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Prompt: i really loved the harley quinn imagine! can i please have a reader x harley one?
A/N: may or may not be directly inspired by DC’s Bombshell’s haha. ALSO! font change is only for xgirls. because i said so.


The moonlight shone bright in the starry sky. Your laughter echoed along with a gasp of air as you sprinted down the snowy alley along with Harley. She was tugging on your hand, trying to get you to move faster. Police sirens echoed somewhere in the distance, the heavy bag on your shoulder proving to be struggle to carry.

Finally, the two of you stopped and you nearly fell to the ground from exhaustion. Harley Quinn grinned, chuckling at your half dead form as with a huff you yanked the mask off your face, finding her twinkling irises and glaring lightly. You threw the money bag onto the ground.

“N-never…” You started, your lungs burning as desperately you tried to catch your breath, “-Again, Quinzel.” The girl only laughed, “A-At least not…not…” Your voice lost the sharp tone as you inhaled for one last time, crossing your hands over your chest, “At least not when you promised me a dance at the disco.” That wicked grin of hers died down in an instant, replaced by a somewhat ‘I-am-sorry-for-lying-please-don’t-hold-this-againts-me-for-too-long’ look. She inched closer, her pigtails bouncing as she did as her eyes briefly swept the open area you two stood in.

“Come here, lover…” She whispered, her gloved hands grazing your hot cheeks, “There are sweeter things to do in the moonlight…” Your eyes trailed the outline of her lips as you felt your breath hitch for the fortieth time that night, as slowly you leaned in, “-than dance.” Her voice caressed your ears as a faint whisper, before your lips connected with hers in spark-flying, brain frying kiss.

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Ok..So now I think I get HIAM music video..

Start of her career - She hit the earth like a meteor
Becoming a celebrity - She’s all glammed up putting make-up and perfume
Rising popularity - She’s rising as her old music videos surround her
She fell in love - The picture of the guy on the Sony TV
Personal struggle - She was fighting with herself
Breakdown/Meltdown - She collapses and ruins her wedding dress and past work
Comeback - She comes back harder than ever

Good Girl (c. t. h.)

Drink after drink after drink, I downed, washing out the screaming in my head. I washed down the heartbreak I was feeling and the soreness in my bones, that I was hoping, would fade by morning.

I could see my vision blurring as I leaned my head against the table. I drowned down one more martini before deciding that I was gonna dance my worries away. I brushed off my dress, and maneuvered my way towards the many grinding bodies and just let loose.

I forgot that I had gotten in a fight with my bestfriend that ended in him throwing me into walls. I forgot that my mother had just decided to alert me that after almost 25 years of marriage, her and my father were getting divorced. I forgot about every single thing that had caused me pain or worry this week.

Soon enough, I felt a pair of hands slip around my waist. I usually was one to protest, but with the amount of alcohol controlling my system and the feeling of wanting to live in the moment, I let it happen. I grind my ass against his crotch as his grip on me tightens. He twists me around and suddenly I’m face-to-face with a stranger, to whom I now had the intentions of knowing.

“Had no idea I was making the acquaintance of such a stunning lady.” He whispers, turning on the charm. His lips move towards the shell of my ear and soon my back is pressed against his broad chest as he kisses down onto my shoulderblade. He moves the strap of my dress and bites down hard, sending a moan from my throat. My mind automatically spirals out of control and goes into autopilot.

“Didn’t count on you being so good looking either, but I guess we were both surprised, huh?”
“Surprised would be the right word, yeah.“ He replies, words going silent against my skin. The way his lips feel on me remind me where we were and what we were actually doing, although I’m sure no one was really paying us any mind anyways. How he so carelessly took reign for my body made me wonder, just what was in my drinks tonight.

I had stopped my train of thought as the mystery man’s hand, snaked up the hem of my dress. I grabbed tight to his hair, pulling down at the roots, soliciting a raspy groan from his throat. “Are you as drunk as I am right now?” I ask as he breathes against my skin, fingers skimming the damp spot now present in my thong. “Depends. If you’re piss drunk, then no. A little buzzed, maybe.” I laugh, and turn smashing my lips against his. The way his moved so perfectly with mine, had me letting him take complete, utter control over me.

I didn’t care what tomorrow would bring. I didn’t care what his age was or what he had going on at home. I just cared that we both ended up satisfied by the end of the night. And apparently, he wanted the same.

