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Dating Niall would include:

● “Give me the remote”
● “No, Derby is on”
● Lots of fangirling over small things
● You cooking for him and him cooking the next day to pay back
● "Are ya going to finish eating this or?“
●  Day dreaming about your future together
●  Him coming back home drunk after midnight
●  Taking care of his hungovers
●  "Thank ya for taking care of me sweetheart”
●  Him slapping your ass playfully
●  Giggling together
●  Stealing kisses when you’re really focused on something
●  Poking his nose and him scrunching it after
●  “How am I so lucky to have you?”
●  Holding hands when you’re out with paps following you
●  Make out scenes turning into hot sex
●  “Tell me I’m the hottest golf player”
●  “Just shut up”
●  Lots of sloppy kisses before the sleep

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you and harry are drunk you know that he gets all cuddly when the two of you drink and you're waiting for the taxi to come pick the two of you up so you can head home and he's smiling at you before he leans his head on your shoulder, even though he's so tall and can barely reach your shoulder

“Harry, you’re going to knock me over” and he’d giggle and wrap his arms around you “I got you, love, you’re not going anywhere” even though he’s stumbling and straining to hold himself up. When the taxi gets there and you two are seated in the back, he’d be laying his head in your lap and nudging your hand wanting you to play with his hair and he’d probably be passed out before the two of you even make it halfway home.

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how about english major luke and y/n who can't say a sentence without messing up and like at first y/n is so stumbly around luke but as time goes on she becomes so easy and he starts writing poems about her and yeahhh

It wasn’t that you were bad with words.

Because you were an English major for crying out loud. Not only had you been reading books for as long as you could remember, you’d been writing your own short stories ever since you knew how to. No, you were great with words, adjectives, adverbs, and lexemes included.

It’s just that Luke made you tongue tied.

“Hey Y/N.” He grins, taking the seat next to you. “How’s it going?”

“Hi…I….it’s…um…” You mentally curse yourself. Luke was just a boy, he did not possess magical powers that meant you couldn’t function like a normal person. “Good, you?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” He smirks, eyes falling to your lecturer as class begins.

And it took a while, but you managed to get over your Luke-imposed speech impediment. You managed to formulate whole sentences without stuttering, and slowly, you could have conversations with the tall blond whose eyes were a shade of blue even the sky envied. Slowly but surely, Luke became your friend.

He didn’t need to know you wanted more.

“Okay guys, we’re going to end with a reading today from Luke Hemmings.”

Your eyes dart to where Luke was sitting beside you, his smirk intact as he stands to move to the front of the class.

And as he reads his poem, you can’t help but wonder if he was talking about you. Because his words sounded so familiar, so close to your story, that you couldn’t help but think the poetry he’d written was inspired by you and your friendship with him.

“I want to print our hands in the pavement, savour your words I won’t ever waste them. Look in your eyes and know just what you meant, so lie to me. Just lie to me.”

Applause rings through the room as Luke finishes, but after a small smile his eyes fix on you. The rest of the class filter out, and your lecturer speaks to Luke for a moment before he makes his way back to you, smile still intact.


“So I think you owe me an explanation Hemmings.”

He smirks then, leaning down to grab his bag, holding out the other hand to you.

“You wanna come with me for coffee Pretty Girl?”

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Keep Away

Requested: Shawn and Aaliyah being cute siblings / Y/n and Shawn are babysitting Aaliyah with the prompts “Where’s the first aid kit?” + “stop worrying so much”

a/n: so I kinda assumed the first one included y/n bc just writing about aaliyah and shawn would be a little odd…but anyway, I’m the biggest sibling stan with shawn and Aaliyah bc they are just so gosh darn cute together ugh

Your name: submit What is this?

According to you, spending anytime you could with Shawn was time well spent.  He was always busy jetting off from one country to the next, so spending any time with him was a real treat.  Whenever he was home for a period of time, you always spent it at his house.  Just because you were his girlfriend and don’t live with him, doesn’t mean that his family see him more than you.

           So to ease the stress of making sure he sees everyone he wants to while on a break, you make the ten-minute drive to his house whenever you could.  The day was nearing to an end, and you had spent the whole day at the Mendes residence. Normally, you wouldn’t want to overextend your stay, but Shawn’s parents were always happy to have you around and they were also going out with some friends that night.

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Save me

okay, the house is on fire and y/n wants to get her engagement ring but it’s in the bedroom, justin is busy taking their son out and don’t see y/n getting out, he tries to get into the house but he can’t …….. and you continue pls? ily 💁🏽💘🌸


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It’s crazy how quickly something can change, something that could change your life forever.

“Justin!” I whimpered as he looked around for a place to go, everything around us slowly bursting to flames.

One minute were a happy family, snuggled on the couch watching a movie.

“Don’t move!"Justin shouts as he rushes through a trail of flames, and I push our son to him, Justin grabbing him.

The next, something as small as our heater being too high, causing it to burst into flames, sets our entire house on fire.

The fire travels fast, surrounding us quickly and we don’t know what to do as everything around us burns.

"Stay with me Y/N” Justin shouts as he holds our baby boy tight, pushing through to the front door before were trapped in for good.

I move to follow him, but then I remember all the stuff that will be lost in this house. All our memories, happiness, fun.

My wedding dress, his clothes I love sleeping in, and my engagement ring.

I stop short, before turning around and running up the stairs, ignoring the amount of smoke coming from around me.

I cough as I reach my bedroom. The second floor isn’t as bad as the first, just a lot of smoke, but it won’t be long until it gets there.

I run to my side of the bed and grab my ring from my nightstand, before turning and dashing towards the door, only to realize that the fire has traveled, making the ceiling in front of me drop, blocking my path.

My body freezes with fear, and this is when I know, it’s the end.

“Y/S/N , Justin, I love you”


Justin’s POV

I cough repeatedly as I get Y/S/N out the house, ignoring the crowd of people forming to watch the scene unfold.

