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Angel Blades - Part 2 (Soulmate AU)

Title: Angel Blades
Pairing: Dean x Reader or Sam x Reader
Inspired by: The soulmate au where you have a counter till the moment you meet your soulmate. 
Word Count: 1269
Warnings: Cursing, insult, a lot of creative licensing, takes place sometime in Season 6, soulmate 

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Read: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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guiltyfandoms  asked:

I know you got about a Billion Requests (cause you're damn good) but, if those ever dwindle down I'd love to see Adrien introducing Maggie to his college's trans+queer group "this is my queer mama Maggie and her wife Alex" (regardless of whether sanvers is married yet, bratty kids y'know)

Alex wrings her hands in the car the entire drive over.

Until, that is, Maggie takes one hand off the wheel, reaches over to the passenger’s seat, and laces fingers with her girlfriend.

“They’re gonna love you, babe.”

Alex takes a deep breath and nods and just turns up J. Cole, losing herself in mouthing every word flawlessly (closing her lips, of course, at every n-word), and Maggie’s thumb swipes across Alex’s hand in understanding silence until she has to make the sharp turn onto Star City University’s campus.

“You ready for this?” Maggie asks after she parks in front of the Student Union building, and Alex’s eyes are in secret agent overdrive as she assesses every single student walking by.

“I had a… rough time in college.”

Maggie watches her with soft eyes and a tilted head. “The drinking?”

Alex nods, eyes fixed on a passing group of pajamas-wearing students, one of the boys jumping up on the other’s shoulders, making the entire group erupt in raucous laughter and a humorous backpack fight.

“I wonder how different it would have been if I’d known I was… gay.”

Maggie smiles faintly and leans across the car to kiss Alex’s nose. “Wanna go find out?”

Alex bites her lower lip and adjusts her jacket. “You’ll hold my hand?”

Maggie grins. “The entire time. On that note… wait there.”

Alex furrows her brow as Maggie practically hops out of the car and jogs around to the passenger side. She yanks the door open and holds out her hand to help Alex out.

“I’m a woman of my word, Danvers. You want me to hold your hand the whole time, then I’m gonna do it the whole damn time.”

Alex blushes and slips out of the car, gulping at the idea of finally holding another woman’s hand on a college campus.

“Adrian says the club room’s in the basement, first left after the bookstore. This way.”

Alex holds tight to Maggie’s hand as they weave through college kids with faces buried in their smart phones and college kids with faces buried in their books and college kids with faces turning up into grins that Alex doesn’t quite know how to interpret at the sight of Alex and Maggie’s interlaced fingers.

But Maggie’s stride doesn’t lose cool confidence, and Alex finds herself turned on at the way her girlfriend moves in the world, the way she navigates every space like she knows it so well, even when she most certainly doesn’t.

Like she has a right to be in the world, even though it’s worked so hard to convince her that she doesn’t.

They’re staring at a door utterly covered in an explosion of rainbow flags before Alex knows it, and Maggie shakes her head.

“Well, Adrian’s clearly made his impact,” she chuckles, and the sound relaxes Alex.

True to her word, Maggie doesn’t let her hand leave Alex’s once, even as they nod at each other and Maggie pushes the club room door open; even as there’s a high-pitched scream and Maggie stumbles backward slightly with the force of Adrian’s hug; even as the blurry mass of excited college boy shifts from Maggie to Alex.

“Good to see you too, Ade,” Alex wheezes, wondering vaguely what would happen if Adrian and Kara ever had a competition to see who could hug hardest.

Adrian beams, his new silver stud earring glistening almost as brightly as his brown eyes as he bounces on his toes and splays his hands open to the rest of the room, which – Alex only now notices – is littered with old couches and arm chairs, nearly every inch of the walls covered in art work, in posters, in rainbow flags, bi flags, ace flags, trans flags, flags for orientations and identities Alex doesn’t have the words for yet.

And scattered across those couches, chairs, and upturned crates are teenagers in varying states of studiousness. Two are crouched in the corner and utterly absorbed in their laptops, headphones in; others have notebooks in their laps but conversation on their lips; and some are sprawled in each other’s laps.

“Everyone!” Adrian announces with all the flair of a theater major. “This is my queer mama Maggie and her wife Alex!”

Even the kids on their laptops grin at that, and one of them takes out one of their earpods and gestures with a pen in Maggie and Alex’s direction.

“Good to meet you two – we were all starting to suspect that Adrian made up his mythically supportive cop friend and her lovely girlfriend, Adrian, no one’s trying to pretend we believe you that they’re married yet.”

Maggie laughs and Alex blushes, and Adrian gasps in mock horror.

“Are you questioning my honor, Dani?”

Dani arches a lazy eyebrow, a grin on their face, and looks right past Adrian to Maggie. “Detective Sawyer, right? Are you two actually married yet?”

“Not yet, kiddo,” Maggie answers, squeezing Alex’s hand as she beams and Alex’s stomach somersaults pleasantly.

“Well, married or not yet, we’ve heard a shitton about you both from this one,” a girl with buzzed hair and a green streak on one side grins up from her sprawl on a femmey-looking girl’s lap.

“And we’ve heard a lot about you all. Lemme see if I can do this,” Alex perks up, and Maggie beams proudly as her girl gets animated with the rush of excitement, the rush of acceptance; the rush of a challenge where she won’t be punished if she gets something wrong.

“You’re Mariah, and unless you’re up to something on the side, that must be Carrie.” The girls squeal and Adrian and Maggie exchange glances and beam.

Alex squints around the room and rattles off the names and random facts about everyone in the room, and they all cheer more and more raucously the farther along she gets. When she circulates back around to Adrian, she holds her hand out to him.

“But I don’t believe I’ve met this handsome young man. Alex Danvers, FBI. And who is your absolutely beautiful lady friend?” she asks, cocking her head toward Maggie, and the kids in the room – even Dani on their laptop – explode with laughter as Maggie blushes deeply and hides her smiling face in the hand that isn’t still holding Alex’s.

Adrian doesn’t miss a beat.

“Pleasure to meet you, Alex Danvers, FBI. I’m Adrian Rodriguez, National City born and bred, Star City transplant, general badass. And my absolutely beautiful lady friend is Maggie Sawyer, NCPD Science Division: into motorcycles, girls, badassery, reforming the system she works in, and wildly kinky sex. I think you two’ll get along just great.”

Dani shrieks and Mariah leans over and smacks Adrian’s arm lightly, and he ducks as both Maggie and Alex go for a playful headlock.

“Is anything I said untrue?!” he squeals, and Maggie’s blush grows as she buries her face in Alex’s shoulder.

“You’re lucky I love you, Ade!” she stammers when she finally turns around, Alex wrapping her arms around Maggie’s waist from behind as Adrian laughingly leans in for a kiss on both cheeks, which Maggie happily gives him to a chorus of awwwws.

They’re in a completely different city; in a public college, whereas Alex had gone to Stanford; in a club room in the basement of the Student Union, whereas Alex had spent her entire college career in the lab or throwing up in the bathroom; surrounded by queer kids with bright smiles and barely hidden scars, whereas Alex was just coming out a decade older than them.

And she’s somehow never felt more at home.

Where does a suburban moyher of three get eggs?

I work at a southern states, which is a farm supply store that sells feed, animal products etc.  In the spring we sell baby chicks. This is a huge deal and all the kids love it.  Granted we get plenty of the kids that hold them just a little too tight.  But this is another story completely.  

