hold me fast and fear me not

In One Piece: part two

He took her chin between his fingers and and leaned down to place his lips on hers. Her eyes widened in shock before pulling back, shrieking “What do you think you’re doin’?!”

“Kissin’ yeh.” He smirked.

“Sorry, bu’ I don’ feel like kissin’ yeh right now,” she frowned.

“Le’ me make it up to yeh, please.” He rested his forehead against hers, “Please, sweetheart.”


Alex upsets his girl and tries to make it up to her.


“Don’ know wha’ Y/N was thinkin’ when she agreed to marry yeh, silly girl tha’ one. Silly as can be. But a cunt?” Alex growled, veins protruding all over as his grip tightened on the squirming prick he had pinned to the wall. “She’s jus’ no such thing, mate,” he pulled Thomas’ body forward before slamming it into the ivy covered brick again, evoking a low groan from him.

Y/N sat fidgeting in her seat across from him. She didn’t really know what to say, or how to say it. She just knew it needed to be said. “What’s this about?” Thomas asked. He was smiling, she could hear it in his voice, but she looked any and everywhere but his eyes. “Y/N?” He asked once more, the smile dissipating from his voice.

She toyed with ring upon her left fourth finger, twisting it back and forth and so before finally slipping it off. She placed it gently on the table between them before saying, “I can’ marry you.”

His head straightened up tall and floored by her statement. “‘Scuse me?”

“I can’ marry you, Thomas. My heart isn’ in it,” she answered.

“So where is your heart, then?” He asked, though he already knew the answer. “Funny yeh say this considerin’ I know yeh saw Alex yesterday.” He bit his bottom lip, teasing his tongue with the taste of blood.

“‘M truly sorry, I am. It’s jus’ not fair to do this to ourselves.” She reasoned.

He sat there for a few moments, trying to soak up her words, syllable by syllable. “Why’d yeh even say yes?” He laughed, but there was an unsettling look in his eye.

“I couldn’t bring myself to tell you no-,” she said, but was interrupted by the fierce rise in his voice.

“Bullshit!” He cracked. “Don’ put this on me! Yeh made me believe yeh wanted this, made me believe yeh wanted me!  Lead me by a bloody leash, you did!” His chest palpated dangerously fast, anger fueling his every action.  “You’re a right cunt fo’ tha’!” He picked up his water glass, slamming it against her dining wall and watching it shatter to pieces. She flinched at the ear-splitting sound, hands subconsciously flying up to hold her head.

She was on fire, burning with rage and fear. “We wen’ out together on dates! Never up until that point had I professed some deep and undyin’ love for yeh that would’ve made you go and propose! Tha’ was on you!” She spat. “I enjoyed your company, bu’ yeh had to rush it!” Y/N hadn’t ever been so hostile in her life. She’d like to think of herself as a generally calm and collected person. But this? This pushed her over the line. Who did he think he was?

Thomas’ back was to her as he rocked himself back and forth on the counter. He was taut with fury, practically steaming at the ears. “This isn’ about how I rushed it, Y/N! It has nothin’ to do with tha’ and everythin’ to do with Alex, I’m no’ stupid!” He slammed his fists onto the counter.

“Yeh know wha’? You’re right. I love Alex. I loved him before you, durin’ you, and now, an’ I’m sorry fo’ hurtin’ you, but I can’ help who my heart wants!”  Y/N cried.

“So what’d yeh do? Did yeh kiss him? Did yeh shag him? Huh?! Answer me!” He roared, shaking Y/N to the very core. “Be’ yeh did. “

“‘M not really sure what you’re implyin’ but-,”

“I’m sayin’ you’re a whore! A blimey slag!” Thomas growled, finger pointed inches away from her face.

“Ge’ out.” She whispered.

“Oh, wha’? Can’ face wha’ you’ve done-,”

“I said get out! Get ou’ of my house!”  Y/N bellowed. Her whole body was jolting with adrenaline and she feared she might pass out from the unforgiving anger she felt. Thomas shook his head, scoffing out a laugh before kicking the chair out of his way and slamming the door on his way out to prove his point. She felt bad, terrible even, for hurting him, for angering him. Though she couldn’t say she wasn’t a bit relieved, he was quite unnerving when he was bothered and upset. She cradled her head in her hands as she silently shook with cries. Y/N never handled other’s anger well. She hated when people would let their emotions get the better of them, especially when she was the cause.

She sat for a while before sucking it up and wiping her tears and grabbing the bin to clean up the shards of glass. She tried to be very careful, not wanting to cut herself, but that inevitably failed when a knock and open to her front door startled her, causing the glass to cut her hand. “Dammit,” she whimpered.

“Y/N, love,” Alex called, “what’re yeh doin’?”

Alex’s hand was gripping Thomas’ jaw harshly, threatening his skin with finger-shaped bruises as he convulsed infuriatingly so. “And a whore? That was a bi’ of a stretch, too, duffer,” he kneed him in the groin, earning a cry from Thomas. “Ditzy thing sometimes, bu’ she’s a bloody angel!” Alex growled through gritted teeth. With one uppercut to the face, Thomas was on the ground in fetal position. Alex spit in his face and stormed away, stewing and brewing and flailing about.

Alex sat atop of Y/N’s bathroom sink as she cleaned the scrapes and bruises amongst his hand from his prior indiscretion with Thomas. To say Y/N was upset with Alex was an understatement. She’s didn’t really believe in violence, and while her heart swooned at the thought of him defending her, that didn’t mean she wanted him to have a back-alley brawl with her ex-fiancé. Her lips were pressed in a tight line as she bandaged the wound to prevent infection. She wouldn’t even look him in the eye, and it hurt his heart a little. “Sweetheart, please look at me,” he sighed, but she kept her eyes low. “Y/N, c’mon,” he tried again. However, she kept doting around on his knuckles and refusing to give him what he wanted. Finally, he took her face in his hands and forced her to look at him. “I think it’s clean, love, now look a’ me.”

“You’ve really upset me,” she said.

He felt his chest tighten at that. “What ca’ I do?” He pleaded.

“You’ve done enough.” Alex really wanted to fix this. He couldn’t stand the fact that she was upset with him, but she was his girl, and nobody would insult his girl. He was sorry for disappointing her, but not sorry for what he did. Thomas needed to be taught a lesson as far as Alex was concerned. He was wracking his brain trying to figure out ways to get her to forgive him, and then he it dawned on him. He took her chin between his fingers and and leaned down to place his lips on hers. Her eyes widened in shock before pulling back, shrieking “What do you think you’re doin’?!”

“Kissin’ yeh.” He smirked.

“Sorry, bu’ I don’ feel like kissin’ yeh right now,” she frowned.

“Le’ me make it up to yeh, please.” He rested his forehead against hers, “Please, sweetheart.” She bit her lip, toying with the idea in her head before locking eyes with him, signaling him the go-ahead with a subtle nod of the head.

His lips met hers sweetly, taking her breath away. She placed one hand on his chest and wrapped the other around his neck to pull him closer. His hand gripped her waist and held her securely to him. Her lips felt like velvet and he couldn’t get enough of it. Every time she’d pull away, he’d bring her even more close, savoring the sound of her labored breath and the rise and fall of her chest increasing by the second. He finally let her break away to catch her breath, but still held her just as tightly to him. She opened her eyes to find him already itching to look into hers and her cheeks tinged pink with embarrassment, so she looked away. “Hey, quit lookin’ away from me,” Alex demanded. He slid off the bathroom sink and intwined his arms around her back. She strained her neck up to look at him once more and smiled graciously, placing his lips on hers once more.

The kiss was innocent to start with, but the second she threaded her fingers through his hair and tugged in delight, a fire was ignited in him. He spun her around, gently slamming her hips into the counter, eliciting a soft, squeak-like sound from her which raised every hair on the back of his neck and tickled his skin with goosebumps. He lifted her up and placed her on the counter and moved to wrap her legs around his hips. She trailed her hands down to his chest, nails lightly scratching along the way, before he jerked her hands back up to his hair. “Keep ‘em there, love,” he growled. A coil snapped within her at the sound of his voice so rough and deep that she tugged on his tresses once more just to hear the sound again.

He sunk his teeth into the plushy flesh of her skin, and she jolted from the sensation. Her head sunk deeper into the pillow the closer he approached where she ached for him. He was feeling dizzy, overwhelmed at the situation and reeling in the smell of her in the air. He moaned quietly as his mouth watered just thinking about what he was about to do. His mouth teased the crease of where her thigh met her hip and her breath wavered. He trailed kiss after kiss until his lips touched the damp spot right in the center of her cotton panties. It was then his tongue snuck from between his lips to press against her ever so slightly, and she shied away from the contact, but his hands brought her back down against his tongue. “So sweet already an’ I haven’ even taken these off yet” he groaned. He believed, with full sincerity, that she would be the death of him.

His fingers hooked inside of her knickers and yanked them down her thighs and onto the floor before spreading her legs and nesting a home between them. He spread her open with his fingers before attaching his lips and tongue to her clit, sucking and pulling and doing everything to coax a sound from her. She whimpered, though they sounded more like squeaks, and she’d be dying from embarrassment had it not just felt so good. Her hands instinctively flew to his head and reveled in the warmth of his tongue on her most sensitive spot. Her back arched and shivered and trembled with every nibble and lick, and to make matters almost more unbearable, he curved a finger inside of her. It was foreign, a bit uncomfortable at first until Alex stroked something within her, and it wasn’t anymore.

“A-Alex,” she mewled. He moaned against her, and the vibrations nearly shocked her core. Her heart was working double time to keep her body from caving in to the pleasure completely. Between the vibrations of his mouth and the stroke of his finger inside of her, it became too much to balance. Her vision was white hot as her legs tightened around his neck and shuddered so. His name was breathless on her lips and she swore nothing could compare to the feeling of his face between her thighs, even though she could never say that aloud because it nearly humiliated her with how lewd the reality of it all was.

Alex pressed one final kiss to her mound before trailing his tongue back up her body slowly, taunting her. His lips pressed to her neck causing her to shiver at the sensitivity before pressing a kiss below her eye and asking, “How was tha’?”

