hold this spoon

The way you hold me makes me happy. The way your arms wrap around my waist. The way your body feels against mine. The way your warm breath fans the back of my neck. The way you place small kisses in the crevice of my neck. God, can I stay in your arms forever?
—  hold me // 5:38pm
Ahh Science ?

In wtnv it always seems that Carlos is the sensible and mature one and Cecil is the silly fan girl in there relationship . But In reality I think that half the time Cecil comes home to find Carlos doing something weird, Like trying to balance stuff on top of etchother or having one sided conversations with inanimate objects.
Or planing out conversation out loud.

Once he came home to find Carlos laying on his back on the sofa with his arms in the air holding a spoon making silly airplane noises.

Cecil would watch for a little wile just falling I love with him all the more.

After a bit he would pipe In saying ‘whatcha doing"

Carlos would jump blushing furiously trying to play whatever he was doing as something normal.
He would always answer. “ ahh science? Yea I’m doing science ”

Cecil would just smile fondly at his perfect man coming over for kisses and cuddles. With an affectionate “oh your so clever. All that science must be tiering . You better come snuggle with me I don’t want you overworking yourself.

Carlos would smile too. He liked being the little spoon. It was worm and he got to trace all the markings of Cecil’s tattoos .


Part 1 of the Tev/Dren hot springs episode.  Y’know, the good kind of hot springs episode, where it’s fun but then also there’s some character development.

I was actually gonna have this scenario go a different direction, but…it was so boring.  That’s actually why there are so many backgrounds, ‘cuz I wanted to at least challenge myself on the art if the script was boring.  But I changed it (…and then kept the backgrounds anyway)!  I think this is better, and it speeds us on toward The Fluff™.  Win-win.

Tev/Dren Masterpost

Imagine your OTP

Imagine them dancing. Not slow, romantic dancing, but twirling and stepping on each other’s feet and slightly drunk and person A falls, dragging person B down with them.

Imagine them sleeping together. Not holding each other close or spooning, but person A snoring so loud that person B has to hit them to wake them up. And imagine person A hogging the blankets and person B getting upset because it’s really cold.

Imagine them shopping. Not together shopping, or couple shopping, but arguing over prices. Person A picking out the most ridiculous things and person B rolling their eyes, and then person B getting like some healthy vegetable bag or something and person A getting grossed out by it.

Imagine them watching a movie together. Not cuddling together, or one getting scared and clutching the other, no. Imagine them watching something stupid and person A cussing out the tv while person B rolls their eyes and, “WHat the hell are you doing HE’S NOT THE FATHER!!!1!”

Imagine them being just as hopelessly in love with each other as ever, without any cliche fanfiction moments.

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Having A Abusive Ex

Request:  I was wondering if I could request a bts reaction to their s/o having an abusive ex. ~if it’s too triggering you don’t have to write it~ thank you :)

A/n:I hope you enjoy reading it, it’s no trigger to write I just hope my readers are fine with reading this~Joy


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Jin would ask you to hold the wooden spoon while he got some spices for his soup, but then he would back up a bit too far and almost hit you, which caused you to raise your hands for protection which got him really concerned. That’s when you told him about your abusive ex “Jagi don’t worry he can’t hurt you anymore.”


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He would find out when you were crying at night, hearing you cry about your last relationship, when he heard you crying he started to hug you until you stopped crying. “It’s going to be fine Jagi”


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While you were cooking you accidentally burnt yourself, Hoseok grabbed your arm to help you with the burn, pulling up your sleeve he noticed bruises, asking you how you got them you finally explained. “I’m so sorry you had to go through that Jagiya.”


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You probably told Namjoon when you felt most comfortable, he would hold you close to him promising you that he could never hurt you again.