Before Easter,  what sounds like a suburban mom of two calls the phone and wants to know what kind of chicks we have. I rattle off the list and ask if there’s anything else she needs. 

She asks what all she needs to take care of some chicks. After explaining that she would need chick food, a feeder, waterer, a jeat lamp, and some kind of place to keep them in the dry, she asked if she could keep them in the house. 

I told her that she could for about a week but they would soon be too big.  Them she had the brilliant idea of keeping them in the bathtub.  I again told her that it wouldn’t be a very good or permanent solution.  

She also asked if we sold baby chick feed.  No ma'am. Absolutely not.  We let our chicks starve. 

I helpfully supplied that we even sold egg baskets for when the chicks started laying eggs. 

She promptly stayed she didn’t know that chickens laid eggs.  

Where do your eggs come from,  mysterious suburban mom? 


I promise.  

She decided her son needed a stuffed bunny for Easter instead.  


Logan Howlett Imagine

Logan x Reader

Daughter, Father relationship.

Warning: None

Word count: 1,589

Authors Note: Something that’s been in my head for way to long and has been sitting in my draft.

Logan was tired for once, when he entered Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Entering the kitchen, a groan escaping his mouth as the cold beer touched his fingertips. “Last time. This is the last time.” The bar stool squeaked underneath him as he took a long gulp of the beer. Covered in sweat, dried blood and dirt wasn’t how he wanted his night to go.

Just a couple more beers.

Logan come see me, Xavier’s voice echoed through his head. All Logan could do was groan. Make it quick. 

Without another word, Logan got up, endless curses running through his head. It sure as hell better be important.

What Logan didn’t expect to find was a young teen girl, looking like she just came out of the same situation as him. Ripped white top, mud, blood, the top clung to her y/s/c skin. Y/h/c knotted and all over the place. When he had entered, something had shifted inside him. Her wide y/e/c eyes locked with his brown pair.

“What the hell?” He voiced, raising an eyebrow. Xavier met his gaze as he whispered something to the girl, who just merely shrugged.

“Logan met Y/n. You’ll be taking her under your wing,” before Logan could protest, Xavier carried on,”I sent Storm to found her, she was in the woods wondering around- Anyways, Y/n show him what you can do.”

She hopped of her seat and rolled her shoulders. When she closed her eyes, they snapped open, y/e/c eyes burned brighter, her pupils thinning. Immediately there was a shift in the atmosphere. Xavier threw objects at her,

In her eyes, everything happened in slow motion. She hit them all away, making there path change to the wall beside her. Objects hit against the wall as a few sharp items lodged into the wood. The one thing notice able, that she moved around objects that couldn’t be deflected like a cat.

Once she showed an example of what she could do, she sat back down. Regaining back energy.

“Xavier, you sure as hell know I can’t look after a kid.” Logan growled. “Just- no.”

“Logan to bad. She’s under your care. And I’m sure you both will get a long just fine.” Xavier chimed. Hiding his amusement behind his blank face.

Y/n jumped back up and walked towards Logan. “Logan? Right? I don’t give a damn about what you think or want. But we can come to an agreement? We can both be out of each others way.”

Y/n sure as hell wasn’t thrilled about any of this. She preferred the outdoor lands. Where she could roam free and enjoy the what the land offered. As Logan and her walked side by side, towards her room, there was slight tension in the air. Her eyes darted around the room, taking everything in.

“So kid, what you do?” Logan question, making her roll her eyes.

“My powers relate to animals,” She paused looking at him, pondering on how to word it, “I connect to animals by taking traits or abilities they may have. Cat; Agility, Bear;Strength.” Logan nodded, raising a hand motioning her to stop. “How about you?”

Without a word from him, sharp metal extended from between his knuckles. She could sense the pain as he did that and could hear his bones shift underneath his skin. “It hurts when you do it?”

He nodded. “Most of the time.” His jaw clenched not in the mood to talk about. She noticed his actions and simply kept her mouth shut as she let her eyes wonder around. 

They were silent for the rest of the journey to her room. Y/n wanted to drown in sleep and she was guessing he wanted to drink his rough night away. “Xavier told me most things about you. The whole healing factor and animal senses? Cute-”

Logan grabbed her by the shoulders, making her eyes narrow, “Look kid. I’m a violent person, when he means, ‘put under my wing’ he means exactly that and I’m busy 24/7-”

She shoved his hands of her, “Look kid,” she growled, “I don’t give damn about whatever is wrong with you or whoever! But don’t talk to me about violence. Look at me and look at you. We both fucking look like we just left a fucking war scene!” She shoved him, surprise crossing his face.

“Don’t swear.” He opened the door behind her, “your room kid.” She stood and watched as he opened a door, couple doors away. She huffed, entering her room. Flicking the light on, everything was plain. A door was to the right of her. She’ll investigate later.

“Great,” she huffed.

Hearing Logan come behind her, she turn back around to see him holding a large shirt. “We’ll get you clothes tomorrow. Sleep tight kid.” He left, closing the door, not before placing the shirt on the stool.

She heard his heavy sigh and his heavy footsteps leave from outside her room.

Oh god she wanted to just take a nap but really? Stop swearing?

After finding out that the door was a small bathroom, she had a long cold shower, frustration fulling her thoughts. It took her a while to figure out how the shower worked and stood a distance away from the head of it. It was better when she was out in the wild, alone and isolated but now stuck in the situation of school and socializing- she hated it.

Not even looking forward to spend this time with a broad, macho, man.

“Don’t swear. Kid? Who the hell says ‘kid’…” She rambled quietly sliding into bed, wearing the top he offered. Her nose wrinkled, the scent of smoke and alcohol fulling her senses. “Kid.” She grumbled as sleep finally seeped in. 

The fight felt like it would never end. A roar tore through Logan’s throat as his claws lodged into a victim. Y/n growled as she jumped on someone ripping at their throat her eyes wide and wild. Jumping to the next person who screamed.

It was an unexpected ambush. Much to Logan and Y/n’s annoyance. Things were going swell, as they fought. Until a herd of more people separated them. But they were different, much more quicker and agile.

Panic started to set in Y/n’s heart at the distance the people created between her and Logan. They grinned as she growled. Moving back into action.

Logan made sure to watch Y/n from where he fought. Gaining a few wounds that would heal but she didn’t have the same healing factor as him, which had him worried. Ever since she came into his life, he was always so fucking worried.

But when his eyes looked away and landed back on her. Her eyes were wide as she stared at him. 

They had shot her, but something was in the bullet that entered her skin. The only thing her eyes were concentrated on was Logan. 

She watched as the center of his chest, blood seeped out and stained his top he wore. Watched as his eyes rolled back into his head as he ever so slowly dropped to the ground. Y/n’s hand darted to her heart but what left her mouth- “Dad!” 

It screamed through her throat. Logan’s heart leaped in his chest at the word but he immediately frowned at the tears that ran down Y/n’s y/s/c cheek. Hearing a bullet go of, it hit her in the side. A roar so powerful, it vibrated through the earth. He watched in terror, running towards her body that dropped to the ground.

Just as she dropped, Storm flew in along with Jean and Scott. In a split second they cleared most of the attackers away.

Logan slid beside Y/n. Landing on his knees, he picked up her body. “No. No. No!” He shook her. “Y/n! Goddammit. Kid please…” His voice cracked as he cradled her face, staring at her shut eyes, rubbing her cheek. Pressing his forehead against hers, tears started to seep behind his closed eyes.