“Tha’ was,” she gulped, “somethin’.”

“Had to be more than jus’ somethin’, baby. Practically ripped all my hair out my head,” he giggled.

“Oh, shush,” she covered her face, mortified. Alex pried her hands away and kissed her with fervor, heart swelling with how her lips melted into his just right.

“Stop hidin’ tha’ face away from me,” he grinned.

“Then quit embarrassin’ me!”

“My god,” Alex gasped. He buried his face into her neck, biting and kissing in attempt to silence the sounds erupting from within his chest. Her nails dug into his skin in discomfort as he settled deep within her walls and she cried out. “‘M sorry, love, so so sorry. I’ll stop, I’ll stop,” he stumbled over his words.

“No,” a tear trickled down her cheek, “don’ stop, please.” He ignored her and moved to untangle her legs from around his wait, but she gripped his shoulders frantically. “Please, no! I wan’ to feel you,” she hummed.

He sunk back into her and she gripped his right hand, interlocking their fingers and squeezing it harshly. “I don’ want to hurt you,” he mumbled.

“I’m okay, promise.” It didn’t necessarily hurt her at this point, it was just uncomfortable.

“I love you, love yeh so much, petal,” he kissed her cheek. “I’ve never felt so whole in my life. Look a’ tha’,” he gently brought her head forward to look at where they joined as one, “connected, you and me.” He laid her head back down. His hips faltered to the right a little, causing her chest to press against his and she swore. His ears perked at the sound, quickly trying to repeat the movement he just made.

“Yes,” she hissed, “that’s it!”

Neither of them had ever felt anything quite like this. It wasn’t lust. No, their love overwhelmed the lust by a long shot. It wasn’t the act of getting swept up by desire. It was a commemoration of their feelings for each other. Y/N felt like her heart could burst at any moment at the sound of Alex’s sweet nothings and praises in her ear. “Yeh feel so good, baby. You’re doin’ so well for me,” he urged a hungry kiss on her lips, “such a good girl,” he cooed.

Her body was writhing beneath his and he hoped this was a sight he could remember forever. She looked so beautiful like this. Well, she looked beautiful all the time, but there was something about the way she couldn’t contain herself at this moment that had him gawking at her. Her eyes screwed shut and broken pleas sounding off the walls put him in a near daze. The way she clenched around him and how divine she felt seemed like a luxury he could not afford.

Her lips left breathy, open-mouthed kisses to his neck and he fell against her, driving his hips right into hers, grunting each time. He was in such a state of euphoric bliss that nothing else mattered to him in this moment except for her and proving his love to her. He wanted her to feel what she did to him. How she shot electricity through his veins every time she cried his name. How his whole body quaked with each yank of his hair. How satisfactory it felt to be the only one to make her eyes roll to the very back of head with each push to the right place within her. So that’s what he did. He carried on til the early morning until neither of them could take it anymore and collapsed into each other’s arms and exchanged honey-covered words until they succumbed to the imminent sleep, tangled together, in one piece.  

so this is part two!!! i skimmed through this to half-ass make sure there were no mistakes but i’m sure y’all will find one. also sorry i’m the worst smut writer in the history of this website. i hope you guys like this as much as part one. stay tuned for part three to continue the rest of Alex and Y/N’s story! 

dreamy thoughts
  • how do we know that magical creatures don’t exist? just because we haven’t seen them doesn’t prove they aren’t real.
  • what if clouds really are cotton wool and we can sleep in them? but airplanes move too fast for us to know.
  • flowers and forests are my home.
  • I walk in a snowy pine tree forest but I don’t feel cold. All the little woodland creatures greet me as a friend.
  • I’m looking up at the stars, but the stars are too distant for me to see that they’re smiling back, hoping that I’ll be okay.
  • what will my future hold? any day now, I could do something I fear terribly and all my dreams will form into a reality.
  • all the swans in the mirror lake know my name, they sing for me and tell me their stories.
  • I metamorphosize like a butterfly, from a shy weak little thing to a magnificent being of magic.
||Mine|| Theo Raeken Smut

Requested: “Hi 💕 Can you please do the prompts 163, 165, 169, 182 and 188 with Theo Raeken? Thank you very much ❤ “ 

Warnings: Smut, just pure smut. NSFW !!!

Prompts will be bold.

“Ugh, fuck me!”I yelled, groaning as I stained my new white shirt.

The bathroom door flew open as Theo ran in.

“Gladly.”Theo spoke up, smirking slightly.

I hate his stupid smirks, it makes him look hotter than usual.

“Ha ha, you know I yell that every time I get frustrated.”I mumbled, shaking my head at his eagerness.

“So do I, I yell it every time I get sexually frustrated.”Theo added, making me laugh.

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Absolutely! I’ve never written these two together before, but I really enjoyed imagining them meeting, and it did become shippy  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for the prompt!

The first thing Oikawa notices are his lips, the upward slant of them, crooked and teasing. He doesn’t like it. It feels off balance. It suggests that there are things this dark-haired boy knows that Oikawa does not. He hates that feeling.

“Who is that, Iwa-chan?” he asks, tipping his chin just slightly in the direction of the lanky boy who has caught his attention.

“Kuroo-san?” Iwaizumi says, as if that name should mean anything to Oikawa. “He’s their captain. Middle blocker. You didn’t watch their tapes?”

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Onsra | Part II

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Words: 4.6K

Genre: Demon!Au. Fluff. Angst. Smut.

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI | Part VII

A/N: Sorry for taking forever to update! >.<  I know there’s not too much angst or fluff or smut yet, but maybe some innuendos? o.o Either way, if you haven’t read the first part yet, I’ve linked it above!

“All mine,” He said confidently as his lips pressed gently to your neck. The sensation of his warm lips against your skin made you shiver as you pushed harder against his chest with your free hand.

“Th-This isn’t real…” The tremble in your voice made him chuckle. This was all a dream- no, a nightmare. Jeon Jungkook, a classmate of yours, was saying the exact same things as the boy who had been keeping you up at night by haunting your every thought. It simply wasn’t possible. You let out a laugh and you felt your knees giving in. “I’m imagining things. God, I really am going crazy…”

“Are you?” He asked quietly. “Don’t be stupid, Y/N.” Jungkook gave your intertwined hand a gentle squeeze before letting your hand drop to your side. You stay silent in a complete daze as he chuckled again at your confusion. Part of you wanted to believe him, but the other part of you didn’t even know how to rationalize what was happening: That the boy you kept seeing at night while you were asleep was very real… and somehow he was standing right here in front of you. You were really losing it.

“I-I’ll open my eyes any second now… And then you’ll be gone.”

“This isn’t a dream… Do you feel these hands against you?” He snaked his hands up to your waist and gripped firmly. “Do you feel these lips against your skin?” You felt a sharp pain as his teeth captured the soft skin on your neck. You inhaled sharply before a soft moan escaped your lips. Your eyes bulged suddenly at the strange sound that you just emitted as the hair on the back of your neck standing straight. He let out a low chuckle. “I’ll take that as a yes.

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Loki Imagine - ‘You’re different’

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Your P.O.V.

Pure chaos and fear was spreading across the streets of New York. People were running in different directions, hiding, screaming out in pure horror. ‘The end is here’ ‘please don’t kill me!’ and more. I was frozen by shock as I listened to this all. I had just wanted to spend a normal day at the library but instead some aliens wanted to destroy everything. 

Thunder roared in the sky and I saw clouds gathering around a hole in the sky. It was so barbaric to think about. My heart started beating harder in my chest. I saw someone that looked like Iron Man flying, destroying one of those robotic creatures in process. Parts of it flew everywhere and that’s when I knew I had to get into a safe place. Maybe I stood there too long. A huge chunk of the creature was coming straight at me.

That’s it.

I attempted to dodge it but someone grabbed me and ran away super fast. I screamed and held onto this person with my life. He didn’t stop going as fast as lighting. He just ran, probably trying to hide me. I dared to look at the person and my breath got lost. The blonde hair was flowing with the wind and I saw scratches here and there from battle. It was Thor!

‘‘Hold on’‘ He growled to me. Truly, I was confused. It mixed with my fear and nothing made sense. But of course, I did as told, clinging onto him the best way I could. Then I looked behind in, realizing why he was going so fast. We ere being chased! My eyes widened and I felt my body going numb.

‘‘You can’t get away, brother!’‘ The man yelled darkly. He was using a platform to chase us. I locked eyes with the man. He had dark raven hair and piercing green eyes. His clothes were different but the colors suit him- green, black and gold. He even had a strange helmet. As our eyes met, his smile faded.

Thor’s brother was going to say something but Thor did wasn’t going to listen. I don’t know how but with his other arm in the air, he let go of the ground. I almost screamed when I noticed we were flying. Why didn’t he let go of me! ‘’Holy fuck’’ I breathed out as tears stung my eyes. The air was cold and we were getting higher. It was terrifying to look down so I closed my eyes.

A few seconds later everything stopped. Thor put me down and I opened my eyes. We were on top of a building, but I didn’t know which one. Then he looked right into my eyes, very seriously as well. ‘’Hide’’ Was all he said before jumping off the roof, probably to fight those alien creatures.

I was astonished  by now. My entire body was trembling and Thor’s demand echoed in my head. Why should I hide? Why did he save me? Although a million thoughts raced around in my head, I decided to do as told. I ran to the door and opened it, then running down some spiral stairs. As I reached the bottom, I saw a penthouse. It looked very luxurious and expensive.

There was a fireplace with fire in it, roasting the wood. I looked around in panic in desperate need for a hiding place. There was a piano but anyone could find me from underneath it. Then I saw a door. I ran over and shut it, locking myself into the room. As I looked around, I saw that I was in someone’s bedroom. Whoever owned this place wasn’t home. At least it seemed like it.

I sat down on the bed and once again found myself listening to the explosions and screams. This time, they were quieter. Probably because I was up here. 

What was happening to our city? As I sat in silence, tears started to roll down my face. I hugged my knees and started sobbing, sad because so much got destroyed. Thor’s demand scared me. I didn’t know whether my few friends were alright!

