hold the meat

Seokjin Scenario: Push and Pull.

Request: A scenario where you & jin are both single parents who meet a grocery where you both unfortunately fight over a meat on sale. Jin gives up upon realizing how cute you looked and you both always “accidentally” met up time to time at the grocery until you guys become friends sharing the same sentiments as single parents. An unexpected love story blooms between the 2 of you through your kids who were daycare friends. Also can the kids be 95z if its okay?Tnx*u*

Genre: Fluff / Family

How dared he? You looked offended at the hand holding the same meat package than you, but the thing was that it wasn’t any meat , it was the last one at the shelf, it was your son’s only favorite, and it was on sale nonetheless. You weren’t about to give it up just yet because you’d promised it to Jimin for dinner, and if he hadn’t insisted in getting one of those little children carts for himself  you would have arrived first than that man, he seemed apologetic but decided and you took a deep breath, smiling charmingly to him with your best friendly smile.

–Hi, I’m sorry, but I really need this for tonight – you told him, his eyes focused on you, he had nice eyes and he seemed like a nice guy too, then he smiled as charmingly as you did, nodding to your words and still holding the meat.

–Hi, I really need it too… – the man said and Jimin who had been holding onto the edge of your dress with one little hand gasped.

–Oh… but it’s my son’s favorite – Jimin was your best played card right there, if the man cared to look down at your son sucking on his lollipop how could he say no to those precious eyes and chubby cheeks? Jimin was a little angel looking from you to the man with attentive eyes.

The man looked at Jimin then and you saw his decision faltering a little. –It’s my son’s favorite too and he’s such a picky boy to eat…– the man sighed and then you saw his son, a lanky boy most probably around Jimin’s age, peeking behind his father’s legs, with his hair sticking up weirdly in some places and mismatched clothes, sucking on a carton of banana milk and inspecting Jimin interested. He was oddly cute and then you understood the man, you’d been trying to get Jimin to eat properly too and that could sometimes become troublesome with a five years old kid.

–Are we not having dinner tonight mommy? – your son tugged at your dress and Jin felt like a villain, you laughed softly and ruffled his hair with a comforting smile.

–Of course we will Jiminie, just maybe not what you wanted –

There was a sad expression taking over your son’s face and Jin sighed once again, it wasn’t like he went around checking out every mom at the super market but you were quite the sight, and if he’d seen you before seeing that meat then he would have most probably stayed frozen somewhere in the path to the refrigerators. Your look combined with your son’s cuteness was a rather strong contender. Your son was cute and Jin was certain that he got it from you, you were too pretty and he felt like a dumbass.

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anonymous asked:

Where does one get a matpat?

Try the parking lot of any Coca Cola product manufacturer, he’ll probably be kicking around the dumpster waiting for the defective bottles of Diet Coke.

Bromance - ENFJ & INTP
  • INTP: *lounging on the couch, head half-propped up against the wall, double-chin-scrolling through tumblr*
  • INTP: ...ughhh...
  • ENFJ1: ...
  • INTP: ...ngggh...
  • ENF1: ...
  • INTP: ...hrreehh...
  • ENFJ: ...
  • INTP: ...orghh...
  • ENFJ1: ...what?
  • INTP: ...this is ...really uncomfortable.
  • ENFJ1: ...you could... wait... let me think about this... move?
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...ughhhh...
  • INTP: ...so much...
  • INTP: ...work...
  • ENFJ1: *sighs*
  • ENFJ1: *drops a pillow on INTP's face*
  • ENFJ1: ...better?
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: *muffled* ...yeah...way ...way better.
  • ***
  • ENFJ1: *watching a fail compilation on youtube*
  • ENFJ1: ...man, physics sure is important.
  • INTP: *from under the pillow* ...word.
  • ENFJ1: I ain't talking to you, nerd.
  • ***
  • *renovating ENFJ's apartment*
  • INTP: Alright, what do you want me to do?
  • ENFJ1: *drops paint*
  • ENFJ1: Fucking hell.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...yeah, I could do that.
  • INTP: ...bit hot, though.
  • ***
  • *shopping, meat falls out of bag*
  • INTP: Ah, shoot your meat fell out.
  • ENFJ1: *giggling*
  • INTP: *giggling* Wait, wait, let me... let me hold your meat for you.
  • ENFJ1: *with tears in eyes* Yeah, can you ... can you handle my meat?
  • INTP: *heaving with laughter, failing to pick up the package* I'll try, but it's ...it's just so big ...
  • ENFJ1: *bangs fist on supermarket wall and wheezes with laughter*
  • Both: *unable to articulate a proper word for the next two minutes*
  • ***
  • ENFJ1: So, how do we get to my new apartment from here?
  • INTP: ...hmm...
  • INTP: ...we could go to X, then Y, then Z?
  • ENFJ1: But wouldn't that be a major detour?
  • INTP: Yeah.
  • ENFJ1: Let's do it.
  • ***
  • ENFJ1: *wearing a washed out green parka, hand on hips, staring into oblivion*
  • INTP: *laughs* What's up with you, Brokeback Mountain?
  • ENFJ1: ...huh? What do you mean?
  • INTP: *copies posture*
  • INTP: *in Southern accent*
  • INTP: You sonofawhoreson bitch! I wish I knew how to quit you!
  • ENFJ1: *laughing* Fuck off!
  • *nudging war ensues*
  • ***
  • ENFJ1: Y'know what always bothers me? These online memes like "Would you punch your best friend in the face for a million dollars?" ...I mean...hell yeah?
  • INTP: Hell yeah, man - let's split the money 50/50.
  • ENFJ1: That's what I'm talking about.
  • Both: *high five each other while looking straight ahead and grinning*
Supermarket Mischief || M