Storm, Jean and Scott ran to Logan after clearing the field. They stopped a small distance away but Storm tracked on. “L-logan. Come on. We’ll take her.” God, Storm tried to stay strong but she dropped beside Logan, her eyes almost pleading. “Oh god Y/n.” Storm let the tears fall as she huddled next to Logan.

Y/n could hear it. The silent murmurs and the warmth of a hot breathing fanning her face. Alcohol and smoke invading her nose. “I’m bleeding to death and all you do is cry over me.” Her eyes cracked open to see Logan and Storm. Coughing, her eyebrows furrowed at the pain that erupted through her body. She whimpered and nuzzled into Logan. “Dad, please. Can we go home.”

Again the word that made his heart explode with so much emotion. He nodded picked her up, cradling her to his chest. Y/n had slipped her hand into Storm’s who sucked up and pretended she didn’t cry.

Jean and Scott were hugging each other as they had their own tears. Jean took notice of Y/n’s state. “We better hurry back.” Jean spoke. So they ran into the jet. Logan sat down as Storm pressed a kiss to Y/n’s forehead and ran to the pilot seat. 

Logan was lost in his own little bubble, the only person being Y/n. He stared at her as Scott tended to her wounds. Muttering the small word that she spoke which caused such emotion from him. “Dad. Okay then kid.” A small smile was placed on Y/n’s lips.

Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken

“Can I request an imagine where you’re Emma’s daughter and Henry’s older sister,but also Peter’s true love,so you all go to Neverland to save Henry , and pan flirts with u all the time and stuff so he make a deal to keep u and let Henry leave😉”

Warnings: Cursing, wicked pan,

You loved your bother Henry, he was your best friend, and your mother Emma, well she was a mom, She was always there for you when you needed her, she scolded you whenever you did something you weren’t supposed to do, you know, the regular mom stuff.

You were in high school, wanting to just pass 3 more years of high school, graduate, and eventually get a job, if that was even possible, because well, time would change randomly, magic would change your world, people came into town and everything would change. Storybrooke was a town that once you entered you were there forever, everyone knew everyone, you were all family.

In a strange way you loved it, you loved the adventure, saving StoryBrooke and restoring your town, being the saviors daughter had some perks, everyone in high school thought you were so cool, everyone treated you with respect, it was a really cool feeling, you loved it. It was awesome, but sometimes you wanted to be normal, going to high school was a little hard, because you were usually trying so save someone from killing your town, or stopping a powerful villain. Life was complicated, but it was your life.

Well one day that all changed, when night, Henry was captured.

You woke up to a scream, which scared you right out of bed, you ran downstairs to ask whats wrong, he was gone

“Where did he go?!” you asked almost in tears

“Nobody knows.” Hook says as he holds your mother

You ran upstairs to Henry’s room,it was true, he was gone.

You were confused, you were upset, wanted to cry,and scream, but you didn’t. You knew Henry, Henry wouldn’t have left without a reason , a forget me not, a clue.

So therefore, you searched, you searched everywhere, starting from his room, you looked in his pillows, his blanket, his closet , dressers, searched his closet, in all his shoes, his trash, everywhere you thought of, it lasted for about 3 hours til you finally broke down and started to cry, Emma and the gang heard you and went to comfort you.

“Whoever did this is gonna pay big time!” you yell and scream as you cry.


Back in Neverland Henry was trying to get back to you, but Peter and his lost boys are very dangerous, and are very hard to escape from.

Peter was head in Charge, he was king of Neverland, and if anyone would try to disrespect the king, you would never see them again, he was a cruel sick, wicked boy, and he was only 16.

He loved being in charge, he loved knowing there was no one above him, he loved knowing that the lost boys not only respected him, but they were scared of him.

“Please let me go!” Henry would beg him.

Peter would just laugh and walk away, he loved to see others suffer, he was sick.


Back in StoryBrooke you were finally ready to give up.

“Y/n you have to get ready for school, I know Henry is missing, but school is important.” Your mom said

Of course, you thought, using your education as a distraction.

“Yeah , that sounds awesome, go to school when your brother is missing which could be a life or death situation!” you yell

“That’s enough go to school now!” she yells

“You know what it’s not my fault that I’m the only one searching for him.” you say as your cross your arms

“We are ALL looking for him.” she says with a stern voice.

“Yeah? Well where is he?!” you asked with tears in your eyes “I miss him so much.” you cry once again.

Emma comes and holds you tight

“Listen kid, we’ll find him, no matter what, we will search far and wide, but right now I really need you to go to school, please.” Emma asked

“Okay okay, I’ll go.” you sniffed and wiped your tears on your sleeve.

You walk out of the house, walking to school, when all of a sudden a gust of wind blew in your face and you got dust in your eye.

“Oh great!” you yelled as you turn around , rubbing your eyes.

As you look up you look at Henry window, there, right there, a leaf, but it was stuck in the window, perfectly stuck, too perfect. That right there, that had to be the sign!

You run through the window pushing Emma and the rest of the group out the way

“Hey!” they all yelled, almost pushing them over.

You ran to Henry’s window and got the leaf, it was very sloppy, and really hard to read, you studied it for about 30 seconds, by that time, the whole group was in his room , asking what was wrong and what not, you just ignored them, and then, you figured it out, you found the clue, the ultimate clue.

“Neverland.” you said

“What did you say?” David asked

“Th-that’s where he is, Neverland!” your voice was shaking and so were your hands, but you did it, you found out where your little brother was.

David took the leaf and agreed, “It has to be something, we have to at least try, it’s the biggest clue we have yet, what else could it mean?”

“So you’re telling me he’s in Neverland?” Regina asked

“Yes that;s exactly what I’m telling you.” David said

“What are we waiting for lets go!” Emma said

“YES!” you screamed

You started to pack your things, such as clothes, a pocket knife, food, water, a compass, whatever you may need, you never been to Neverland no heard of it, I mean people have talked about it, like Hook has talked about it, but not a lot, so you were curious of what Neverland had to offer, and how fast you were gonna get back Henry.


You arrived at Neverland, it was beautiful, you weren’t going to lie, it had a very nice scent, it smelled like pine woods and a little cinnamon. The trees stretched so far up you couldn’t even see the where it ended, the plants and flowers were unlike anything you seen before, even the way the ground, the dirt, the soil was different. It was hard and soft all at once.

“Okay so let’s do this.” Emma said

“Let’s do it!” Regina said.

You all stay in a group , searching for him was hard, you felt so little in such a big place, it was beautiful but scary all at once.

by the second hour you were pretty tired, so you asked to stop and eat, well they weren’t gonna stop searching so they let you eat while they stayed close, but still searched

You open your backpack and take out a sandwich, and start to eat it. You then pull out your phone.

“UUgh no service, great.” you say

So then you pull out a book and start to read.

About 5 minutes into reading you were really starting to enjoy your book, when all of a sudden…

“What’s that?” someone said behind you

“Ahh!” you said as you drop your book and your delicious sandwich.

“What the hell?” you turn around and see a boy, a quite attractive boy, but you didn’t let that distract you too much.

“You didn’t answer my question.” he said

“Oh it’s a book, and THAT right there is my sandwich that YOU made me drop.” you said

“Oh I’m sorry beautiful.” he smiled and cocked an eyebrow

Oh shit. He’s hot as hell.

“I-it’s okay.” you said

He picked up your book and looked through it, “It has no pictures in it.”

“A book doesn’t has to have pictures for it be an amazing story.” you said

He nodded, “So what are you doing here?” he asked

“I’m here to find my brother Henry, I’m guessing this guy Peter Pan came and took him, so me and my family are searching for him.”

