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Wild Turkey Woman

Summary: Killing time and liquor in a hotel room with Dean.
Pairing: Dean x Reader 
Word Count: 1420
Warnings: Language, drinking, sexy times, implied smut. 
Challenge: @winchester-writes’s Birthday Drinking Challenge; my prompt was Wild Turkey and, “Why is it I only drink this when I’m with you?” as well as @chaos-and-the-calm67‘s Milestone Challenge, wherein my prompt was “Have You Ever Really Love A Woman” by Bryan Adams, as well as the gif at the bottom of the fic. 

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Yoosung Wedding Dance:One Shot

The amazing sage continues :) Here are the previous members who have been done c: Saeran, Jumin, Jihyun/V, and Sevens  :D and thanks to the help of @lyxy the beautiful wedding dance for this smol bean is Bryan Adams: Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?   Enjoy :) 


‘You cant love someone unless you love yourself.’ Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you. Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.

I cant believe she actually decided to marry me. She knew I had issues and yet, somehow and someway, she fell in love with me. After I thought I lost my cousin Rika, I believed that no one would love and appreciate me the way Rika had. When (f/n) (l/n) came into my life I was selfish enough to compare her to a dead person. I was selfish enough to try and mold (y/n) into a love that only a family member can give. Hah. I cant believe I was dumb enough to even think that. She is nothing like Rika. She will never ever be Rika because (y/n) love is bigger and brighter. My fiancee and soon to be wife was the reason I was motivated to become something better. I just sat on the bed appreciating all the memories that has led us to here. I looked up and notice my best man, Saeyoung, fixing his tie. I look to my right and I see Saeran and Zen bickering about something irrelevant. Jumin is drinking a glass of wine while I notice V slowly walking towards me. He sits next to me and puts a firm grip on my shoulder “So how are you feeling today Yoosung?” he gave a warm smile. I looked down to my shoes and sighed “ Im actually feeling great because I have an amazing woman by my side. She loves me and I love her. I wish the circumstances of my personal family was a bit different, but eh, what can I do? Im still a bit upset that I didn’t find the truth till way later about my cousin, but I suppose I understand you and Jumins reasoning.”I finally looked at V and whispered “ I know she isn’t a good topic of conversation around here but I wish Rika was here because she’s family you know? I know she’s done the worst but I’m glad she’s getting some help. Also, um, thank you for checking up on me and being there for me. It meant a lot to me.” I finally gave V a sincere smile. He pulled me into a hug and then I felt Saeyoung come and hug me and then the other men did as well. It was time for me to get married to a beautiful angel. 

To really love a woman, To understand her - you gotta know her deep inside Hear every thought - see every dream , N’ give her wings - when she wants to fly , Then when you find yourself lyin’ helpless in her arms, Ya know ya really love a woman

You looked so beautiful wearing white. Seeing your face glow because you are happy having my last name astonishes me. I was a bit nervous having to kiss you in public but it felt so natural showing everyone that you belong to me and I belong to you. Your lips were honey and they will forever be my fuel for my existence. I took your hand in mind guiding you to the dance floor while the DJ announces our last names. I pulled you in a hug and kissed your forehead. The music started and I took a deep breath. We danced like we rehearsed for a few seconds but I stopped dancing and looked into your eyes that shined brighter than the stars, “I need to tell you something. I don’t want this to be perfect like how I wanted it to be. I want this dance to show how grateful I am to have you in my life. Now let me fix something real quick” I kneeled down to take of your high heel shoes. I threw them to Saeyoung so he can place them somewhere. I brought you back closer to me and whispered in your ear, “Remember the first night we bought our home? Because I sure do. We went to this fancy restaurant to celebrate being home owners and I remembered how much you hated wearing heels. Baby, this is to celebrate our love. I want you to be you and be comfortable. I want to dance the same way we dance slightly buzzed around our living room. So shall we?” You gave a small nod and you laid your head on my chest to hear my heart beat. What you didnt know is that you are the reason why this heart is still beating. I rubbed your back gently and swayed side to side ready to tell you my hearts truth, “When I met you, I was in a bad place in my life. I was lost. My soul was not with me. My heart didn’t beat for me no more. I felt like something was trying to take my life and soul away from me and I couldn’t do nothing about it. I felt so dead that I was trying so hard to find something to fill the emptiness within me. I couldn’t find it but I knew I found it when I was given the honor to look into your eyes. Every time I see your eyes and smile, I knew that all my emotions, fears, and feelings belonged to you. How can I love someone that much that I could feel you in my blood. That everytime time you are near me or touch me I feel like I can do anything because I have a queen beside me. It’s amazing how your love made me into a batter man. I need you to know something, there will be only two people that owns my heart: you and our future child.”