►Character: iKON’s Hanbin || You

►Summary: Hanbin makes grocery shopping the hardest chore in the world, Well you kinda enjoy it too

►Genre: Smut

►Word Count: 877

Well, this ain’t enough romcom lol

You pushed the cart slowly, your eyebrows knitted together in concentration, your eyes glued on the list in your other hand, scanning the three-row list of things to buy. “Y/N look…” You turn your head towards your boyfriend who was standing by the meat freezer. Hanbin was holding a piece of meat in front of his lower face, forming a huge grin like shape making you debate whether you should hit him or laugh. He then pulled out another one that is shaped in a round shape, holding it in front of his eyes, his lips formed a pout. You giggled at his childishness. Hitting his arm, you dragged him away when a few shoppers looked at you. Still grinning you shook your head at him. “Babo…” Hanbin grinned, he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, trapping you between his body and the trolley. You tensed at his action. Hanbin rarely initiates skinship. Deciding to drop it, you go back to your list when you felt his breath fanning on your neck, grazing his lips on your nape. You froze before turning to look at him, your eyebrow raised at how he feigns his innocence by humming a song, his eyes glued on the list in your hand. “Ohh, leek? What you need them for?” He reached for one leek before giving it to you and taking another one for himself. Now you know where this is going. He mimicked the pose of a fencer making you burst into a fit of laughter at how his eyebrows knitted together in seriousness. “Hanbin please, people are watching.” He grinned sheepishly before putting them back and grabbing a new one to put into your cart. This dork.

After getting everything that you needed with Hanbin occasionally pecking your neck and nibbling on your ear, you got the message. But you won’t do it in the supermarket where everyone could see you. Gosh, there’s cameras everywhere, you’re not giving the guards free porn to watch. Once both of you loaded your things into your car, Hanbin quickly skipped to the driver’s seat making you giggle. So eager. When you open the door and slide in, Hanbin’s lips quickly latch onto your neck making you gasp. “Hanbin, here?” He just groaned in response, busying himself by sucking a huge mark in your neck. Luckily, the parking lot is deserted, and your car’s windows are dark tinted. You pushed Hanbin back before proceeding to straddle him. He leaned back before pushing the seat backward to give you more space. His hands immediately landed on your bare thighs as your skirt rides up due to your position. You could feel his bulge is straining in his jeans against your hot core. You grind down making him groan, his head thrown back giving you free access. Leaning down quickly, you suck on a spot where you know so well could make him go wild. His response is instantaneous. Deep growls vibrated in his chest making your core clench in need, wetting a spot on your panties. You could feel his fingers slipping underneath to slide his fingers in, gathering your juices on the tip of his finger. You moaned, your hips reflexively buck into his hand. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you like this for a while. And when you had this skirt on..” Strings of curses tumble out if his lips. He quickly unbuckled his pants, unzipping it before pushing it down to free his erection. Precum smeared the bulging head, standing proud against his lower stomach. You pushed down your panties, taking it off completely before aligning your dripping core against Hanbin’s bulbous head. Slowly you sink down, his erection sliding into you with ease due to your juices. Your head was thrown back as your lips parted to moan out his name. Hanbin watched you, his lips tucked into a coy smirk before groaning a curse at the feeling of your tight channel around his throbbing cock. Once he’s fully inside, Hanbin didn’t give you any time to adjust before groping the globe of your ass, urging you to move. With a whine, you bounce up and down on his lap, his member slide in and out of you, stretching you in every way possible.

Your car’s window had fogged up due to your hot breath, the car bounced slightly but unnoticeable if you don’t look close enough from outside. Nearing the edge, your pace started to become sloppy as Hanbin started to take over, his fingers gripping the ample flesh of your ass. He was breathing heavily, his jaw tensing as beads of sweats started to run down his temple. You whimper, signaling that you’re nearing your orgasm. “Come on, cum for me.” He commanded making your lower stomach coil tighter. After a few more thrust, you arch your back before moaning his name loudly, your orgasm washed through your body like a huge wave. Hanbin grunts, his hips thrust upward before reaching his high too, catching up with you, injecting strings of thick loads inside of you. You slumped down on his chest, trying to regulate your breath. “Can we go home now?” Hanbin chuckled. “Of course, for round two.” You groaned into his chest making him chuckle, devilishly.

She’s Perfect

Request: Hey!! Can you do a Bellamy imagine where Bellamy is super infatuated with you and you’re really good friends so he doesn’t think anything could ever happen and one day you overhear him talking about you with someone and he’s basically just raving about you and you eventually tell him you heard him and they get together in the end!!! Thank you so much!

