hold the tears back


— You can not be. You lie, you can not! He’s dead, you’re dead! It’s impossible!

— Diana… I know that it seems to complete crazy. I dont not know who I have to thank for that. But what I know is that I never thank him enough to grant me a longer time with you…

* The tears that Diana strives to hold back, finally runs down her cheeks. Steve’s heart tightens at this sight.u

— Please, you have to believe me. I can’t live without you.


Somehow the angel read what was happening behind the blank expression on your face and he was instantly on his feet and at your side. There was a turmoil behind your eyes that betrayed your thoughts, though you were attempting to present yourself as calm.

“What’s the matter?”

Cas’s gruff voice brought it all to the surface and you were holding back tears in the next instant and your knees felt weak. You collapsed quickly into the nearest chair and Cas’s concern grew. 

“What am I doing here, Cas? I thought I knew what I wanted but now I have no idea.” You caught his blue eyes with yours and felt as though you could allow yourself to break a little more. “I’m just–what am I doing?”

Cas knelt beside you and was brave enough to put a gentle hand on your knee. Your eyes flickered to the contact between the two of you. “You are exactly where you should be,” he said. “And no one has all the answers. It will become clear to you. I wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. I don’t know where your path will lead, but I do know that you belong here.”

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I'd like to rec 'here we mark the price of freedom' by Diamond_Raven. It deals so well with Steve's depression and Bucky's PTSD and recovery from Hydra. It's also very realistic and full of domestic cuteness.

thanks for the rec!

Here We Mark the Price of Freedom by Diamond_Raven

Bucky finds Steve at the Smithsonian Museum where he’s been spending most of his days. Together, both soldiers work on finding their way back home.


“Sam, I don’t know how to do this. I can’t—I don’t know what I’m doing!” Steve whispers, not wanting Bucky to hear him. He shoves the palm of the hand not holding the phone into his eyes, forcing back tears.

Blind Man Imagine (Fluff)

She slammed the door behind her, furious. How could he say those things? For all his so-called “best intentions” he had still said it. She walked towards her own home, biting her lip trying to hold back tears. She entered her home and rested her head against the door as she let out a deep sigh. She couldn’t be near him right now, not after that. Heading into the kitchen, she got herself a glass of water before knocking it back. She wanted something stronger but knew she shouldn’t, it wouldn’t help. Right now, nothing seemed appealing. It had been so unexpected, when the words escaped his lips it was as if they had taken form and slapped her across the face. She made her way to the living room, flopping down on the couch and flicking on the TV. She couldn’t concentrate, she just wanted noise. It had been a few days since she had last been here, spending as much time with him as possible. She didn’t bother turning the lights on as it grew darker outside, the light from the TV flickering around the room. He’d never hurt her before, and she knew it wasn’t intentional but he didn’t have to say it. Surely he must have known she wouldn’t react well. This was the first night in a long time she had found herself alone. Glancing at the clock, 10pm. Normally she’d be cuddling up on the couch with him at this time, the dog at their feet. What was he doing now? Was he thinking about her? She knew she couldn’t avoid him, mad as she was. He was always on her mind, no matter what. Grabbing a cushion, she propped it under her head as she lay out on the couch. She tried to sleep, but it eluded her. Sitting up, she switched off the TV and made her way to the door. The cool night air hit her and she wrapped her cardigan tighter around herself. She found herself outside and knocked on the door, announcing herself to the dark home. It felt so formal, alien. She normally just walked in and out as if it were her pan home, but she felt the need to calm herself for a moment before facing him again. He opened the door and she took a deep breath. “Can we talk?” He nodded and led her to the living room. As they sat on the couch, she felt tears verging. “I know I shouldn’t have stormed off like that, but I was upset, you d-” she stopped herself when she felt his hand reach out and take hers, biting her lip at the familiar touch. “Look, it was me who reacted badly. I shouldn’t have said what I did, I just panicked and it came out. You know I wouldn’t hurt you. I didn’t think you wanted to have anything else to do with me. I don’t blame you, I feel so ashamed at what I said, I can’t apologise enough” he sighed. She could hear the sincerity in his voice. She let the tears flow as she gripped his hand. “I appreciate that, I really do. But it just hurt so much hearing you say it..I mean, do you still feel that way? Because if you do..” she closed her eyes as the tears streamed. “No, no. If I could take it back I would, I never want to hurt you. I love you, and I want to be there for you now and always” he squeezed her hand, imploring her. She wiped the tears away with her other hand, letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in. “I love you too. I know you wouldn’t hurt me, I just needed to know how you really felt. Because this is the time to be honest, if you have any doubts..” she felt his lips on hers as he cupped her cheek. She relaxed into the kiss before he pulled back and stroked her cheek. “No doubts, I’m gonna be here for you no matter what, for both of you” she smiled as she felt his hand slide down and gently rub her stomach, before pulling him in for another kiss.


tbh tho griffith’s second expression here fucks me up so much

i mean, cover his smile, and he looks almost like he’s holding back tears. there’s so much emotion in that one fucking drawing like… he’s hurt, but not really by guts’ words so much as the reminder of his dream. and it’s not like a sudden reminder of the weight of guilt on him or w/e, it’s like

idk like it reminds me of the moment griffith asked guts to kill julius and guts was like ‘just order me to do it’ and we didn’t see griffith’s expression then, and it probably wasn’t this intense, but i imagine guts’ answer was a disappointing reminder of the artificial distance between griffith and guts based on status and now class etc. and i feel like this is the same - this is griffith treating guts like the only friend he has and opening up in a vulnerable moment and guts returning that distance between them by reminding griffith of his dream.

and in this moment the reminder of his dream hurts not for all the reasons it should, but bc it’s a barrier between him and guts, yk?

idk this is such a crossroads moment imo and ugh this scene is so perfect



Looking for a sugar daddy who pays me in orbs

  • Me: *sees something about Peter Parker aka The Spiderman™*
  • Me: *holding back tears* thats some good shit right there

Give me a story where one of Bruce’s children has a kid (it doesn’t matter who, but Jason would be so sweet as a father) and Bruce is blown away by the fact that he is a grandfather. Where he’s standing there holding this tiny baby in his arms and he’s completely lost for words. He’s never been good with words, but now he can’t even begin to form them.

Because this is something he never expected. Not in a million years did he imagine himself as a grandfather. He had seen his life going down a very specific path when he was young. A very specific, very lonely path. Long term attachments had been outlawed to him by his choice of lifestyle, and children were even more out of the question.

He’d always known what the cape and cowl meant: an end to the Wayne family line. He had no siblings, and no close relatives. No one to continue the historical name, and he’d been ok with it. Or at least he thought he had. So when Dick, then Jason, Cass, Tim, and Damian had come they’d each been a surprise. A happy surprise, a surprise that was to Bruce always fleeting. Especially when he lost them, especially when he got them back. 

So no, he hadn’t expected a grandchild. Not when everyone of his own kids had followed his footsteps. They’d all done it in their own unique way, but Bruce still saw what they did as a road with one outcome. That outcome was never settling down, never finding ‘the one’, and never starting their own family.

Yet. Here he stood, holding, not just the next generation, but the third generation of the Wayne name after his parents. Bright and bubbly, in his arms there was life, and with life hope for the future. Not just the future of his family, but the future in general. Because if a man like him could be so lucky to have made it to becoming a grandfather, then the world was better than he’d thought it was.

The Zodiac Signs’ Reactions to Being Insulted

*Holding back tears*: Pisces, Cancer, Gemini, Libra

*Raises fists*: Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn

Snappy remark while walking away: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Virgo