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Angel Blades - Part 2 (Soulmate AU)

Title: Angel Blades
Pairing: Dean x Reader or Sam x Reader
Inspired by: The soulmate au where you have a counter till the moment you meet your soulmate. 
Word Count: 1269
Warnings: Cursing, insult, a lot of creative licensing, takes place sometime in Season 6, soulmate 

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Read: Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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Where does a suburban moyher of three get eggs?

I work at a southern states, which is a farm supply store that sells feed, animal products etc.  In the spring we sell baby chicks. This is a huge deal and all the kids love it.  Granted we get plenty of the kids that hold them just a little too tight.  But this is another story completely.  

Before Easter,  what sounds like a suburban mom of two calls the phone and wants to know what kind of chicks we have. I rattle off the list and ask if there’s anything else she needs. 

She asks what all she needs to take care of some chicks. After explaining that she would need chick food, a feeder, waterer, a jeat lamp, and some kind of place to keep them in the dry, she asked if she could keep them in the house. 

I told her that she could for about a week but they would soon be too big.  Them she had the brilliant idea of keeping them in the bathtub.  I again told her that it wouldn’t be a very good or permanent solution.  

She also asked if we sold baby chick feed.  No ma'am. Absolutely not.  We let our chicks starve. 

I helpfully supplied that we even sold egg baskets for when the chicks started laying eggs. 

She promptly stayed she didn’t know that chickens laid eggs.  

Where do your eggs come from,  mysterious suburban mom? 


I promise.  

She decided her son needed a stuffed bunny for Easter instead.  

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my first bias was yoongi (it's hobi now) and even though he isn't my bias now I have a story about him so hold on tight kids. he was my bias bc when I was in my emo phase I saw a gif of the dope video (the "enemy enemy enemy" part) and thought "omg!2!! he looks like gerard way!!1" because of his hair colour and clothing and then like a year later I had forgotten about it and I watched the dope video and it kind of hit me that it was him and (after I cringed for an hour) he was instantly my bias

lmaoo amazing this is so funny to me idk why but just the fact that something you had seen a year ago affected who became your bias? incredible

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also i’ve said it ten thousand times in the last two days but DOPE WAS SUCH A GOOD ERA

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

Cuddle Drabbles Part 22

Word Count: 1091 (this one got away from me, oops)

Warnings: Danger to Bucky, danger to the reader

Summary: This mission has gone wrong every step of the way. Is everyone gonna make it out alive?

A/N: This part, tho. ;) I hope you guys enjoy! 

[Cuddle Drabbles Masterlist]

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“Steve! Sam! Somebody–I need help! Bucky’s down!” You scream into the comm. This mission has gone wrong every step of the way. A bomb unexpectedly went off, knocking you and Bucky back away from the building. Burning debris had fallen on you, burning random parts of your body; but Bucky was knocked into the ground and he hadn’t moved.

“On our way, Kid. Hold tight.” Sam said reassuringly in your ear.

You tried waking Bucky up. You shook him, hit his cheeks, but nothing was working. Panic started to eat at your consciousness, ridding you of any coherent thought. You run your fingers through his hair and they come up red with blood. You really start to lose it. Your breath starts tearing out of you. “Buck? Bucky, please wake up!” you’re nearly hysterical shaking him, but you don’t care. Something breaks inside of you, and before you realize it, you’re spilling everything to him. “God, this whole game was stupid. We were stupid. I love you, okay? I do. I want to be with you, Buck, just. Please–make. Fuck!”

You try to calm your breathing, try to get ahold of yourself. Tears are streaming down your face when you hear Sam on your earpiece again, but you aren’t listening.

You have to make a decision. You can either send yourself into a panic attack and be useless to your team, or…

You do the only thing you know you can do –shut it all down– all of your emotions, your powers. You feel them draining from you, leaving you hollow. You feel nothing.

You focus on how Bucky’s face looks peaceful, just like when he’s sleeping in your bed. You watch his chest rise and fall minutely – you hadn’t noticed that before. Good. He’s breathing. Your fingers find their way to his jaw. You love the feel of his stubble against your skin. He takes a more purposeful breath as you lean into him. “Don’t leave me, Bucky. I can’t lose you.”

You lick your lips before pressing them delicately against his. You didn’t expect your love to reanimate him immediately, but you can’t say that you weren’t disappointed. Disney movies had imbedded you with all kinds of false hope.

Steve is there moments after you pulled away from Bucky and hoists him over his shoulder. “Y/N, are you alright?” he asks, voice laced with authority and worry.

Normally, you’d roll your eyes or say ‘yes dad,’ but after shutting down your powers, you are a stoic soldier. There is nothing but the mission. “Yes, sir. Get him to safety. He probably has a concussion. The back of his head is bleeding.” you say before running, guns in hand, towards Sam, who’s taking on too many opponents.

One look at your face and Sam knew what you had done. He had seen this stoicism too many times to count. You were incredibly focused, taking out each opponent with one shot. He tried to talk to you, to ask if you were okay, but a bullet pierced through your leg. You cried out, trying to find the attacker. Another bit through your hip, and you fell to your knees. Sam took the skies, trying to find the sniper. One more shot rang out as Sam found the man and knocked him off the building. He saw you fall to the ground and raced towards you.

You opened your eyes to find you were back on the quinjet. The air smelled of antiseptic and your limbs were way too heavy. You took in a purposefully deep breath and felt your entire torso surge with pain in response. An involuntary whimper made its way out of your throat.

“Doll, you awake?”

Your neck snapped to his voice and winced in pain. You nearly cried seeing him there, alive, in front of you. Head bandaged and looking worried as fuck. “Oh, God, Bucky.” you reached for him, and he enveloped your left hand in both of his. “What happened?”

