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Fishy Feathers Chapter One

Here, have some cute baby Avian Lance and Mer Pidge! Aka Chick Lance and Guppy Pidge, for now. :3
She hated thunderstorms. She didn’t like how they made the waves all out of control and rough. Her mother trilled worriedly as the sky darkened and the waves started turning choppy. They had been playing around in one of the rock formations near the coast, the rest of the pod in deeper waters, when her father called a warning about the incoming storm. She whimpered and clung to her mother, her guppy tail not exactly strong enough yet to swim through tough currents like the ones sweeping through the area.

Without warning, a huge wave came out of nowhere and slammed down on her, knocking her grip off of her mother’s fin and sweeping her away. She screamed in fright, her mother’s loud panicked calls fading as she vanished with the wave.


Lance whimpered, looking around the trees and cringing as another raindrop landed on his nose. He didn’t mean to fall from the nest! He just wanted to see that pretty bluebird again! The sky was still dark, the sun not quite risen yet, the storm fading into the distance with the occasional rumble of thunder. He didn’t know how to get back into the nest, his oversized brown and tan wings not quite able to lift him yet, so he stayed on the ground, sad and scared little chirps echoing from his throat.

His Mama was asleep with his siblings, his Papa out on a flight to the nearest human city to buy food. So nobody would notice him until they woke up. He folded his wings around his body clumsily, still not quite used to using them yet. He was only six, still a hatchling. He wouldn’t start flying lessons until he was at least ten or twelve. More droplets splattered his wings, and he huffed irritably. He figured there had to be a drier spot to sit and wait, so he got up and marched determinedly through the forest in search of a warmer and less drippy place.

He stopped at a hill of rocks that tumbled down to a beach, eyes wide. A huge body of water lapped at the white sandy ground and boulders, smooth and rough and his inner chick wanted to climb all over it! Chirping excitedly, he scrambled down the hillside, yelping when he tripped and landed face first into the sand, oversized wings flapping awkwardly in an attempt to stop his fall. He sat up, brushing grains of gritty sand from his cheeks and rubbing his nose with a soft whine of pain.

His head whipped up suddenly. He could have sworn someone had just gasped… getting to his feet, he shuffled forward in the direction of the noise, soft, inquisitive little chirps leaking from his mouth. His Mama always said to chirp before he talked, that way he could get attention on him when he spoke to an adult or stranger. There was a pause, and then something mimicked his chirps back! It didn’t sound like any kind of chirp Lance had ever heard before, it was kinda hollow and higher pitched than his own. Squeaky, like a baby pigeon. He clambered over the rocks to the source of the sound and…

He stared, star struck. Big golden brown eyes stared back, a soft pink mouth full of sharp teeth dropping open in surprise as the pale skinned, green scaled mermaid noticed the goofy, fluffy brown and tan speckled wings on his back. Realization registered to both children, and Lance shrieked and ducked back behind the boulders while the mermaid did the same, curling up into a scaly ball with fins flared and covering her non scaly torso.

After a few minutes of nothing happening, Lance peeked back over the rocks and scanned the ball of green fins warily. Mama had always said that an Avian who got too close to a Mer was sure to be dragged into the sea and drowned. But… then again, Mama said that the Mer were huge and vicious and would attack fearlessly… so why was this one so small? Smaller than him, actually? And… scared? Of him? Why? Plus the fact that she was several yards away from the water, and the rocks looked painful to lay on… and one of her fins, the webbed one on her lower back and further down was bleeding along the base, like something had tried to pull it off. He crawled over, carefully, because he was pretty sure this shaking ball of fish scales couldn’t hurt him right now, plus he couldn’t just stand by and watch her suffer! She probably had a family waiting for her, missing her!

He let out a soft, warning peep before he pressed his palm against the fin covering her face. It wasn’t slimy at all, actually kind of like the really fine spider silk his Mama bought for a dress once, super soft and smooth. The fin pulled back, and the mermaid was staring at him again. Lance offered a reassuring smile. “Um, hi! Are you okay?” He spoke up for the first time that day, words instead of bird sounds. It seemed to startle the guppy girl, because she clicked softly in surprise.

“So, uh, I’ve never met a Mer before, but you look kinda… dry? Do you need anything?” He asked, tilting his head and shuffling his wings nervously. Her eyes followed the movement before she swallowed thickly and blinked back tears. “Wah-der. ’M drai. Owie.” She whimpered, still too young to form proper words but trying to convey the message anyways. Lance recognized the babble as toddler talk, his little brother spoke in it currently. Which meant this Mer was at least two or three years younger than him. “Wah… der? Oh! Water! Okay! I’ll get you to the water then! Um… but first we should bandage your fin… I know!” Lance reached behind his back and tugged at the strings tying his shirt together, the design keeping his front covered and his wings free.

