hold on im coming


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

All she could think of was that she needed him, she needed the warmth and the safety of his hands, she needed his arms around her, she needed him to whisper that everything was going to be fine, even if it was a lie, she needed to hear him say I love you, she needed him because he was the only light she’d ever known, she knew it was over, but she couldn’t help herself, there’s no way she couldn’t miss her home.
—  1:37 am

@bloodybluecap, @saltliicker, @fierce-amber-eyes, and @nctbitten are all super sweet and don’t deserve to have racist assholes coming at them. If you don’t like what they post or like them or whatever the fuck your deal is block them and go on your way.

A Relay somewhere
  • Equinox: I know what everyone's gonna do tonight. It's Thursday, so Frost is gonna leave early to grind with his new farming group, Valkyr's gonna be going over her platinum budget, and Nova will be attending a "Nitain for One" cooking class. AND if I run and leap at Oberon, he will most certainly catch me in his arms.
  • Equinox *leaping at Oberon*: COMING IN!
  • *Oberon drops the Kuva, which smashes on the floor as he catches Equinox*

@jeongahn : Yeah, MBC (i think thats the station that hosts it) never allows the spreading of material before it has been aired so all we can really do is look for now and hope that we can remember to reblog it later (T-T). 

Dire consequences: We don’t get to watch SVT get gold in Archery

I can feel you holding me, yet you’re not here.