Requested by: anonymous

A/N: aweh! This idea is so cute, I had no problem writing it for you. Thank you for requesting.

Warnings: fluff.

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

Ever since landing on ground, things had become exceptionally better. Sure you were hunted by grounders and everyday was a struggle for survival, but you had made a family. Things hadn’t originally been so well, and everyone got in arguments but now you could stand back and watch as everyone got along and everyone cared for each other.

The Ark had been terrible for you. You’d never found someone up there who truly cared for you and your family had been floated. You hated it up there. But now, on ground where you could feel the sun on your face and relish in the fresh air instead of filtered air through the Ark, you finally felt happy.

You’d met amazing people but one truly stuck out. Bellamy Blake. He wasn’t actually part of the 100 like you were, and you’d knew he’s done some terrible things but you also knew that he did it all for his sister. Which swarmed your heart. He was undoubtedly attractive and sweet and ever since you’ve started talking to him, he always knew how to make you laugh.

He was protective of you, which you still haven’t completely figured out why but you didn’t let it bother you.

Even right now, you let your eyes wander on his as he sat by Raven. It was dinner time and you’d just finished all your work so you’d come out to grab some dinner. Only to see him chatting with Raven, you weren’t jealous only caught up by his smile as he talked fondly about something. You couldn’t hear what he was talking about but you could tell he was animatedly talking about something.

You blinked, luckily no one had caught you just staring at him. You turned to the pit of fire, grabbing some dinner. “Evening, Y/N.” Turning your head you looked up to see Clarke already holding a piece of meat out for you. You smiled, straightening out as you gently grabbed the stick out of her hand.

“Thank you.” You nodded at her. You wanted to go to Bellamy but you couldn’t be rude.

“Go to him.” Clarke said and turning your head up from looking at Bellamy, you saw her smile knowingly at you. Nodding appreciatively at her, you let your hand fall on her shoulder before walking towards Bellamy.

You smiled, happy to engage in a conversation with him before your words caught in your throat and you heard what he was saying. Quickly to be undetected, you turned and went by another group of people. Pretending to mingle but you let your ears drop on Raven and Bellamy’s conversation.

“I mean, she’s so beautiful.” Bellamy gushed and you felt a pang in your heart as to who he could be talking about. Was he talking about Clarke? Those two have become really close recently.

“Maybe you should just talk to her about it, Bellamy.” Raven suggested, putting her hand on Bellamy’s shoulder. You narrowed your eyes, who were they talking about.

“I couldn’t. She strictly thinks of me as a friend, Raven.” Bellamy sighed, resting his head in his hands and he shook his head. You wanted to go over there and console him but you were too embarrassed now.

“I don’t know, Bellamy. Y/N seems to really enjoy spending time with you.” Your mouth fell open and your hands went slack. They… were talking about you? You would’ve never thought. Shaking your head again, you refocused on Bellamy as he smiled, proudly almost as if he was thinking fondly of a memory.

“She’s just perfect.”

You’d avoided Bellamy for days. You had to think over what you heard. You truthfully had always liked him but never dwelled on it, you never thought he would like you back but now. Now… apparently he did and you had no idea if you should tell him that you heard everything he said or go back as if nothing had happened.

When you caught sight of him today, he was staring at you worriedly. Over the past few days you’ve been ignoring him, he’s been worried sick. He’d always try to talk to you but you would make some excuse as to why you couldn’t talk right now,

But now looking at him and seeing how worried and upset he truly was, you realized you didn’t want to keep ignoring him. 

So, you marched over to him, your heart beating and your palms sweaty as you thought of what you could say. Truthfully you had no idea but your feet carried you and on instinct you reached him.

He smiled, happy to see you actually paying attention to you. And when he turned to say, you acted on impulse. Pulling him down, you pressed your lips against his ignoring the way he gasped and made a noise of surprise. Instead you focused on kissing him and making sure he understood everything you were trying to tell him.

He finally relaxed after a few moments, enough to place his arms around you waist as you pulled back from the kiss. “I, uh…” You stuttered, looking up to see his baffled and confused expression. You smiled softly at the cuteness behind the smile. “I heard you.”

“What?” He asked, still in shock from the kiss. His eyes were dazed and you giggled at his lovestruck expression.

“I heard that night with Raven.” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. You bent at the lower back, leaning into him as you smiled shyly up at him. You watched as his face grew red and he panicked at something to say.

“Oh…” Was all he said, and you shook your head. Leaning up to peck his cheeks.

“It’s okay.” You reassured, stroking his cheek with your thumb. “I… feel the same.”

He instantly smiled, the biggest grin growing over his face and he hugged you tighter to himself. “I love you.” He confessed, staring down at you lovingly. You gasped, now going red in the face as you felt your own grin coming.

“I love you too, I have for a while.”

“Me too.” He confused and suddenly remembering what he said that night, you smirked.

“So i’m perfect huh?” You joked, looking up at him slyly.

“Oh shut up.” He feigned being annoyed but you could see the smile growing on his face as he kissed you on your forehead. You closed your eyes at the warmth, relishing in the feeling of finally being able to hold him this close.