To really love a woman , Let her hold you - , til ya know how she needs to be touched , You’ve gotta breathe her - really taste her , Til you can feel her in your blood , N’ when you can see your unborn children in her eyes , Ya know ya really love a woman

I twirled you around a bit but quickly brought you next to me. My arms fits the small of your back just perfectly. I love how your skin warms mine. You underestimate yourself so much that it saddens me that you don’t recognize your inner beauty. I touched your chin gently raising it to see my eyes “ I love you more than life itself. How can I express such a love in words or gestures when I cannot even explain to myself how I can feel you and your love deep in bones. Your love makes my soul ache because its getting addicted to yours. I need you in my life and I’m not afraid to say it. You are the reason why this heart continues to beat day in and day out. When I wake up I look forward to seeing your bed head because you give off this natural glow. I will like to have your blood mixed with mine so we can create the most beautiful thing that love can give. That is two hearts in one, two souls in one, two emotions in one and two minds in one. When I look into your eyes I can see our unborn child. I can see how a goddess like yourself will carry the life of our love.”

You got to give her some faith - hold her tight, A little tenderness - gotta treat her right , She will be there for you, takin’ good care of you , Ya really gotta love your woman…

I leaned in to give you a passionate kiss and while the cameras kept shuttering and flashing, the noise of the awes were growing louder, I only heard your heartbeat. We broke our kiss that suddenly turned into a smile, “My love for you is so big and intense that I am afraid to hurt or lose you. You are my dreams and nightmares. I know this may sound bad but its just because I never felt a love this strong. I want to be the very best for you. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness and I will make sure till the day I die, that you will always have a smile on your face. I want to be the person that you can rely one. When you are looking for a hand to hold, my hand will patiently wait for yours. You will never need to look for someone or something to ease your pain because I will be there for you day and night. I will be there when you need to be held. I will be there when you need to be loved. I will give you my smile because you deserve to smile every day. I will let you know till my last breath, that you own every single cell in my body. Thank you for helping me realize how it is to truly be loved. Thank you for giving my life a purpose.” 

I am in love with you (F/N) Kim. 

I will make sure that you will know how special you are till the day I die. 

Thank you (f/n) 

I love you. 

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One shot prompt contest idea: The reader was hired to seduce/get close to Lena by Lex/Cadmus but ended up genuinely falling in love with her

Originally posted by juliawickers

“Lena, I can’t lie to you anymore.”

Your voice trembled as you locked eyes with the woman you had been deceiving for two months.  When you had come to National City with a newly revived bank account and a pile of documents about the Luthor heiress, you had told yourself that business was business and the $200,000 Mrs. Luthor had wired to you would justify whatever you had to do from here on out.

Lena didn’t say anything, but set her pen down on her desk and waited for you to explain yourself.  You shut the door to her office, feeling her eyes on you the entire time, and remained standing at the far end of the room.

“I didn’t come to this city with good intentions.  I came here and applied at L Corp because I was hired to by your mother to get close to you.”

The words tasted badly in your mouth and sweat coated your palms.  You felt sick.  

“Why are you telling me?”

Her voice was emotionless and Lena’s gaze hardened on you.  You could see anything she had ever felt towards you dissipating.  Your chest ached.

“Because I can’t lie to you anymore, Lena.  I care about you and this is the first time I haven’t been able to complete a job.”  You walked towards her desk swiftly and sat down in the chair across from her.  As soon as you did, she rose and went to her window.  

“Am I supposed to feel sorry that you couldn’t go through with lying to me?”

“No, but you need to know that I’m not lying now.  Lena, your mother wants you dead and I’ve been feeding her fake intel for a while now, but you have to get out of this city now.”

“I don’t hide from my mother and I’m not about to start now.”

“This isn’t about your pride!” You stood up from the chair and went to the window despite knowing that she wouldn’t want to be near you.  “Lena, she’s already sent someone.  I was dismissed today, which means she thinks that she isn’t going to need information on you anymore.”

“Then I suppose you should be on your way.”

“I’m not leaving National City without you.”  You hesitated before putting your hand on her arm.  She flinched away from your touch.  “I love you, Lena.  Please, give me a chance to make this right.”

Silence fills the lavish office and you felt panic start to rush through your bloodstream.  