“Peter Pan? Sounds like a great guy.” he said as he leaned against a tree.

“Hey what’s your name anyway?” you asked

“Me? Oh I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” he said bluntly

“WHAT?!” you say as you get in a fighting position

“Hol-hol-hol-hold up love.” he says putting his arms up but still smiling.

“Where is Henry?” You scream

“He’s safe and sound, I promise.”he said

“LIAR!” you yell

“Keep it down” he says “Your other group will hear.”

“Good!” you say

“Listen I want to make a deal with you.”

“Hell no.” you said

“It’s more of a game actually, you know how I love my games.” he winks at you

“Ugh.” you scuff at him, already annoyed with him.

“If I win, you can keep Henry, if you don’t , you both stay.”

“Hell no!” you say

He smiles “Oh come on, it will be fun, besides.” his smiles turns into a wicked one. “You wouldn’t have a chance.”

“You don’t know that, I will find a way, and I will find Henry without YOUR help!”  you say as you walk away from him.

“Keep walking, I like the view.” he says

You say nothing but give him the finger

“How cane someone with such power be so immature ?!” you stated

You walk back to the group

“Hey how was your sandwich?”

“Fine now let’s go find Henry.” you say annoyed.


It wasn’t long until you all ran into Pan again.

“Where’s Henry?!” the group yelled

But you knew it wouldn’t work, Peter was so cocky, and self centered.

He then looks at you and winks you roll your eyes and the group notices.

“Just take me on my offer.” he says as he walks up to you

“I’m not going to take it so you can back off of me!” you yell

“Oh come on, you’d make a lovely lost girl.”as he touches your face.

“Do NOT touch me!” you yell

“Get your hands off of her!” David says about to punch Pan’s face, but Pan remains calm.

“You’ll come around soon, I know it.” he says as he looks into your eyes.

His eyes were pierced green, they were beautiful, and it was as if he cast a spell on you for 2 seconds, because in those 2 seconds you wanted him, you wanted Peter, the Peter Pan, but you snapped out of it, but it was far too late, for he knew you wanted him, because he wanted you too.


Not very long passed, you actually went behind your groups back and would go meet Peter, in the day he would leave notes and little gits, letting you know what time to meet him and what not.

“Peter this is so wrong.” you admit

“But it feels so right, doesn’t it?” he would look at you with puppy eyes, and for those nights that you met him, you saw a totally different Peter, a nice, sweet, gentle, and kind Peter.

It was nice, and you were both growing feelings for each other, but you knew it was terribly wrong.

“You have my brother!” you said in almost a mean way

He rubbed your arm in the most gentle way, it almost tickled.

“But if I give him back, you will leave?” he said in the most vulnerable way

“W-well yes, I need to go back home, I need to go to school.”

“Why?” he asked

“Because I need my education.” you said

“You need to stay with me.” he pulled you in closer , looking deep into your eyes

“I-I, Can’t. I need to get Henry back, please.” you asked

He almost shook his head in dis be leaf, “You’re denying me?”

“It’s not that, I need my brother, and to go home.” you said

Peter clenched his fingers and tighten his jaw and look furious, “I can’t do that.” his British accent grew stronger whenever he got mad.

“Well , then, I’m sorry, but this, can’t happen anymore.” you got up and walked away with tears in your eyes.

Peter was the only boy you truly cared about, and telling him that, broke you apart.

You went back to your sleeping bag but the group was already awake and looked mad.

“Where were you?” Regina asked

“What do you mean?” you asked

“I didn’t stutter, tell us where you were.” she says

“I went to the bathroom.” you said as you crossed your arms, feeling confident

“Without taking the toilet paper?” she pointed to where the toilet paper bag was

“Oh..” you were caught

“Why are you always gone?? You leave randomly without telling us, and you go out in the middle of the night.” she says

“I’m finding Henry of course.” you say in a low voice, feeling less confident

“Yeah right, why don’t you ask anyone to go with you?” she folds her arms

“I don’t want to be a bother.” you say

“That’s a lot of crap.” David says

As you’re getting yelled at by the group Peter walks near you guys but quickly hides and see’s what is going on.

He notices you aren’t saying you’re with him through all those nights, those random days you would spend hours on end with each other, but still you wouldn’t say you were with Peter, he looked at how sad you were, how intimidated you were by them, he felt sorry, but he didn’t speak up.

The next day you go off by the lake, you cry, you cry because you just simply don’t know what to do.

Peter comes and he sits next to you, and he just watches you, he doesn’t comfort you, nor says anything, he just watches.

“What do you want?” you say as you try to wipe your tears.

“I need you.” he says

“What?” you say almost not believing what he just said.

“I need you, to stay, in a way, you make me better, I don’t feel stressed whenever I’m with you, I feel happy, and just well I don’t know, I know I haven’t known you for long, but I feel like you’re the only one who truly gets me.”

Your mouth hanged wide open, you were shocked this was coming from Pan’s mouth, he never said anything like this to you, sure he express his feelings, but never to this amount.

“Long ago, before I became ruler of this island, the shadow told me, that I must find my true love, or else, If I did’t find her, then well, I’d loose my island, and everything I done to it.”

So I’m a trophy prize?” you folded your arms

“No it’s not like that.”

“I love you Y/n. I know it may sound silly, but ever since I saw you, I knew you were my true love, so just please, stay with me, here.” he said as he grabbed your hands

You nodded, “Okay, I’ll stay, but Henry has to go with his family back in StoryBrook, he loves it there.” you smiled

“Deal.” he said

So, Henry went back to StoryBrooke with the group, you visited often, and got to see your brother, Peter kept his island, and got his true love.


Jensen x Reader

An Anon request from the Drabble Prompt list. Requested #58:  “I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley.” With Jensen.

HERE is the list of the drabble prompts people are requesting from.

HERE is the list of drabble prompts I’ve already finished. 

It was another gorgeous Texas day. You had your two kids playing on the grass, while you relaxed on the porch with a glass of lemonade beside you and a book in your hand. Everything was perfect. Everything that is, except for your husband being there.

He was filming up in Vancouver, and wasn’t expected home for a couple more days. You knew that, but still you wished he was sitting down next to you, watching your two children chasing after butterflies while your dog watched on. If he had been there, you would have been utterly content.

Life was hard when your spouse, the love of your life, spent his week away from you, coming home only for the weekends, but not every weekend due to conventions. There were days you wished he would just give it all up, but then you felt horrible and selfish for thinking so.

Sighing, you went back to your book, planning on reading for another fifteen minutes or so when you heard the sounds of someone moving about in your house. Not too nervous since Gen had a key and liked to stop by, you placed your book down. Heading inside, you let out a little squeal when you realized it was your husband not your best friend.

“Jen, what are you doing home?” You asked, throwing yourself into his arms.

“Can’t a man surprise his wife?” He asked, holding you tight into his arms, just as your kids came rushing into the house, laughing and wanting to be picked up by their dad. Stepping back, you let him have the time with his four and two year olds, more than happy to have him back home. 

Soon enough, the four of you were back on the patio, the kids back playing in their little sandbox while you cuddled next to Jensen on the porch swing. With his arm around your shoulder, you were content. Wanting nothing more than to stay that way forever. “Jensen, this is the best surprise ever. Thank you.” You whispered, leaning up and pressing a kiss to the side of his mouth.

“What did I do to deserve such a beautiful, amazing wife?” He asked you, his arm bringing you even tighter against him. 

“You’re pretty amazing yourself. That’s why.” You answered, knowing it was about time you got the kids ready for bed.

