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Married Life with: Red Velvet

Irene: the type who is prob magical. in one day, she can somehow clean & cook yet still have time to visit her friends or watch a movie she wants to see. it’s like she can create extra hours in the day. can be bossy sometimes. she knows what colour scheme she wants in the kitchen and that’s what she’ll get.

and isn’t afraid to point out if you’re wrong about something. but not in a rude way. she likes talking through issues & finding the best solution for you both. holds the greatest dinner parties in the neighbourhood. always asks you how your day was & tells you “have a sweet dream” before bed.

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Wendy: the type of wife who tries her best but isn’t perfect. she’ll try making you your fav dinner only to accidentally forget an ingredient or burn it. feels so bad & pouts for eternity. but you still eat her food and smile bc while, yes, it doesn’t taste like your mum’s, it was made by her love. and that’s special.

your family loves her more than you do and cried so hard at the wedding; “I’m just glad that my son/daughter found someone like her”

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Seulgi: a friendly wife. she knows all the neighbours and is often invited over for dinner. usually she has to decline bc “I’ve got dance practice, I’m so sorry, Maggie! maybe next time though!” doesn’t hesitate to point out your faults but in a friendly way like “oh, you can’t cook? let’s take lessons together!”

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Joy: the only wife in the world who had expected one of the wedding gifts to be a puppy. so, disappointed with her boring blender, she begs you for one and how can you say no to this cutie?! she treats it like your child & the girls joke that usually a baby comes after a while of being married, not two weeks

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Yeri: is afraid to take charge sometimes, in case she messes up. so you might need to push her for her honest opinion on things and on what she wants. she’s rather young so she’s used to having her unnies take lead & following their guidance. so it might take some time before she’s confident enough in her decisions to tell you “eww I hate our couch. I think white leather would look best in the living room”

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something about holding your breath waiting for something to go wrong. something about not knowing how to make the most of time. something else about old loves and new loves. something about the way sun hits the trees in december. something else about the colour yellow. something about not missing anyone or anything in particular. something content.

2 Anons for the price of one

Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to try to answer both of these at once.

Anonymous said:   I see a broad, muscular back and long hair (ponytail?) coming out the back of bucket hat. I think I also see scruff on face. I don’t see a phone

Anonymous said:  Hi if you look at the picture Cait looks taller than Sam? Which was bugging me, but if you look on his lap, it looks like he has something across his lap? I could be wrong but It would explain why she looks taller than he does.

I got out my coloured pens for this one, so we can have some fun!  

I am still not sure where her legs are.  Maybe they are curled up and her feet are resting on her lap?  Is his right arm sort of wrapped around holding them?  I am not sure.  But, he may appear shorter because his side of the boat (starboard?) is lower that the other (port?) side, and his back is hunched a bit.

I believe they are wearing Type 2 PFDs

Hope that helps.