“Hey, you’re not too bad yourself.”

Hope you enjoyed!

Student Council Prez [9]

Episode 8 - Episode 9 - Episode 9.5 OR Episode 10
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Yoongi didn’t completely break his wrist.

When you went to the private doctor with him, they told you it was more of a severe sprain, some of his ligaments damaged from the fall. And now he had a cast wrapped around his entire arm. It would take anywhere from two to eight weeks to heal and they told you, very specifically that he was not to put any pressure on it and alleviate all heavy weights.

Yoongi on the other hand, told you that you should be happy he wasn’t suing you.

But no matter how much disdain you felt for him, you couldn’t help the wash of guilt that drowned you whole.

You were the one who pushed him after all.

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*Protective Frank* Newt x reader

Anonymous asked:

Omg aaahhh I’m running out of time umm can you do one where one day Fred the thunderbird gets really protective of the reader and won’t let newt near her and newt gets like super sad and angry and finally he snaps and runs in the case and like full on pics up the reader and runs out and then fluff or passion where they reunite and kiss and aaahhhhhb

It happened out of nowhere. Neither one of you could explain it. It was an ordinary day; nothing special. You were down in the case with Newt helping him tend to his creatures like you always did. You were feeding the mooncalves as Newt took care of his beloved thunderbird, Frank. When you finished up with the mooncalves, you carefully put the food bucket away and made your way over to him. 

Sneaking up from behind, you wrapped your arms around his waist and rested our head against his back. You could feel the wizard chuckle as you came in contact.

“Hello, love.”

Smiling, you released yourself and let Newt turn around, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you in. Frank let out a small whine; upset that he was no longer receiving the full attention of Newt. 

“Oh, wait your turn!” You chuckled at the beast. 

Newt kissed your forehead before saying, “Shall we head up for some supper?”

Nodding in reply, you began to walk towards the hut and out of the case when Frank let out a long whine.

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(Gif not mine but writing is)

The New Dragon

After becoming friends during your time at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, you now traveled with Newt Scamander the magizoologist. You both shared an interest in magical creatures, caring for them in particular. It also meant that you got to travel the world in search of the creatures. You were both so passionate about this that Newt decided to plan on writing a book on how to protect and look after those fantastic beasts. 

You were tidying up the shed in the suitcase. It was not that messy but various herbs needed to be reorganised to make them more accessible for the both of you. After dusting off your dress, you excitedly walk out into the enclosures. You could not wait to see what Newt was making. 

Walking towards you was the familiar silhouette of Newt. He was wearing a mustard coloured waistcoat, white shirt and dark trousers. His green eyes were partially covered by his reddish brown hair.
“Is it finished?” you ask excitedly as you bounce up and down. 
“It’s ready.” he replies laughing at your excitement. “W-would you like to have a look?“ 
You smiled as you nod your head. "Ok” he chuckled “but close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise.” You knew that he had been working on it for a while, so he had every right to build up the suspense. As you closed your eyes he gently held onto your hand as he guided you to your destination. 

“You can open them now.” he said whilst releasing your hand from his. As you opened your eyes you almost fell backwards in awe at what was in front of you. Luckily Newt held his hands on your shoulder and back to steady you.
“It’s perfect.” you said as you gazed at the beauty in front of you. The space looked like a vast grassy but rocky field with a pool of water in the distance. Hidden was a cave lined with various rocks. You both stood in the centre of the brand new enclosure. It resembled the landscape of the higher mountain regions in Wales. 

You looked at Newt who you didn’t realise was staring at you to see your reaction. “Does this mean we can go and and get her?” you ask. 
“Yes, it is time.” he replied smiling.
You both practically ran to the shed and then up the ladder and out of the suitcase.

Newt had heard of a female Common Welsh Green dragon that resided in the mountain regions of Wales. Townsfolk had been complaining that something had been feeding on their herds of sheep. Lately it had been eating so much that soon Muggles would notice that something unexpected was the culprit. 

Steadily you both walked on the rocky terrain, which proved challenging in your boots. Newt held the suitcase in one hand and kept a firm grip on your hand with the other. He was scared of you falling over. Finally the ground leveled out as you looked at the field in front of you. Newt had received a tip off that the dragon was already out, gazing hungrily at the herd of sheep again. Everything was quiet until a roar boomed in the distance, somewhere behind the field. 

Newt could feel your hand trembling in his and he looked at you with a worried expression. You were nervous because this would be your first ever encounter with a dragon. Remembering your lessons at Hogwarts about how dangerous dragons can be, made you shake a bit more. "It’s alright. Just follow my lead.“ he said reassuringly. 

You copied Newt as he began to walk with silent, lengthy strides. As you both walked further, a large silhouette began to become visible. "Dragons can be a little unpredictable but as long as you appear confident then they won’t see you as an easy target.” he whispered. 
Both of you stood up as straight as you possibly could, to make you look bigger than what you really were. 
“But how is it going to get into the case?” you asked with a concerned look on your face. 
Newt chuckled. “Offer it something that it loves.”

