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Hi @gettingaphdinlarry ! I found out it was your birthday today, so I wanted to wish you a good one and let you know that I made a spotify playlist for To Give You A Hand To Hold. I put it together for myself a couple days after reading your fic, but I’ve now transferred it to a sketchy, fake spotify account so I could share it with you lol. I hope you enjoy! xx 


Yes hi I’m still around. 😎

So the semester started an I haven’t been able to catch a break. 😢

Exams, quizzes, career fair, interviews… 😅

It’s seriously been the semester from hell.

Again my return date is TBD.

I just don’t want anyone wondering where I’m at, because I haven’t gone anywhere! Still chillin at PSU.

No one take it personally! @christinpulisic @foreverpsg @chocabel @ many others I *do* see that you’ve tagged me in some stuff and I promise I’ll write up a reply as soon as I get a couple extra minutes to myself. Love you guys! 😊❤️

I’m hoping October won’t nearly be as stressful. 🙌🏼

So again, no worries! This is seriously the first time I’m opening tumblr in about 3 weeks and I probably won’t be any more active for another 2 weeks.

Stay tuned. Drunk Nikkie will return as well 🙃




“Black♡ Jack”

III - Chasing Hearts (Part 2)

“Guys, I’m late and I know that. I had my heart and my head taken away by other things (*cough*Haikyuu!*cough*) but… you must believe me, I’m still in love with Zootopia, in love with WildeHopps, in love with my OC and in love with you. I’m not a very social person so that’s why I didn’t answer to all of your messages, but I read them all. Trust me. I was so happy this evening when Rem told me she had finished the comics, that I dropped everything and started to write the dialogues right away! Hope you’ll like this chapter ❤️”

- @aoimotion -

Sorry guys, for this delay and for teasing you all this time. it was a complicated chapter, and… still sorry I cannot say anything, anymore,, my brain just fucked up… XD… Tomorrow we will talk about it (if I will alive).

Have fun and Byeeee!!!!

  • Tyler Joseph's journal entry about Holding On To You

I was looking one of the journals… it was from three years ago: “you know, I don’t know if this band thing is gonna work, I don’t know if music’s gonna work, I don’t know if - am I supposed to do this, am I made to play music? Everything seemed like it was crashing down, there was no light at the end of this tunnel.” And at the very end I said, “but you know what, I’m writing a song. And I think it’s really good, I like it a lot. And I don’t know what I’m gonna call it yet, but… I might call it Entertain My Faith.” I ended up calling it Holding On To You.

September 9, 2013 x

To think he went from writing songs about his inner demons in a basement, to playing sold out shows with his best friend. Look at this. This is a sign. I promise everything gets better with time.