“Y/N are you okay?” I say before turning behind me, only to notice Y/N is no where in sight.

“No” I whisper as I give Y/S/N to a neighbor, before running towards the front doors of our burning home.

Before I could enter someone stops me, making me look up at them.

“Sir you can’t go in there.” He says, but im not listening. The only thought in my mind is that I need to get to her, I need to save her.

“M-my fiancé. She’s in there!” I shout, pushing at him to get off of me but he doesn’t budge.

My blood runs cold as I hear a piercing scream come from the second floor, and before I could think I punched the man holding me, before dashing into the house.

“Somebody help me please!” I hear Y/N cry, and as I move to run up the stairs I see the flames trailing up them.

I curse under my breath.

“Y/N , baby do you hear me? It’s Justin.” I shout as loud as I can before coughing, the smoke filling my lungs.

“Justin I-I can’t get out!” Y/N calls back, her voice frantic and my heart lurches in my chest.

“Okay baby listen to me okay? I need you to move fast. Has the fire reached our bedroom?” I shout, moving from the flames next to me.

“N-no!” She whimpers

“Okay, I know people say this is bad but I need you to open the window. Once you open it, jump alright? I’ll be there to catch you.” I say

“Don’t think about it okay? Just do it! Now!” I shout, before running out of the house and to the window of our bedroom.

“I need you to spray that hose around her, she’s coming out the window!” I say to the firemen trying desperately to kill the fire.

“You! Fill the air thing up!” I say to another firemen, and pulls a string, the bed coming up immediately.

I watch as she stumbles out of the window, her eyes wide and frantic as she looks around, before closing her eyes and jumping, a shrill scream leaving her lips as she falls.

I run to her and help her off the air bed, holding her into my arms as she crys and shakes.

“I got you baby.” I say, holding her tight and she wraps her arms around me.

“I-I ju-” she starts but I cut her off, grabbing her face in my hands.

Her face was covered in the ash of the smoke, lips trembling as she shook from head to toe.

“You’re okay.” I tell her, before kissing her forehead and hugging her once more.

“Oh god Y/S/N!” She panics, moving away from me and looking around for him.

“He’s safe, he’s being checked out by the doctor.” I say, before walking us to the ambulance truck where our kid sat.

“That was a bold move you did there kid, running back in a burning house.” The paramedic said.

I shrugged. “You do crazy things when you’re in love."I say, holding her in my arms.


P.s I tried to make this sad but I couldn’t sorry lol


part 3



I was still cuddling up to Sammy when we arrived at a house. It was average size, really nice for California anyway.

The outside was really pretty, neutral toned and had a million little lights covering it giving a nice glow, but not overpowering.

“JACKS! WE WANT SOMEONE HERE FOR YOU” Skate yelled. I burried my ear into Sams chest, his voice is very loud and booming when he wants it to be. “Skate, cool it” Sam said, he noticed my movement and put moved on of his hands from my butt to over my ear.

It a few seconds two boys came up the stairs, laughing. It was sweet to see that some people still have fun in this world.

“Who’s this little cutie?” The shorter one asked. Sam swiveled with me in his arms so that I could face the two Jacks. “Guys, this is Ivory, she’s going to stay with us for a while” Sam said. “Nice to meet you Ivory” the tall Jack said. I nodded my head and hid my face into Sams chest. “Well, I think I’ll get her to bed, she’s had a rough night” Sam said.  

I was thankful for him getting my out of that position, “Sam?” I asked, my voice quiet and low, Sam lowered his head and looked at me. “Yes Angel?” “How long are we staying here?” Sam sighed, and opened the door to the room, I turned my head and was in awe at how nice it was. I started to wonder what the boys did for a living, they’re 20 at oldest and they live like moguls or something.

“Uhm, a while. Nate wants you to meet somebody, and it’s pretty urgant” he answered. I was dropped to the bed, earning a giggle from me. Sam smiled and I could tell he was happy with how comfortable I was getting. 

I figured it was better to not fight, with all the travelling I had alot of time to think and I figured that Sam didn’t want to hurt me. Hell, he protected me from Nate and his loud voice countless times. “Well, the bathrooms the door right there, and if you want you can come down with me and the boys” he said, he was walking out the door when I stopped him.

He turned around and looked surprised that I called his name. 

“Do I have any clothes? All I really have are my pajamas and a blanket” I said. Sam looked down and smiled at my outfit, I was still in my crop top and booty shorts but I had Sam’s sweater over top now. “Uh, not really, but if you want you can wear some of my clothes tonight and i’ll take you shopping bright and early tomorrow morning?” I nodded my head and collapsed onto the multiple pillows set onto the bed.

Once Sam left the room, I took the opportunity to take a bath. the Mahogany chick told me not to wash my hair for 2 days, but I think i’m going to wait a while longer, so I started running the bath and looked around the room. Everywhere I go, this place just amazes me, they have nice taste for 20 some year old boys. It’s like i’m in a mansion right now. 

I looked around as the bath was being drawn and noticed a tv, I smiled and turned it on. Atleast I could relax while being in the bathtub. As the water kept filling in, rather slowly might I add, I found some bubble bath in the cabinet. ‘Eh fuck it’ I thought and dumped a bit in. Maybe 5 minutes later, I stripped down and put my hair up in the messiest bun I could ever do, my ponytail was too stretched out and wouldn’t hold any shape, but  it kept my hair up so ehhh fuck it.

I sank down into the bathtub and let the sounds of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ fill my ears. “THIS IS AN AMBER ALERT WARNING FOR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. Teen missing from Omaha Nebraska now for 72 hours, an aspiration for the young girl was to move to Los Angeles to persue a career in Acting” I sprung up in the bath, letting bubbles fall all around me. My photo showed up, I rolled my eyes, it was the only one my parents approved of. 