You opened the suitcase and laid it on the ground. Slowly Newt pulled his wand out of its holder. “Wingardium leviosa” he said in a quiet voice. A toy of a sheep moved out of the case and around your feet. Newt was controlling the spell in such a way that the movement of the sheep decoy looked realistic. 

As soon as she caught sight of it, the dragon’s eyes were fixed on the toy. The large creature began to stalk it. You remember reading about these dragons and how competitive they can be. When they spot that another creature potentially wants the food that the dragon has its eye on, it then becomes an obsession for the dragon to get the food, no matter what it is. 
“We should begin to move forward now that she’s seen it?” you whispered. Newt nodded. You both began to dart forward a step towards the toy sheep. The dragon caught a glimpse of you both. The game was now on. 
The dragon lunged forward towards the toy and followed it. You noticed that there was something a bit odd with the way she moved. With a wave of Newt’s wand, the sheep decoy jumped into the case. The dragon froze in front of it. It knew that it was too big to fit in it. 
Newt darted towards the case. Not to be beaten, the dragon jumped forward. She stumbled into the case with a lot less grace than you thought it would have. 

Back inside the suitcase you rush over to the enclosure Newt built, to see your newest arrival. You cautiously approached the area. Even though this breed of dragon were relatively subdued, it is important to give new creatures their space so they can grow accustomed to their environment. 

Newt was holding two buckets of meat and handed one to you. Both of you emptied the meat into the cave, making sure that the dragon was watching you. It was important to show a new beast that you are there to help provide and care for them.
You looked at the dragon, amazed by her gorgeous green scales and ferocious presence. Newt stared at you with a smile on his face. He loved watching you as you studied the creature with fascination and pure joy. Newt was glad that you shared the same passion for magical creatures as he did. 
You caught a glimpse of Newt staring you, causing a light blush to fill your cheeks. He quietly chuckled at your reaction. "It’s amazing what you’ve done Newt. Building this and housing these amazing beasts.“ you say whilst looking at the puzzled expression on his face. "It really is.” your words now caused him to blush. 
“I’ll just return these buckets to shed.” he said smiling proudly whilst he took the bucket from your hand. 

The dragon began to walk around to get used to its new home. There was still something not quite right about the way it moved. It was as if it was limping slightly as it walked. Your eyes studied the body of the dragon until they focused on a drop of blood running down its side. The contrasting red line on its green scales stood out just behind the wing. 

“Newt, I think that the dragon is hurt.” you called whilst keeping your eye on the dragon. You moved further towards the back of her to try and get a better look at the wound. You could see that the dragon was following your movements with her eyes. For a moment you stared at each other and you couldn’t quite explain it but it was as if you both knew what the other was thinking. Slowly the dragon lifted her wing, revealing a large branch that was impaled under her scales. The size of it must be causing her great pain and definitely explained why she had trouble moving. 

You slowly walk towards the dragon, making sure to look at her face the entire time incase she did not want you to. The scales looked even more beautiful up close, like shards of shiny green shell. Blood continued to trickle from the base of the branch but there were patches of darker red. It must have been there for days if not weeks. Looking at her face again, it looked as if the the dragon knew what you were planning to do and was bracing itself. Part of you knew that you should wait for Newt to get back so he could help but you had come this far, the dragon was ready and looked like it wanted it taken out as soon as possible.
“Shh” you soothed, though it was more to calm your own nerves.

Slowly you grabbed the base of the branch. You could not believe that you were doing this and that you were touching a real dragon. Looking at where it was, it was going to be easy. You were so focused on the task that you did not notice the sound of footsteps in the distance. Mustering up all of your strength and courage, you pulled the branch out in one swift movement. During this action the dragon squirmed in the brief pain. That’s when suddenly. 

It all happened so quickly, that you did not have time to reach for the wand in your pocket. The dragon unconsciously raised its claw and scratched your arm. Great pain searing through it. You let out a scream as you stepped back several paces out of the enclosure. You had not seen your injury but you knew that you should not appear weak or hurt in front of a dragon. 

“(Y/N)!” you heard Newt yell as he ran towards you. Looking down you could see your blood soaked sleeve as your arm grew warm and wet. The cut must have been deep as you were losing quite a lot of blood. Feeling dizzy, your legs give out and you sit in the floor. The pain in your arm and the shock made you shake. Newt rushed to your side and knelt down beside you. “Merlin’s beard.” he exclaimed as he looked at you, worry etched on his face. 

“I’m so sorry Newt. The dragon had a branch lodged in her side and it was hurting her. I managed to get it out. This was only an accident.” you whispered, breathing heavily. He glanced up and saw the bloody branch on the ground. 
“I know.” he soothed as he gently stroked your face. Trying to keep his composure, he lifted up the soggy sleeve of your dress. He looked at your blood covered arm and you start to do the same. “(Y/N), keep your eyes on me.” he said whilst trying to smile reassuringly. Damn your arm must be worse that you thought. Obeying his wishes you focus on his face, slowly getting lost in his green eyes. He was deep in thought whilst looking at your arm, though a smile flashed across his face as he caught a glance of you staring at him. 

