hold them accountable definitely

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your post about a witch hunt for taylor.. no. taylor was caught in a lie. she literally lied about kanye west and in so doing perpetuated a racial stereotype about the angry black male. i love taylor's music and how kind she is to her fans. but you're supposed to hold artists you admire to account and check and challenge them. it's the definition of white feminism to scream 'sexism' when ever any points out taylor is problematic when it comes to race. it's called intersectional feminism.

Hey anon! I’m sorry I’ve waited a few days to reply.

Anyways, I actually feel like you’re conflating separate issues. My post about witch hunts never mentioned Kanye or the backlash that Taylor faced after she was ‘exposed’ because it wasn’t referring to that at all. You’re inserting him into a separate conversation.

I think it is undeniable that Taylor has faced sexism. My post specifically cited the persecution of women for their sexuality, intelligence, and power. Taylor was criticized and shamed for those things way before Famous was even written. Remember the intense slut shaming of 2012/2013? Remember people claiming that Taylor didn’t write her own songs? The constant body shaming? Remember when a former acquaintance of Taylor’s claimed that dating Taylor, a powerful woman, would be emasculating? And more recently when people claimed that Taylor went to court against her sexual assaulter for attention? Those are just a few quick examples of sexism that Taylor has faced (all unrelated to Kanye).

I’m really not willing to rehash the whole Famous drama because I think everything that I would say has already been said by others, probably more eloquently. All I will say is that I am not willing to bash Taylor’s character based on several spliced 10 second clips of an hour long conversation.

And I do agree with you that we should all hold our favorite artists accountable. I know that Taylor is human, therefore she’s not perfect. But I am proud that she is clearly learning and apologizes when she missteps.

I’d also encourage you to read the Vulture article that I posted here. While the Ready for It? video obviously hasn’t even dropped yet, I imagine that Taylor is using the witch metaphor as something larger than herself. That article gives some context to the symbolism of witches in this particular moment in our culture.