Tugging off the thin fabric, he started tearing it into strips. “Wha’ birdy doin’?” The little mermaid whispered, confused. Lance smiled. “Makin’ a bandaid! Hold still, ‘kay?” He reassured the younger creature, clumsily tying the fabric strips around the damaged fin. He tied it off tightly, so it wouldn’t slip off, and brushed some sand off of the guppy girl’s tail. “Okay, how’s that?” He asked, the mermaid blinking and wiggling her fin experimentally. “Owie bedder!” She squealed happily, propping herself up on her hands to stare to the bandaged fin.

Lance preened, proud of his work. “Okay, let’s get you to the water! I’m gonna hafta carry you though, ‘kay?” The Mer nodded, and Lance wriggled his arms under her body, grunting as he somehow managed to pick her up into a princess carry. “For a small girl you sure are heavy!” He yelped, staggering down the rocks and boulders to the waters edge. She let out an indignant, offended, squeaky pigeon chirp and smacked his cheek with a webbed hand, pouting. “Sorry, sorry, I’m just not used to carrying smaller people with tails. All my siblings have wings you kno- AAAAH!” He cut himself off with a startled screech as he slipped on a particularly wet rock and fell forwards into the shallows of the sea, the mermaid sent flying before she plopped into deeper waters.

She surfaced quickly, worried about the fluffy winged boy, and promptly burst out laughing. High pitched, joyful, amused chirruping trills of mirth practically leapt out of her mouth as she took in the sight of the shocked and soggy birdy boy in the water on his hands and knees, wings puffed up in surprise. Lance blinked and sat back on his knees in the water, still a little stunned. It was wet, yeah, but a different kind of wet. Salty and moving and warm and almost alive somehow. And… he loved it! He made an excited little chirp and spread his large wings wide, sweeping them low and getting them wet. The pigeon chirping mermaid swept closer, still making those happy little giggles, and splashed him with more salty water. His face lit up and he splashed her back, laughing. This was so much different from the rain! The ocean seemed to play with them too, small waves crashing into him when he went too far out and pushing him back to shore, tugging lightly at his shorts and wings, splashing him and getting him thoroughly soaked as he chased the little mermaid around excitedly.

A few hours later the sun was fully up, and he was resting against a boulder with his wings and everything under his waist completely submerged, leaning against his new Mer pal. “So… I never learned your name, by the way?” He asked the tired out guppy next to him, and she hummed quietly. “Mom named me-” a series of clicks and squeaks followed her words, and Lance blinked. “-bu’ my Word name is Kadie.” The mermaid finished, smiling. Lance thought a moment. “Katie? Mm… doesn’t suit you. But Pidge does! Can I call you Pidge?” Lance asked, tilting his head towards her in order to gauge her reaction. Katie’s face lit up. “Like a birdy?” Lance nodded. “When you chirp, you sound like a baby pigeon. So, Pidge!” The newly dubbed Mer clapped her hands excitedly. “Pidge! Pidge! I’m Pidge!” She cried, absolutely thrilled with the nickname.

"I’m Lance! And you’re Pidge!” Lance introduced, Pidge grinning enthusiastically. “Lance! Fluffy birdy Lance!” She cooed, and Lance giggled. The happy fun time was interrupted by distant, loud, trilling calls from Pidge’s pod. Lance perked up at the sound of his Mama calling his name nearby. “Aww…. I gotta go home now…” Lance pouted, Pidge drooping as well. “Play ‘morrow?” She asked the Avian boy, splashing him lightly again. Lance stood up and stretched. “Yeah! Course we can! But it has to be a secret okay? Nobody can know, they’d separate us.” He made a shushing sign with his hand, Pidge mimicking the signal. “Mhm! Nobody know!” She giggled, as her pod called again. “Bye Pidge! I’ll see you tomorrow!” He said, wading onto the beach as his fishy friend waved goodbye before diving into deeper waters.


Pidge pulled the shirt bandage off of her fin, swimming towards her mother. She was instantly engulfed in a crowd of worried pod members, her mother squeezing her tight and clicking furiously about how worried she’d been while her father and brother pressed in close, Matt examining her scabbed up fin. “Where have you been? We’ve all been worried sick!” The pod leader, Alfor, scolded her lightly, and she played with her fingers nervously. “Beached!” She shot back defensively, and gasps of horror echoed through the pod.

Many times a young beached Mer was either killed by drying out or by being killed because of another species looking for easy prey, as guppies hadn’t developed the shifting ability yet. The shifting ability allowed Mer to go on land, but only after puberty hit, around twelve years of age. The first time was pretty painful, and they resembled humans, which is why it was used as a last resort when beached.