“There’s too much.” Newt mumbled as he lifted his waistcoat slightly. He ripped a couple of strips of fabric off of his white shirt. Using one strip he wrapped it tightly around the top of your arm to lessen the blood flow. He picked up the other piece and hesitated. “This is going to hurt a bit.” he said softly. You could see in his face that he did not want to hurt you in anyway. Slowly you lifted your other arm and took his free hand in yours. He stroked your hand using his thumb. 
Using the fabric he started to clean up the wound as gently as he could. You squirmed as your arm stung, a few tears rolling down your cheeks. Newt looked away in guilt. 
Feeling tired you begin to close your eyes involuntarily. Newt squeezed your hand to force your eyes open again. You looked at Newt’s face again. 

“Sorry I hurt you. I had to do it so I could see what I’m doing.” he said, his voice cracking slightly, with red tear filled eyes. You could see how uncomfortable he was with hurting you.
“You are silly.” you giggled. He smiled in response whilst taking his wand out of its holder. Waving it above your arm he said a healing spell. You looked at your arm, all that remained of the cut now was a small scar. 

Looking back up, Newt’s eyes meet yours. 
“Thank you” you said smiling. 
“For what?” he said with a confused expression. 
“For being amazing.” you grin. 
Newt’s cheeks flushed red as he chuckled. 

The best laid plans...

We planned a BBQ in Prospect Park for today. Invited friends, bought food, made a bunch of sides, cut up a whole mess of fruit, cleaned the portable grill.

Then the kid woke up with a 102.6 fever this morning, and we had to cancel.

If anyone is looking for a metric ton of hot dog or hamburger rolls, or veggie burgers/dogs/sausages, we’re your spot.

Unfaithful : Part 27

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife

Warnings : so I won’t give spoilers, every chapter could contain mention of blood, death, gore, smut etc… not to mention Negan’s filthy mouth


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

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You put you ear against the wooden door to listen for any near movement on the other side, you heard noises and screams coming from distance.
You dropped to one knee and peeked through the keyhole, still there was nothing to spot.

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I keep seeing these posts in the roller derby tag like, ‘I want to do derby but I’m not hardcore like those scary roller girls.’

You are hardcore enough. And even if you aren’t, derby will ram an iron rod straight through the middle of you. It will make you hardcore. Some are born hardcore, others achieve hardcore. Derby thrusts hardcore upon you. If you want to do it, do it. Yeah it hurts sometimes and yeah falling on your arse for the seventh time in a row is mildly humiliating and a lot painful, but you just have to get up and keep going, just keep pushing through and yes, you too shall achieve hardcore.

A Debt of Consciousness

5000+ words of Luffy testing out the Sleeping Beauty way to wake Law up. I wrote this before the Dressrosa arc ended and I’m not sure if I’ve shared this here yet but here you go. NO SMUT.

Finally. Finally. The whole Dressrosa mess was finally, finally over. Everyone could now finally focus on more important things.

Like finally eating and drinking because seriously, why not?

Luffy had burped for how many times now? He’d already lost count as he ran up the long stairs in the Dressrosa palace. After the whole ordeal with Doflamingo, the next thing he had to do after recuperation was to stuff himself silly. Food was the first thing he said when they asked if they needed anything. Or was it the first thing he asked for the moment he opened his eyes? Not sure. Didn’t matter. Well, anyway, there was a banquet, and it wasn’t as awesome as Sanji’s parties—oh god damn, he missed Sanji’s cooking—but it was food nonetheless, and lots of it, too! Thanks to the people of Dressrosa and the Tontatta who were finally free. Yay!

It was too bad Sabo had to leave soon. He left Luffy a vivre card, though, and some way to contact him scribbled on a piece of paper. Robin had one, too, just in case, because they said he was an idiot. Luffy knew he wasn’t. He had taken care of his hat and Ace’s vivre card the whole time so—Luffy jumped up the last three steps and ran along the corridors—ah never mind. They had to leave for Zou and it was up to Franky to build them a proper ship from existing ones, which would, according to him, take a day or two. He could do it. Franky was awesome. And King Riku’s family was, too, because they gave him and his friends a place to stay in the palace while Franky did his thing in the underground port.

Oh, yeah, there was supposed to be an admiral after them, but Sabo said that guy had some issues of his own. Luffy forgot the details. Something about gambling and plans and honor and whatever. He was never good with that. Planning, scheming, and missions were more of Torao’s thing. Oh, and speaking of Torao—

“Crap. Where was it again?”

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come home // nurseydex

a/n: thank u to everyone who reblogged/commented/responded to in any way my last fic!! it was so nice to read and i’m gonna try to publish scraps of stuff more often. anyways - 4.7k about nursey getting mugged and boys being domestic. 


Dex gets the call in the middle of a nap and despite seeing the ridiculous shirtless selfie  of Nursey in Ransom’s white Snapback flash across his screen, he answers the call, mumbling a bleary and vaguely frustrated “hello?” into the mouthpiece. If this is another rant about Jeff Bezos, he swears to fucking god–

“Uh… hey, Will.”


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All My Idols Ch 20: Night With EXO

“Oppa,” I deadpan glaring at the handsome unicorn.

His stern face doesn’t falter, he just continues holding the massive bundle of meat and rice held together by a piece of lettuce to my mouth. “One more.”

I groan but open my mouth to let him feed me once more. I cover my mouth while I struggle chewing, trying not to blush with all eyes on me. After I finally swallow it I open my mouth with a big sigh. Of course Lay tries to feed me yet again only to have the man on my other side push it away, a glare fixed on the younger man. And across the table the three youngest of the group are glaring as well as their hyung tires to spoil me with attention.

“You can’t just keep stuffing her face like that,” Xiumin scolds, “She could choke.” He places a warm hand on my back as he leans closer to scan my face, worry is obvious on his, “Are you okay?”

My heart stops in that moment, it takes all of my strength not to jump up and run away with excitement at the fact that he just touched me. I force myself to take a deep so I don’t end up screaming in his face but end up having to just nod, I don’t trust my voice enough right now.

“So are you going to be heading home for Christmas this year?” Suho wonders from across the table on the other side of a still glaring Kai.

I shake my head and wonder why everyone is suddenly so interested in my travel plans. But then I remember that it’s normal for people to go home and see their families on holidays, I’m just one of the weird exceptions who spent every holiday when I was in the states at work. “It’s was not in my budget this year.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear that,” He looks down at his plate as if he’s embarrassed to have asked such an insulting question.

“So what are your plans instead?” Baekhyun wonders eagerly from the other side of Xiumin.

I shrug, “I’m not sure yet, I’ve worked every holiday for the last eight years, I don’t know how to handle it.”

Kai asks, “Have you told Big bang about it? I’m surprised they haven’t claimed you on that day.”

“Nope, I don’t have the heart to. They get so upset when I discuss anything involving me not being able to afford something.”

“They could afford it you know. Why don’t you just ask for a loan?” Suho is resting his elbows on the table.

“I’m not asking anyone for money. I can’t stand the idea of asking any of my friends for money, regardless of whether or not they can afford it. I can barely stand it when they pay for my food.”

“Our princess is so strong,” Lay coos next to me, ruffling my hair a little.

“Are you guys all heading home for the holiday?”

Suho shakes his head, “We’ve got a lot of things on our schedule going on around that time so we will be spending Christmas together like usual.”

“You guys work so hard you’d figure they would give you that one day off.”

They nod in agreement. I watch them pick up a more cheerful conversation topic, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are throwing food, though I’m pretty sure Chen started it from the cheeky grin that spreads across his face when Suho starts scolding them. The five that surround me are talking about performances; Kai is critiquing the other’s dancing, mostly poor Kyungsoo, who is the weakest link of the five. I shift into a more relaxed position since my legs are falling asleep with me sitting on them, I stretch my legs out in front of me. As much as I love old style restaurants where we sit on the floor it can make my back and legs ach sometimes.

I’m kind of in my own world when I feel someone’s leg against mine, at first I thought it was an accident, until both legs came back and tangled them with mine. To be honest, I don’t mind, I love skinship, but when I look to see whose legs they are I’m surprised to find Sehun staring straight back at me, as if daring me to say something. I’m going to have a heart attack by the end of the night with the way he’s staring straight into my soul, oh my god when did he get so attractive. I force myself to look away, but I know he’s still staring from the way he chuckles when a blush spreads across my face.

“It’s getting late,” Suho kind of complains as he stares down at his phone. “We should probably get Charlie home.” The whole table lets out a chorus of cute whines and I find myself joining in just for the hell of it. I’m having fun, regardless of the face that my heart is going to explode from all of my internal fangirling I don’t have the courage to hang out with the loves of my life that often I mean Xiumin.

“Come on Hyung, we don’t have schedule until after lunch tomorrow, lets have a little fun,” The youngest of the group begs, his legs wrap around mine tighter, something I find undeniably cute.

“We don’t know if Charlie has plan,” Suho reminds him.

I grin at him, “I’m free as a bird.”

Suho tries his hardest not to smile as sighs as if he’s caving to some unreasonable request, “Alrighty, but nothing too crazy.” We let out a loud cheer, most likely earning the attention of the people on the other side of the sliding door separating us from the masses. My thought is confirmed when our waiter pokes his head in a minute later. “Soju please.” The boy nods before rushing off to get it. When he comes back shot glasses are passed around and liquor is poured.

“To friends,” Chanyeol beams at me, we all clink glasses before downing the little cup of disgusting liquid, our glasses slam back down on the table.

“Why do I feel like getting the princess drunk is a bad idea?” Suho says as the voice of reason who is quickly quieted by the group surrounding him.

“If you think this is such a bad idea hyung, you can just sit back and baby sit,” Baekhyun sticks his tongue out at the older before basically climbing across Xiumin to clink his glass with mine and downing the shot. The two men on either side of me take turns pouring me drinks and ignore me when I offer to return the favor. I loose count on how many little green bottles are scattered around the room after a few more hours. Suho, who is undoubtedly the most sober out of us all, and that isn’t saying much, finally calls it a night when the owner tells us that most of the patrons have left. The 10 of us leave the restaurant is a fit of giggles and slurred Korean. It’s only 10 but I feel ready for bed and from the yawns coming from the boys around me I figure they are too.