“I won’t leave without you, Lena,” you repeated softly.  She finally turned towards you and you feel an invisible punch to the stomach when you see the way her eyes are watering.  You’ve done a lot in your life, but nothing had ever hurt you like this.  

“Fine, but don’t you dare think that I trust you.”

“That’s fair,” you nodded; voice thick with emotion.  “Can you be ready at the piers by five?”

Lena nodded and you took it as your cue to leave.  Even leaving her alone for a few hours terrified you.  Intel was always your specialty and right now, you had none.  As you walked out of the office, you found yourself wondering whether or not Lena would even show up.  She had no reason to take your word for anything.  All you could do was pray that she would at least hold some faith in you as you packed your limited belongings into the black Audi you had purchased that afternoon.  You weren’t taking any chances about not having enough power or speed to escape a threat in the event that someone caught onto Lena’s departure.  The other thing that you purchased was a 9mm with the serial number sanded off.  


The sun was starting to set by the time you parked along the pier and you leaned against the hood of the sleek black car with your back towards the water.  Your pistol rests against your torso from its spot in the waist of your jeans.  

By 5:07, a taxi rolled up and you straightened your posture when it stopped in front of you.  Your heart hammered in your chest as Lena stepped out of the backseat and you waived the driver off when he went to get out.  The dark haired woman got into the passenger seat of your car without a word as you pulled her single black suitcase out of the cab’s trunk and handed the driver a handsome tip.  You waited until his vehicle disappeared down the street before looking away and putting Lena’s luggage into your trunk.  For all you know, someone could already be tailing her.

“You didn’t notice anything suspicious?” You asked upon reentering the Audi and starting it’s engine.  The machine roared to life and you threw it into drive before heading towards the street.  Your knuckles were turning white from the force with which you gripped the leather steering wheel.  

“No,” Lena answered curtly.

That was the only bit of dialogue between the two of you for the duration of the drive.  You wanted to say something; anything to make the tension lessen or make her hate you less.  But, you knew that no combination of words will make things better so soon, so you turned on the radio and took the first exit ramp you saw out of the city.


“Lena?”  You cautiously touched the sleeping woman’s shoulder, not wanting to scare her, and drew back when she jolted awake.  

“Where are we?” She asked.

“About an hour outside of Metropolis,” you replied.  Undoing your seatbelt, you opened your door and popped the drunk open to retrieve your things.  Lena rose from the car and you scanned the dark parking lot warily; still unsure of whether or not you were being followed.  

“I know it’s not the Hilton, but we’re pretty far from any main roads,” you nodded towards the dingy motel and pulled your bag and her suitcase out.  Lena didn’t respond and you lowered your gaze as you closed the trunk and sighed.  

After checking in under a fake name with one of the IDs in your wallet, you took the key for your room from the disinterested woman behind the front desk and walked to the end of the hall, where your room was.  You had requested one close to an exit, which wasn’t an uncommon demand in motels like this.  

As soon as you unlocked the door, Lena slipped past you and quickly shut herself in the bathroom.  The CEO gripped the edge of the cheap ceramic sink and stared at herself in the mirror; willing herself not to cry.  Nevertheless, her breath hitched in her throat and she quickly turned on the faucet to mask the sounds of her losing it.  

It took a lot for Lena to let someone in.  Growing up in the family that she had been adopted into left little room for affection or trust.  She was a rich, powerful CEO and that meant everyone who put themselves in their circle probably had an incentive for doing so.  

When you had come in for your interview, Lena had realized three things; that you were intelligent, overqualified for the position you had applied for, and that you knew both of those things.  Nevertheless, you had shook her hand and assured her that you were very excited about the possibility of working for her company and that you looked forward to hearing from her.

When you had come into your first day as her new assistant the next week, she tried to keep the usual distance she had with her employees.  But, you were charming and pretty and pretty insistent when you told her that it really wasn’t a bother for you to stay late so often and when you started bringing her dinner she found that she really enjoyed spending time with you after-hours.  

One evening, you had just pulled your jacket on to leave when Lena summoned you over the intercom to come to her office.  When you let yourself in, the CEO offered you a glass of bourbon and that glass quickly turned to several between the two of you.  She had insisted upon you calling her by her first name and you found yourself focusing less and less on getting information out of her as the two of you spoke.  

By midnight, the two of you were still drinking and moved to the balcony outside of her office.  Most of what you told her about your past was truthful; how you spent your entire adolescence in the foster system and did several stints in a juvenile detention center before you turned 18 and got a full ride to Cornell because of your remarkably high SAT scores.  You found yourself respecting your real employer less and less as Lena revealed parts of her childhood.  

