hold me niall



Harry Today
  • Harry: *talking with louis over the phone* Guess what I got to hold today.
  • Louis: I kno-
  • Harry: A baby.
  • Louis: Here we go.
  • Harry: Why does she get to have a bambino? Huh? I want an infant. Why won't you let us have a neonate. I want-no. I neeeeeeeeed one NOW. Next time I see you, you better have an overgrown sperm in your arms looking exactly how I described it in the presentation I gave you last week.*hangs up*
  • Louis: I'm so fooked

this picture is bringing back all the feels that i didn’t ask to feel tonight but i’m so proud of how far they have come since the seventeen project and i’m so 😿😿😿

and also can we talk about boom boom’s two wins??

credits: svt TV (tbh i don’t even know if i’m crediting the right person so give me a while to find her)

Your hand fits in mine

OR, five times Prince Harry held the stable boy’s hand

This is for my hand-holding/prince!Harry anon. 



Harry startles at the voice, whirls around to come face-to-face with…a boy, which is better than a guard – or worse, his father. The stables are sort of…off limits right now, is the thing. Not to mention he’s broken about five rules just sneaking out of the castle. “Hi.”

The boy, no older than himself and only a tiny bit slimmer, with short brown hair and bright blue eyes tilts his head curiously. “You’re Harry. The Prince of England.”

“You’re Irish,” Harry realizes.

”’m Niall, your majesty,” the boy says politely, bowing his head.

Harry grimaces. “Harry. Just Harry, please,” he insists.

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** Niall Horan and Harry Styles Imagine **


You, Harry and Niall were the best of friends .  Every time you would tease Harry he would always run to Niall.

In a baby voice Harry would say “ Niall hold me, shes a meanie. You’re not my friend anymore.”

Then the 3 of you would laugh and continue joking around. 


Top 10 Favorite Narry Moments | tagged by: angelicnarry

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It is so hard to decided!!! My gOD! 

This might take a while.

10. Wishing Harry’s dad a happy birthday *-*

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