With a giggle and a bit of a stumble I bow to them, “Thank you guys for dinner and a good time.”

“Let us take you home,” Lay slurs cutely.

I shake my head, “It’s fine.”

“We are not letting you go home on your own when you are this drunk,” Suho says.

I click my tongue at him, “What do you expect me to do? We can’t all get a cab there and these boys can’t be left alone like this and I’m ready for bed,” I add with a little pout. “It’s not like you expect me to spend the night at your dorm.”

“Yes!” The beagle line basically screams.

“Sleepover with the princess!” Kai and Sehun happily join the cheer.

I bust into a grin, “Lets go!”

“Hold up a minute,” Xiumin stops the six of us from skipping away. “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

I pout cutely at the oldest man, forgetting about my fan girl side for awhile and decide to flirt up a storm, “Oppa don’t you think it will be fun? Or do you not like me?”

“Of course I like you Charlie, but-“

I cut him off by hugging him tightly, “So it’s settled we got the oldest hyung’s approval!”

“Did you just call me Hyung?” The cat like man grins.

“What do you prefer, Hyung or Oppa?” I tap my chin as I spin in circles. A pink-cheeked Kyungsoo, who looks really cute right now, catches me and I can’t help myself!

“Kyungie oppa! Why do you have to be so cute?” I whine and place my hands on his cold cheeks.

“Huh?” The pour owl boy looks to his hyungs for help but they are too busy laughing at his embarrassment.

“You,” I huff at the cute man, “You always mess up my list, always switching with Lay oppa for second place. You, young sir, just need to stay in your lane.”

“Okay, Princess, lets get going,” Sehun decides as he hooks his arm threw mine and begins dragging me down the street. Kai catches up and hooks on to my other arm.

“Where are we on this list of yours?” Sehun looks down at me with a pout. Glancing up I realize how short I am compared to the two handsome boys.

“To be completely honest, beyond where Kyungsoo oppa is at third place the rest of you are a um….cluster fuck.” I say the last two words in English, not sure what the right words would be in Korean so I try again, “I don’t have a set list past that.”

“Why not?” Kai is whining this time making me laugh.

“Because you are all so amazing that whenever I see a lone picture of any of you I’m like, ‘Wow he’s really hot’.”

Sehun chuckles, “Do you really?”

“You should see my tumblr,” I pause for a minute, “Wait no never mind, no you should not!” They let out a chorus of laughs at that. Our fun is interrupted by someone’s arms wrapping around my waist from behind and pulling back, away from the two boys. They turn around and glare at the giant holding me off the ground like a little doll.

“Hyung!” The two whine cutely. Baekhyun appears in front of me with handsome smile that makes me blush.

“We get you know,” The older man decides as he signals the giant to put me down. They each take my hand before walking right past the two maknaes, dragging me along.

“So any chance you could give us a hint on who is your number one?” Chanyeol asks me with his best aegyo.

I shake my head, “Not a chance in hell Oppa. You guys can figure it out on your own.”

“How are we supposed to know? Come on, give us a hint!” They both beg, making me laugh.

I pause as I try to think of the most vague hint, “We touched tonight.”

Baekhyun huffs as he stares down at our interlocked hands, “You’ve touched everyone tonight.”

“There are two people I haven’t touched.”

“One more hint!” Chanyeol coos.

Feeling a bit daring with the alcohol in my body I give them one more, “He was in the room when we ran away from super junior.”

They share a look as they try to think about the possible answers, I’m thank full they didn’t hear my earlier conversation with the youngest two that could have narrowed down their guesses. After a couple minutes of them thinking to themselves we reach their dorm. They two puppy like men lead me inside eager to show me their dorm. Twenty minutes later, after a full tour of their dorm we find ourselves on the living room floor laughing as Sehun tries to open another bottle of soju. We are sitting in a large circle, as expected Xiumin and Lay are on either side of me, while Sehun and Kai try to turn this into an oval by scooting closer to me.

“Take the hint,” I snatch the bottle out of his hand and give it to Suho.

“Hey,” The drunken maknae slurs with a scowl. “I was going to drink that.”

“I think you are done,” I snap back sternly.

“I think you are done!” He pouts.

I laugh at his cuteness, “Oh Oppa,” I coo as I try to crawl across the floor to reach him but I’m caught by Lay’s hands on my hips pulling me back to my spot.

“Where do you think your going?” Lay is pouting now.

“I just want to hug the him,” I slur.

“No, only I can hug you,” Lay suddenly wraps his arms around me and basically pulls me on to his lap.

A blush spreads across my face when the sweet man tucks his face in the crook of my neck, “Oppa.”

“Yixing,” Xiumin whines, “You can’t just hog her to yourself, you’ve been doing that for awhile now. It’s unfair. I want to see the princess!” My face is on fire at his words, he’s just drunk. He has no interest in me other than that I’m the princess.

“No Hyung, you can’t have her, that would be unfair since she already likes you the best!” Yixing glares at the older man.

I want to scream when the words are out of his mouth, I want to cry and run and do anything I have to do to get out of this place. How could Lay do that?

“I’m her what?”