It was a ‘headshot’ for my attempts of getting into acting. “This is Ivory Mason, recently turned 16 bleached white hair, pale ivory skin and stunning grey eyes. If you have any leads please call your local crime stoppers” then the show went back to KUWTK. 

I sighed and sank back into the bath, no one would be able to find me. I look completely different with my rainbow or galaxy whatever the fuck you want to call it. 

I stayed in the bath until I heard the bathroom door close, and in came Sam. “We have an appointment tomorrow” he said, he sat on the edge of the bath looking at me. I rolled my eyes, “appointment for what?” I asked “your face is now public, we got rid of your hair, now we need a spray tan and we’re going to get you some contacts” he said. “Sam, I don’t even like the way I look now, can we please stop with adjustments” I asked, he looked down and started to rub my feet. “No, we can’t have you leaving and we can’t have anyone taking you from us” he said. I rolled my eyes and kicked bubbles into his face. Instead of getting mad he just laughed and splashed some water to my face. “Come on, it almost midnight, lets get you to bed” he said. 

Sam turned around as I got out and put a super big bathrobe on me. “You look adorable” he said. He kissed my head and grabbed a new toothbrush and some facial cleanser out for me. “I’ll be in the room when you’re ready for bed” he said.

I looked in the mirror and saw a tear streaked face, I knew it felt dry but I didn’t think I was covered in tear stains. So I grabbed the cetaphil cleanser and started to massage my face. Considering this was my first time actually massaging my face in forever, it felt like sex. I was thoroughly enjoying every moment. As I started brushing my teeth, the power went out. “ARE YOU SERIOUS” A Jack yelled throughout the house. I giggled and brushed my teeth the best I could in the dark. 

The bathroom, was actually pitch dark when I finished. I couldn’t tell the layout, I couldn’t tell where anything was; So naturally I dropped to the floor and started to crawl towards the door. “Ivory?” Sam called, his voice was really close so I kept following it.

But he had the same idea and was coming into the bathroom. As soon as I reached the door, he opened it and it was hit kinda hard into my forehead. I hissed in pain and fell backwards, and almost as if on cue the lights turned on. “Shit Angel im so sorry” he said. 

He came to my side and craddled me into his arms. But once again, the lights turned off. I laughed and held my head in pain, I felt something wet but I couldn’t be certain. 

Sam laid me down on the bed and sat next to me. “I need light, you need to help me” I said. Sam scrambled to find his phone and handed it to me, I feel like he trusted me alot if he trusted me not to call the cops or anyone to find me. I flipped on the flashlight and handed it back to him, “I feel something wet, am I bleeding?” I asked, Sam moved the fallen out hair and checked my forehead. “God damnit” he whispered, “I’m bleeding arent I?” I asked, “yeah, and it’s qutie a bit actually” “hold on, I’m going to get a towel and band aid, be good” he said. 

I slumped back into the bed, but before I knew it I fell asleep.


but poor lil sicky-poo luke waking up feeling even worse than the day before and it doesn’t take a trained eye to tell he’s under the weather. he’s much quieter than usual, isn’t eating very much, and is caught with his eyes closed more than once at breakfast. “luke, come on, let’s go back to bed,” you urge as everyone starts dispersing from the meal. “it’s okay, i’m fine,” he shakes his head, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to make himself more alert. “baby. you have a couple hours until soundcheck. come on, you look like crap.” your intention isn’t to insult him, and he’s too tired to fire back at you anyway, so he finally just sighs and nods at you. as the two of you walk back out to the bus, luke shivers, despite the rather mild temperature outside, and you quickly return his grey hoodie that you’d put on when you woke up. luke graciously takes the warm garment and puts it on, tugging the hood up, before taking your hand. you two pile onto the quiet bus and luke heads straight back to his bunk and toes off his boots before climbing up. you can hear him coughing a bit as you make your way back and a part of you wonders how he’s even going to do the show tonight. “baby?” he calls out, his voice small and desperate, and you follow it until you reach his bunk. “are you coming up?” he’s laying on his side, his colourless face buried into a pillow, and his eyelids droop so he can just see a fraction of you. you give him a sympathetic smile and wipe his hair from his balmy forehead before climbing up yourself. you don’t make him move, just crawl overtop of him to the other side until you’re laying comfortably behind him. he reaches back to take hold of your arm, pulling it him around him tightly and he scoots back enough until you’re both fit together like a puzzle. “wake me up in a couple hours, baby?” he mutters, but he’s out almost before the sentence is complete with soft snores filling the bunk. 


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A/N- I had to write about soccer!calum okay

“Hey Cal,” Ashton called, pointing at the bulletin board in the rec room. “You said you needed a tutor, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Calum asked, still looking down at his textbook.

“There’s a flyer for one over here.”

Calum got up from his spot at the table and made his way over to Ashton. The flyer didn’t have any specific subjects on it so he decided to give this girl a call.

“Hey, my name’s Calum Hood. I’m calling about the tutoring,” he spoke into the phone, raising his voice at the end like it was a question. “Yeah, I can do 7. Okay I’ll see you then, Y/N. Bye.”

Calum hung up his phone and gave Ashton a shrug, then made his way back to his textbooks.


It was 6:45pm and Calum was searching for the perfect spot in the library. His favourite spot was in the far back corner and a girl Calum recognized from his Psychology 101 was just getting up to leave. He gave her a nod and placed all his books down on the table, settling in to wait.

You had come from the last class of the day and were searching the library for Calum, thinking why would the Calum Hood possibly need help from you. Everyone knew who Calum was, he was the star soccer player at Yale, his soccer skills probably the only reason he got into this ivy league school. All of your friends had crushes on him and sure, you thought he was attractive but he also seemed like a bit of an ass. You turned the corner at the very back of the library to find him nestled into the corner table, his books spread out, open, in front of him and beanie pulled over his eyes.

“Calum?” you smiled, cautiously approaching him so not to startle him.

His head bounced up and he shoved the beanie back on his head. “Y/N, right?”

