hold on to that ball

0.1 100% het VPI axanthic 66% pos het genetic stripe for sale. $75+ shipping.

1. Proof of appropriate enclosure and knowledge of ball python care required. I hold the right to ask husbandry questions and to request photos of the habitat as part of the approval process.
2. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.
3. Must be in the lower 48 United States. Due to expenses I am unable to ship out of the country.
4. Shipping is additional. Purchaser must have a home address or access to a fedex hub. I will not ship to P.O. boxes.
5. All payments must be completed through Paypal.

All snakes are sex and genetics guaranteed and will arrive with a certificate stating genetics (picture of parents, locked, on eggs, and clutch), hatch date, feeding information (frequency, size, species), and parentage.

Additional pictures available on request. Also found in in the #sh7 tag.


good things about dogs

-that little waddle their butts do when they walk
-when they rest their heads on you!!!!!
-that sigh before they lay down. same buddy same
-when they move their paws in their sleep!!! dream away sweet friends
-when they get so excited to see you!!!
-big dogs who think they are small dogs and try to sit on ur lap.
-when their ears go up
-when u hold their paws :’)
-when ur about to throw their ball…and they do that lil hop cause they’re so excited
-ur dogs know when ur sad…like they just know…and they’ll come up to u if ur crying or something gosh darn :’’’)


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 


the ballad of mona lisa // panic! at the disco

Why I Liked DBS Ep 65:

Goku: “You know what? I’ve taken a lot of shit from this series.”

“I’ve been made stupid. I’ve been called selfish. And I’ve taken it all.”

“Vegeta saves his son from a blast, loses half his armor”

“and is called the greatest dad.”

“I’ve willingly

and purposefully

took a hole through my chest

to save my son and 

I’m a terrible father.”

“So you know something?”

“Fuck this fanbase.”

“FUCK this script!”