‘‘Shit..’‘ I hissed and tugged my own H/C hair. I saw my reflection in the mirror. My heart skipped a beat as I saw myself. My usually E/C eyes were icy purple and they were glowing. I held my breath in shock. Then I saw my surroundings. I had to look around me for real to know it was real. Some objects were floating around in, surrounded by the same purple glow. A candle was on my right as the pillows were hovering over the bed. Even a chair started floating in mid air.

The door opened and all the objects fell down. I turned around swiftly, expecting the owner of this penthouse but man, I was wrong. My gut twisted as I saw the person entering the bedroom. It was the man who had chased Thor. ‘’You!’’ He growled and pointed at me with some sort of a wand with a blue light in it.

A shiver ran down my spine and I had a feeling that this was bigger than what I could understand. ‘’You’re different’’ The man smiled, getting even closer. ‘’W-what do you mean?’’ I stuttered with a very small voice. ‘’Oh Y/N’’ He chuckled at me. How did he know my name? ‘’Let me introduce myself, I’m Loki and I will soon be your king’’ He introduced himself very confidently. King?

Was this even real?

It couldn’t possibly be real!

‘‘Anyway, back to you my dear’‘ He sighed and touched my jaw with his toy. It barely touched me but I felt a weird sensation. ‘‘Why..this is interesting’’ He purred and looked at me closely. I was both afraid and curious. This Loki wasn’t chasing his brother. He chased me. Then my fear grew larger. Thor had told me to hide.

‘‘It doesn’t even work on you. So they were right about you’‘ Loki spoke words that were nonsense to me. Then I stepped back, not wanting to be in touch with his weird toy.’‘Can you please be clearer?’‘ I asked, hoping that he wouldn’t find me arrogant and kill me. I mean, he wasn’t from this world. I had no idea what he could do!

‘‘With pleasure. I need your..help to take over this world’‘ He told me like it was nothing. For me, it was a sentence that made my heart drop. I pointed at my chest. ‘‘My help? I’m just a normal human. I can’t possibly help you!’‘ I defended myself, silently praying for Thor to show up again. What the fuck. This day had become so wild I was expecting a damn God to show up and save me. I was going bonkers!

‘‘No no no..I already told you. You’re different’‘ Loki growled and hit the floor with his toy. I flinched, not daring to move a muscle now. ‘‘Would you like some proof?’‘ He continued, almost excitedly. I shook my head no as more tears ran down my face. ‘‘Well, I’ll give it to you anyway’‘ He sighed and raised his toy. The blue light grew larger and I knew exactly what he was doing. 

He would shoot me with that beam!

I heard a ‘pew’ sound and I screamed, closing my eyes and shielding myself with my arms. The floor shook a little bit and I held my breath. I waited a little while for a burning pain but it never came. I opened my eyes and gasped. I was surrounded by a purple beam bubble- or whatever it was. Loki looked at me with a big, mischievous grin.

I couldn’t believe this. Did I create that? Everything outside the bubble besides Loki, was broken. Things had turned ashy and some things were on fire. As I lowered my arms, the shield faded away. It was way too much for my mind to handle. I was dumbfounded. So I fell onto my knees and stared at my surroundings.

‘I’m only a normal human!’‘ Loki mimicked my voice. Then there was multiple versions of him, all surrounding me. He was using his magic. ‘‘No..’‘I breathed out.Then I sniffled. My head started to ache madly from this all. I had no idea what the hell was real anymore.

My palms touched the floor and I stared at my fingers, trying to breathe but I found it hard. The temperature dropped in the room and I felt cold. Goosebumps appeared on my skin and my breath turned foggy. ‘’I know this is much for you but I know how you feel, Y/N. I also went through the shock as I found out I wasn’t who I thought I was’’ Loki started speaking more seriously.

I shook my head no, refusing to believe I was anything but human. I was quivering and crying, on the verge of having a break down. A hand touched my jaw and made me look up. Loki was down on my level and he looked deeply into my eyes. His other versions vanished into thin air and it was just the two of us left.

Then I saw something shocking. He let go of me and I kept looking. Then his flawless pale skin turned darker, almost dark blue and it even looked like he was frozen underneath. It started from his head and the color change moved towards his fingertips. He shut his eyes and sighed. My heart was beating so hard it felt like it would escape my body. Then Loki opened his eyes. They were bright red. That’s when I backed off a little bit, stumbling so I was sitting on my bum. 

What just happened?

‘‘Allow me to show you your true colors. We could work together greatly’‘ Loki tried to make me work with him again. Before I had a chance to speak, we heard a loud thud. Loki turned around and got back to normal just before the door flew open. I saw Thor once again.My headache developed into a lightheaded feeling and I swear I would faint soon.

‘‘This isn’t right’‘ Thor growled angrily at his brother. ‘’You wouldn’t understand! You never have!’‘ Loki fought back, growing angry. They were both holding some weapons, a hammer and a wand with a blue light. I gulped, afraid they’d have a brutal scene right here.

‘‘Let’s get going’‘ I heard a whisper next to me. I startled and turned around. It was Loki! Then I looked back at Thor. Loki was in front of him as well! ‘‘He’ll find out it’s just an illusion soon. We must go’‘ Loki grabbed my arm and pulled me away. He opened another door in the huge bedroom and pushed me through it. I guess I didn’t have a choice but to play his game.

Loki opened a window and then grabbed my waist, holding me tightly. In the middle of this chaos, I felt surprised by his touch. I didn’t get a chance to think until he moved to his next move. He didn’t say anything as he jumped out of the window, pulling me with him. I screamed for dear life and shut my eyes. We were free falling! Then we landed on something. I grunted in pain but it wasn’t too bad.My entire body was quivering and I was panicking. Loki here acted as if everything was fine and in control. We landed on some platform he used to chase us. 

‘‘See?It wasn’t that bad’‘ He chuckled and let me weep by myself. It felt like I could fall over the edge any second but somehow, I didn’t. Then I looked down, seeing how New York got destroyed. The sight was unbelievable but what messed with my most was my powers.

It felt like I had never known myself. Like my life so far was a lie. What was the truth? Would Loki tell me?

Solely for the truth I would stick with Loki. It’s not like I had a choice anyway. My thoughts seemed to get the best of me. My vision got blurry and I lost my balance.Then I blacked out, feeling way too overwhelmed by everything to be up and think more.

A/N: Sorry if this is bad, it’s my first Loki imagine :)

wildehacked  asked:

Sarah Williams! :)

Sarah just managed to yank her hands out of his ironclad grip, and stumble the handful of steps to the bushes before she was sick. Her arms trembled as she leaned against the stupid, familiar aluminum siding, but it was cool and she was hot, feverish—she pressed her forehead against it, soaking in night-chill.

She couldn’t shut her eyes. She didn’t trust herself to shut them.

“Sarah…?” the Goblin King ventured hesitantly, and she flinched away from the touch of his hand  at her shoulder. Even through the leather, it was—

He withdrew his hand. Sarah turned, to press her cheek to the siding. It was still cool, as cool as gold left in the dark—she breathed out, and she heard the Goblin King echo her, half a beat later.

“You have my thanks,” he said, after a long moment. She turned, just enough to survey him through her lashes, and he looked—uncertain. Even by moonlight. “You need not have come,” the Goblin King says, which is true. “But you did, and I am…grateful. I am in your debt.”

Sarah understood, distantly, how much those words cost him to say. Fairies and goblins and promises to take and debts to settle up, and just thinking about it she was almost sick on the bushes again. “Don’t…” she said, but her voice was swallowed up by the night, and the sound of cicadas, owls. Distant cars. 

“It is the truth.”

“I’m sick of us owing each other.”

The Goblin King scoffed. “You have never owed me anything.“

Sarah turned. In the harsh clear moonlight, the Goblin King looked smaller, reduced by some degree she would not have noticed before. She had saved him. Hoggle and Ludo and Didymus had called, begging her—her, Labyrinth-runner—to come and save the Goblin King. And she saved him, she had; but even now she wanted to run into the house, scrub her arms until they bled. Or at least until she couldn’t remember what he felt like, as a scaly, dripping thing cradled to her breast—a bloody lion with claws in her wrists—or a monstrous wet smoke, heavy as wet cement—or—or—

(Hold me fast and fear me not, and Sarah had a new appreciation for Janet, who must have been made of sterner stuff, or loved Tam Lin better than Sarah did the Goblin King. But Sarah had held on, she’d dug her nails in, and even now she thought she could see a row of silvery half-moon crescents along Jareth’s cheek, where she had drawn blood.)

“I don’t want there to be any debt between us,” she said, and was proud when her voice only wavered slightly. “Can I release you?”

“Not from this. A life owed is….owed, for all a life.”

Sarah and Jareth the Goblin King stood apart from one another, across the span of Sarah’s father’s front yard. She wondered what strange plant would spring up between now and morning, with all that…otherness, strung between her and Jareth. She hoped Dad wouldn’t mind.

“What am I supposed to do?” she asked, and even she could hear the defeated note in her voice. Jareth did not flinch, but she could see him suppress it.

“Whatever you want,” he said, heavily. She’d never thought of him as heavy before, as taking up space. But here he was, all brocade and shadow, and he must be heavy. If only because he was shackled by her. “I am yours to command.”

“You’ll be my slave?” Sarah laughed, and Jareth was not quick enough to keep himself from flinching at that.

“Servant,” he corrected stiffly. “A debt—”

“I don’t want a servant. Or a slave. I just…I freed you for my friends,” Sarah said. “You owe them, not me.”

Jareth didn’t quite meet her eyes. It was strange to see a six-foot-something creature of glitter and starlight and leaf-green livery bowing to her, cringing in half-obeisance. “If it had been any other, I would not…Such a claiming requires an equal. And I have no power over you.”

Sarah stood perfectly still, not sure what to do.

“What do you want from me?” she asked, and Jareth sneered, even if it was at the grass, or maybe the toes of her shoes. He was having some trouble looking her in the face.

“Whatever you desire. That’s—what a life debt means. I serve you until the end of my life.”

Sarah wondered how far she could push him, if there was an event horizon for this. For all she knew, he was serious, and he would go on granting every wish she spoke aloud until they both died. Until she died. (She suspected he couldn’t die, not really. Dying was for…other, less glamorous things. Not him.)

“And I can’t release you,” she repeated, the question implicit in her voice.

“Not without reason,” Jareth gritted out. His teeth were flat and white now, though Sarah had a sense memory of their being long, and yellowed; awful serpent’s teeth in a mouth that was huge and void—

“Well, all right then,” Sarah Williams said. She looked at the Goblin King, who stood like a tin soldier, waiting to commanded or thrown into the fire. “Do you want pancakes?” she asked, and the Goblin King’s head jerked up. He stared at her, immaculate brows raised.

“Yeah,” Sarah said, turning towards the house. Dad, Karen, and Toby were all asleep, but she could make pancakes quietly. “I want pancakes.”

(He only tried to help twice, and one of those times, it was to put out a fire. Sarah chalked it up to a success.)

Picture Perfect

Summary: You’re hired to kiss Spider-man for the Daily Bugle’s next Spidey-centric article. 

Warnings: Falling, literally and figuratively, bad writing ‘cause I’m super out of practice. Hopefully Peter’s in character D:

Word count: 1500

A/N: I finally watched Homecoming and I love Peter so much, also any and all feedback is appreciated!!! Sorry I’ve been away so long guys, I’ve been trying to find the motivation and inspiration to come back to writing, and I think I have it now? Maybe? At any rate, please let me know how you like this!!! 

Taglist: @forthefandomss @themidnight-train @wingedslothbaby @waitingfortherightpartner @officialcaptain-marvel @hijikira @rotisserierogers @buchananbarnestrash ((hit me up if you wanna be added/removed!)

“You want me to what?” As an intern at the Daily Bugle, you imagined that the requests your boss would have for you extended about as far as the local Starbucks, but after his latest assignment you thought that maybe you had underestimated his expectations.

“Kiss Spider-man. In front of a camera. It’ll make a great article that’ll raise our celebrity section’s popularity.”

“I can’t just kiss a stranger, what if he’s like, 40? What if he has some weird contagious disease that gave him his powers but when I get it it kills me?”

“Stop overreacting Y/N, we know he’s around your age, hell you probably go to the same high school! And at any rate, isn’t it the dream of every senior to have a little romance with an Avenger? If I asked you to kiss Captain America I bet you’d jump at the chance.”

“But that’s different! Captain America doesn’t wear a mask, I know who he is when he’s not carrying around a shield.”

“I’ll double your pay for the next two weeks if you do it.” That one made you pause, you could really use that money to help your dad pay the bills, or at least buy something for dinner that wasn’t mac and cheese or noodle cups. And it’s not like a kiss means anything, anyways. You wouldn’t be marrying the guy.

“Fine, fine. I’ll kiss Spider-man for your tabloid section, you’re lucky I’m broke.”

You couldn’t believe you got talked into being bait. As if kissing a total stranger wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Jameson had staged an “accident” to which Spider-man was expected to save you from.

So here you were, standing on the roof of a 13 floor building, waiting for something explicitly disastrous to risk your life. Every little gust of wind had you jumping, anxiety wasn’t a strong enough word for the way your palms sweat and your heart thudded.

What if Spider-man didn’t even come to your rescue? And, not that you were ungrateful for all the good he’s done, but he was prone to little slipups, what if he missed catching you, or his webshooter glitched, or-

“Hi there!” The young, cheery voice you’d come to recognize as Spider-man’s rang in your ear. Unfortunately, in your already jittery state, you leapt back in surprise. Even more unfortunately, you were already at the edge of the roof, and the foot you had put all of your weight on was now cutting through air, along with the rest of your body.

It took a couple seconds for your brain to comprehend that you were falling to your (probably) imminent death, you screamed when it had.

“Woah! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you! Are you okay?” Spider-man had swooped in and wrapped an arm around your waist, holding you tight as he swung you to safety. Your heart was doing somersaults in your chest, hyped up on adrenaline and fear even after your feet were supported by the sidewalk cement. You had wrapped your arms around his neck when he caught you, and you refused to let go until you felt like you could breathe again, head tucked safely in the spot between his shoulder and neck. He felt like safety, and it was weird to admit but it felt like his arm was made to wrap around your waist like that, thumb rubbing comforting circles into your side until you could bear to pull away just enough to see the hydraulic eyes of his suit. You wondered briefly what colour his eyes were under the white fabric.

And maybe it was damsel-in-distress syndrome or something like that, but you actually wanted to kiss him once you realized he’d saved your life.

“Yeah. Yeah, I think I’m okay. Thank you,” You stammered, stomach not only knotting because of your near-death experience but at the thought of being in Spider-man’s arms and how right it felt.

“So what was a pretty girl like you doing on a roof like that?” Your face heated up, was he flirting? Did he know that sounded flirty? Your brain was too scrambled to deal with this right now.

“Would you believe me if I said I was waiting for you?” You’d managed to sound somewhat flirty and confident, sliding your hands from the back of his neck to his shoulders, finding the seam for his mask and running your fingers over it cautiously.

“I- wait- really?” You thought that you could get used to making Spider-man nervous enough to stumble over his words. For someone who’s face you’d never seen, he was pretty cute.

“Do you mind if I lift your mask? Just up to your nose.” You slipped your fingers underneath the fabric but his hands shot up to hold them at the base of his neck.

“W-what for?” You smiled softly, feeling his heart racing just as fast as yours.

“So I can thank you properly, silly.” He didn’t seem entirely convinced yet, so you tried again. “Have a little faith Spidey. Sure, you scared me off a really high roof and made me fear for my life, but you also saved me. Besides, I’m not the only one you’ve saved, I think I should thank you on their behalf as well.”

“Okay,” He let go of your hands, letting you slip his mask up to his nose and quickly admire the shape of his jaw and appreciate his lips as he expressed his confusion; “I don’t know why you need my mask off to say thank you though, I mean you already said it and-” You cut him off with your lips, one of your hands cupping his cheek to bring him closer while the other rested on his chest where you could feel his heart skip a beat. He made a small sound of surprise, which you found adorable.

Spider-man’s hands moved to your waist, pulling you even closer before he craned his neck down to make kissing you easier. You wondered if it was normal for every part of you to tingle under his touch, having thought that the whole ‘fireworks when you kiss’ cliche was an exaggeration. Maybe Spider-man was just a really really good kisser, and it was only natural that you would want to run your hand through his hair (if he had hair, you still didn’t know) and keep kissing him until you suffocated.

His lips chased after you when you finally pulled away, not really wanting to separate in the first place.

“Jesus you’re good at that.” You comment breathlessly, biting on your lip to keep you from kissing him again. He grinned proudly, like he didn’t know just how good he was at taking your breath away.

“Really? Well that’s a relief,” He laughed nervously. You wanted to tell him to knock it off because he made it really hard for you to think when he did that, but you couldn’t find the words.

“Like you didn’t know that already, I’m sure everyone you’ve kissed has told you the same thing.”

“You’re right, all one of you.” He joked, but his face was flushed like it was embarrassing to be great at kissing on your first time.

“Are you telling me I’m your first kiss? I’m Spider-man’s very first kiss?” You asked disbelievingly, watching a deeper red crawl up his neck and onto his cheeks.

“W-well I mean there was this one time in grade 2…” He trailed off, looking away from you bashfully. You hadn’t meant to burst out laughing, but you did anyways. Something about the way he lightly laughed with you made you think that maybe he found your laugh as cute as you found his.

“I’m honoured, Spider-man. And I wouldn’t mind being your second kiss, if you ever want one.” You smiled, kissing the corner of his mouth lightly before tugging his mask back over his lips.

“I think I might have to take you up on that offer.” He laughed and you grin back, feeling your heart swell at the boy in front of you. You wished you could see his eyes, to see if he was looking down at you with the same growing adoration that you were looking at him with.

“Well, you have people to save, don’t you? Don’t let me stop you from being a hero.” Even as you said it you didn’t really want him to go; you couldn’t even manage to take your hands off him. Instead, they slipped from his shoulders, down his arms and caught his hands loosely.

“Catch you later?” He gave your hands a light squeeze and you just knew he was smiling from under his mask.

“You’d better.” You laughed, watching him let go of your hands and swing away. You already missed the feel of his fingers but the fuzzy, warm feeling in your chest stayed that way as you started walking home, a grin pulling hard on your lips. Maybe you were starting to really like this Spider-man guy, and maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea.

But then you saw your coworker holding a camera in one hand and giving you a thumbs up with the other, and suddenly all you felt was guilt, eating away at your previously boundless happiness.

anonymous asked:

I've already sent idea about Saeyoung organizing BD for Saeran. There is other idea: while everybody planing birthday for Seven (before RFA party) Saeran kidnaps MC as a birthday gift for himself and takes her to very innocent date (he threatening her, but is very cute while the date). I hope my English wasn't very bad and this idea had sense.

Countdown to the Cake: 5

The Match


“Don’t you dare take the blindfold before I allow you to, you heard me?”

Yeah, you did. You heard all his continuous threats from the moment he showed up in Rika’s apartment and made you get inside this car right now , telling you to follow him or he would blow up the restaurant where RFA was meeting to throw Seven a little birthday party. Deep inside, you knew he was bluffing, but would you really risk it?

“You’re quiet. Talk about yourself.”

“I have the feeling you already know a lot about me… Unknown.” He laughs.

“What a smart girl! Yes, you’re right. I already know everything about you.”

“And I don’t know anything about you. Don’t you think it’s unfair?”

“Oh my… so feisty! Maybe you’re not that smart if you think you can talk back to me like that when you’re clearly in disadvantage here.”

“I’m just assuming you’re not stupid enough to do anything to me before the RFA party, you need me more than I need you.” Oh my God! What are you doing? Shut up!

“So fucking smart… how did a clever girl like you end up tricked by me to go into that apartment, after all?” Ugh… he has a point. “Why so quiet?”

“I’m sorry if I don’t see the point in talking to my kidnapper.”

“Kidnapper? Try rescuer or, better yet, savior.”

“Hmm… last time I checked, taking someone against their will is kidnapping.”

“It’s just against your will because you don’t know how much of a favor I’m doing for you, but you’ll thank me later, I’m pretty sure of that.”

“So maybe you are that stupid.” You mutter, already regretting what you said. You can almost foresee a hand hitting your face or a fist against your stomach or… is he laughing?

“You’re so mean! How cruel of you being so harsh on a guy’s birthday!” what the fuck is he talking about now? “Yes, MC. Now you know something about me, today it’s my birthday!” is he serious? Probably, why would he say this so out of the blue?

“Good for you, I guess?”

“No Happy Birthday wishes? You really are mean, ain’t you? Be careful, MC, mean girls don’t make it to heaven… or paradise.” You wish you had the blindfold out just so he can see your eyes rolling.

The rest of your… ride is silent. You don’t know if this is better or worse than when he was threatening you. You should not have called him stupid, what’s gotten into you? You don’t know if the guy has a gun, your cellphone stayed in the apartment, you don’t even know what he wants from you. And neither of the possibilities you’re thinking can be good for you, so pissing the guy it’s a very dumb move.

“We’re here.” Here where? Is it a dark alley? You’re so sure it’s a dark alley. “Don’t make a move yet or I’ll shoot your brains out!” Oh, so he has a gun, there’s your answer.

You hear the passenger’s car door being open and the cool air from outside meeting your skin.

“Out.” He commands, and you obviously obey because you don’t want your brains being shot out. “I still don’t like you’re so quiet, it feels like you’re up to something.”

“I… don’t really have anything to say to you.” Actually, you do, but none of it it’s polite.

“Ahh, not so feisty anymore? Too bad, I was having fun when you were teasing me.” Teasing? Oh my God… what is he thinking? “Walk.”

“I’m not seeing anything, how am I supposed to walk?”

“Fine, then I’ll escort you.” He takes your hand forcibly and makes you grab his forearm. “Now who needs who more, huh?” Shit…

Judging from what you can sense, you’re on a street, now you passing through a door and it’s quite chilly inside, okay, it’s more like freezing, actually. Like you’re inside a… fridge. A fridge where your corpse will lay beside many others this fucking weirdo probably killed.

“Take the blindfold off.” And meet your corpse friends, you’ll be joining them pretty soon.

You take it off and… no corpses. Good, so you’ll be the first victim, what an honor! Then you see these giant white tubes, it looks like…

“Ice cream?” you ask, he doesn’t answer and just throws a jacket in your face.

“Put this on or you’ll freeze.” He says already dragging this tube out of its place. “Hurry! Help me with that!” you put it on. And since it looks so baggy, you can only assume it belongs to him.  “I’m not asking you twice! Help me!”

You pull the tube while he pushes it, it’s so heavy! How many kilos of ice cream are in there? And why does he want this? You make one stronger effort to bring it towards you and he stops pushing it, making you fall in your ass. Another laugh from him, and now you can finally glare at him since you don’t have the blindfold anymore. You get up rubbing your hands against your butt.

“Ahh, poor thing, do you want me to kiss it to make you feel better?” he chuckles, looking straight at you. Are his eyes really minty? It’s so unusual…

You help him carry the tube out of the fridge and put it on this dumpster in the alley. You knew there was going to have a dark alley, didn’t you?

“Now what?” you ask.

“Now we eat, obviously.” He says, offering you a spoon. Did he steal these too? “You don’t want it? Good. More for me, then.” He lifts himself up to sit in the dumpster and takes the lid out of the tube. You observe everything as an outsider, what the fuck is happening here? “What are you staring at?”

“I… have no idea what is going on here.”

“It’s my birthday, I like ice cream. I want ice cream for my birthday. Simple.” He takes this full spoon of ice cream, looking at you again. Is it that cold here? Why are you shivering?

“And where do I fit in all of this, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I needed someone to help me get this tube, I’ve been studying how to take it for a few days now.  You’re helping me because you belong to me. Again… simple.”

“Belong to you? I… what are you talking about?”

“You do. You have belonged to me from the moment you entered that apartment.  And yes, you’re right, I still need you planning the party for a few more days, but today I made an exception, since it’s my birthday. So… feel honored and consider yourself as this tube of ice cream: a birthday gift.”

“I’m feeling a lot of things, honor is not one of them.” It’s fast, you just feel your body slammed against the wall, his body boxes yours while he holds your wrists next to your shoulders.

“Tell me what you’re feeling, then. Anger? Fear? Excitement?” he whispers the last word against your ear.”I like when you talk. Mean girls always have something salty to say, until they end up against a wall and are reminded of how weak they are. You’re so mean, MC. Why is everybody so mean to me?”

He presses his body against yours, one of his hands lets you go so he can grab your chin and force you to look at him. You can smell the sweet scent of the ice cream, you can even feel the coolness coming out from his mouth, he’s close, too close. Well,it’s not like you didn’t know this was coming, you only regret you didn’t even try to take any information from him to share with Seven if you could have escaped. But now… you won’t escape, will you?

“All I wanted for today was a little fun, MC. I never had fun on my birthday, everybody was mean to me, my mother, my brother… and now my gift.” He lets go of you, turning his back and going back to the dumpster. “You can go if you want.”


“Go. I already have what I wanted. You’re free to go.”

That’s it? Easy like that? No, there must be a catch, he’ll definitely shoot you in the leg if you run out of there. No… but he already confirmed he needs you to proceed with whatever he’s planning. Okay , there’s this part of you who yells at you to run and never look back, but… there’s that other part who can’t forget the hurting in his voice and the sadness in his beautiful mysterious eyes… You groan and sit next to him in the dumpster, he looks at you, surprised.

“What? You can’t really eat all of this by yourself!” he tilts his head as you’re doing something suspicious, but when you take the spoon and bring it to your mouth, he looks down and smiles. No, not a mischievous grin, just a sweet, soft smile.


“Out.” He says bluntly, stopping the car in front of Rika’s building.

“I know that there were no candles, or cake, for that matter. But did you make a birthday wish?”

“Birthday wish?”

“Yeah, it’s tradition. You blow out the candles and make a wish.”

“I…” he looks for something in his pockets. “I have matches.”

“Okay, light one up and blow it out.” He obeys, obviously he doesn’t understand shit about birthdays and is trusting your knowledge on it.

“I wish…”

“You… can’t really say it out loud or it won’t come true.”

“That makes no sense.”

“I don’t make the rules, dude. It’s just how it is. Do your wish inside your head.”

“Fine.” He groans and looks at the match, blowing it out. “Done. Now get out and go back to plan the party. Go back and act like nothing has happened, you heard me?”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m not dumb, you know?”

“I still have a few things to go over before moving on with my plans to destroy RFA, so be a patient girl for me, ok?”

“Does that have to do with your wish? Destroy RFA?”

He chuckles, “So mean and so disobeying, you don’t follow the rules not even yourself invented, huh? I can’t tell you my wish, or it won’t come true, right? So get out of here if you know what’s good for you!” he starts calm and finishes the sentence reaching for his pockets, yelling. You don’t know if he’s looking for the gun, you’re not even sure if he has a gun, but , again, will you risk it? Well, maybe a little…



“Happy Birthday.” And you get out of the car, running inside the building.

He rolls his eyes, what an annoying pert little bitch you are! He’ll make sure to tame you when he brings you to Mint Eye. Yes, he was planning on just locking you in one of the dungeons, but maybe you’ll be useful if you stay beside him. Well… it is something to consider, he still has time before reaching you out again… he can’t wait for it!

What? He has to meet you again, you stayed with his jacket and he needs it back, after all.

You can see the other days here!

Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Imagine where Reader is a shy/introverted scientist for Tony Stark and Natasha tries to encourage Steve to ask her out for a lunch date? 💕

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

You stood there with the boxes in your arms, obviously it was dragging you down because of the weight. You didn’t have that strong of arms, but you still somehow managed to carry the load of stuff inside the boxes. Most of the objects in the box were glass tubes, stuff that you use for science experiments pretty much. You were the scientist for Tony Stark, which you still had no idea why, because you thought you were very introverted and shy. The ding from the elevator finally rang and you straightened your back and puffed out your chest.

The door opens and reveals your boss, Steve Rogers, or as everyone calls him, Captain.

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NCT 127 Reaction to their gf being scared by a horror movie

Taeil: You could feel tears in your eyes, the movie that Taeil had picked was beyond scary. You wanted to move so you couldn’t see anymore but you were frozen in fear. Scared that if you moved the demon would come to get you. You managed to look over to Taeil. “Can you turn t-the movie off please?” you asked him quietly. He immediately looked over at you with concern. He had been so engrossed in the movie he hadn’t noticed you practically shaking with fear. He would turn the movie off as fast as he could and bring you into his chest, holding onto you tightly. “You should have told me sooner it was scaring you, I wouldn’t watch anything that made you feel so scared on purpose jagi,”. He would stay with you, holding you tightly until you were able to fall asleep.

Originally posted by yutatour

Johnny: He would notice you tensing up next to him pretty quick when you began to get scared. He would look down at you and see your head hidden behind a cushion in fear. “Do you want me to turn it off?” he would ask you. If it was early on in the movie you would probably shake your head not wanting to ruin it for him. After a while, he would turn it off anyway because he was worried about you. He would wrap his arms around you and whisper to you reassurances that it was just a film.

Originally posted by openyoureyesfornct

Taeyong: If he even saw a hint that you were uncomfortable with the scary movie he would turn it off. He had used it as an excuse to cuddle with you so he held himself responsible. “Oh, my babe I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you would be this scared, you will be okay I’m not going to leave you alone.” He would stay up with you all night and just talk or sing to you. Whatever you wanted until you felt safe enough to fall asleep. He would wait until you had fallen into a deep sleep and were definitely okay before he followed you into the same state of sleep.

Originally posted by tybeoji

Yuta: The demon doll would pop out and crucify some child and you would just break out into tears. You found the whole thing to scary and horrific which seeing as it was a horror movie wasn’t surprising. Yuta would stare at you shocked with no idea what to do. He wouldn’t even bother to pause the movie before he enveloped you with his embrace. Taking time to wipe away the tears that had fallen from your cheeks. “No more horror movies for you y/n,”

Originally posted by jhopety

Doyoung: At first he would find it cute as you hid your face in his chest to hide from the movie, saying things to tease you like, “it’s not that scary y/n,” with a laugh. But when he saw you almost in tears and shaking after a particularly scary bit. He froze. He felt terrible and leant down to place a soft kiss on your temple, wiping away the tears. “It’s okay y/n, the movie is just a movie. I’m here and when you’re with me you will always be safe.”

Originally posted by nctjaemin

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would probably have already turned the movie off before you got to the point where you were too terrified. You would look up from his chest and ask him to turn it off and he would do so instantly. “Oh gosh, y/n I’m so sorry I didn’t know it was so scary.” He would shift over so he was sitting more upright and pull you onto his lap, wrapping his arms around you. “We can stay here for as long as you need until you feel less scared,” he would say. He would talk about lots of funny things that had happened at practice whilst you cuddled together to try and make you smile.

Originally posted by jaehoneytoast

Winwin: He’s such an innocent child he would probably be sacred with you and turn the movie off pretty quick so I don’t think you would be able to become overly scared. Winwin would probably suggest other activities that were more y/n friendly. He would make popcorn and you could both watch a comedy movie together to forget about the horrors of the horror movie. 

Originally posted by nctinfo

Mark: He wouldn’t leave your side not even for a second after he noticed you were scared. He would turn the movie off and replace it with something different but he would probably just end up turning it off in favour of talking to you. “How do I make you feel less scared?” he would ask you, “We can go and turn all the lights on.” he would suggest before you sat back on the sofa. He would let your head rest on his shoulder and wrap his arm around you securely.

Originally posted by radrenjun

Haechan: The second you shed a tear or began to freeze in fear this little bean wouldn’t stop until you were happy again. He would turn the lights on, sing your favourite song, make you food. You would both just sit together and he would tell you terrible jokes as you rested your head on his chest, his heartbeat making you feel safer, as he hugged you close. “We will watch happier, not-scary movies from now on because I don’t like seeing you scared or upset,”

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I Hope This Works. {Eddie x reader} SPOILERS!!

Request: Reader is Beverly’s best friend, but also bills twin. When Beverly gets taken, she goes on her own, and she’s MIA. After defeating pennywise, the reader floats down, and she’s in the state Beverly was in. They struggle to awake her afterward, so Eddie, who likes her, kisses her like Ben does to Bev? It’s okay if this is too complicated.

A/N: It’s a little complicated but I will assume the best I can for this. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted.

Warnings: Swearing, Spoilers, 


“Beverly!” I screamed out into the house. I was here to get Beverly so we could hang out, Bill was at home getting ready for her. Bill’s crush was stupid to me and I didn’t understand it but, I let him have his time to get ready cause I’m a nice sister. 

I am Y/N Denbrough, Bill’s twin. I’m a couple minutes younger than him but, that’s basically the difference between us. 

“Beverly! Where are you?” I yelled as I walked through the open door. I looked at it strangely and walked right inside, assuming it was because they had left it open for air flow. After all, it was a hot day. 

As I walked in I spotted a busted lock next to the door and picked it up, examining it before I set it back onto the floor. I knew that Beverly’s father was abusive to her and that he was very protective of who she was with and all that but, padlocking the door? Would he actually do that?

The house was empty and clean except for the broken ironing table and door. Beverly’s father was nowhere to be found which was weird because he was always around the house. Nothing was brewing on the stove and it was lunchtime so Beverly would have something cooking for him. The small T.V was playing some odd show with children sitting in a stack of bleachers and I walked on assuming it was some new shows Beverly’s dad had found to fall asleep to. 

“Beverly, seriously! Bill’s gonna shit himself if we aren’t there.” I said walking down the small hallway that led to her room, her dad’s room, and the small bathroom that they had. It was once covered in blood, we cleaned that all up though. 

I turned into the bathroom assuming she was getting ready and was shocked by the sight in front of me. Beverly’s dad was laying on the floor with blood running out of his ears or back of the head. He looked like he was chocking on his breath and a faint wheezing came from his slightly open mouth.

After all the things he’s done to Bev, I didn’t feel sorry for him. So, I left him and went to Bev’s room. There was an empty pit at the bottom of my stomach as I walked the short hall to her bedroom. I was worried that he may have gotten to her first and that she was on the floor, bleeding out.

What I found instead of that, was worse. 


It was in big, bold, red letters. It seemed to have dripped down but it looked to be dry now. The fear that it was Bev’s blood had me running out the door before I could even register what I was doing or where I was going. 

“It’s the sewers.It has to be the sewers. Come on Bev, Just hold on.” I took my bike and pedaled as fast as I could. I didn’t think about getting anybody else to go with me and thinking back on it now it was a really stupid decision but, I was only thinking about Beverly.

The hot wind blew my brown hair back as I road down from street to street, going to where we went the first time we looked for Georgie. Bill had made so many models of the sewers using our hamster’s tunnels for his cage. I told him dad and mom would be mad if they found out but Bill didn’t care. He just wanted to find Georgie. 

The sewer’s opening looked black and welcoming as I parked my bike by it. It was like it kept screaming at me to come in and try to save her. I guess I was dumb enough to listen to it. That brought me to where I am now.

The sewers walls were damp and slick with water or fog as I walked down the big tunnel. The natural daylight was fading as I walked further and further into the dark tunnel, leaving me with plain darkness. The sewer doors were open and I let them guide me to wherever she might be. 

The cavern was big and dark as I walked into it. It smelt of copper and metal and garbage. The metallic smell of blood was the strongest of them all. The middle of the room had some kind of trash tower in the middle and if I wasn’t in a serious situation I would have said I was the queen of it. There were things floating around the tower and looked to be random toys and parts of children that were left up there to rot. 

My heart ached as I thought of a part of Georgie floating up there with the rest of the dead children. Arm’s and legs were bloody with bones sticking out of the top of them. The white had faded to a dingy yellow or brown from the dampness and heat in the air. 

My attention was turned to something else that caught my eye. It was Beverly! She was floating like the rest of them but, she was much lower, just out of my reach. It was like Pennywise was teasing me. 

“Don’t worry Beverly. I got you!” I said running through the grey water that surrounded the big trash tower. Her face was turned upwards like she was looking for something on the ceiling. She seemed to be in a trance, just floating there looking at nothing in particular. 

“Beverly. If you don’t wake up right now I’ll tell Bill you have a huge ass crush on him,” I yelled up to her. She should have heard me but, she didn’t even make a move to acknowledge that I was there. “Damn it, I thought that would work.” I whispered to myself as I looked up to her. 

“She can’t hear you.” A dark voice chuckled in the darkness. The voice was way too familiar for me to question who it was. 

“What did you do to her?” I asked threateningly into the dark sewer cavern. 

“She’s in the deadlights now.” It said lowly. I gasped and looked up at her floating body. 

 “Fuck, Bev how am I going to get you down?” I asked tugging on strands of my hair. 

 “You know Y/N. You can float too.” It said though a smile. It’s voice had gotten or and closer with each sentence and now it sounded as if It was right behind me. I tensed and listened to the quiet sewer. “You’ll all float down here.” It was a quiet whisper now. A hot breath of air blew down my neck and I closed my eyes. 

I knew it was right behind me. And I knew there was no other way to face It so I slowly turned around and looked at the clown before me. It’s dark red makeup stood out against the faded white of his facepaint. His lips were curved into a dark smile as he looked down at me. 

His white gloved hand gripped my throat and he hoisted me up off of my feet. They dangled at least a foot above the ground and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t reach the ground. 

My windpipe was cut off as he pressed harder into my throat. I felt myself panic and choke on air as I began to gasp. Fear prickled into my body from head to toe as I saw things going black and spots peaking my vision. 

“Such beautiful fear. What do you say you join your friend up there.” My eyes widened as I began to struggle more and more. He chuckled at my pitiful attempt of escape and began to open his mouth. As it got wider and wider rows of yellow teeth upon teeth made their way into my panicked gaze. Bright lights danced in the back of his throat and I felt my eyes glaze over at the sight of them. White flashed over my eyes and I fell into the deadlights. 

Eddie’s POV

“Guys YN’s in there what the fuck!” I yelled as everyone but Bill and me cowered in the front lawn. 

“And Beverly. G-Guys we have t-t-to go in!” Bill exclaimed right after me. 

“I don’t know. What if we end up dead too?” Richie said uncertainly. 

“They aren’t dead! We have to go in. They would go in for us.” I said turning towards the door before hearing several sets of feet follow me. The Neibolt house was disgusting and dirty but, Y/n was in there and if she died I wouldn’t be able to get over it. Bill was the first to come to me saying that Y/n and Bev had gone missing and I immediately decided that we had to go save them. 

After fighting Henry Bowers, saving Stan from the woman, and navigating the sewers by following Bill while he was chasing Georgie we wound up in a cavern like place with a mountain of trash and old kids toys right in the center. 

Kids body parts and full bodies floated around the trash pile. This is what Pennywise must have been talking about with the whole ‘we all float down here bullshit’ The group rn to Beverly but I looked for Y/N. In the back of my mind I was thinking she might already be dead but, I chose not to listen to that part of my head. 

The place smelled of blood, garbage, and shit. As I walked around new smells hit my nostrils and caused me to gag and almost throw up. I turned back to see what the rest of the group was doing and they had gotten Beverly down but couldn’t get her to wake up. 

After walking around I finally found her. She was floating like Beverly was but, lower like she just had gotten like this less than an hour ago. Her shorts and t-shirt were matted and dirty from being down here and her shoes were dripping from the water that she stepped in. 

I jumped and grabbed her wet ankle, pulling her down to the floor. Her eyes were glazed over and were an ice blue. She was looking at me, but she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking beyond me at something in her mind. 

“Y/N, please. Don’t do this to me. Please wake up!” I said shaking her, trying to wake her from he comatose state. Her head swung back and forth but she didn’t show any sign of beginning to wake up. I took a breath and with all the feeling in my body I pulled her in for a short and sweet kiss. If she never got to wake up I would have to leave her with that.

I laid my head on her shoulder and cried. I would never get to tell her I loved her or ask her out on our first date. Her shoulder was wet and smelled of the sewer but I didn’t care by this time. She was so kind and caring and I didn’t want to leave her like this. She deserved so much better. 

“I love you Y/N.” I whispered into her damp shirt. 

“I love you too, Eddie.” I heard from in front of me. Small arms wrapped around my middle and hugged tightly. If there wasn’t a clown to kill I would’ve taken her out now and kissed her. But, that would have to wait. 

[Why I Love] - Chpt. 16

 They Made A Monster Out Of Me 

Negan x Addison

A/N: you’re gonna get some Negan fluff in this one guys - I have some smutty chapters coming up, more detailed than the first smut PROMISE, my smut writing has gotten better *le awkward face* I’ve been writing more of it so I’m a lot more comfortable- just focusing on developing Negan and Addison’s relationship hehe – ALSO I’VE BEEN LIVING FOR YOUR COMMENTS xx I love how interactive some of you are with the story, keep em coming fam <3 – Trigger warning: there is mention of abuse/ and allusion to rape in this chapter **

Chapter 15 || Masterlist 

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Negan pinched his lids together with one hand noticing the breaking light of dawn through the small window of Addison’s room. He knew he had to leave to get some sleep. The best he got was usually four, maybe five hours tops. Otherwise, he functioned on nothing but a spatter of naps throughout his day. This fuckin’ world kept him restless, and at night when there were no distractions, he found himself wide awake living in his own personal hell that his mind created. 

Right now, as Addison lay nestled securely under his arm, he could tell something was different. Negan felt oddly…calm. He trailed his finger along her side, lost deep in thought. Even after fucking his wives, he never wanted to be in the company of their presence. Yeah, he was friends with Naomi, and had great banter with Annie, but that was it. That’s all it was for him, a good fuck and small talk. That’s all it’s supposed to be with her. 

So, why am I still fucking here? 

Addison’s body rose and fell with each pacing breath she took. He lowered his eyes to look at her hand resting on his chest. He lifted his other hand from his side, hovering it over hers. He thought about the most innocent thing he wanted to do to her…to just hold her. He thought of the first moment he laid eyes on her. How her fine ass self practically made him stop in his tracks. He thought of the first night she stayed in his room when she was with Toby, and every moment they shared after that. Every time she got flustered by his presence, he found it downright adorable. 

Before Carl showed up at the Sanctuary…before she saw the fucking monster that he was… 

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 300

Warnings: None

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017. The prompt is in bold.


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Kansas Tattoo Shop. You stared at the red brick building, fear coursed through your veins. Get a tattoo your mind said, it will be fun. It will give remembrance to the one you loved, you told yourself.

“Having second thoughts?”

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Someday We'll All Be Free by Donnie Hathaway

Hang on to the world as it spins around
Just don’t let the spin get you down
Think of moving fast
Hold on tight and you will last
Give your self respect, your manly pride
Get yourself in gear
Keep your stride
Never mind your fears
Brighter days will soon be here
Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free, yeah
Keep on walking tall
Hold your head up high
Lay your dreams right up to the sky
Sing your greatest song
And you’ll keep going, going on
Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free
Hey, just wait and see, some day we’ll all be free, yeah
Take it from me, someday we’ll all be free
It won’t be long, take it from me, someday we’ll all be free
Take it from me, take it from me, take it from me


~Day 13 of Halloween! Sorry for it being late!~

Tig’s POV

Don’t piss off witches, don’t piss off witches, and don’t piss off witches, those are the three golden rules and I managed to break every single one.  How could I have been so stupid to think that I could confront the witch that turned Chibs into a little kid? I mean I didn’t actually believe that she had but now that I was a frog and Chibs and Juice were laughing their asses off, I definitely believed. Juice couldn’t stop laughing as he picked me up.

“So…. As much as I love this… How can we change him back?” Juice asked, still laughing through it and I gave an angry ribbit sound.

“True love’s kiss will do the trick, now leave me the fuck alone.” The witch said as she closed the door. Juice puckered up and started bringing me towards him, I let out a loud angry ribbet and Juice jumped so badly that the fucker dropped me. It didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting but I honestly thought that Chibs was going to piss himself from laughing so hard. I let out a bunch of angry ribbets that if I had been human would have been cuss words.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Juice said over and over as he picked me back up. He took me over to Chibs. “We may want to call his old lady, she has that frog fear which ain’t going to go well for Tig and I’m excited to see.”

“Aye, I’ll take ‘im, an’ you call.” Chibs said as he took me from Juice. Juice got out his phone and tried calling my old lady who’s phone was off.

“Guess I’m calling the clubhouse.” Juice mumbled as he call it and smiled brightly as someone answered. “Izzy! Baby!” Juice practically yelled at Chibs old lady. Chibs laughed and took the phone from Juice.

“Aye, love! Is Y/N there?” Chibs asked her. She spoke to him for a minute and he nodded. “See ya in a few, love.” Both guys looked at the bikes then at me.

“How are we doing this?” Juice asked. I tried to wiggle my way out of Chibs’ hands and once I succeeded in that, I managed to jump on my bike seat. Chibs and Juice were both giving me are you insane looks. “Dude, you can’t drive.” Juice shook his head and Chibs grabbed me again. After Chibs sat on his bike, I slipped out of his hands again and jumped on his helmet.

“Fuckin’ nutter.” Chibs said as he pulled me off of his helmet. He sighed and stuffed me down his shirt. “Stay.” He told me and I felt the motorcycle roar to life. I did not like this but I really didn’t have another option. Lucky the clubhouse was about 10 minutes away so it didn’t take long for us to pull up. Once parked, Chibs lifted his shirt and pulled me out. He passed me over to Juice and we went inside to find my old lady. She was in there talking to Izzy, they looked over and smiled at Juice and Chibs. My old lady looked confused as she looked past those two and didn’t see me with them.

“Where’s Tiggy?” She asked.

“Well… He um had a bit of an accident and needs your help.” Juice told her and her eyes widened.

“Accident? Is he okay?” She asked, in a panicked voice.

“He’s fine… He just needs a kiss.” Juice said as he held me up for her to see which she let out a huge scream and jumped off the bar stool at seeing me.

“What the hell Juice!? This isn’t funny!” She said as she figured this was a joke.

“It’s Tig that witch turned him into a frog.” Juice told her.

“Juice, seriously this isn’t funny.” She glared at him, Juice sighed and pulled out his phone. He pulled up a video, apparently he had taped the witch turning me, and handed it to her.

“Holy fuck…” She breathed as she watched it. “You really couldn’t of been changed into anything else?” She looked at me and sighed. “Fine…” Juice held me out and she went to grab me, pulling back in fear a couple of times.

“Here, I’ll hold him, just give him a kiss.” Juice told her and held me out to her. She was shaking but nodded and leaned forward to kiss me but pulled back.

“Oh god… I can’t!” She said.

“Yes, you can and you are the only person that can.” Juice told her and she nodded and took a deep breath.

“Okay…” She closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss me fast. I felt a pinch and started changing back which Juice set me down as soon as I did. Less than a minute later, a naked but very human me was standing in the middle of the clubhouse. I looked at my old lady and pulled her into a deep kiss.

“I love you.” I told her as I pulled back.

“I love you too.” She smiled.

“Great, now dude go cover yourself nobody wants to see that!” Juice said as he faked gagged. I glared and slapped him upside the head.

“That’s for dropping me!” I growled before pulling my old lady back to my dorm. I was going to prove just how much I loved her.


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[Anon Request] BTS Reaction - You flinch during a fight

If you want to see the GOT7 version of this, it’s right here :D xXx



When the two of you were both angry, a lot of things would be said that shouldn’t be said. When you suddenly said something to him that was out of line, he’d just completely snap. In anger, he’d yell at you to leave, gesturing to the door that was behind you. In your screaming, his arm moving to point would look like he was going to hit you and you’d recoil immediately. As soon as you did, he’d stop yelling. He’d still be frustrated, snapping at you and asking you why the hell you were crying now. When he realized you were crying because you were scared, he’d freeze, looking at his own hand that was still in the air. Guilty and feeling terrible, he’d back away from you, apologizing not just for scaring you, but for everything. When you tried to reach out to him, he’d recoil, scared to touch you for fear of hurting you. After that, he’d go off alone, sulking and blaming himself until you found him and wrapped your small arms around him.

Him- I never meant that Y/N…I messed up…you-…you don’t deserve-

You- (hugs him)

Him- I promise I’ll never hurt you…I’ll never get that mad again…I can’t lose you Y/N…


Suga would be terrifyingly still when he is angry. He’d speak harsh words more than really yelling, however random little shouts would already be making you kind of scared. When he got frustrated by your lack of answer in the argument he’d suddenly make a very angry hand motion and in instinct, you’d backup and flinch, tears already falling. When he saw this, his hand would freeze where it was and his face would soften. He wouldn’t say anything, the weight of what had just happened being too much. He’d be completely frustrated with himself, beating himself up inside and sulking. He’d want to touch you really badly but would feel too terrible to move towards you. He’d just curse under his breath at himself before fighting to find words to apologize. When you finally moved towards him yourself, he’d be so apologetic, at a loss for words and just holding you.

Him- Y/N…I just-…fuck…I messed up and I-… (at a loss for words)

You- (goes to him and takes his hand)

Him- I’m sorry…fuck Y/N, I just-…I’m sorry. (kisses your forehead)


J-Hope would get very emotional if you thought he was trying to hurt you. He’d be completely pissed at first, but whatever you were fighting about would fade away when he saw your scared face, your tears, and your hands up to defend your face. Tears would automatically fall from his eyes as he called your name gently in question. He’d be trying to figure out how you could possibly think he’d do that. He’d be so scared at this point, thinking he was going to lose you or something. Shaking his head, he’d just hold your hands tightly, bending down to look into your face and mumbling things about how he would never hurt you. He’d wipe your tears with his own hands while still sniffling. When you wrapped your arms around him, he’d break even more, relief in his heart that you weren’t leaving him.

Him- (sees you scared) waeyo?…how could you think-….I would never, Y/N, please-…Don’t you know how much I love you? Don’t you-…Y/N, I’m so sorry…Y/N, listen to me, I’d never do that, I love you…


Rapmon seems like the most mature and most controlled when it comes to handling emotionally distressing situations, being the leader and all. That being said, when he gets angry, it’s terrifying. As you both argue, he’d move a hand to brush back his hair in agitation and you’d panic, flinching and covering your face, cowering in fear; you wouldn’t even notice that he’d abruptly stopped talking and moving. When you’d finally moved your hands away from your face, he’d be staring at you with an astonished expression, mouth partly open from stopping mid sentence. He’d be absolutely baffled at first, but when he’d finally come to a realization, he’d gently and slowly approach you. There would be no need for you to explain why you reacted, he already knew. As much as he was hurt, he’d be strong for you and tell you firmly how much he loved you and how he would never lift a finger to hurt you.

Him-Jagi? Are..Are you afraid of me? (gently holds your hands and brings them close to his face) Jagi, no..I’d never do that. I love you. (pulls you close and hugs tight)


You and Jimin would be arguing, both of you yelling things. At some point in the argument, Jimin would just lose it, getting all up in your face and screaming in anger. He wouldn’t even notice at first that you were getting scared. When he made a sudden move towards you, you’d be so scared that you wouldn’t be able to hold back the tears anymore. You’d burst, crying and apologizing wildly just to avoid him possibly hitting you. When he saw and heard this, it’d be like a switch went off in his head. He’d back up quickly, appalled at himself for scaring you like that. As fast as he backed up, however, he’d be even faster to grab you and pull you to him, holding you in a tight embrace as you cried. He’d be crying too, trying to calm you and pressing his lips into your hair to kiss you. In his fear that you’d leave him, he’d probably end up hugging you too tightly and getting him off of you would be a challenge.

Him- (hugging tightly) please Y/N, I love you…don’t be scared of me, please….don’t leave me…

You- (trying to pull away) Jimi-

Him- (hug tighter)

You- J-jimin…I’m not leaving…but I am lacking oxygen…


Honestly, seeing V get this angry would be scary in itself. He’d always such a bright person. However, if he did get this mad, it’s be absolutely terrible. You’d probably just say something to him that pushed him over the edge. He’d mutter something under his breath before turning around suddenly. His action would frighten you and without thinking, you’d flinch, tears already falling. At first, he wouldn’t understand why you were crying. You two were just arguing afterall. When he tried to come closer and you moved back on instinct, he’d finally realize that you were scared of HIM and he’d be completely broken up. He’d start tearing up and shaking his head, not apologizing, but instead saying over and over how much he loves you. He’d be scared himself because the thought of ever hurting you terrified him. Then he’d just hug you, clinging on tightly and letting you cry as he cried.

Him-Y/N..I’m so sorry.. I didn’t mean all those things I said..please don’t be afraid of me… I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to frighten you..(starts tearing up)


Him- Y/N I love you (hold you close) please..forgive me.


Jungkook would be so guilty. As soon as he saw your face of fear, regret and guilt would just start building up. He’d be muttering, not only to you, but to himself about how he’d never do that and how he’d never wanted to scare you. He wouldn’t even be able to look you in the eye for a few seconds. He wouldn’t move towards you because, like Jin, he was afraid to somehow hurt you in any way. He’d just sit, tears gently falling at the thought of losing you because of such a mistake. Slowly, you’d just move over to him, sitting next to him and grabbing his hand. He’d grip your tight, rubbing small circles with his thumb as he apologized and swore he’d never hurt you. After that, he’d wipe his eyes and turn to you, placing a long, loving kiss on your forehead before brushing back any tears on your face. The rest of the day, he’d want to spend with you.

Him- …I-…I don’t know why I got so mad…jagi, I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I’d never hurt you

You- …araso, Jungkook….I know

Him- I love you so much…I just love you so much, jagi.


Well, here’s this :D It was heartbreaking to find these gifs…hope you liked it!

~Admins Lexx and Ciel

O I forbid you, maidens a’,
That wear gowd on your hair,
To come or gae by Carterhaugh,
For young Tam Lin is there.

There’s nane that gaes by Carterhaugh
But they leave him a wad,
Either their rings, or green mantles,
Or else their maidenhead.

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till upon then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou’s pu nae mae.

Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
And why breaks thou the wand?
Or why comes thou to Carterhaugh
Withoutten my command?

“Carterhaugh, it is my own,
My daddy gave it me,
I’ll come and gang by Carterhaugh,
And ask nae leave at thee.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she is to her father’s ha,
As fast as she can hie.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the ba,
And out then came the fair Janet,
The flower among them a’.

Four and twenty ladies fair
Were playing at the chess,
And out then came the fair Janet,
As green as onie glass.

Out then spake an auld grey knight,
Lay oer the castle wa,
And says, Alas, fair Janet, for thee,
But we’ll be blamed a’.

“Haud your tongue, ye auld fac’d knight,
Some ill death may ye die!
Father my bairn on whom I will,
I’ll father none on thee.”

Out then spak her father dear,
And he spak meek and mild,
“And ever alas, sweet Janet,” he says,
“I think thou gaest wi child.”

“If that I gae wi child, father,
Mysel maun bear the blame,
There’s neer a laird about your ha,
Shall get the bairn’s name.

“If my love were an earthly knight,
As he’s an elfin grey,
I wad na gie my ain true-love
For nae lord that ye hae.

“The steed that my true love rides on
Is lighter than the wind,
Wi siller he is shod before,
Wi burning gowd behind.”

Janet has kilted her green kirtle
A little aboon her knee,
And she has broded her yellow hair
A little aboon her bree,
And she’s awa to Carterhaugh
As fast as she can hie.

When she came to Carterhaugh,
Tam Lin was at the well,
And there she fand his steed standing,
But away was himsel.

She had na pu’d a double rose,
A rose but only twa,
Till up then started young Tam Lin,
Says, Lady, thou pu’s nae mae.

“Why pu’s thou the rose, Janet,
Amang the groves sae green,
And a’ to kill the bonny babe
That we gat us between?”

“O tell me, tell me, Tam Lin,” she says,
“For’s sake that died on tree,
If eer ye was in holy chapel,
Or christendom did see?”

“Roxbrugh he was my grandfather,
Took me with him to bide
And ance it fell upon a day
That wae did me betide.

“And ance it fell upon a day
A cauld day and a snell,
When we were frae the hunting come,
That frae my horse I fell,
The Queen o’ Fairies she caught me,
In yon green hill do dwell.

“And pleasant is the fairy land,
But, an eerie tale to tell,
Ay at the end of seven years,
We pay a tiend to hell,
I am sae fair and fu o flesh,
I’m feard it be mysel.

“But the night is Halloween, lady,
The morn is Hallowday,
Then win me, win me, an ye will,
For weel I wat ye may.

“Just at the mirk and midnight hour
The fairy folk will ride,
And they that wad their true-love win,
At Miles Cross they maun bide.”

“But how shall I thee ken, Tam Lin,
Or how my true-love know,
Amang sa mony unco knights,
The like I never saw?”

“O first let pass the black, lady,
And syne let pass the brown,
But quickly run to the milk-white steed,
Pu ye his rider down.

“For I’ll ride on the milk-white steed,
And ay nearest the town,
Because I was an earthly knight
They gie me that renown.

“My right hand will be gloved, lady,
My left hand will be bare,
Cockt up shall my bonnet be,
And kaimed down shall my hair,
And thae’s the takens I gie thee,
Nae doubt I will be there.

“They’ll turn me in your arms, lady,
Into an esk and adder,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I am your bairn’s father.

“They’ll turn me to a bear sae grim,
And then a lion bold,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
And ye shall love your child.

“Again they’ll turn me in your arms
To a red het gand of airn,
But hold me fast, and fear me not,
I’ll do you nae harm.

“And last they’ll turn me in your arms
Into the burning gleed,
Then throw me into well water,
O throw me in with speed

“And then I’ll be your ain true-love,
I’ll turn a naked knight,
Then cover me wi your green mantle,
And hide me out o sight.”

Gloomy, gloomy was the night,
And eerie was the way,
As fair Jenny in her green mantle
To Miles Cross she did gae.

At the mirk and midnight hour
She heard the bridles sing,
She was as glad at that
As any earthly thing.

First she let the black pass by,
And syne she let the brown,
But quickly she ran to the milk-white steed,
And pu’d the rider down.

Sae weel she minded what he did say,
And young Tam Lin did win,
Syne covered him wi her green mantle,
As blythe’s a bird in spring

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
Out of a bush o broom,
“Them that has gotten young Tam Lin
Has gotten a stately-groom.”

Out then spak the Queen o Fairies,
And an angry woman was she,
“Shame betide her ill-far’d face,
And an ill death may she die,
For she’s taen awa the bonniest knight
In a’ my companie.

“But had I kend, Tam Lin,” said she,
“What now this night I see,
I wad hae taen out thy twa grey een,
And put in twa een o tree.”

—  Tam Lin, traditional Ballad as recorded by James Child (1729)
We Intertwined: Ch. 10

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 9 | AO3 | Chapter 11
Word Count: 1,684

Ignis jolted awake, cold sweat dotting his brow. He was in an unfamiliar bed, he realized. He glanced around the room. There was no way it was a hospital—he’d become familiar with them throughout his childhood, and the sterility of those hallways always made Ignis uncomfortable.

Instead, he was in a bed that was just too small for the length of his legs. The walls were painted pink, and there were moogle plushies that lined a few shelves. They sat alongside some books that looked to be about the reading level of a young child, just older than a toddler. Ignis recognized a few from his own childhood, staples that his mother had purchased for him and read to him before tucking him in at night.

There were drawings pinned to the walls—some were scribbled in with crayon, some were filled in with broad strokes of paint. The colours were bright and gaudy, with fingerprint smudges throughout. But there was one drawing that was bigger than the rest that caught Ignis’ eye.

It was of two girls, one who was taller with a long, blue braid, and the other who was much smaller with dark hair past her shoulders, holding hands with smiles on their faces.

Ignis was in Clara’s room.

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