“That’d be me,” you greeted, taking a seat across from him. “So, what do you need help with?”

“English and literature, psychology, and chemistry,” Calum chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck.

“That’s quite the combination, you’re lucky those are my most tutored subjects,” you smiled, opening the first text book on the pile, chemistry. You held it up to him and he nodded signaling you to go on.


You had been studying for an hour, focusing just on chemistry for the moment. Throughout that hour you realized Calum was actually very smart.

“So, why aren’t you understanding this when it’s taught in class? You seem to understand it just fine when I explain it,” you noted, looking up him while he finished a question.

Calum blushed and looked down at his hands. “Well, for one it helps that you’re a very pretty girl with a very pretty voice,” he admitted, blushing. “But, the other reason would be that I’ve been putting all my focus into soccer, which obviously wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, I see,” you smirked, biting your lip and watching Calum out of the corner of your eye.

“Well, i-it’s getting late and you probably want to go and just relax for a bit,” Calum stuttered, closing up his books and gathering them in his arms.

“Yeah, okay. Do you want to do this again tomorrow?” You asked, grabbing your bag off the ground.

“I have soccer practice tomorrow from 5-7. You could meet me at the field and we could go somewhere,” Calum offered, finding an excuse to invite you to watch him play.

“Sounds good, I’ll see you then,” you smiled, turning and walking away.

You and Calum continued meeting up for study sessions, on most nights you would go and watch his practice or game and then head to a café or the library and study for an hour. Calum turned out to be the complete opposite of what you had originally thought of him, he was very smart and not at all an ass.

“Y/N!” Calum called, jogging up to you in the back of the library, earning shushes from anyone nearby.

You looked up from your books as Calum shoved a piece of paper in your face.

“What’s this?” you grinned, taking it from his hands.

“My English essay,” Calum announced, the crinkles forming by his eyes from smiling so wide.

“Calum, what the hell? That’s three grades higher than you usually get,” you congratulated, standing to give him a hug.

“I say we celebrate. Would you like to go out to dinner with me tonight?” Calum asked, taking his essay back from you and putting it in his bag.

“Are you asking me on a date?” You teased, making Calum glare at you.

“Yes, now please say yes before I go to dinner without you,” he groaned, stomping his foot like a child.

“It’s about time,” you smirked.


“Yes, I’ll go out to dinner with you. Jeez, hold onto your socks,” you laughed.

Calum glared at you again and started walking away. “Pick you up in an hour,” he sang over his shoulder, leaving you alone in your corner smiling like an idiot.

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Police officer (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes

can you please do police!luke smut where he’s come back home from a busy day? i love your writing 

Rating : R

Word count : 2,3K+

Story line : Police officer Luke comes back from a long day at work and you make him feel better

I knew as soon as I heard him sigh as he took his jacked off that Luke had had a long day. I knew he loved his job, but I knew that some days were harder than others, and that some were just too much. I also knew that he didn’t like to talk about it, and that he usually preferred to leave his problem outside of our house, which I admired.

But I also wanted to be here for  him, I wanted him to feel like he had a shoulder he could rely on whenever things got a bit too heavy outside of our house. I hoped he knew that he could come to me, that he could tell me all about his day without ever annoying me.

“Bad day?” I asked as he walked over to me, sat on the sofa beside me, and leaned in to peck my lips.

“Yeah,” he sighed before starting unlacing his shoes.

“Wanna talk about it?” I tried to insist as I placed my hand on his back to show my support.

“There’s not much to know… They just gave us all those files to fill out and I didn’t leave the office all day… Didn’t get to arrest anyone today,” he shrugged as he looked at me with a small smile.

An idea immediately popped up in my head and I watched him take his shoes off before leaning against the back of the sofa. Yes, I knew what could make him feel better… And something about the way his body tensed as soon as I straddled him on the couch told me that he was expecting this, as well.

“You could arrest me…” I murmured as I looked into his eyes and wrapped my hands behind his neck.

“What for, baby? Have you been bad?” he replied, his tone demanding; he was playing along.

“Very bad,” I whispered before deliberately licking my lower lip before biting on it.

“Hmm, well, I don’t think I can let that go, can I?”

He shifted under me and slightly parted his legs as he placed his hands on my hips. I was impatiently waiting for his next move, eager to see him turn into the rough lover I knew he could be. He started to lean in and I stayed still as his lips brushed over mine, not quite kissing me yet.

“Have you been so bad that I’ll actually have to cuff you?” He whispered before biting on my bottom lip and it was clear in his tone what he wanted me to reply.

“Yes, that bad,” I breathlessly let out and I felt him smile against me before fully crashing his lips on mine.

One of his hands flew to the back of my head and he held me in place as he invaded my mouth with his tongue. He kissed me with feverish passion, his fingertips slightly digging into the flesh at my waist as he suddenly pulled me so close I could almost feel his heartbeat against my chest.

I was only wearing a tank top with a pair of shorts and he started playing with the hem of my top, sliding his hand under the material as I started slightly moving my hips on top of his. He pulled away from my lips and looked at me with dark and lustful eyes as he inched my tank top over my head, and let it fall at his feet on the floor. It was late enough for me not to be wearing any bra anymore and Luke’s eyes flickered to my breasts just before him and the intensity of his gaze alone made my nipples harden and my lips fall apart.

“Hmm, I like that,” he whispered as he brought one hand to my chest and took my right nipple in-between his thumb and forefinger. He started rolling the little nub, pulling on it until my hips started to mirror his action, rotating on top of his, seeking the feeling of his covered bulge against my clothed core. I placed my hands on his shoulders for support and closed my eyes as pleasure started to run in my veins.

“Look at you,” Luke moaned and I opened my eyes just as he took his other hand off of my hips and attached his fingers to my other nipple, “so desperate,” he commented and I let out a whimper of his name as he gently pinched both nubs at the same time.