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You would be changing when Jimin noticed the bruises on your back, at first he laughed it off but noticed how serious they were, that’s when you explained to him about your past relationship. “I’ll kill him”


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You were walking at the superstore with Taehyung when all of a sudden you saw your ex, he looked pissed that you moved on, you were hiding behind Taehyung while the ex tried to talk to you, he was clenching his fists whenever Taehyung would hold your hand. Taehyung noticed how uncomfortable you got when you talked to him so he told the guy to go away, later finding out why you didn’t want to talk to him, which made him make a joke “Well then I should have told him to fuck off instead”


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Jungkook was walking in the mall with you, when he spotted some nice hats he wanted to look at since it was the store over he decided to go and check them out leaving you alone, as you walked through the store looking at the clothing you saw your ex, you tried your best to get away but you didn’t want to anger him when Jungkook got back he saw that you were wincing whenever the guy talked and Jungkook remembered about that one ex that used to abuse you so he walked up to the guy, slinging his arm over your shoulders giving him a smile. “I would love it if you just walked away before you get into some trouble I think you’d love to avoid” 

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Ritsu finding a spoon for the first time!!!!!!

It was an unintentional gift from Mob and Ritsu cherishes it dearly.

Humans Are Weird

I’m sitting in the mess hall, swirling my spoon through my bowl of frugnarf, when Kap’ka*click*ka (I call him Kap) sits down opposite me.

“Human Monique, greetings.”

“Greetings, Kap. What’s up?” My eyes are still on my bowl.

“I have a most pressing query for you.” He pauses dramatically during which I decide to look up at him. Meeting my gaze sternly, he says, “Are you injured?”

The question throws me. “What?”

“Injured, Human Monique! Are you injured?” The long flabs of skin along his neck flap with his agitation, and I know he’s actually being serious.

“No,” I say firmly. Then, more gently, “Why do you ask?”

Six eyes blink at me before one of his hands reaches to take my right hand, the one not holding the spoon. “You use only one of your fore-appendages. I feared you were concealing an injury,” he explains. “We *click*Ref*click*fer often do this when we wish to deceive others.”

It is in that instant that I understand. Kap’s species is entirely ambidextrous. All seven of their limbs can work apart from the others. The species even has an extra cortex in their brains to allow for this kind of dexterity. (I mean, seven limbs! That also isn’t counting their three legs.)

I smile at him and pull my hand away. “No, Kap. I’m fine. Really. I’m just a Lefty.”

“A what?”

“I’m left-handed. Most humans are either left- or right-hand-dominant. Lefties are less common.”

“You mean to tell me that your entire existence relies solely on one appendage to do everything?”

“Not everything,” I amend, enjoying watching his eyes bulge. “I mean, I type with both hands and I can eat with both hands, but things like writing or firing my rifle, I use my left.”

“You can’t be serious!”

“I’m dead serious! Sure, there are a few humans who are ambidextrous, and you can certainly learn how, but it’s hard work and, frankly, it’s a waste of time.”

“But what happens if your dominant, left hand is cut off by a prif’s pincers? What will you do? We don’t have the technology to replace your dominant, left hand, Human Monique!”

I grin up at him and switch my spoon from my left to my right. “Well, I guess I’ll be a Righty, then,” I say and take a bite.

nicole dollanganger lyrics for the signs

aries - “restlessness leads to a dangerous kind of fun, start small with swiss army knives and water guns" 

taurus - "if I believe good wombs have born bad sons then I have to qualms using my gun, I only love the things I can hurt" 

gemini - "the things you love you put into cement, in order to keep them they have to be dead" 

cancer - "yeah my baby has a baby but it’s not me, it’s and AK47 semi-automatic gun and he loves her more than he loves me” 

leo - “you have such a beautiful face I’ve been dreaming about it between my legs" 

virgo - "hold me spoon me and I’ll pretend in your arms that I am pregnant with your baby, yeah you’re baby, your two babies softly sleeping" 

libra - "I’m so smitten which you and everyone knows it, when you’re not around I clutch my chest and say I’ll look you in the eyes and not be so god damn shy but i am" 

scorpio - "but I just want to touch you and I promise I won’t break you" 

sagittarius - "now we’re blood brothers, a part of me will always live in you, I’ll love all your demons because now they’re my demons too" 

capricorn - "I will always come to you when I’m weak and empty" 

aquarius - ”‘when I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better’ I’m yours forever" 

pisces - “but you would do anything to destroy the body that they rescued”


Angus: MUMMY!
Sonia: Good morning, everyone.