“I’m just a guy with a wife, two kids, and a Harley.” He insisted, but you caught on to the last of his sentence.

Sitting up, you raised an eyebrow at him. “You are a guy, with a wife and two kids. But what about a Harley?” You questioned him, watching as he grinned at you sheepishly. 

“Well…” He hedged. “I might have gotten conned into buying a motorcycle. A Harley.”

“You what?” You asked, not that surprised. Jensen had always talked about wanting a motorcycle, you had just never imagined it happening.

“I know I should have talked to you about it first. But it’s the style I’ve been wanting, and it was a good deal.” He talked fast. “Please, don’t be mad.”

As you listened to him, images of Jensen wearing a leather jacket, sitting astride a Harley popped into your mind, and you shook your head. “I’m not mad. I’m too happy that you’re home to be mad. And besides, I think you’ll look pretty hot on a motorcycle.”

“Not as hot as the woman riding behind me on it.” He insisted. “Now how about we get those two knuckleheads into bed, and I can show you just how much I missed you.”

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GOT7 reacts to their gf wanting 5 kids

REQUEST: Hello~ If you have the time can I have a BTS and GOT7 reaction to their gf saying that she wants to have 5 kids one day? Thank you~

Mark: He’d be very excited! He’d hug you tight and would talk about how many girls and boys y’all were going to have and how he was going to spoil them.

Originally posted by acousticjin

Jaebum: He’d be a little surprised but happy. He’d hold you close while you two talk about baby names and when y’all plan to have them.

Originally posted by leader-jb

Jackson: He’d jump around and scream at the thought of having 5 kids. He’d be so happy, you’d think he’d explode!

Originally posted by defwang

Jinyoung: He wouldn’t be surprised that you wanted so many kids. He knew you so well that he practically finished your sentence. He’d gladly agree that he wanted a big family but would want to wait until y’all were sure y’all were ready.

Originally posted by softbeom

Youngjae: He’d be all smiles and giggles at the thought of so many kids running around the house. He’d hold you tight and tell you that he couldn’t wait to be a parent.

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

BamBam: He’d be okay with having a big family. He’d go on and on about how he was going to teach them to dab and buy them all the latest fashion in baby clothes.

Originally posted by got7ish

Yugyeom: He’d be excited. He’d tell you about how happy he’d be to teach them how to dance and to dress his little girls as princesses. 

Originally posted by wonhae-manhi-manhi

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Taking Things Slow - 1

// Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

“Handsome Jack sir?” Rhys asked softly, flush slowly leaving his skin as he began awkwardly fixing his clothes. Rhys fidgeted, doing his best to button his shirt and tuck the fabric back into his pants to hide away the slice of creamy hip and belly. Jack swallowed, throat suddenly dry as he spotted a pattern of blue curving blue ink peeking out from the crooked neckline that Rhys was quick to hide away under a fixed tie, hands soon coming down to self consciously smooth at the wrinkles framing his svelte waist and thighs. Jack blinked, attention darting back to his soul mate’s face, the soft clear skin and high cheekbones against seashell pink lips and big scared doe eyes.

Okay so maybe he could have ended up with a worse match.  

Rhack Soul Mate AU based on THIS post. It’s a soul mate AU where you find your mate by touching them, it’s good content. 

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Safe : Chapter One

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Genre: Gang/Mafia AU

Length: 4.7k

Members included: OC - Own Character, All of Bangtan, GOT7, and other groups

Summary: Jimin is a part of a gang called Bangtan. Filthy rich and infamous boys. He finds himself protecting a gifted girl who is being chased by multiple people. Bijou, an 18-year-old girl whose memory holds a priceless numerical code to a safe that leads to billions of dollars, finds herself pursued by gangs. All of Bangtan’s job is to protect Bijou. In exchange of saving her life, Bijou joins their group and helps them complete missions with her skills. Jimin had never paid much attention to girls. That was until he met her, the new member.She made his heart skip a beat every time she came close to him. He had never met someone that can make him feel special like she does.

Warning!: Swearing and Smut

Chapter Two Chapter Three

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Hesitant Alien

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Can you please do one with Gerard and he’s an alien and he doesn’t understand earth so you have to teach him and he’s very confused and it’s very cute”

Word Count: 1,769

Pairing: Gerard x Reader (can be read as Gen tho)

A/N: I gave Gee they/them pronouns bc aliens don’t have our sense of gender and also bc why not

You’ve always believed in aliens, staring up at the stars when you were little and wondering when they would visit. But they didn’t come and you reached 13 still waiting, doodling little green men on your homework and your mom tried to tell you nothing was in the stars-she was never one for dreaming. You didn’t listen, sitting outside until bed time, looking out for UFOs hidden in the sky, heart endlessly hopeful. But now you’re almost 26 and the stars still call out, promises of aliens and new beginnings that you can’t let go of. Something is out there, of course something else is out there, why else is the universe so big? Maybe not little green men like your preteen imagination saw, maybe not robots set out to destroy Earth like movies like to tell stories of, maybe it’s just a bunch of goats. But something is out there and you can’t wait to know what.

You weren’t expecting that something to crash land in your backyard though. It’s late when it happens, dinner dishes in the sink and a movie you’ve seen a billion times playing on the TV. It’s loud, the earth splitting and wind howls, you’re out of your seat before things go silent and you’re opening the sliding door moments later. The cold air envelopes you as you step outside, stopping dead still in the wet grass. Your yard now has a small rocket sticking out of the ground, glinting silver in the moonlight, and you can do nothing but stare. A hatch on the side opens and something crawls out, groaning in pain and even in the dark it looks fairly human. Is this just NASA fucking up? Your endlessly hopeful heart tells you ‘no’, you know what this is.

“Alien,” You breathe out and the thing looks up at you, curious look on its human face.

“Alien? No, I’m Gerard.” It says, rubbing the back of its head as it stands. They’re taller then you, not by a lot though, and you stare up at them in awe.

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Klangst week day 6 - Voltron

Or: The true meaning of Voltron

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 

Keith, Hunk and Pidge each took a seat on the blank floor of Keith’s bedroom, forming a triangle in the center of the room. Keith stared at the ceiling, while Pidge stared at Keith, while Hunk stared at the floor. For several beats no one spoke. Then Pidge heaved a sigh.

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The Joker x Pregnant Reader 2

Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. At least he didn’t try to kill you…yet.    T__T

Read Part 1 here: http://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/152758968286/the-joker-x-pregnant-reader

“Oh, wow…this is going to be an amazing night,” you manage to utter, letting your body collapse on top of the Joker’s, starting to unbutton his shirt while kissing him.

“Anything I can do to keep my Pumpkin happy,” he snickers, panting with desire. “God, I really missed you”. His blue eyes look for yours and then you both stop for a few seconds, gazing at each other.

“You were gone like, for two days  J, ” you smile, teasing him.

“Yeah, and I missed you. You didn’t miss me?!” he frowns, biting your neck line, making sure to leave a few marks.

“Well…it was so nice and quiet…”you start telling him when you suddenly feel the pinches go down all over your body and he finally violently gropes you, satisfied he made you squeal.

“Why are you misbehaving, hmm?” he growls, pulling down on your skirt.

“You know why, baby” you wink, quickly jumping off him, backing out towards the wall.

“Hey, get back in bed, Kitten!”

“Noooope,” you lick your lips, starting to undress. “You come over here.”

“Ohhh… my naughty little minx. Daddy likes!” he purrs, getting out of the bed and slowly walking towards you, tossing his now unbuttoned shirt on the floor.

