they could never get a piece of ass like mine while looking like that” I sneer pulling Peter’s hand towards the pillow department. A laugh escapes Peter when we left the teenagers speechless. The rest of the two hours you spent were hand in hand scanning the things needed. Even the margarita machine.




“Peter where are we going?” You ask holding onto him for dear life. It didn’t help that whoever we swung over could see up your skirt. Now you wish you were in leggings. Besides all that it felt good to be in your love’s arms.

“Well I found this perfect place a few minutes behind the HQ and I have a surprise for you” He said with a smile as you watched him focus on swinging the two of you.

After a minute of silence goes by you slowly descend towards the ground. Kicking off your heels settling your feet into the ground.The ache in your feet disappearing. Damn those things hurt. Ten out of ten would not recommend.

“Look at what I’ve been working on for you for the past two years besides training..” He gestures to the lake surrounded by flowers. The flowers gave color to the trees surrounding the lake.

“Peter… this is where you’ve been getting my flowers?..” I say looking at the plethora of diverse flowers. Your eyes landing on one particular pink flower.

“Those are the ones that you would leave at my doorstep back at home..”

“I got the seeds for those and planted them so you could have a piece of home here, I know HQ isn’t hours away from home but I know you miss i-”

“Peter it’s perfect, thank you” your hands coming up to your heart. His hand grasps your left into his gently. You see his wedding band adorning his ring finger. A smile pulling up to your lips.

“You know… I want this to be for real, I know it’s not time yet but I really want it” he looks down at you lovingly. His gaze making your heart flutter in your chest. He kisses your ring that glistened on your finger. 

You did too but it wasn’t the time yet, soon but not now.

“I do too Peter.. More than you can imagine..” you place your right hand on his cheek. He turns his head kissing your palm.

Peter is your everything through thick and thin.

anonymous asked:

I've been following this account for a while and never have I loved something as much as your kuron x Lance fic! Could you do one where kuron and Shiro get into a quarrel over Lance? Love you!

thank you anon! and yes! sorry this is a little late, but i hope you like it anyway!


Shiro has gotten into many different fights over the course of his life. Brief tussles when he was a boy. Half-hearted shoves as he grew into adolescence. Teenage shows of dominance. Routine spars at the Garrison. Combat in the Galra gladiatorial ring.

But this—

This is not a silly argument on the playground.
This is not the fist fight he ended when he was fifteen.
This is not being carefully thrown to the mat by his aikido instructor.
This is not the numbing challenge of being the Champion.
This is not the necessary violence of intergalactic war.

This… This is something Shiro has not encountered before.

“I’m sorry,” Shiro apologizes, his tone careful despite the rage rattling between his ribs. “I don’t think I heard you correctly.”

“I think you did,” his clone replies with a smirk. It’s odd to see such sharp arrogance on a mirror image of himself, to have first hand knowledge of what that expression feels like. “But it does bear repeating, doesn’t it?”

Shiro does not move as Kuron takes a step forward into his personal space, leaving no more than a bare inch between their bodies. Shiro can smell Kuron’s training induced sweat as Kuron lowers his voice to a purr and reiterates,

“Stay away from Lance. I fucked him first, so he’s mine.”

The thread holding Shiro’s aggression back cannot take the added strain of jealousy. It snaps and—with the roar of blood making static in his ears—Shiro shifts his weight forward, and swings his fist at his clone’s smug face.

Normally, Shiro wouldn’t rise to such obvious bait, but since his return, he’s been painfully aware of how close Lance and Kuron are. While Lance had been as surprised as the others when Kuron’s identity had been revealed, it was him who frequented Kuron’s cell the most; who shouted and cried and forgave; who discovered Kuron’s true motivations, as strange and nihilistic as they were; and who convinced the team that Kuron could be trusted.

It was also Lance who sat next to Kuron, during meals and during downtime in the common, and Lance whose touch lingered on Kuron’s shoulder—on Kuron’s chest—on Kuron’s hip. The others said nothing about this odd familiarity. Perhaps it was because Lance was a tactile person. Perhaps it was because they had become used to it. Or perhaps it was because they weren’t Shiro, who knew every one of Lance’s touches like a greedy dragon knew every piece of treasure in its hoard.

Not that it matters. Whatever the cause is, the effect is this:

When Kuron says he was intimate with Lance—a desire that has grown secretly in Shiro since the nebulous beginning—Shiro knows the words are much more truth than taunt.

“Ah,” Kuron laughs as he dodges Shiro’s undercut. “Someone’s jealous.”