Alfor softened instantly. “At least you made it to the water in time… I think you should stay in the cove until you’ve healed, alright?” Pidge nodded, already planning how to sneak out to see her feathery friend on land.


"Goodness Lance, you’re soaked! What where you doing out there, playing in the lake? And where is your shirt!?” His Mama berated him as she flew him up to the nest, his siblings already crowding around and chirping with questions. “Mama! I told you! My shirt ripped when I fell from the tree and I’m all wet 'cuz I fell into a big puddle!” He complained as she fussed over him, ruffling his hair with a towel and drying him off before she bundled him up in warm clothes and blankets, constantly checking for a fever.

His Mama sighed in exasperation. “My little chick, you’re too curious for your own good! Next time you fall from the tree, you climb the branches or wait for someone to come get you, understand? No more of this wandering off!” She scolded him, and he huffed quietly as she started working on drying out his wings.

Now to figure out how to get to the beach tomorrow…

Chapter one is done and I am taking a nap, goodnight- ugh-
*flops onto bed and sleeps instantly*
(The Shance comes into play later, I just wanna focus on the Pidge and Lance sibling dynamic for now ;3)
Simple Pleasures - Thranduil

Imagine: Thranduil doing your hair

A/N: I was in a writers block so, this was me trying to get out of my hole of failure. I will try to write requests soon. pLEASE DON’T HATE ME!

Type: Reader Insert / one-shot / fluff

Translations: Hiril vuin: my lady, my beloved lady. Hir vuin: my lord, my beloved lord.

Abbreviations: H/C: Hair color

Warnings: Mentioned/Implied NSFW, fluffy Thranduil (I hope)

Words: 1,465

I sauntered through the halls of the Elvenking, my course leading to the bedding chambers of King Thranduil, as I did every morn. I was the King Thranduil’s most trusted adviser and head of his royal court, therefore, I met him every morning to briefly address the day’s events. On this morning, the morning of the Feast of Starlight, King Thranduil was running late and failed to meet me in his throne room, leading me to check his bedding chambers first.

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How To: Folding Little Bags

I found this really cool folding technique in an origami book and thought it would be perfect for holding my Feathers. it’s also a cheap alternative to sachets or containers. You will only need paper and your hands. (if you want to do some color magic use colored paper) 

Fist fold a square of paper into a triangle 

Then open the triangle and fold the lower side like so

Then open it and do the triangle again. It should look like this: 

Now, fold the left angle to the point where the fold is on the other side (OMG I’m so bad but you’ll see what I mean) 

Ok now do the same on the other side

Does it look like this now?

Good, we are almost done! Fold the “lashes” downs and put one of it inside the opening. (Wow much explaining good words)

Now you are done! 

I hope you could understand everything and re-do it with my awesome instructions. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them c: You can leave the bag open or close them with the remaining lash. This can be made in any size you want and any color. Also I hope people on mobile can see it. If not let me know!

Have a nice day, your Witchy Studies ✨🔮 

Pride and Promise - Bard

Request for @nouria-evenstar : Could you pleeeaaaaseee write Bard fic where he and the reader are very young (about 16) and are in a secret relationship?

A/N: I literally had no clue ho how to write this so I hope it turned out okay. I’m sorry, I haven’t written very much of Bard (another sign I need to chill with my elf addiction).

Type: Reader insert / request / one-shot

Warnings: Reader is a tad bit self conscious :)

Words: 818 (quite short considering my earlier works)

I awaited the presence of my beloved, Bard, at the edge of Laketown’s cramped municipality, watching as a faded winter sun shed the last of its pale yellow light. A sparse dusting of snow falling calmly onto the wooden boards or into the dark, icy water below. This was Bard and I’s place of meeting, for its whereabouts were long forgotten and hadn’t been used since the beginning of Esgaroth. Not one soul knew of Bard and I’s relationship, and that was the way we liked to keep it, hence the secluded rendezvous point. Today my work as a seamstress had been all for naught and tiring, but I knew as soon as Bard’s sturdy arms enveloped my frail form and his lips met mine in a hungry grasp, I would find a blissful peace once more.

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Need Some Help? (GabrielxReader)

Gabriel needs some help cleaning his wings out.


Set after season 8, but before MetaFiction

Your name: submit What is this?

You were a lucky hunter for not just being alive, but being able to work and live in one city, instead of traveling around the country like most do. You managed to work nights and weekends at a local bar as a bartender which also gave you an edge when trying to figure out what the latest monster was. People liked to talk to bartenders and apparently archangels too. As one night a familiar face popped by with sad eyes and a need to drown out some bad memories.