I knew I could have come that way but Luke eventually removed his fingers and stopped my hips with his hands before quickly hauling me up to my feet so that I was standing in front of him. He then stood up, too, pecked my lips then turned me around so that I was facing away from him. He wrapped one arm around my front and pressed his chest against my naked back just as I felt his lips at my ear.

“I think I am going to have to ask you to put your hands behind your back, young lady,” he whispered before tugging at my earlobe and taking a step back.

I slowly brought both my hands just above the curve of my spine and turned my head to the side to be able to see him in the corner of my eyes. He took a pair of handcuff off of one of his belt loop and expertly opened both cuffs before securing first one then the other around my wrists. He made sure they weren’t too tight and I could still slightly move before bringing one of his hands to the back of my head and placing his lips against my left cheek.

“Now what?” He murmured as he pushed his body against mine again.

A small smile appeared on my face as I realized that my hands were resting against his bulge and I tried moving my fingers the best I could. I felt Luke’s breathing start to change and he bucked his hips against my bound hands as he reached for my right breast with one of his hands and gently squeezed it.

“Now I’m yours,” I eventually replied, and he groaned, his chest vibrating against my back as he suddenly pulled on the chain that linked both cuffs and pried my hands away from his bulge and up to the middle of my back.                                    
“Damn right you are,” he harshly replied before gripping my hips and digging his covered erection into my backside.

I was about to start moving against him when he turned me around, cupped my face and kissed me deeply. He then guided me in front of the couch again and murmured a hot ‘kneel’ in my ear before letting go of my waist.

I shakily got down on my knees, my back to him and my hands still cuffed behind my back. There was something extremely arousing about being at his mercy like this. I knew Luke was a sweet guy, I knew he cared about me and I trusted him implicitly… and this was one of the best ways to show him.

I saw his bare feet get close to me until he was standing just behind me. I heard him touch his belt, then the sound of his zipper made my mouth water. His blue pants pooled at his feet and my breathing got chattered as he stepped out of them and moved them out of the way. Next came his boxer and I clamped my thighs together as he kneeled right behind me

He kissed my left shoulder and pressed his chest against my back so hard that I had to bend over and press my breasts against the sofa. He then moved closer and slid first one knee then the other in between mine. He parted his legs, forcing mine apart until he was satisfied with the position we were in.

“Now that’s a hell of a nice view” he commented as he leaned down and placed a line of kisses down my spine.

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you - luke blurb

“Sweetheart,” Luke whispers, kissing your head while he rubs your back as you cry in his chest. “Talk to me, baby. What’s going on?”
You shrug and shake your head, holding close to him as you shakes gently.
“I-I don’t know, L-Luke. I don’t know.” You manage to say out between sobs before he rests his chin on your head.
But you know what’s the matter and you refuse to tell him.
“Just a bad day?” He murmurs gently and you shrug, sniffing.
“I know you know you can talk to me,” Luke says softly before kissing your head again. “What you say is between you and me only but if you don’t want to, I understand. I’m for you, Y/N.”
Your lower lip wobbles gently at his words as you cry harder into his body, grasping his sides gently.
“Pretty girl…” He coos gently, rubbing your back as his heart breaks slowly and you try to find your breath. “Hey, breathe Y/N. Breathe.”
“I’m s-sorry Luke.” You whisper to him, your shoulders shaking.
“It’s fine,” He chuckles gently. “You’re fine, okay? Don’t apologize.”
You nod gently as you breathe out shakily.
“You’re beautiful, you know?” He whispers to you.
You sniff and breathe in gently as he moves his body to face you.
“So very beautiful, pretty girl,” Luke breathes, looking at you as he moves a piece of hair out of your face. “You’re independent too.”
You wipe your tears away as you look at him, relaxing a bit.
“I admire you for your patience with me, even if you don’t have it,” Luke smiles. “You’re so smart and strong-willed.”
You close your eyes and breathe in his scent.
“You’re the most hilarious person I have ever known and you put a smile on my face and I, Y/N, cherish you for that,” He continues. “I always cherish you.”
You smile gently and he takes your hand.
“You’re so independent and you go your own way, and that’s fucking incredible, baby.”
You laugh gently and sniff a bit.
“I think the world of you, Y/N” Luke whispers, putting your hand to his lips. “You’re what I crave most.”
“I better be.” You say in a gravelly voice, laughing.
He smiles wide, rubbing your hand with his thumb.
“There she is.” He mumbles, kissing your hand again.
You smile gently and move a little closer to him.
“You’re so cool, I can’t even express it,” He says in a rasp. “You’re what makes you you and I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you Luke.” You whisper back, eyes getting watery.
Luke smiles and kisses you gently with one hand on your side with the other cupping our cheek.
“I love you, I love you, I love you,” He murmurs between kisses, “You’re the sun on my gray days, pretty girl.”
“Luke…” You whisper gently, pulling you close to him.
He breathes against you and moves his head to kiss you once more.
“Don’t hesitate to talk to me,” He says, pulling away to linger the kiss. “I’m always here for you whenever you need me. I’m always here to listen and help, my love.”

College boy! Luke standing at your door one day after you didn’t came to college because you were ill. You had never anything to do with Luke he seemed like a jerk and it’d be better to avoid him. But there he is now awkwardly stretching his neck, looking up at you with his piercing blue eyes and that smile he knew nobody could ever resist. 
And when you smiled back at him sweetly asking ‘Luke? What are you doing here?’ his confidence would get a major boost because the prettiest girl out of college remembered his name and he’d just hold up some notes, telling you how he noticed your absence and thought you could use these notes. And he added “My handwriting is kinda slopp. Let me in so I can explain and show you what we did” winking cheekily before you opened the door

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padfoot!sirius snuggle with remus in bed after a nightmare

It’s easy because they all live in the same dormitory, but it’s hard because they never know what to say. When Remus falls asleep before them and they can hear the nightmares coming, like they’re creeping up his body physically, shifting his feet, clenching his hands, speeding his breath, curling him up. James always trades him an uncomfortable look over his book or homework, half pain half helplessness, Peter always opens his mouth like he’s going to ask whether to wake him or not but no one does. They never do. They had tried, once, but explanations of the where and why were stilted and awkward when faced with Remus’ dream-bewildered eyes that transmuted too easily into horror and dark embarrassment. 