Suddenly, you can hear Emma’s cry coming from her room.

The Joker freezes for a moment, panicked, then before you can move, he is very fast in trapping you against the wall. His knee goes in between your legs and his hands on the sides of your head, grinding his silver grill in annoyance.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

“J, she’s crying, probably had a nightmare,” you chuckle, amused he’s behaving like this (again).

“NO, I need you!” He’s pushing himself against you even harder.

“Come on, baby, let me go,” you plead, struggling against his body.

“No, you have to pay attention to ME!”

Crying intensifies.

“I have to go, she won’t stop,” you beg, kissing him softly and trying to look as disappointed as you can.

“You’re mine, I don’t like to share. I saw you first,” he mutters, knowing the battle is already lost.

That doesn’t sound childish at all.

“You’re 39, she’s not even 2. I think you have a better chance of surviving this…yes..?” you try to reason with him and he’s sulking.

He takes a deep breath, pouting:

“Remind me again why we have a kid, Y/N.”

“Because we couldn’t let my beauty, brains, charm, awesomeness and your…amazing cheekbones go to waste.”

“Ha! Funny…” he whispers with a sarcastic tone, finally releasing you from his little trap. “I’ll go get her.”

“Awww, you’re such a good dad, J , “ you mock, watching him walk funny towards the door. “Your sacrifice will be remembered in the years to come.”

“Yeah, whatever!”


Emma is now in your bed, cuddled on top of the Joker, sucking on her thumb with her eyes closed while he keeps on caressing her hair. You take a picture of the cute moment. Your phone is full of thousands of pics you snap all the time when J is being sweet with her. Considering everything, he’s actually a good parent. At first you watched him like a hawk, of course, but he never tried to hurt her or anything, even if he creates such a fuss over the little things that happen on a daily basis. You swear: sometimes you feel like you have two kids.


Morning time and you fumble around the kitchen while J is watching Emma, reading her a story. You hear him talk so you stop and listen.

“…and while they were trying to escape, boom!!! Huge explosion, blood everywhere,” he claps his hands and she laughs with her little mouse voice.

“B’ood da’y?” (she can’t really say “daddy”, but there are a few times when she manages to say it clearly).

“Yes, lots of it, all over!” She can’t really understand, but he makes her laugh with his dramatic gestures.

“J, what are you telling her?!” you shout from the kitchen.

“Well, Princess, whoever wrote this garbage for kids should be killed. I had to add something to spice it up, it’s atrocious.”

“J, stop telling her stuff like that, she’s just a baby!” you ask, shaking your head in disapproval and going back to rearranging the kitchen.


“It always puzzles me: don’t I look intimidating? Why isn’t Emma afraid of me?”

“ She takes after her mom,” you answer, rolling your eyes at the obvious reason.


“SHE TAKES AFTER HER MOM!” you yell louder, chuckling.

“I heard you the first time, I just thought you won’t have the guts to repeat that.”

“Ha, ha that would be the day!” you puff, opening the fridge.

The Joker tickles Emma, speaking in a low voice:

“See what I have to deal with? Mommy’s feisty, but I love it. When you grow up, don’t be sassy to daddy, ok? I already have one pain in the ass.“ She sits quietly in his lap, trying yet again to peel his J and the star tattoos on his face, thinking they are stickers.  

He didn’t notice you standing in front of the desk now, arms crossed and eyebrows lifted, staring him down. He lifts his eyes and sees the expression on your face:

“Oh, hey Y/N… Dammit, am I sleeping on the couch tonight?”

“You’re getting close, baby” you scoff, going back to your work.

Some time passed and you don’t hear anything anymore. You go to see what’s going on and you see J widely grinning, with a bunch of personalized stickers on his face and your daughter peeling them. (A while ago, he ordered lots of identical stickers with his J and star tattoo so she can enjoy taking them off.) You think it’s adorable and snap another pic.

“You’re such a good girl,” he kisses her forehead, enjoying she’s preoccupied with something so he can take a look at Gotham’s map on his desk. “I always say that to mommy too when I…”

“J, what the hell?! Shut it down!”

He snickers, winking and roaring in your direction.

The knock in the door stops the little rant you were about to give him.

“Cooooome innnn,” the Joker playfully drags the words, squeaking, earning a laugh and a kiss on the cheek from his daughter that he’s absolutely thrilled about.

Frost comes in and Emma becomes so impatient that J has to put her down. She runs to him, grabbing his leg and reaching for him. You notice The Joker doesn’t look happy at all right now and you go and sit in his lap as fast as you can, firmly holding his right hand on your leg and putting his left one around your waist.

“F’ostyyyy, up… up!” He pics her up and she shyly places her tiny arms around his neck, hugging him.

“Hey there, Em,” Frost smiles, holding her tight to his chest.

“That’s my kid…” he mumbles in your ear, getting pissed. He tries to get up but you hold him down.

“Steady, J ” you smile, stroking his green hair, finding it funny he is always so possessive.

“She’s my little Princess, mine!” he moves around in the chair, uncomfortable.

“Yes, baby, everything is yours and yours alone, ok? She likes him and he’s good to her, I told you before there’s no harm in it, “ you kiss his temple while he’s fuming.

“Boss,” Jonny tries to start the conversation but stops when he sees the Joker looking away, averting his eyes on purpose.

“Ummm… Y/N, you’re coming with us tonight, right?”

“Oh, yes, I want those diamonds so bad. It’s said they are huggeee!!” you squirm, happy that you can wear them soon.


Mister J went into his office to look over the bank’s plans for your raid tonight. He will stay home with Emma but wants to make sure everything will be ok for you. He marks the exits with a black marker, drawing a line over the entry point. Some explosives should do the work. And the diamonds are right…here-marked with an “X”. Music starts blasting in the penthouse and he sighs, annoyed. How is he supposed to concentrate?! He gets up and opens the door, wanting to complain and tell you to turn it down, when what’s going on in the living room stops him. You swing your body to the beat and Emma is in front of you, trying to imitate your moves, looking completely adorable as she tries so hard to follow what you do. You just laugh and look so happy that the Joker catches himself standing in the doorway, a smile forming in the corner of his mouth. He takes out his cell and starts recording you two. If one of these days he gets killed, he wants the cops, the SWAT team or Batsy to find this on him, watch it and know that The Clown Prince of Crime had it all, on his own terms, and didn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks.


“Achoo!” her little sneeze makes you turn around from your current task: making sure you have everything you need for tonight’s heist. The Joker’s green shirt is full of yogurt which he was feeding her when she sneezed. Emma starts giggling and you follow.

“Really kid? On daddy’s Prada shirt?” he crinkles his nose, looking at the fabric to assess the damage. “And you, Kitten, are setting up a bad example. Why are you laughing?”

“Because it’s FUNNY; I’ll get you another shirt, hold on,” you continue to snicker as you go to the master bedroom.

“I get no respect around here anymore,” he frowns, tilting his head, trying to stay mad but can’t contain his smile hearing his daughter cracking up. She can’t stop giggling.

“Wha’? You’re getting a kick from doing something you’re not supposed to?… That’s my girl, you’re definitely my kid.” He feels such pride building inside his chest. He cups her face, squeezing her cheeks and kissing them all over.

Definitely? Like in there’s any doubt Emma wouldn’t be yours, hmmm?” you narrow your eyes, smacking your lips, not very pleased, tossing the new shirt at him. He hates it when you sneak up on him and you always catch him at the right moment, talking nonsense.“Wanna repeat that to me, MISTER J?” Oops, you’re using Mister J when you’re really pissed and he knows it. But you’ve been so moody lately anyway.