He licked his lips before nipping the bottom one between his teeth. “You’ve got burns everywhere from the explosion. And you were shot. Leg, hip, chest.” He was being very concise. You noticed the emotions warring on his features, trying to keep himself together. “They barely missed your heart and your femoral artery.”

Well, this has been an eventful day for both of you, you think. You breathe for a moment, trying to wrap your head around the fact that you could have died, that Bucky could have died. Bucky’s fingers are rubbing soothing circles into your hand. Suddenly, you feel panicked.

You need him. Now. So, you grit your teeth and scoot to the very edge of the cot, hissing in pain as you go.

“Y/N, don’t move–your. The IV–Y/N, stop.” He tries to make you stop moving, but you won’t until there’s space for him to lay next to you.

“Bucky, I need you. On this cot. Right now. I need to recharge. I need to know you’re okay.”

“You’re going to hurt yourself.”

You close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose. “Get your ass up here before I lose my mind.”

You heard Bucky chuckle before the cot dipped beside you. “I knew you only wanted me for my ass.”

As his arms wrapped around you, you tried and failed to contain your laughter. Your jerking muscles sent pain throughout your chest, stopping you abruptly. Everything hurt, but you still smiled. “Don’t make me laugh, you jerk.”

Bucky pulled you as close to him as he could, being mindful of your injuries. You closed your eyes, exhaustion starting to take you under. Bucky mumbled, “Hey,” and you opened your eyes to find his face much closer to yours.

His eyes were so expressive, you wanted to cry. You saw his relief and joy that you were okay. The fear that he almost lost you. And something else you couldn’t quite place – something you had seen a couple of times before. Before your brain could catch up with his movements, Bucky closed the fraction of space between you to place a soft kiss to your lips. When you realized that this wasn’t some drug trip from the iv in your arm, you responded with another kiss, and then another. You two shared soft, sweet kisses until you needed to breathe.

You smiled at Bucky and kissed his jaw before burying your face into his neck. He rested his chin on top of your head and sighed shakily. “I can’t lose you.” he echoed your words; and, with your heart constricting in your chest, you nestled closer to him, injuries be damned.

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BTS MTL to take you to an amusement park for your first date (Requested)
  • 1. Taehyung: do I need to explain myself?
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  • 2. Hobi: I think out of everyone he’d want his first date to be very - how should I say this - interactive of sorts. I mean its the perfect place yeah. Getting to know their likes and dislikes, talking over some food, riding some scary rides where you latch on to him. Lol who am I kidding, he’ll be holding you tight, crying for his life. But he’ll make sure to get you both coffee at the end and just talk. Sure having a spontaneous date is fun, but he’d also want to know you better.

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  • 3. Jungkook: Again the fun factor, although I had to put him below hobi, since he’s a very introverted and shy person, I don’t know whether or not he’d be comfortable with you in such a public place. Of course it depends, if you’ve been friends for long or not.

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  • 4. Jin: I think he’d mainly just go and want to win you gifts and just enjoy the food. Try to be the perfect manly man. It may no be the ideal place, but it combines fun and food. Does he really need anything?

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  • 5. Jimin: He would mind going to an amusement park, but I think he’d prefer a more secluded area where its just you and him, and he can get lost in your eyes without having any distractions. Like maybe the 3 or 4 date he’d bring you here, but your first date would b more private.

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  • 6. Namjoon: He’d prefer dates which were more intellectually intriguing. Maybe more like a café date, since its more private and reserved. I think he would want his relationship to be very private so, he’d keep a low profile whenever. Of course he wouldn’t mind going there if you suggested, but that’s not his preference.

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  • 7. Yoongi: He’d be exactly the same as namjoon in this concept, but more so because he didn’t want to take any chances with the media. If he isn’t that sure of your relationship, then he would prefer to stay indoors. But maybe if you insisted he might.

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I want you in the simplest and most innocent ways. I want to have a movie marathon with you until three in the morning; I want you to pass out with you and let the credit roles all the way through. I want bake with you. I want to kiss your forehead when you’ve had a long day and all you want to do is lay on the couch to watch your favorite TV show from when you were a little kid. I want to hold you tight against me as I sleep so when I wake up in the middle of the night I don’t feel alone. I want to walk softly out of the room while you sleep to have your favorite breakfast ready for you when you wake up. I want to go out book shopping with you, and drink coffee afterwards. I want to show you all my poetry and hear you play your music. I want to be forget I am an adult and be a kid with you sometimes by having water gun fights are water balloon fights. 

I also want to fuck you all night until our neighbors complain so there’s that. 

I want to hug and hold Yoongi so tight right now, people. The kid has been through so much, though I already knew his life had been hard while trying to make his dream come true I could never imagine it was to this point. And I want to say Min Yoongi is so fucking brave for facing his problems and fears, fight for his dream and stand on his own against those people who tried to talk him down, and stand against himself and his own self hatred.

I’m so proud of you Min Yoongi, you have no idea.

hold me tight

Other kids grew up afraid of hurricanes and blizzards, Emmeline had grown up afraid of wind storms and she’d never quite been able to shake it. Something about the way it beat at the walls and shook through her house made her down right terrified. Not to mention the way it sounded, like something straight out of a Stephen King adaptation. Which is why it was past two in the morning and Emm found herself curled up in a ball underneath every blanket she could find, shaking like a Chihuahua. Outside the wind blew even harder, rattling the shutters on their windows. She squeaked and pulled the blankets tighter around her body.

“Dorcas?” She asked after a moment, voice muffled by all the fabric. “Are you awake?”