It had never been clear to Lena whether it was the alcohol or the sudden vulnerability she felt opening up to you that made her press her lips against yours that night.  The two of you had shed your clothes right there on the floor of her balcony with the sounds of the city below.  Guilt flooded your system and mixed with the lust you felt as her nails dug into your flesh, but you didn’t stop what happened that night and you let it continue happening for there on out.


After a while, you heard Lena turn on the shower and decided to open one of the bottles of liquor you had thrown in your duffel bag.  Giving up your sobriety while potentially having an assassin on your trail wasn’t the best idea, but your conscience was eating you alive at this point and you needed a drink.

Choosing vodka so that the burn would at least serve as some kind of punishment, you opened the bottle and took a long swig from it.  Desperate for some sort of noise to fill the silence that had followed you since Lena’s office, you turned on the TV and paced back and forth with the vodka bottle in hand.

Lena exited the bathroom nearly 40 minutes later, wrapped in a towel and stripped of her make-up.  Her eyes were red and you took another drink, knowing that she had cried because of you.  Out of respect, you turned away so that she could get dressed and continued to sip from the bottle as you stared at the closed blinds covering the window.  For good measure, you had also propped a chair up against the door handle in case the deadbolt and chain lock failed you.

“So, how much did my mother pay you?”

“Is knowing gonna make you feel better?” You turned around and held out your bottle.  After a few seconds and a steely glare, she walked over and took it from you.  

“No,” she grimaced after a long drink, “but tell me anyway.”


“Wow,” Lena’s eyebrows rose and she smiled wryly.  “That’s all it took?”

“I’ve done a lot more for a lot less.”

The alcohol was making you more transparent than usual, but what was the harm in that now?

“So, was fucking me part of the deal too or just a bonus?”

Lena sat on the end of the bed nearest the window and took another drink.  Your hands clenched at your sides.

“It wasn’t like that,” you practically whispered.  Lena scoffed and you heard the vodka slosh around against the glass sides of the bottle.  You began to feel lightheaded.

“How am I supposed to believe anything you tell me?”

“I don’t know!”

Your voice cracked and your eyes stung with the threat of tears.  How in the name of God could you have let this happen?  

“But, I love you, Lena.  I’ve never lied to a client before, but I started feeding your mother false information the morning after…after we got together.  I’ve never bailed on a job before.  I’ve never felt the way I feel about you before.”

Tears streamed down your face and you hurried to wipe them away.  Lena was finally looking at you again and while you wanted to say something else, you were at a loss for words.  Her eyes searched yours for what felt like minutes.

“What’s going to happen after tonight?”

“I call the prison your mother is at and leave an anonymous tip about her hidden cellphone.  She’ll get put into solitary for at least three months for having that kind of contraband and…and if you want I can have a hit placed on her for when she gets put back into general population.  Whoever she hired to hurt you will take off with the money sooner or later after they can’t get in contact with her, and then…things should go back to normal.”

“What about you?”

“I’ll do whatever you ask me to…even if that means leaving you alone,” you admitted quietly.  As much as the idea of never seeing her again made you feel like you couldn’t breathe, you owed her that much.  Mattress springs creaked as Lena stood up, booze still in hand, and walked over to you.  Your pulse sped up.

“I should hate you,” she murmured.  You nodded in acceptance.  “But, I can’t.”

Sherlock Holmes has appeared on screen so many times over the past 100+ years. Because of the sheer amount of Sherlock Holmes adaptations, it can be hard to figure out what to watch and where to start.

Because of this I’ve narrowed down some of the best of the film and TV adaptations over the years. I’ve included the name, year, main actors, a brief summary, why it’s so good/important, and a trailer, if applicable. Please enjoy.

1. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (TV 1984-85) [Jeremy Brett as Holmes and David Burke]

  • The Granada Holmes series remains today one of the most faithful adaptations to ever exist, and Jeremy Brett holds the title of The Definitive Holmes for good reason. This first season holds faithful to some of the best and most well-known stories that Conan Doyle wrote, beginning with Irene Adler and ending with the Falls of Reichenbach.
  • Definitely the best Holmes adaptation to date-Granada came the closest to adapting every canon story, and did so with minimal changes for the most part. Brett remains today one of the best loved Holmes’ of all time. It also casts Watson as the faithful friend and wonderful, smart man of the canon, something other adaptations would sometimes struggle with. It’s beautifully filmed and has an amazing soundtrack that fits Sherlock Holmes perfectly. A definite staple of film and tv for the Holmesian.
  • Trailer

2. The Hound of The Baskervilles (1939) [Basil Rathbone as Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Watson]

  • The first and arguably the best of Universal’s Sherlock Holmes films. An adaptation straight from the HOUN book, with minor changes and alterations. Unlike the majority of Universal’s Holmes films, Hound of the Baskervilles is set in Victorian times instead of modern day.
  • This film marked the beginning of an era for Sherlock Holmes movies (and also for a bumbling Watson). Rathbone is sharp and truly amazing as Sherlock Holmes, playing him as cutting and cunning as ever, but still with the kindnesses of Holmes that people enjoy. Although perhaps not some of the most faithful Holmes films, these still remain classics and some of the best in many people’s eyes. (my pick was Hound simply because I couldn’t decide on my true favorite–if you like this one, definitely see the rest of the films)
  • Trailer 

3. Sherlock (2010-present) [Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson]

  • Sherlock is a modern updating of Conan Doyle’s original series, and has gotten VERY popular, VERY quickly all over the globe. Although all the cases have modern twists to them and changes, Many of the plotlines, characters, dialogue bits, and other things come straight from the canon.
  • This series is truly proof of how far Sherlock Holmes has come since the Victorian age and the date of his creation. And definitely proof of a character living way beyond his years. Sherlock is a definite masterpiece, no other word to describe it. Brilliant and clever writing, beautiful cinematography, an incredible soundtrack, utterly fantastic casting, and in the hands of two very devoted and loving Sherlock Holmes fans. The entire series is brilliant and has an amazing storyline that proves why Holmes is so popular as a detective story, but also why the title transcends the genre and becomes more about the detective himself. (My pick is definitely series one, and A Study in Pink for the best episode, but definitely watch the entire series).
  • Trailer (A Study in Pink)

4. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970) [Robert Stephens as Holmes and Colin Blakely as Watson]

  • An amazing and affectionate take on Sherlock Holmes, the man behind the legend and the public image. The film’s plot starts as Holmes is being asked to have a child with a Russian ballerina (Johnlock shippers will enjoy his reply), shifts to a case of a woman washed up in the Thames and brought to Baker Street, to sightings of the Loch Ness monster, to pre-WWI spies.
  • There’s alot of information and plot strands in this film which makes it very interesting for films scholars and Holmesians alike. However, its loving, if somewhat nearly parody-like, portrayal of Holmes is very amazing to watch. It’s a long but beautiful movie and definitely an influence for many of the Holmes films that follow it.
  • Trailer

5. The Great Mouse Detective (animated, 1986) [Basil of Baker Street and Dr David Q Dawson]

  • Based on the books of Eve Titus, The Great Mouse detective is a very loving and family friendly film and does an excellent job of keeping the spirit of Sherlock Holmes while translating the characters to the world of animated mice. Olivia Flaversham’s toymaker father is taken by Rattigan (the mouse world’s Moriarty). She meets Dr Dawson and together they go along with Sherlock Holmes in an attempt to find out what Rattigan is planning with the toymaker for his nefarious schemes.
  • For many people, this was their first Sherlock Holmes movie, and they don’t remember it being so until they revisit it later in life. It is as much a perfect film for kids as it is for Sherlock Holmes fan’s. The characters are based heavily on Rathbone’s Universal films of the 30’s but also do their canon counterparts very great justice.
  • Trailer

6. Sherlock Holmes (TV 1954) [Ronald Howard as Holmes and H Marion Crawford as Watson]

  • A VERY often underrated Sherlock Holmes TV series, but an adaptation faithful to the spirit of the original canon. There are 39 short episodes in the series, each with slightly simple and often comedic plots.
  • The friendship shown between Holmes and Watson (and often Lestrade) is the real reason to watch this series. The love and affection these men have for each other is outlined brilliantly in their bickering and teamwork and banter. However silly the plots are, the real gem of the series is the characters themselves. Definitely one to watch if you want to relax and just have deep feelings for a friendship that’s lasted since the Victorian age. All the episodes are currently available on youtube.
  • Wikipedia page with episode list and summaries 

7. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (1979-86) [Visaly Livanov as Holmes and Vitaly Solomin as Watson]