You’ve put Emma to bed and you are done preparing for the robbery tonight. After everything is done, you go in the living room and sit by him on the couch. He’s watching the news, quiet for the last hour, which is unlike him. You lean your head on his legs, wrapping your arms around his knees.

“What’s wrong, handsome?” you ask while he starts combing your hair with his fingers, paying attention to the TV.

“Do you think Emma’s… ok?” he suddenly starts the conversation.

“Yeah, she’s fine; I just put her to bed.”

“That’s not what I meant” he cuts you off and you know what he’s aiming at. “You know I’m… different and…”

Insane…” you start the sentence.

“Did you just call me insane?!” he pulls your hair and you gasp.

“…ly awesome, let me finish, jeez. That hurt.”

He yanks your hair again, and you punch his abs, not too hard.

“Relax baby, she’s fine. We’re fine, all right? We managed so far, didn’t we?”

He seems distracted and starts caressing your hair again. You suddenly realize it, jumping up so fast you knock down the remote out of his hand.

“J, she’s asleep!”

He gives you a confused glare.

“She’s asleep! Let’s go, me and you!” You pull him up, dragging him after you.

“Ohhhh,” he finally gets it and a huge smirk creeps on his face. “Shit, we wasted some precious minutes.” He stops you and lifts you up, carrying you in the bedroom bridal style.

Operation Mission Impossible was a total success. Hooray! *NO interruptions*


You tiptoe inside the penthouse, silently closing the door behind you. You hold the huge box in your hands, full of the diamonds you wanted so badly. Now they are yours and it makes you so pleased. Tonight’s heist went incredibly well and you are in a good mood. Where are your sunshines? You go to Emma’s bedroom to find her cuddling with her dad under her pink blanket. An “awww” escapes your lips and you take a picture, the millionth one now. It’s definitely heartwarming. You know who else needs to see this? you think, since you’re in such a happy place for the moment. Batsy. Since you’re not sleepy, you are going to finally do what you’ve planned for a while.


The Bat notices the sky light lit for him and he rushes to the spot, thinking Gordon has some kind of emergency. There is nobody on the top of the building except something that seems like a photo album surrounded by knives. There is a note on top of it:” For Batsy, from Mrs. J” and the mark of your pink lipstick kissing the paper. Bruce Wayne is intrigued. He opens the photo album and his face changes from one expression to another. What is the meaning of this?! Pics of the Joker and his daughter immortalized in different cute, adorable, mundane, NORMAL moments.

This must be a bad joke and for sure photo shopped, he thinks, mad he wasted his time, but he still takes the album with him. Once back to his Bat Cave, he analyzes every single one of his little presents with all the gadgets he has and surprisingly, they are genuine. Wow, how come? How is it possible that’s the Joker he always chases after?! He seems so…ordinary.

He has to admit you two have a very, very cute little girl. He flips through the pages, choosing his favorite picture where Emma is smiling playing with her dad. He draws horns and a mustache on the Joker’s face, then frames the pic and puts it on one of the shelves. You will probably never get to see it, but there’s a picture of your daughter and partner in crime right inside the Bat Cave.


You found out the big news today and you can’t wait to share.

J is in his office, planning to crush the Wayne Industry party happening next week. He is filled with excitement and has a few good ideas on how it’s all going to play.

You kick the door open, running in his lap, tossing his papers all over, and before he protests you kiss him deeply, take his hand and put it on your abdomen:


“…   …  No way… …!” he gasps, speechless for once.“Oh my God, Kitten, really? Really? Like, for reals?” he can’t hide his joy anymore as his hand presses harder on your tummy.

“Yes, baby, for reals” you let out a small scream, excited to the max.

“Wowww, are  you going to be super mean to me since we have twins in there? Double the amount?”

“Most likely,” you giggle, knowing it’s true.

“Oh, goody, I can’t wait, you know I love it when you’re mean to me.”
You lift your shoulders, entertained:

“Whatever rocks your boat, J .”

He keeps on rambling on:

“I so love it when you feel like killing me and I wanna strangle you for it.”

“You’re such an incurable romantic baby,” you moan, getting turn on by his words.

“I know, right? When am I not romantic?”

“Shut up and kiss me,” you demand, biting his ear.


**You are definitely very emotional with this pregnancy.  You just broke one of your nails while loading a gun and started crying instantly.

“What’s wrong, Princess?” J stops loading his own gun, looking at you with concern.

“I.. broke…my ..naaaiiill,” you sniffle, not being able to control your tears, showing him the carnage.

Uh-oh, emergency situation again, the Joker sighs, taking your hand.

“You want me to kiss it so you feel better?”

“I’m not… 5 years old, J,…ok?” you stutter, whimpering, but in the same time nodding yes. He kisses your broken nail and surprisingly it feels better instantly and you stop crying.

“That felt good, thanks,” you smile now, wiping your tears and going back to what you were doing like nothing happened.

Mister J closes his eyes, satisfied he pleased his Pumpkin and avoided catastrophe.

** You have weird cravings.

“Babbyyyy, I want popcorn and pickles, can you go get that for me? Pleaseeeeee” you whine, agitated he’s not moving out of bed yet.

“Kitten, ask Frost. Give him a call, he’s downstairs. I’m beat.”

“I want you to get it. It’s your fault: you knocked me up, you’re responsible!!!” you yelp, starting to cry again.

“Daddy is going, ok? Stop crying, Pumpkin.”

He gets out of bed and stops before he opens the door.

“You better be meaner to me when I come back!”

“OK, I will, I promise,” you say through tears, smiling in the same time.

Men, this is going to be so much fun, J thinks, excited you’ll treat him like trash and he’s going to enjoy it so much. He’s probably the only one around with that kind of kink. Lucky you.

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Cuddle Drabbles Part 22

Word Count: 1091 (this one got away from me, oops)

Warnings: Danger to Bucky, danger to the reader

Summary: This mission has gone wrong every step of the way. Is everyone gonna make it out alive?

A/N: This part, tho. ;) I hope you guys enjoy! 

[Cuddle Drabbles Masterlist]

Originally posted by thesebbystan

“Steve! Sam! Somebody–I need help! Bucky’s down!” You scream into the comm. This mission has gone wrong every step of the way. A bomb unexpectedly went off, knocking you and Bucky back away from the building. Burning debris had fallen on you, burning random parts of your body; but Bucky was knocked into the ground and he hadn’t moved.

“On our way, Kid. Hold tight.” Sam said reassuringly in your ear.

You tried waking Bucky up. You shook him, hit his cheeks, but nothing was working. Panic started to eat at your consciousness, ridding you of any coherent thought. You run your fingers through his hair and they come up red with blood. You really start to lose it. Your breath starts tearing out of you. “Buck? Bucky, please wake up!” you’re nearly hysterical shaking him, but you don’t care. Something breaks inside of you, and before you realize it, you’re spilling everything to him. “God, this whole game was stupid. We were stupid. I love you, okay? I do. I want to be with you, Buck, just. Please–make. Fuck!”

You try to calm your breathing, try to get ahold of yourself. Tears are streaming down your face when you hear Sam on your earpiece again, but you aren’t listening.

You have to make a decision. You can either send yourself into a panic attack and be useless to your team, or…

You do the only thing you know you can do –shut it all down– all of your emotions, your powers. You feel them draining from you, leaving you hollow. You feel nothing.