The fight begins sloppily and devolves further within seconds. Shiro and Kuron are matched in height and weight, strength and skill, and every offense is blocked immediately by a mirrored defense. The only difference between them is that Shiro’s anger is Kuron’s amusement. It is an advantage that allows Shiro to tackle Kuron to the unforgiving floor of the training room and land one solid hit.

Kuron grunts with pain as Shiro’s knuckles crack against his jaw. The tender inside of his cheek   gets cut against his teeth and blood immediately stains the white enamel bright red. Then Kuron laughs, low and dark, as though being punched were a victory.

“Think that’s funny?” Shiro snaps.

“Yeah,” Kuron admits. “I think it’s hilarious.”

Shiro has wanted to kill before. It is not an unfamiliar feeling. It feels ugly and primal, yet somehow just, as if it were Shiro’s indisputable right to decide death for another. The same sensation fills him now as he lifts his clenched hand, and—

A pair of strong arms wrap around Shiro from behind in an immobilizing hold. He is hauled off Kuron’s prone form and—still filled with the unmet desire to see his clone’s brain and bone spattered across the pale ground—Shiro struggles.

“Come on, man!” Hunk protests, his voice right next to Shiro’s ear. “Don’t do this!”

Shiro barely hears him. He also barely hears Keith, who physically steps between him and Kuron, and half-shouts, “Shiro, what the hell?” He is too focused on Kuron—

And Lance.

Shiro watches as Lance kneels by Kuron’s side. Watches as Lance tentatively touches the tender skin of Kuron’s jaw. Watches as Kuron sits up and wraps his prosthetic hand gently around Lance’s thin wrist. It is a reassuring gesture—one that Shiro recognizes immediately as something he does for the people he cares about—and at the sight, all of Shiro’s rage disappears.

Shiro breathes out hard through his nose and slumps back into Hunk’s solid body, limp with realization and defeat.

This is a fight Shiro has already lost.


ask-bendy-today is getting a bit of a facelift, starting tomorrow, folks. That means a new header, icon, title & description, page rewrites, coding, you name it. It’s begun to come to my attention that I’m not really portraying the Bendy I originally intended to. That is; a snarky playboy thespian with talents as numerous as the lights along Broadway, and a career in showbiz as expansive as the streets lining New York City itself.

… and instead I’ve accidentally allowed many people to believe that he’s some sort of business executive, instead. Maybe it’s the tie. Time to fix that, eh ?

Catch Me

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: A platonic relationship with Bucky may become something more.

Word Count: 3.0k

Warnings: fluff ‘n angst, blood, violence, death (the usual)

Tags: @minervaem @imaginingbucky @buchananbarnestrash @illuminationunknown @aweways @aboxinthestars @marvel-fanfiction @alwayshave-faith @kapolisradomthoughts @johnmurphys-sass @captnbarnesrogers @buckyywiththegoodhair @mellifluous-melodramas @hellomissmabel @alphaabucky @justanotherbuckydevotee @heartmade-writingbucky @hollycornish

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

“Catch me, Bucky!” you called, dropping from the rafters of the training room. “Bucky, Bucky, catch me!” You felt the air rush by your ears as you approached the ground, the edges of your vision blurring… and then your body collided with a strong pair of arms, breaking your fall. You glanced up into a pair of steely blue eyes that were attempting to hide amusement.

“(Y/n).” Bucky sighed as he gently placed you back on the ground. “You have got to stop doing that. I might not always be around to catch you.” You cocked your head to the side.

“You will always be around to catch me, I have no doubt in my mind.” You strode away from your best friend as he stared after you, a hint of a smile on his lips.

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changing contact names, less emojis
turn off mobile notifications
“you will no longer see Tweets from @********* in your timeline”
private twitters, vent accounts, follow request denied
unliked pictures
ignored text messages
unanswered DMs
“This user is not following you.”
blacklisting everything that reminds you of them
going on their account just to make sure they didn’t unfriend you
changing featured photos
snapchat stories disappearing without them seeing
checking snapchat stories just to see if they’ll be in them
replaying their snapchat stories just so you can see their face one more time
delete the screenshots
deleting pictures
memories backed up to google photos, no escaping the past
erase message threads
holding onto old messages just to have something to remind you that it was real
they still won’t text you back
google: song lyrics, song lyrics about breakups, quotes about breakups
update status 
burning while the whole world is watching
—  modern heartbreak [insp. @wont-time-love-us]
(cc, 2017)