When they all fall asleep at the same time, it’s harder. They’re nearer, in the dark, some magic of shadows making choked back tears and broken breathing seem a hands-breadth away.  Sirius would lie awake and listen to the quiet keenings that escaped. Knowing full well how loud and real and tearing they were in Remus’ head and not being able to say or do a damn thing.  What reassurances could he give when the thing that made him thrash and shake was his own self, when he would just have to relive it over and over, again and again, for the rest of his life….

No, words couldn’t help anything. And cuddling, comfort touching, holding–it was never a skill set that Sirius learned, as a child. But if he wasn’t Sirius, if he didn’t have to explain…

Once he thought of it, he gave him no time to second guess himself but slipped off his own bed and into Padfoot in the same motion, and crept to the side of the trembling bed. He could smell the clean scent of night sweat, the sharp acid of fear and remembered pain. When his cold nose touched too-warm skin, it jerked away. There came a small, strangled yelp and both froze, processing, wondering, hoping. Then, Remus’ hand buried itself in his ruff, hard, asking. Without hesitation, Padfoot clambered up and nosed into his neck, flopping along the curve of his body with a sigh as Remus simultaneously curled around him, clutching his scruff with both hands now and burying his face against him. They lay that way until Padfoot grumbled and shook himself in vague annoyance and flung his head over Remus’, cheek-to-cheek, half smothering him, but it convinced the boy to loosen his death grip into a more reasonable squeeze.

Limbs tangled and face and fur wet with silent tears, they both allowed themselves to hold and be held, determined to wait out both nightmares and each other before breathing got too slow and warmth became to soothing and they both slipped back to sleep. It was one of the only things they never got teased about.

fuck tho can you imagine fighting with calum like there’d be tears and screams and stuff would get thrown and you’d lose it and yell “don’t act like you fucking care, you’re not even here most of the time!” and calum would stop dead in his tracks and stare into your eyes as he towered over you and he’d be almost inaudible as he cautiously muttered “don’t tell me i don’t care ‘cause i do” but as you were consumed by fury you’d just step even closer to him, feeling the heat radiating from his tense body, and you’d disdainfully reply “then prove it! put me first for once and stop treating me like a comfort-fuck. you’re supposed to love me for fuck sake” and as you spoke those final words you’d sigh and collapse at calum’s feet, calum collapsing only moments later and he’d pull you into his arms and place his soft lips on your hair and whisper “you’re right baby… i’ve been a shit boyfriend” and you’d lay there with a heavy heart and tears staining your cheeks as you’d mutter “please just… include me in your life once in a while. that’s all i ask” and calum would softly go “i can do that” and you’d sit up a bit as you held out your pinky and whsipered “promise?” and calum would smile and lock his pinky with yours as he’d reply “promise!” before softly kissing your cheek and pulling you back into his comforting embrace


Smut. This is also my first time writing smut so please don’t go banana shit crazy on me :) !


“Are you that fucking stupid? It’s not that hard to distinguish a fucking 13 from a 21! Not hard at all! Trust me, I w-…” Calum’s voice boomed before being interrupted by me pinching him in the arm.

“What?” He snapped as he whipped his head around to see who it was. His eyes softened when they landed on me, quickly mumbling a sorry.

“It’s okay. You can go back to your site now.” I said softly to the man who Calum shouted at who nodded his head eagerly and mouted a quick ‘thank you’.

Most days went like this especially when we were on the actual construction site. Calum was the engineer. While I was an architect. We teamed up to have a company as a joke but it no longer was once we designed and built a world famous building in New York. Clients all around the world demanded for us which caused us to be booked all the time and use our private jet for atleast four times a week. And as per usual, Calum always seemed to be angry, but not when I was there.

“Okay now what the fuck was that?” I seethed at Calum while dragging him to our shared make-shift office.

“I was giving him words of wisdom. Call it discipline.”

“Calum Thomas this is not fucking daddy kink where you discipline people. You embarrassed him! And it’s not fun to be embarrassed. They haven’t started the actual cutting yet so it’s okay! Now if I were you, I would stop that attitude before I’ll get mad at you.” I ranted to him.

“Daddy kink? You still in that shit?” He snorted of laughing hardly.

“Fuck off. Now is not the fucking time. Do whatever you want, I’m mad at you.” I said while huffing and crossing my arms, knowing that he didn’t like me being mad at him.

“Come on baby girl, don’t be like that.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind probably touching my boobs.

I tensed from his nickname for me and his action.

“Ah. Still love that nickname I made for you eh? And you did say that I can do whatever I want right?” He whispered in my ear.

I grew wet from only his words which made me mumble a quick yes.

“Good thing I made this make shift office soundproof and two way mirrored cause you have no idea how good I’m gonna make you feel baby girl.”

“Fuck please.”

“It’s daddy. And no swearing, that’ll make your punishment harder.”

“Good.” I said as I started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Fucking hell.” He mumbled to himself before roughly connecting his lips to mine, also ripping up my shirt in the process.

“Because of you, I always get a fucking boner while you’re wearing your tight skirts.”

“Well then you need to expect more of that Daddy.”

“Naughty.” He said before re-attaching his lips to my neck, leaving hickies while I moaned.

“You’re only mine for me to love and touch baby girl. Nobody else’s.” He growled against my ear while I desperately unbuttoned his polo shirt.

He pinned me down to his desk while he took off my skirt.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you can’t be able to walk for a week.” He growled while taking off my bra before toying with my lace underwear.

“P-please Daddy. I want to feel your tongue.” I moaned out.