“I like you. You’re not like most girls.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re different. A sexy different, of course. I see you here all the time. Most of the times, you seem.. distant. Like, despite the fact, your physical being is present, your mentality is off somewhere else. But, tonight, you’re less withdrawn, and more.. dare I say, dangerous. But, I love it.”
“Well, get ready to be amazed, Mystery Man.” 
“I do have a name, you know?”
“Yeah, and I’d be delighted to learn it.” I don’t know where my sudden surge of confidence came from, seeing as how I lacked it more than Einstein, but I was internally thanking the heavens for it.
_____________________________________ _____________________________________

“This name you were mentioning earlier, what is it?”
“Calum, but it’s not the name you’ll need, princess.”
“W-why not?” I stuttered, feeling Calum’s lips trail down inbetween my breasts. Somewhere inbetween him feelung me through my underwear in the cab to his place and making our way up the stairs I had lost my shirt and his pants were pooled on the ground beneathe us. “Look at you, such a good girl..” He murmus, kneading my left boob in his hand. His mouth sucks around the right one, pullung a soft moan from my throat.

His mouth moves further down, pressing my hips against the bed as he kisses towards my thighs, slowly traling his lips onto my pussy. Calum his lips around my clit, alternating between hard sucks and soft nibbles at the sensitive nub. He lets a finger slip in, slowly moving in and out of me, curving towards my g-spot. A glance follows after, A smirk slightly gracing his face as another one of his fingers slip in. He picks up the pace, thrusting them deeper and deeper til he was knuckle deep in me, hitting spots I didn’t know existed.

His lips recconect with my clit again, making me throw your head back and let out a moan I’d been holding back for a while. “C'mon, cum for me babygirl.” He mumbles againt my pussy, letting his tongue slip into me and his fingers draw figure eights against me. My thighs start to shake just as he pulls away, sucking the taste of me from his fingers.
“Aw, you really wanted to cum, didn’t you?”
“Mhmm, just as much as you want a bigger dick.“I snap lowly, watching as he strides towards me and pushes me onto my knees. “I should fix that smart ass mouth of yours.” I hear him mumble while he pulls my hair into a ponytail. “Oh no, don’t hush now, babygirl.” I stared, a bit astonished to say the leastas his dick sat infront of my face, begging to be touched.

He brushes the tip across my lips slowly, leaving his precum to sit before he slides into my mouth, already hitting the bsck of my throat and he was only half way in. My eyes flutter close as I hollow my cheeks, pulling back and letting him fall from my mouth. “Nah uh uh, back in.” Calum orders, pushing himself back in and resting both of his hands in my hair and slowly thrusting his hips. I could already feel the tears pricking at the sides of my eyes as he grunts above me, snapping his hips faster with each thrust. I swirl my tongue around his tip, closing my eyes and relaxing my throat, letting him do what he wanted.

He pulls back, reaching out a hand to help me up and onto the bed. “Get on all fours, princess.” I follow his instructions, feeling a rush of excitement hit me as he stands behind me. He rubs a hand over my ass before giving a harsh slap to both cheeks. My arms nearly give out beneath me as he rubs his hand over them, soothing the pleasurable burn. He gives a few more, making me let out a strangled moan at his last hit. “Fuck..”
“What was that, baby?”
“Oh nothing, Daddy.” I smirk, as he positions himself behind me, teasing my core with his member. I grind my hips back on him, pushing his tip into me as he slaps my ass again, growling out a “No.”. My jaw drops as he finally fills me, sitting still for a moment. I nod, letting him know to go as he starts slowly moving his his, wrapping my hair in his hand and resting one hand on my hip.

“F-fuck Daddy, harder!” I scream, letting my head rest against the matress. As much as I loved his slow, deep thrusts, I needed a rough fuck tonight. I wanted him to fuck me like he hated me. I wanted him to leave me so sore I’d have to call in sick to work tomorrow, but no matter what he did, I wanted him to completely ruin me.
“Beg for it, babygirl. I wanna hear you beg.” He moans, pressing his fingers against my clit. “Fuck me harder Daddy, please please p-please?” I whimpered as he slipped out of me, turning me over on my back.

I glance back, watching his moves with glazed eyes as he slammed his hips against the sides my thighs, doing everything I wished for. His left hand wraps around my against my right breast, causing me to bite down on my lip and let out a strangled scream. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck, right there!” I was so close, I couldn’t stop it if it came and Calum knew it as he pulled me up and pressed my back against his chest, clasping a hand over my mouth.

“You gonna cum on my cock, baby? Hmm? You wanna cum don’t you?” I nodded frantically as my eyes screwed shut in pure pleasure. My moans were silenced against his hand as he picked up the pace, slamming behind me, hard and deep and in seconds, my body was shaking, pussy clenching around his cock, shaking through my release. He pushes me over, slamming his hips hard against my thighs as moans of my name slip from his lips, letting his release overtake him.

“Oh god I needed that.”
“We both needed it..”
I kiss his neck, letting his arm wrap around my waist and pull me in. “We can cross it off our list now. I don’t know why we didn’t do it earlier.” Cal laughs, kissing my forehead.

“I mean pretending I didn’t know you and didn’t wanna bend you over and take you right there in that club definitely wasn’t hard at all..”
“Oh shut up, you loved it, ever single second of it!”