You focus on how Bucky’s face looks peaceful, just like when he’s sleeping in your bed. You watch his chest rise and fall minutely – you hadn’t noticed that before. Good. He’s breathing. Your fingers find their way to his jaw. You love the feel of his stubble against your skin. He takes a more purposeful breath as you lean into him. “Don’t leave me, Bucky. I can’t lose you.”

You lick your lips before pressing them delicately against his. You didn’t expect your love to reanimate him immediately, but you can’t say that you weren’t disappointed. Disney movies had imbedded you with all kinds of false hope.

Steve is there moments after you pulled away from Bucky and hoists him over his shoulder. “Y/N, are you alright?” he asks, voice laced with authority and worry.

Normally, you’d roll your eyes or say ‘yes dad,’ but after shutting down your powers, you are a stoic soldier. There is nothing but the mission. “Yes, sir. Get him to safety. He probably has a concussion. The back of his head is bleeding.” you say before running, guns in hand, towards Sam, who’s taking on too many opponents.

One look at your face and Sam knew what you had done. He had seen this stoicism too many times to count. You were incredibly focused, taking out each opponent with one shot. He tried to talk to you, to ask if you were okay, but a bullet pierced through your leg. You cried out, trying to find the attacker. Another bit through your hip, and you fell to your knees. Sam took the skies, trying to find the sniper. One more shot rang out as Sam found the man and knocked him off the building. He saw you fall to the ground and raced towards you.

You opened your eyes to find you were back on the quinjet. The air smelled of antiseptic and your limbs were way too heavy. You took in a purposefully deep breath and felt your entire torso surge with pain in response. An involuntary whimper made its way out of your throat.

“Doll, you awake?”

Your neck snapped to his voice and winced in pain. You nearly cried seeing him there, alive, in front of you. Head bandaged and looking worried as fuck. “Oh, God, Bucky.” you reached for him, and he enveloped your left hand in both of his. “What happened?”

He licked his lips before nipping the bottom one between his teeth. “You’ve got burns everywhere from the explosion. And you were shot. Leg, hip, chest.” He was being very concise. You noticed the emotions warring on his features, trying to keep himself together. “They barely missed your heart and your femoral artery.”

Well, this has been an eventful day for both of you, you think. You breathe for a moment, trying to wrap your head around the fact that you could have died, that Bucky could have died. Bucky’s fingers are rubbing soothing circles into your hand. Suddenly, you feel panicked.

You need him. Now. So, you grit your teeth and scoot to the very edge of the cot, hissing in pain as you go.

“Y/N, don’t move–your. The IV–Y/N, stop.” He tries to make you stop moving, but you won’t until there’s space for him to lay next to you.

“Bucky, I need you. On this cot. Right now. I need to recharge. I need to know you’re okay.”

“You’re going to hurt yourself.”

You close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose. “Get your ass up here before I lose my mind.”

You heard Bucky chuckle before the cot dipped beside you. “I knew you only wanted me for my ass.”

As his arms wrapped around you, you tried and failed to contain your laughter. Your jerking muscles sent pain throughout your chest, stopping you abruptly. Everything hurt, but you still smiled. “Don’t make me laugh, you jerk.”

Bucky pulled you as close to him as he could, being mindful of your injuries. You closed your eyes, exhaustion starting to take you under. Bucky mumbled, “Hey,” and you opened your eyes to find his face much closer to yours.

His eyes were so expressive, you wanted to cry. You saw his relief and joy that you were okay. The fear that he almost lost you. And something else you couldn’t quite place – something you had seen a couple of times before. Before your brain could catch up with his movements, Bucky closed the fraction of space between you to place a soft kiss to your lips. When you realized that this wasn’t some drug trip from the iv in your arm, you responded with another kiss, and then another. You two shared soft, sweet kisses until you needed to breathe.

You smiled at Bucky and kissed his jaw before burying your face into his neck. He rested his chin on top of your head and sighed shakily. “I can’t lose you.” he echoed your words; and, with your heart constricting in your chest, you nestled closer to him, injuries be damned.

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Super Mom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

A/N: so… third part. Hope you’ll like it! Tell me if you want a part 4.

Pairing: Bucky x single mom!reader

Words: 4,142

Warning(s): some talk about “the birds and the bees”

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theplantlife  asked:

prompt: deancas middle school au where they have a sleepover and kiss and snuggle in dean's bed till they fall asleep~

Dean and Cas were destined to be best friends the moment they laid eyes on each other.

That first meeting happened when they were both four years old. Cas had been feeling cranky all day because his mom had woken him way before the sun came up, and shuffled him out the car where they proceeded to drive for seven straight hours (with a few breaks in the middle) from his home in Pontiac, Illinois to their new place in Lawrence, Kansas. Cas hated being stuck in the car, with nothing to entertain him. He hated that his dad wasn’t in the car with them, because he was driving the moving van. But most of all, Cas hated the fact that he was leaving his home behind.

By the time they pulled into their new home—a beautiful white Colonial with blue casement windows—it was well into the evening, and despite the fact that he’d just been sitting all day, Cas felt incredibly tired. He snuggled into his mother’s embrace as she scooped him up from the backseat, and barely looked up as he heard voices welcoming them.

“I’m so glad you made it okay, we were hoping you wouldn’t hit too much traffic along the way!” a cheerful female voice was saying.

“Thanks, Mary dear.” his mom replied. “It wasn’t too bad, but I can’t say I’m not glad to be out of the car, I think I need a long shower and lots of sleep after that. We’ve been so tired the last few weeks, with the packing and everything!”

“Oh, I’m sure. I made you guys some lasagna for supper, so you don’t have to worry about that. Why don’t you go freshen up, and come over so we can all eat together?”

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to impose!”

“Nonsense, we’d love to have you. Besides, ever since I told my little Dean-bug about Cas over here, he’s been dying to meet him!”

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kidding around, pt. 13

i did my best to tell my brain to f*ck off, hopefully this is better than the part that ignored me says it is

for miss @kahn-on-tumblr

Tony steps forward to meet him. He has one job: keep Hydra away from the team. He lashes out with Natasha’s knife, feels the slight tug as it slices through the front of the vest the goon is wearing. A yelp tells him he hit deeper than that. Good, he thinks viciously.

One of the guys from the other end of the circle moves in. Tony can’t do a fancy twirl over the kids’ heads the way Steve probably would, but he ducks around a grasping hand and darts around to cut him off. He slashes at the guy’s hand and hardly feels anything. He only knows it’s a hit when blood starts pouring from the arm. Tony’s stomach turns.

The goons are looking a little more wary now. Tony holds out the knife and tries to steady his shaking hand. “I told you. Lay a hand on them and I’ll eviscerate you.”

It feels like his heart is beating inside his throat, like he might choke on it. The Hydra agents are just a few feet away from the kids now and they cannot get separated, if they get separated—if they each get grabbed by a different agent—Tony feels cold at the thought. He couldn’t go after all of them.

Thor, do you understand me?” he asks in Italian, mainly because he’s pretty sure these agents don’t know it, and it’ll drive them nuts.

“Aye,” Thor replies.

It’s working, because one of them scowls and brandishes his weapon a little more pointedly. “Hey, none of that.”

Tony makes a face at him and says, again, in Italian, “Thor, I want everyone to hold hands. Everybody holding on as tight as they can. Okay?


There’s rustling and little-kid whispering behind him as Thor shares the instructions and Tony shifts his grip on the knife, cool air hitting the sweat on his palms. “Well?” he says. “Who’s first?”

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