He licked a bold stripe against my slit which caused me to grip his hair tightly.

He started drawing around my clit while teasing my pussy with his tongue. He licked it again before finally eating my out causing me to moan in ecstasy.

My pleasure doubled once he added a finger, causing my walls to tighten around his tongue with him groaning in the process.

“I’m g-gonna c-…”

He suddenly stopped and said, “You don’t get to. Yet.”

He unzipped his pants, his boner springing out with pre-cum laced with it.

I went down the desk and kneeled in front of his cock, teasing him by licking the tip of it.

“Fuck baby girl. I can’t stand it when you look at me like that.” He groaned out.

I looked at him from thick lashes, using this as encouragement to suck his cock like there was no tomorrow.

I started licking bold stripes up and down until I reached the tip, kissing it gently, making him hiss in pleasure.

I bobbed my head up and down along his cock slowly until I knew he was tired of my teasing, I fastened my pace, deep throating him in the process that made him mumble profanities under his breath and groan loudly.

“Fucking hell baby girl. Keep going. I’m gonna-…” He mumbled before being interrupted by his own load being released in my mouth, quickly swallowing it while letting some of it drop across my lips.

“Your turn.” I smirked as he gave me a devilish look.

“Lie down on that desk. Now.”

I followed with him quickly following, engulfing me in a rough kiss as he gripped my thighs which caused me to moan loudly.

He grinned of pride before inserting his cock to my entance suddenly.

“Fuck!” I yelled in pleasure.

He slowly moved which caused me to whimper because of his size.

“Fuck me please Daddy. Please fuck me!”

“As you wish baby girl.” He said before thrusting in a fast pace.

Every thrust he did, he hit my g-spot perfectly, causing me to moan loudly that made him crazy.

“Daddy. F-faster p-please.” I cried out in intense pleasure, making me near to my orgasm.

“I could fuck this pussy for ages.” He groaned out with beads of sweat rolling down his face and body.

He lifted my legs up, causing a new wave of pleasure overcome me.

“I’m gonna c-cum.” I tried to get the words out.

“Me too. Hold it on my count.” He growled.

“Three.” His thrusts became sloppier but never decreased it’s pace while I scratched his back, knowing that it’ll make marks tomorrow.

“Two.” He kissed me roughly while pinching my nipples causing me to yell in ecstasy.

“One.” He finally said before the two of us released, our orgasm fading out.

“That was fucking good.” I admitted to him.

“Don’t lie! It was fucking perfect!” He laughed.

“I should wear tight skirts more often.”

“You should be pissed more often.”

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36 MIKEY cuz come on I can totally see this happening

“Hey Princess.”

“Not now Michael.”

“Aw come on, don’t be a spoil sport.” He smirks, dropping down onto the porch floor beside me. “I haven’t pissed you off in a good three hours, my rep will be ruined.”

“Seriously Michael, fuck off.” I mutter, taking a sip from my drink. When he doesn’t respond, only remains where he is, I spin to face him. “well go on then, go back to being the life and sole of the party and leave me in peace.”

“You’re sulking.” He nods, tipping his bottle towards me. “You have been all night. What’s wrong?”

“Like you care.” I scoff, taking another drink before turning back to look at the road ahead of us.

“There’s a reason I always annoy you Princess, I actually give a shit about you. Just bad at showing it.”

“Good joke Michael, tell me another one.”

This isn’t a joke to me.” He replies, his suddenly serious tone causing me to glance at him from the corner of my eye. “You’re not a joke to me. I know I’m an arse all the time, but it’s only because I don’t know how I’m supposed to act around you, I mean you hate me. What else am I supposed to do?”

“I don’t hate you.” I reply, Michael’s head snapping up to look at me. Reluctantly, I spin to face him. “I thought you hated me.”

“Yeah, because I’m obviously going to hate the most beautiful human I’ve ever met. That makes so much sense, hate the person you like.” He rolls his eyes, before wdening them in shock. “Shit. Wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

“You’ve got a shit way of showing someone you like them.” I reply, looking away with a smirk on my face.

“Yeah well maybe you’re beauty just stunned me into being a dickhead.” He grins, actually making me laugh. “So? What do you say?”

“I say you’ve got a lot of making up to do.” I reply, taking another drink. Michael nods, standing up before holding his hand out to me.

“Can I start now?” He asks, a hopeful smile on his face.

I smile back before I take his hand.

It’s You

Been a while since I wrote anything so I’m a little rusty.

All fluff bc that’s what I’m good at. :)

words: 1335

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You are pregnant and Luke goes out with the boys

please make an imagine with Luke where you’re pregnant and all your friends are out having fun and even Luke is out with the boys. then he gets a sad voicemail or something from you and he runs home to be with you and make you feel less lonely! 😘

Once again all of my friends left you to go to a bar, which I obviously didn’t want to do.  Even Luke, this time, decided to join everyone.  Here I am watching The Vow, while popcorn was in a bowl on my very big belly.  I am eight months along, and very much wishing that this baby could be out, so I would be more comfortable.  

I didn’t understand why Luke went out with his friends.  Am I really that boring, or obnoxious?  Hopefully he will have enough common sense to not come home totally wasted, but you never know when it comes to Luke and alcohol.  

As the night proceeded, I started to become extreme emotional, with all of the stupid hormones that were raging through my body.  One second I could be craving pickles and then drastically I could need to eat carrots dipped in barbecue sauce.  I know, my cravings are really strange, just like my emotions.  

So here I was sitting on the couch with tears running down my face, and looking at my phone, convinced that I should call Luke.  I finally press the call button and wait to hear his deep, sexy voice.  Damn, now I am horny, and I need him now!

I almost chuck my phone across the room when I hear his voicemail.  When I heard the beep I could barely say anything through my sobs and heavy breathing.  

“Luke, I need you to come home,” I say in between sobs.  I decide to hang up, not wanting him to hear how sad I am that he isn’t home.  