She slides into her usual seat at the breakfast table. Angus beams as he shovels his cereal into his face, freckles gleaming like tiny stars. 

Angus: Where’s Daddy? Did he stay at the hotel?
Sonia: Yes. But I had to come home because I missed you all too much!

She would love to turn around and see the looks that Apollo and Constance are giving each other right now. She can almost smell Apollo’s desperation to know why she came home without Roy. He bangs a plate of waffles down on the table and stands beside her chair, every fibre of his being bristling in an agony of unsated curiosity.

Apollo: Did you have a nice night? Did you see a show? How was dinner?
Sonia: We went to see a jazz band at The Basement. It was very enjoyable. Dinner was lovely. Roy had the duck. I had the Vichyssoise.

She speaks evenly. Her hand holding her spoon barely trembles.

Apollo: Did you go anywhere else? What time did you get back to the hotel?
Constance: Let Mrs Goddard have her breakfast in peace, Apollo!
Apollo: I was only asking. Unwad your panties, Miss Crabby Pants.
Sonia: It’s okay, I’m going to have to dash off now anyway, I have an appointment to get to and I didn’t realise how late it was…
Angus: Awww. Does that mean you can’t give me a lift to school?

His shoulders slump and the light drains from his face. Sonia hesitates for a fraction of a second.

Sonia: I’m so sorry, Angus. But I’m going in the opposite direction.

Some Soft Caryl Things

  • Daryl sitting on the porch steps. Carol sitting between his legs one step lower, leaning back against him. He has the hiccups, and every time he does, she smiles.
  • Both of them dozing in the living room. She’s curled up in a recliner. He’s sprawled out on the couch. She falls asleep with a book in her lap. When it falls to the floor with a thump, Daryl snorts himself awake.
  • Carol coming out of a shower in the morning and climbing, wet and dripping, on top of Daryl, who’s curled up in the warm blankets in bed. He feebly groans and halfheartedly swats away her chilly, wet hug.
  • Daryl classing everything he cooks as “stew.” Canned beans and chicken? Stew. Squirrel meat and peppers? Stew. Opossum and gravy? Stew. Snake and potatoes? Stew. Carol being the official taste tester. He holds the spoon out with a sample for her and everything.
  • Daryl tying mosquito net around a hula hoop and hanging it from the ceiling fan in their room so the netting falls around the bed like a curtain. This way, they can open the windows on hot summer nights and not get eaten up by bugs.
  • Daryl and Carol’s wounds have all long since healed, but they conveniently act up when they’re feeling lazy. Picture them in bed in the morning: “Could you make me breakfast in bed? My leg hurts.” “My shoulder is almost locked up. I can’t.” “Your legs still work!” **long pathetic groaning**
  • Carol lounging on the couch with her arms stretched over her head. Daryl walking by and leaning over, kissing her elbow “since you cain’t lick your own elbows, I’ll do it for ya.”
  • Giving each other soap mohawks in the shower.
  • Surviving a northern winter by spending as much time as possible in cuddle puddles together.
  • Sleepy Caryl, both of them in fluffy sweatpants and soft cotton shirts, bed hair and big, loud yawns.
  • Carol doing walk-by butt pokes to Daryl with a “boop!” Daryl reciprocating at odd times in public, the stealth butt poke, and murmuring the tiniest “boop!” in her ear. Everyone else wondering why Carol is suddenly having a giggle fit.