hold on the hope

I know we probably won’t get it, but I’d really love if at the start of tomorrow’s episode we get Robron in bed, waking up together for their first morning as husbands - especially as it’s the last time they’ll be waking up together for…..a while.

I just think it would really work? It would be really fitting and poignant and heartbreaking and lovely.

I want to see them gazing at each other in a happy and sad way, not wanting this moment to ever end and not wanting to say goodbye.

It would add to the heartbreak, to see them happy in their little nest, together and close and safe and warm and knowing what the day will bring.

I’d just really love it if Emmerdale gave us that. They had that heartbreaking and lovely scene with Ashley and Laurel in bed the other week and I think it’d be fitting for Robron too; another couple desperately in love who are being torn apart against their will.

Just….it would mean so much to me and I know it’d mean so much to everyone else too.

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‘things you said at 1 am’ Ikuko and Ami’s mom whose name I don’t remember hehe

I think it’s Saeko but tbh I’ve only ever seen it on Wikimoon? Mama Mizuno was probably only named in PGSM’s credits or something.


Fitting how the only thing that brings us each other’s company is fear.

When thin pillars of light appear to hold up the darkened sky, so many people hope. The Senshi are fighting. The Senshi will protect us. They’ve done this so many times. They’ve won so many times.

While they hope, you and I fear, because we know who is the source of that light. You watch the blue and I watch the silver. When the light flickers out, we wait to see if it’s a steady change, if all colours fade at the same time, if the sky clears. And we wait to see if our children limp home, or if their friends have to carry them.

And when all wounds are dressed and all bones are set and all cuts are stitched, we are left with knowing it’s going to happen again. And again. And again, until they don’t come home, because one day they won’t, and we both fear that day more than we fear anything.

As we exit the hospital, me because the visiting hours are over and you because your superior forced you to take a break from work, I can tell neither of us is really here, we’re both still with our girls. Even as I take your invitation. Even as you knock back the fifth shot in a row and only then pause for a bit, only then sigh and rest your head on your free hand.

I’m not used to how strong you prefer your liquor, so I’m still on my second glass by then.

“Sometimes,” you say quietly as you trace the rim of your glass with one finger. “Sometimes I wish our daughters had never met.”

And with that, I know that you’ve only ever seen the way Ami’s face contorts in a grimace as she presses one hand to her ribs—never once that it was laughter to cause it, or the way she still snickered right after the initial pain passed, or how she smiled at Usagi trying to gesticulate equally with her good arm and the one in a fresh cast, or how she looked at their friends when they came to see them.

But I’m unsure if tomorrow, you’d even remember saying what you did, so I just refill your glass and watch you down it again. If only it was as easy to make you stop seeing the glass as half-empty all the time.

I am still holding out hope for Brettonio. There is no way this relationship was promoted for just a few episodes. Remember their emotional breakup. You can’t tell me that they were not in love with each other.

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Oh yes, absolutely. It's just that I keep thinking she might have gone with fake Robin to wherever he ended up. Or that she might have re-merged with Regina (which would be a disservice to the story and the character). There was a pic in a red dress last week but as you said that might have been for flashbacks of Stalker!Zelena in Oz. Im justing holding on to hope that they haven't screwed up this storyline already.

I’d like some evidence she’s still around but I also am happy for the production that they’ve managed to hide things from us this year.

oh, dear heart—you only have you,
small and fearful and frail and utterly human;
swept away by life in this terribly grand galaxy.
there is so much here you have no control over:
you can’t choose who loves you. you can’t cast out
the anxious dragonfly fears fluttering your chest;
you can’t undo your mistakes, you can’t keep from
making more. you can’t hide from the hatred
that will haunt you for who you are. you can’t
make anyone understand who that even is.

but oh, dear heart—you have you,
curious and catastrophic with a heart trembling
open wide enough to hold the promise of hope.
there is so much in you to celebrate, to cherish:
you can love the imperfect people, hold yourself
against the darkest demons, deal in forgiveness;
you can choose what to make of your own
scattered, starry soul and with everything in you,
you can fight. you can love and love and love
because love is radiance and glory, everything
that sears the shadows and redefines the dawn:
love is always. you choose love.

for us to keep something burning || a. cho

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Hey Rae, Can I talk to you? So I have to start going back into College tomorrow after being off because of my mental health, But I know that I am not capable of doing that, I was off due to Anxiety but honestly Depression is stopping me from achieving anything, I'm not sure what to do? I still have really Intrusive thoughts and I hate myself, I am embarrassed to be myself around others? I Always assume everyone hates me and I'm not good enough to do anything? I've given up on myself?

listen sweets,

i believe in you so very much.
you can do this.

i know that college is hard in general and anxiety and depression just make it like 100 times worse but you can make it through this.

you have pushed this far.
please don’t give up on yourself.

by sending this ask, you have shown that you still have a little bit of hope left in you. hold onto that my dear.

you are so very worth it.
you are so important.

we all love you and we are with you.

you can send me asks tomorrow if you need encouragement throughout the day.

you are not alone.

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That man who tweeted earlier about talking with Louis and Niall seemed legit though. There is nothing odd on his Twitter feed. Are you holding out any hope for a surprise appearance?

What is hope?

I’m not holding out hope that we’ll get to see footage of Danny and Ryan playing “Mr & Mr” from the press day. It would have been an absolute treat to have it as tomorrow’s “Wish List Wednesday.” Have we seen anything about it written in the magazines at least? If not what was the point of letting us fans know about it?

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Hey! We don't really talk but I saw your illustration class post and just felt l needed to say that you're a wonderful artist, you seem like a wonderful person and seeing you in my dash is a blessing. A stranger's opinion might not help much but I hope you're feeling better! Remember that lots of people support you and you're super, super talented and more creative than you think! Have fun doing what you love, much hugs!

Hey there!! Oh gosh, this ask… heck, I don’t even know what to say. Thank you so, so much for going out of your way and writing this message, really, I… I’m really truly moved. <3 I am feeling better now, thankfuly, with all of your support and having taken my mind off of things… I’ll try my best to remember everything you said, friendo, and I will hold this message dearly. <3 

Do take care, I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and I return all those hugs to you!! Thank you once again!


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However, come March 3rd will more likely bring more inactivity.  Bat is getting the Nintendo Switch and Zelda :D  

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i'm trying to hold out hope that malec didn't actually have sex, and that's why they just did the door closing/fade to black thing bc that would be the only excuse for that shit. also alec told izzy there was "nothing to talk about" so mayyyybe? it seems really unlikely but oh my god there is no excuse for what they did if malec really did have sex

i really don’t understand how this show looooves to act like they treat their gay/bi characters (as well as their characters of color) correctly when they’re like….. Playing into every stereotypical trope ughhhhh

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal