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Hey guys! LOVE your work, thank you for always making people happy on their special day. I would be really happy if I could get one for my birthday? It's March 23rd, and I love established college Everlark, something funny to read, with sexy times (explicit or not is totally up to the author). :) Thank you so, so, so much!!!

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Happiest of birthdays @litlifelover ! To help you celebrate, we’ve put together a little Everlark afternoon delight, just for you! Enjoy!

rated E

The door slams shut behind Katniss as she heads for the elevator. It opens again almost immediately and Peeta rushes out. But she doesn’t turn.

“Katniss, wait!” He catches up to her just as the button flickers to life, signaling the metal box to the fourth floor of Peeta’s dorm. “You don’t understand-”

She whirls on her boyfriend, glaring him down. She’s had enough of his mother forcing him to come home and ‘visit’ his family while she parades the hometown bachelorettes in front of him, hoping he’ll pick any of them and drop Katniss like a sack of hot potatoes. It’s no secret Mrs. Mellark despises her, and the feeling is mutual. Katniss just doesn’t understand why Peeta refuses to see it.

“I understand perfectly, Peeta. You go running home to your mother and leave me behind to keep the peace in the family. Oh and you go on ‘dates’,” her fingers mimic air quotes and her line of sight hits the ceiling from the intensity of her eye roll, “that she forces you on.” Peeta sighs and runs his hands through his hair, but she keeps talking because she doesn’t want to hear him apologize. A Peeta apology would melt her like wax and she doesn’t want to relent this time. No, this time - she’s standing her ground. “You’re ashamed of me. Fine. I get it. The girl from the wrong side of the tracks and the rich son who she’s not good enough for. Just stop pretending that you’re actually going to do something about it, alright?”

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37 Everlark

Thanks for the prompt! This one got away from me, as they usually do. The prompt was a kiss in secret, and the list is here.

I’m slowly trying to work my way through all the prompts people have sent in, and I apologize for taking so long on some of them. Not betad, so all mistakes are mine. Hope you enjoy!

“What the hell, Gale!” I shout, slamming my palms into his chest as soon as he steps off the elevator on the twelfth floor of the training center. “What kind of stunt was that? Telling everyone that you’re in love with me?!”

He staggers back into a vase full of sickly sweet blooms. The porcelain monstrosity wobbles on its pedestal and then crashes to the floor, sending broken shards sliding across the floor. Gale ignores the mess, his eyes narrowing and his lip curling.

“Yeah, Katniss. I love you. This isn’t how I planned to tell you, you know.”

His biting tone only ignites the anger I’ve struggled to contain ever since he volunteered to take another boy’s place in the arena. It isn’t supposed to be this way. We had a deal. Gale is supposed to be with my family right now, taking care of them. The sickening feeling I felt after I shot that damn apple out of the pig’s mouth during my training session returns ten fold. I shove him again, releasing a snarl.

“So what? You were going to tell me in the arena? That’s even worse!”

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No, You!

It’s a little unconventional, but @peetabreadgirl and I wanted to both submit an ask for our dear friend and fellow #smutketeer @burkygirl, who is celebrating a very special birthday on August 5th, and answer that ask ourselves with this smutty little canon ficlet we co-wrote. We used this prompt. Rated M.

Happy birthday Burky!

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Run To You - Outtake Part 2

Run To You - Outtake Part 2

Written for Prompts in Panem, Day 3 -  Expressions in Everlark - Canon Items (1)

Summary: Ex Secret Service agent Peeta Mellark is hired to protect Katniss Everdeen, the most famous musician of the last decade, from an unhinged stalker. His objective is to keep her safe at all costs. But who is going to protect him from losing his heart to her? Based on the movie, The Bodyguard starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

This story can be read as a stand-alone.

Requested by akai-echo. Thank you for being a wonderful friend. Thanks to solasvioletta, bubblegum1425 and tanbwrites for your beta magic! A million thanks to peetaspenis for organizing this challenge.

Rated M

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