Gabriel had fell along with the other angels and needed a place to hide, from who, you didn’t know as he figured it was best if you stayed out of it. He didn’t want to put you in danger. You didn’t push him and enjoyed his company and sassy remarks. You missed him since the last time you meet when you worked with the Winchesters. Dean and Sam may have hated him, but you thought his tricks were funny. So, he moved into your apartment that looked over a park in the city, with two bedrooms, one bath, with a nice layout that provided enough space for both of you.

After a long shift at the bar you came home to your apartment to find the place littered with golden feathers. It looked as if someone plucked a couple of chickens in the living room and kitchen. You called out to Gabriel, only to hear a couple of grunts coming from the bathroom you shared.

“Gabe, you okay?”

More grunts and then something large hit the ground. You rushed to the door and flung it open to find the archangel laying on the floor on his stomach with six golden wings filling the space above. They were pressed against the ceiling, too large for the small room, with feathers scattered all around with more falling from his wings. They had lost their shine and looked frail from the fall, but still managed to impress you.

“Are you okay?” You repeated, not sure what to do or think.

Gabriel gave you a sheepish smile and proceeded to tuck his wings in and stand up. “Just molting…a lot more than usually.” He paused and looked away. “Probably because of the whole locked out of heaven crap.”

You walked over to him and brought his chin up, so his golden sugar brown eyes stared into your (e/c) eyes. “It’s okay.” Then you looked around on the ground. “But what exactly are you doing?”

“Just trying to brush through my wings to get rid of all the loose feathers. Sorry about the mess. It’s just a little bit harder than I thought.” 

“Give me the brush.” You held out your hand and he seemed hesitant, but he handed the brush over. “Now turn around.”

“Well look at you taking control.” He sang as he turned around. You had to move back more so his wings wouldn’t hit you. Even though he folded them in they were still large, especially since he had six.

You looked his wings over, trying to figure out where to start. “Well, my mom always said start top to bottom.” With one hand you gently eased his top left wing to its full length and started to brush from the base to the outer tips. A shiver went down Gabriel’s spine as you started. At first you were worried that you were hurting him, but he told you to continue. Once down with both of his upper wings you moved on to the middle ones when he shivered again. You paused before continuing. As you got to the base of the other middle wing Gabriel let out a low moan.

“Gabriel?”  You tried to look over his shoulder to see his face. His eyes were closed. “I can stop if….”

“No, no…” His eyes shot open. “It’s just been a long time since anyone has touched my wings…it feels nice. Please don’t stop.” You smiled to yourself as being the one getting to do this. Gabriel let out some more moans as you finished his other wings.

Once done you proceeded to gather all of his feathers into one big pile in the living room on the coffee table. Gabriel tucked his wings away and sat next to you on the couch. Both of you stared at the pile trying to figure what to do with it.

“So…that’s a lot more than I thought it’d be. Reminds me of raking leaves. Could always just jump in it.” You giggled.

“Now hold up, my feathers are not like some ugly dying leaves.” Gabriel frowned and his face grew serious. “Keep them.”

“All of them?”

“No. Not all, but at least one.” He picked out a feather that still had some shine to it and handed it over to you. “Keep this one.”

“Why? Planning on going somewhere?” The feather was silky smooth. As you looked closer you noticed some light brown mixed in with the gold.

“I think it might be time for me to move on.” His serious tone brought you back to the situation in heaven and all the fallen angels.

“Where you gonna go?” You played with the feather more with your fingers, not wanting to look at him.

“Somewhere else so you’ll be safe.”

“Safe from what?”


“Yea, yea. You want to keep me safe. But, who is going to keep you safe Gabe?” Your eyes met.

“I’m the trickster. I’ll think of something.” His confidence didn’t help your concern for him. “Come here.” He pulled you in for a hug and he clung to his shirt. He gave you soft kisses on your head and then pulled your face up to look at him. “I’ll be back. Just can’t have anyone coming to hurt you. I don’t think I could live with myself.”

“I’m going to hold you to that you know.” You snuggled closer to him. “Tonight though, can we just enjoy tonight together?”

“Sure kiddo.”

Hope you like it.

Might make a smut version of this in the future.

ask-drakos  asked:

Okay but aviaries with legit velociraptors walking around and lots of big trees and rocks and cat towers to sit in, and lil chicken nuggets to feed them


And Large Aviaries filled with both Extant and Extinct Aerial Theropods like Yi and Microraptor and Macaws and Cockatoos.

And Duck Ponds home to Geese and Ducks and Swans and Flamingos, and the Biggest Duck of them all, Deinocheirus.



Prospero - The Tempest
Costume inspired by the Pallas’ Fish Eagle.

Photography by Robin Michell.

At last! Here’s the costume that I’ve been working on literally all year (the design was in the works since September last year). Actual blood, sweat and tears went into bringing my design to life but the reception it has received has been worth every all nighter I pulled. Photographs really don’t do the wings justice, since they move so beautifully.