  • Widely regarded as the best Sherlock Holmes and a definite fan-favorite, this Russian series is absolutely incredible. It’s very well done and very faithful to Sherlock Holmes and the spirit of the original series.
  • One of the few series to feature the meeting between Holmes and Watson. It’s a Russian series, so subtitles are a must unless you speak the language, but as always, it’s a series that the Holmesian will enjoy and should see as part of their background. 
  • Trailer

8. Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) [Nicholas Rowe as Holmes and Alan Cox as Watson]

  • Teenage Sherlock Holmes and John Watson meet at a boarding school and are thrust into a mystery when a teacher is murdered, his last words breathed to Holmes “Eh-tar”, leading them to a secret group right under their feet.
  • For fans of boarding school/college aus, this is the perfect movie. Watson’s slightly out of character, and Sherlock has a love interest, but the casting and the writing are both spectacular. The soundtrack rings of adventure and echoes that same feeling from the original stories. It’s an interesting look at what may have happened if Holmes and Watson had gone to school together. (to this day remains my favorite Sherlock Holmes movie)
  • Trailer

9. The Seven Percent Solution (1976) [Nicol Williamson as Holmes and Robert Duvall as Watson]

  • The film takes on another explanation for Holmes’ three-year absence and the Moriarty problem, as well as delving deep into Holmes (here) drug addiction and offering a glimpse into what could have been the detective’s childhood. Based on the book by Nicholas Meyer.
  • Although not one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes films (not by a mile), it’s a very interesting take on the detective, and a very Freudian look at him (literally). The book and film are often very widely known among the Holmesian community and the film is definitely a classic worth seeing on anyone’s Sherlock Holmes journey.
  • Trailer

10. Sherlock Holmes: Baker Street 221b (TV 2013) [Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson]

  • Another fun Holmes series from Russia, this time very modernly done. It’s a new and different take on Holmes and Watson and their friendship, but still very respectful to the spirit of the characters, the friendship and the original stories. The two meet by accident at the scene of a murder, and from there, the story begins.
  • As far as I’m aware, there were very mixed feelings about this series, but I think it’s an amazing piece of work and a worthy addition to the Holmes Legend. Unfortunately, the actor who played Watson died, so it’s unknown if we will be seeing any more of this series. Watson is very much a fighter and a tough guy whereas Sherlock is very much more brains then brawn. (seriously good series)
  • Trailer

11. Sherlock Hound~Meitantei Holmes (1984-85) Japanese Animated cartoon; English dubbed.

  • Another series aimed more for children, but one that resonates well with Holmes fans. It shows deep affection for the original characters while making everyone animated dogs. Sherlock Hound is kind and smart; Dr Watson is loyal if somewhat clumsy. And Moriarty is nefariously evil for a children’s series, somehow behind every crime that Hound must solve. The beautiful Mrs Hudson often plays large parts in the episodes as well.
  • A definite high recommendation from me. The cartoons are very beautifully made–Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame apparently was in on the early production stages. 
  • Opening Credits | Wikipedia Article

12. A Game of Shadows (2011) [Robert Downey Jr as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson]

  • Another film with mixed reviews from the Holmesian community, this is the second of (so far) two films directed by Guy Ritchie. It can be seen as a sequel to the first or on it’s own. Holmes is preparing to face his arch nemesis Moriarty, whose plans involve him having a very big stake in the first world war. It is up to Holmes to figure out Moriarty’s game and stop him. Much more action based then mystery based, which isn’t always the best for a Holmes film, but it works well here. Also of note is Holmes’ and Watson’s FANTASTICALLY played relationship/friendship, now challenged by Watson’s wife, Mary.
  • Very much in the same vein as the first film, but for me, this movie is much more in the spirit of the original stories, with much more action and violence, of course. Downey Jr may not be the perfect Holmes, but he’s a very funny and adept one, adding new quirks and mannerisms to the Holmes arsenal. Jude Law is a fantastic Watson, and for Moriarty and Moran fans, this is probably the perfect film. Very high up on my favorite Holmes adaptation list and definitely worth the watch–if not for the Holmes aspect, then simply for the pure fun and excitement of the movie.
  • Trailer

When Dean died the third or fourth time he always saw darkness when his eyes closed for what he thought was the last time. The darkness after his death is what made him hardened as the years passed and he was still alive. Because going to hell was better than thinking that there was absolutely nothing for him when he died. Those times he died, and all he saw was nothing, it was when he realized that he didn’t have a shot of heaven. There had always been a piece of him that hung on to the idea of heaven, even if he joked that he would never go, and when it all came crumbling down in that darkness… That was when he lost hope for everything.

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