hold onto your husbands

Desperate {Michael Clifford Smut}

PAIRING: Michael/Y/N

This obviously isn’t as long as my other one shots, but I’m very proud of it! I liked the way it turned out :) here is some pure, raw fucking for all my fellow Mikey girls! Feedback is very much appreciated!


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Title: Lucky

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader (AU)

Word Count: 867

Warnings: Fluf!

A/N: This was written for @atc74 Angelina’s 100 Follower Celebration (you should check her fics, cause she’s pretty fucking awesome). My song is Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Hope you like it.

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Seeing Him for the First Time (again)

Based off of this video

“Babe, don’t worry about it. I’ll be out in like 3 hours and then we can do whatever you want.” Harry says cheekily from his bed that’s being slowly rolled towards the OR. 

Niall steadies his shaky hands against the railing of the bed, rolling his eyes and trying to act calm. “Shut up, Harry.”

“Mr. Styles, I assure you, this is a routine operation. You have nothing to worry about.” Harry’s doctor says to Niall as he passes them by, going in to wash his hands and set up the OR. 

“See, Ni, I’ll be fine.” The brunette husbands assures, laying a hand on Niall’s and bringing it up to kiss it softly. “See you soon, yeah?”

Niall pouts a little bit, but nods nevertheless, “Soon.” He echoes, watching as the nurses wheel his husband off into the OR.

* * * *

About four hours later, Niall is finally granted access into Harry’s room. He was given a slight warning about just how loopy Harry was acting due to the anesthesia, but this was definitely not what he was expecting.

“It’s okay, just eat the cracker.” Niall coos softly to his husband who’s currently laying in a hospital bed, drugged out and busy looking at the small biscuit in his hand like it’s the most interesting thing he’s ever seen in his life. 

Harry doesn’t bother looking over at Niall, maybe because the cracker is just too enticing, or maybe he just didn’t hear the blonde. “I need some medicine.” He slurs to no one in particular, his head lolling to the side as he speaks. 

“They’re bringing ya some, don’t worry Haz.” Niall placates softly, trying his best to withhold his laughter as Harry hiccups and whines about his aching head. 

Unfortunately, Niall has never been the best at withholding his laughter and the few chuckles that do end up escaping his lips receive a dark look from his husband. Harry’s eyes meet Niall’s but they don’t stay there, as if he was surprised by something and hesitantly, the brunette looks back, confusion etched across his face. “Did…” He mutters, trailing off before returning more confidently, “Did the doctor’s send you?” 

Niall’s eyes widen comically, not expecting that at all ,despite the warning the doctor had gave him in regards to the heavy amounts of  anesthesia Harry was given in surgery. 

Niall opens his mouth to respond but his husband cuts him off, leaning closer as he murmurs, “love, you are eye candy… woah.” He says loudly,either unaware or unworried about the few other people who were still awake on their floor.  

Niall laughs out loud, head thrown back as he can’t believe what Harry’s saying. His husband was known for his 70s-esque vocabulary and terrible jokes, but this was one a whole different level. 

“You are the prettiest person I’ve ever seen…” Harry says, forehead scrunching in what seems to be frustration as he squints at the blonde in front of him. Niall’s smile changes to adoration and he casually brushes a hand through Harry’s soft hair, snorting as Harry leans up into his touch like a pleased kitten. “Are you a model?” Harry asks and Niall shakes his head as a blush settles across his cheeks, wondering if this was just Harry acting– but then again, no, Harry was no actor– this must be real.

“No, harry, no, i’m just.. I’m here with you now, alright?” Niall says, trying to settle Harry down, “Just eat your cracker–” Niall attempts, but Harry interrupts him.

“Who are you?” He asks, trying to sit up a bit better and gripping onto Niall’s shirt as if he was trying to keep Niall closer. 

Niall grins, holding onto Harry’s hand and leans closer, “My name’s Niall, I’m your husband.” He answers, watching in awe as Harry’s face lights up with absolute shock.

“You.. you’re my husband??” He asks loudly, flailing in his bed a bit as he stares into Niall’s eyes. The blonde nods, giggling like a child and Harry sits back onto the bed, slapping a hand to his own forehead in what seems to be complete and absolute awe. “Holy shit.” He says and Niall cackles once more, unable to control himself as he eats the rest of his cracker. “Dang, ooh… how long?” He asks, voice still drunk and confused. 

Niall smiles down at Harry, “About three years…” He says, not bothering to mention to 5 years they dated before Harry proposed.

“Do we have children together?!” Harry asks, eyes wide in uncertainty and doubt.

The blonde simply shakes his head in a tiny laugh, “Not yet, babe.”

“We call each other babe?” The brunette asks, rolling over a bit as he continues staring at Niall, “Do I call you baby?”

Niall smirks and nods, feeling as if he’s stuck in a loop. Harry was affectionate and loving enough when he was sober, and Niall was a bit too tired to be answering all of drugged-up-Harry’s 

“Have we kissed yet?” Harry asks, suddenly grip on Niall’s hand suddenly much tighter and Niall can’t control his laugh once again.

Niall nods tiredly, “We’ve done a bit more than just kiss, Haz.” He answers slyly, making Harry’s face drop as he stares at Niall longingly, like he couldn’t believe that he was even sitting next to Niall. 

“Oh my god, I hit the jackpot!” He shouts, flopping back onto the hospital bed and sighing loudly. “Let me see your face, come here.” Harry says, making grabby-hands at Niall, who simply places his face into Harry’s hands. Harry smushes his cheeks together and Niall giggles lightly, smiling brightly and Harry makes a low gasping sound. “Your teeth are perfect.” He whispers and Niall raises an eyebrow, remembering when Harry used to say the same thing when his teeth were bent and crooked across his mouth.

Harry is silent for a moment before leering at Niall cheekily, “Turn around.” He orders and Niall’s laughter, just like always, is the only noise that resounds throughout the hospital floor. 

* * * *

And a week later, when Harry’s fully recovered and sober the two spend their first night re-watching the video of Harry’s post-operation stupor. 

“I cannot believe you said all this.” Niall says after their conjoined laughter dies down. 

Harry grins down at Niall, pulling the blonde closer by the small of his back, “I can believe it… it’s what I’m thinking all of the time. Makes sense that I’d say it when I’m on drugs.” He shrugs and Niall’s cheeks redden. 

“I love you, you big sap.” Niall says, rolling his eyes before pulling his husband in to kiss him soundly. 

Lol that was so cheesy and short but keep in mind I spent 7 hours yesterday writing an 11 page paper that I’m still not done with. 

I have a pretty much free long weekend coming up and GUYS MY BIRTHDAY IS ON WEDNESDAY!!!!! I’ll be 17 :) :) :) 

Prompts are open! I do any niall centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here.