I wake up to a door slamming and Luke coming charging through the door.  

“(Y/N)! BABE!” Luke yells as he rushes over to my body.  He immediately puts his hands on my belly, protectively rubbing my swollen stomach.  

“Luke why are you yelling?” I asked quite confused, until I realized that he must have gotten my voicemail.  

“I thought something happened to you and the baby. I was so scared when I heard your sobs,” he says.  He pulls my top over my bump and places his plump, warm lips all over.  His kisses cause our baby to start kicking, making Luke look at me, lovingly.  "Please don’t ever do that to me again, babe.“ He looks at me sternly, but I can see that he was kind of teasing.

"I’m sorry, but it was because of my raging hormones causing my emotions to be out of whack.  I was sad that you had left me, and I had to stay home and watch movies alone.  Plus I was horny,” I whispered the last part.  He leans up and gives me a quick kiss on the lips.  

“No need to be ashamed, princess.  I would love to do that, but I don’t want to risk hurting the baby.”  I just groan.  The baby wasn’t even out of my tummy and Luke was already so protective.  It was cute, but a little overbearing at times. 

“Come on, the doctor said it was totally fine. He even said 90% of couples do have sex while pregnant.  Please Luke, I don’t care how slow and careful you go, I just need you right now.” I pleaded with him.  I could see him going over the consequences of having sex, but he finally nods. 

I immediately pull him down so he can place his lips on mine.  Too soon he pulls back, making me frown. 

“Babe, if we do this we have to do this right,” with that said he tugs on my hand to pull me up off the couch.  He holds onto my waste, while I drape my arm over his shoulders.  Once we make it to the bedroom I am out of breath because of all of the extra weight that I have gained.  

He places me gently on the bed, before whispering, “You are absolutely beautiful, and I love you to the moon and back.”

Grocery Store Dare- Luke

You could only imagine what you must have looked like to the tall lanky boy standing just a couple feet away from you in the grocery store aisle. Earlier that night you had been playing truth or dare with a couple friends and you made the stupid decision of choosing dare instead of truth. So here you were at 12 in the night standing in a grocery store, wearing a batman onesie and a fake mustache. The dare was to follow a stranger around, and if they noticed, you would have to pick a random thing off the shelf and pretend to be having a conversation with it. But dear god why’d it have to be him. Why did he have to specifically choose to walk in this grocery store at this time. Why couldn’t someone else have walked in. You took a deep breath in and stayed a couple feet away from him, following him aisle after aisle. You couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was, with his broad shoulders and blue eyes, not to mention the fact that he must have been like 7 feet tall, okay maybe not that tall, but still. He must have heard you drool or something because in an instant his eyes were on you. You immediately picked up the nearest chocolate bar and held it to your ear. “Yeah no, just you know shopping and stuff- What do you mean I look ridiculous?- I know I know its a dare” You explained, hoping he would hear you and understand. You heard him chuckle and to your surprise, he came over and grabbed a chocolate bar and held it up to his ear as well. “Nice onesie, all this for dare?” He smiled and you felt your heart skip a bit, he had the most beautiful smile. “You’d be surprised how much my friends love to humiliate me” You murmur and he shakes his head, still smiling. “I’m Luke by the way” He adds to which you respond by saying “I’m Y/N” “Well Y/N, I got to congratulate you on being able to grow a better mustache than me” He jokes and you giggle. “Well I should uh get going” He says and you nod, a little disappointed. You each say your goodbyes and he turns around to walk away but stops and turns back around to face you. He holds his breath before letting it out and says “You know what? I’m going to regret not asking for your number, so..uh..I guess what I am trying to say is, could I maybe have you number?”

Let me know what you guys think(; Request are always open 

The Loss of Reality (Snowbaz blurb)

Warning: Angst. Just angst. 


Is this what depression felt like? The loss of magic? Or was it the loss of reality? The loss of every true thing I thought I’d ever known?

I think this through as I stand under the shower. I step out of the warm spray, turn the knob, and wrap a towel around my waist. I walk out into the bedroom of the apartment I shared with Baz, my somewhat boyfriend. Well, he was my boyfriend. I think I’m the one who’s the somewhat boyfriend, since I’m not exactly all here anymore.

If you lose a piece of you, do you ever get it back? Or is it gone forever? Can it be replaced?

Nobody answers these questions for you, especially not in this kind of world, the kind where people don’t question things like this. See, they’ll question why the lighting of the Earth changes throughout time, but nothing emotional. Never emotional. Nobody ever questions things like how to regain the lost parts of your soul because they’re too busy having professional discussions about organic chemistry or some shit to think of their own souls, all the characteristics they’ve gained and lost over the years.

How many times was I told I’d be the Chosen One? How many times was I lied to?

I pull on grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Plain clothes for a plain person. I walk into the living room where Baz was sitting, reading a book under the lamp by the window. I stop for a second in the doorway to soak in the scene. Just to memorize this moment in time. The way the light shone on his black hair, the curve of his lips, the line of his jaw. Everything was perfect and so far from plain. So far from me.

Would I ever be able to touch him?


I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to touch him. He was already the fucking sun, but now he seemed so far away. He wasn’t even on this Earth, he was on his own planet, probably overrun by scones. I never knew what he was thinking anymore. It used to be I could safely assume he was thinking about what I was plotting now. But after all of this, I couldn’t read him anymore. It was more like there was nothing to read.

I look away from Simon’s stare first. He seems to realize he’s staring after another minute before starting towards the kitchen. I set the book in my lap, thumb holding my spot.

“Simon?” He turns around at the sound of his name. “Do you know I love you?”

“I guess.”

I didn’t expect him to say he loved me back. I could tell he was trying to figure out his own emotions first before he began to share them.

I went back to my book, reading the words but not really reading them. I went back to my life, living but not really, because it was impossible to tell if Simon Snow was living it with me or simple surviving it.