I can’t believe the small group I decided to stan, who couldn’t afford to buy high end clothing, who weren’t able to eat out with the pd’s often because they weren’t making enough money, who didn’t have enough money to rent a car for an mv so had to borrow their managers, who were so broke they often couldn’t buy enough meat/food for 7 people are now selling out venues, holding their fanmeets in some of the biggest places, wearing some of the most luxurious clothing, breaking records for the most views for a kpop video in 15 and 24 hours, hiring nearly 50 extras for an mv, BLOWING UP CARS IN AN MV, gifting each other 1.1k $$$$$$ SWEATERS FROM GUCCI, BREAKING INTO THE US CHARTS, SELLING OVER 500,000 COPIES OF WINGS IN THE FIRST MONTH, SURPASSING THEIR TOTAL ALBUM SALES

and the fact that they have remained so humble and grateful for everything they have worked so hard to receive makes me even more happy to be a bts stan


anna runs her fingers through my hair
and we share stories of our survival
there’s a revival alive in her room
smiles bloom from my laughter
as we start to capture spring

she smiles while she sings
and can’t hide her wings
when things get holy

anna just holds me
like she knows
all my lonely
will end