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Simple Pleasures - Thranduil

Imagine: Thranduil doing your hair

A/N: I was in a writers block so, this was me trying to get out of my hole of failure. I will try to write requests soon. pLEASE DON’T HATE ME!

Type: Reader Insert / one-shot / fluff

Translations: Hiril vuin: my lady, my beloved lady. Hir vuin: my lord, my beloved lord.

Abbreviations: H/C: Hair color

Warnings: Mentioned/Implied NSFW, fluffy Thranduil (I hope)

Words: 1,465

I sauntered through the halls of the Elvenking, my course leading to the bedding chambers of King Thranduil, as I did every morn. I was the King Thranduil’s most trusted adviser and head of his royal court, therefore, I met him every morning to briefly address the day’s events. On this morning, the morning of the Feast of Starlight, King Thranduil was running late and failed to meet me in his throne room, leading me to check his bedding chambers first.

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ask-drakos  asked:

Okay but aviaries with legit velociraptors walking around and lots of big trees and rocks and cat towers to sit in, and lil chicken nuggets to feed them


And Large Aviaries filled with both Extant and Extinct Aerial Theropods like Yi and Microraptor and Macaws and Cockatoos.

And Duck Ponds home to Geese and Ducks and Swans and Flamingos, and the Biggest Duck of them all, Deinocheirus.



Prospero - The Tempest
Costume inspired by the Pallas’ Fish Eagle.

Photography by Robin Michell.

At last! Here’s the costume that I’ve been working on literally all year (the design was in the works since September last year). Actual blood, sweat and tears went into bringing my design to life but the reception it has received has been worth every all nighter I pulled. Photographs really don’t do the wings justice, since they move so beautifully.