hold the wall


“You know, you don’t have to do this right now. It can wait, if you’re not ready.”

“It’s ok… Thanks for coming with me.”

Docks: Holding Area - in which many feels were had. These two tho, amirite??

Little displays of closeness.

I love this shot because it shows how familiar and comfortable Yuuri is with Victor.

1) He’s grabbing onto Victor to keep his balance as he puts guards on his skates.  He could hold onto the rink barrier wall, since he’s standing literally right next to it.  He doesn’t.

2) More to the point, he’s not holding onto Victor in the most practical way.  If he were using Victor just for balance, he’d grab onto the part of Victor that’s the closest–his near shoulder or arm.  But instead he wraps his arm around Victor’s shoulders to grab his far shoulder.  Is it necessary?  Nope.  Does Yuuri do it anyway?  Yep.

tl;dr:  Yuuri’s holding onto Victor like this not because he has to, but because he wants to.  And then proceeds to not let go for a bit.

He wasn’t your first kiss but the way his lips pressed against yours made you forget about the childhood kisses behind trees in parks now torn down. He would pull fibres of skin off your lip to see the deep red of your blood, the deepest of red could only match his heart. Leaving small paintings around your neck and collars of collisions of purples, blues, and reds. His hands wrapped around your legs above your knees. Hold you against the wall, your body being small could feel cement scrape with bone. It hurt you but not as much as he was going to hurt you. Hiding away on walks around lakes that were never there until someone decided they were going to create art. He would show you his poetry, write endless lines about you but you failed to respond to simple messages from him. He would look down to his shoes with shyness. But still take you out, shower you with sweet and salty treats until you were of full content. You were hiding from your mom in movie theatres because you wanted to know what it was like to make out like they did in the movies. Sit in back for no one to see lips pressed against each other, hands on chests digging into skin, leaving scratches and pinks lines. Melting into burgundy cushions, soaking them in your love. His flesh would be under your nail beds and would chip the little nail polish you wore. Out in the mall he would tell you that even in yesterday’s outfit you’d look like the only girl in the world and even in thousand dollar fabrics you’d look like the only girl in the world. His pitch black hair would fall in front of his. You would smile as you pushed it back to see the person that would drown you in love. His smile was crooked, angled to the left, was one you would day dream about. He dressed up for you, head to toe wearing the finest for you. You loved his suits although you’d only seen him once with a blue shirt and black suit that engulfed you into the night sky. Now every time you look into the sky you see his silhouette made by stars and the face on the moon as him.
—  Your love can’t be found behind stairways.
These Paper Walls Can Hold Your Feelings - Trixya - Star

“We live in adjacent apartments/hotel rooms and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and one night I heard you crying and talked to you through the wall” AU set during the filming of season 7.

(Saw the prompt, fell in love with the prompt, wrote the prompt. Tempted to write a part 2)

I hope you enjoy!:)

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The pastas and rollerskating

Jeff, Ben, and LJ suck at rollerskating but they do try. And by try I mean they are holding onto the walls for dear life.

EJ is too scared to skate. He doesn’t trust the rollerskate.

Toby is a reckless skater since he can’t feel pain so he does whatever he wants without the fear of breaking something in his body

Sally can’t skate well but momma Jane helps her.

Hoodie can skate pretty well but isn’t as great as his friend Masky

MAsky IS THE bEST AT ROLLERSKATING dOn’T QUEStiON HIS ABILITIES (who ever knows why Masky is the best gets a cookie)

The signs as Shakespearean stage directions
  • Aries: He wrings him by the ears
  • Taurus: Re-enter PUCK, and BOTTOM with an ass's head
  • Gemini: All put on their masks
  • Cancer: Leaps into the grave
  • Leo: Exit pursued by a bear
  • Virgo: Scattering flowers
  • Libra: Wall holds up his fingers
  • Scorpio: Thunder and lightning. Enter three Witches
  • Sagittarius: Throws up another skull
  • Capricorn: The Fairies sing
  • Aquarius: Enter a messenger with two heads and a hand
  • Pisces: Enter the Ghosts of the two young Princes
Seven vs. Three

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“Jackson, Jackson wake up” you shook Jackson wanting him to wake up. You didn’t know why he was being so stubborn to wake up today. 

“Mama” you heard a small voice whine. You turned to see your daughter holding onto the wall for support. Her eyes were watery ready to cry. You stopped attacking Jackson for a moment to pick up your daughter. “Come here sweetie. I was going to go feed you soon but your dad won’t wake up.”

Jackson mumbled incoherently being bothered by the noise you and your daughter were making. 

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Klance Valentine Headcanon

• Lance playing it cool but actually internally screaming because he doesn’t know what to get Keith

• Keith actually screaming because what would Lance like???

• Pining Keith

• When Lance passes by Keith he’d make a pickup line and Keith is just a sputtering mess he needs to hold onto the wall or bumps into it and falls back

• Lance loves this stupid dork so much his heart hearts

• Pining Lance

• Keith asks Hunk to help make a big chocolate heart

• Lance asking Hunk on making a chocolate heart cake

• They both try to make it lowkey

• Keith going up to Hunk asking him if the *thing* is ready and Lance coming in and just..

• “Oh! Lance.. What’re you doing here…”

• “Um.. Just came to get something from the fridge..”

• “Well you’re gonna have to come later you can’t open the fridge”

• “Are you hiding something in the fridge?”

• “NO! Are YOU????”

• “ nO!!”

• they’re painfully awkward they can’t even fight

• Hunk just can’t with them

• Keith’s heart doesn’t come out the way he wants it too and is kind of deformed

• Lance accidentally put too much yeast

• They both give it to each other

• They find it the most glorious thing in the universe and treasure it

• Hunk finds it ridiculous but cute too

• They enjoy v-day together ((: