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Now that I think about “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” I came up with a small theory/metaphor.

I wrote a summary here for those who haven’t read the short story yet.
So the whole idea is based around this ‘perfect’ town by the sea called Omelas. The people of Omelas have a young child that has been sacrificed to keep the townspeople happy (with happiness comes evil theme). This child is not allowed to be fed nor spoken to by anyone. People can go see the child in person, but some walk away from Omelas not bearing the true horror the townspeople hold.

My point is that Bangtan gave themselves their group name in order to block/guard youth. “So [our name] means that we will boldly defend our music and our value and worth as people.” Maybe the music video will hold a metaphor of Bangtan protecting the neglected child. They’re against what the townspeople of Omelas have done to a child to keep their happiness. So while some walk away and never return to Omelas, they stay to protect the youth. Y’all get me? I’m almost positive this might be the message Bangtan will try to get across in the Spring Day music video.

Fine arts were forever changed when Britney Spears invented symbolism with her 2011 music video, Hold It Against Me. Symbolism is the idea that visual depictions represent something other than their literal interpretation. For example, Spears is seen wrestling herself in the Hold It Against Me music video, which represents an internal struggle. Since the release of this pioneering video, other artists such as Lady Gaga, Stanley Kubrick, and Beyoncé have incorporated symbolism in their works.

First Impressions

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First Impressions

“Thank you Jiho! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!” you chimed hugging him.

“Alright, Alright. Meet me there, and please don’t embarrass me” He laughed before heading off to his next schedule.

Your good friend Jiho, was going to be a feature on Dean’s newest single and that meant he was going to be filming a video for it. This was your chance, to meet the very producer you’d been fawning over for years.

You needed to make a good impression.

You spent the entire day getting ready for this. You lost count of how many times you’d changed your outfit, and how many times you burned yourself from your curling iron. You looked over your shoes. You’ve narrowed it down to two. A pair of black booties with a sensible heel, or a pair of strappy black heels that you could barely walk in. The choice seemed obvious but you still couldn’t help but to debate over them for a while.

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Perfect (Part 2)

Word Count: 2090
Smut (mostly, I cant help but get a little fluffy with Jimin)
Jimin x Reader
Part 1

“I need you to fuck me, Jimin, before I explode…” My voice was desperate but assertive and I didn’t recognize it as my own. Jimin kicked off the cumbersome fabric trapping his legs and pushed me down into the bed with his palms and hovered over me just out of reach. I strained my neck to try and reach his mouth but his hold on me was too strong and I couldn’t fight against him. All I could do was look at his predatory gaze and shiver. I was his prey and I was caught, trapped under him, helpless as he played with his food before he devoured it. Jimin lowered his head into the crook of my neck and his hot breath fondled my ear, another shiver erupting in my body and setting it ablaze at his next words.
“Im going to make you scream, (Y/N)…”

And scream I did as he drove himself past my threshold and completely filled and stretched me to accommodate his heavy, throbbing cock. My scream died on my lips and transformed into a satisfied whimper as Jimin ground his hips harder into me, hitting all the way to the end and swirling himself into my walls so every part of me could feel him.
“Does that feel good, Jagiya?” his voice was knowing and hot and each word felt like it was being branded into my skin, marking me as his.

Jimin dropped his lips to mine and deeply pressed them together. I parted my mouth and coaxed his tongue inside with mine, barely skimming his lovely muscle because I knew he liked to be teased just as much as he liked to tease me. As our tongues swam against each other, he had switched the movement of his hips so that they were now steadily rocking in and out instead of swirling against me. We exchanged sweet moans and the friction inside me made my eyes roll to the back of my head. My nails drew crescent moons into the smooth, blank canvas of his muscular shoulders and back every time he plunged into me, over and over and over again. Jimin reached one hand down and massaged my breast, cupping and squeezing it while he rolled my nipple in the space between his pointer and middle finger. He bucked his hips into me, but this time he pushed himself slightly upwards while he withdrew from my core, pressing and rubbing against my engorged, sensitive spot on the top of my walls. I threw my head back and hissed at the added sensations, reveling in the slow pace he was fucking me with.

“(Y/N), you’re so beautiful underneath me” Jimins voice was husky and rough against my ears. Even his voice was a turn on; it prickled down my ears and seeped its way into every cell of my body until it felt like he completely consumed me. Soon, he rocked into me faster until my whole body moved with him and the bed let out tiny squeaks of protest and I was a breathless mess, my hair sticking to my cheeks and tangled in Jimins fingers. I roamed his body with my hands, skimming my nails over his side and massaging his shoulder, pressing my palms into his chest and wrapping my arms around his middle as my pleasure built and I needed something to hold onto. As he leaned against my chest, I guided his mouth to mine in a hungry kiss, full of tongue. We took turns playing tug of war, slipping our muscles against each other and battling to suck the other into our mouths and each time I won I was rewarded with a deep moan and an especially vigorous thrust that made me release him with a high-pitched squeal. He took advantage of this and caught my bottom lip in his teeth, tugging slightly on my flesh and letting it scrape past, licking it afterwards to soothe any pain. I felt this pain-pleasure directly in my throbbing clit and tried desperately to press it against Jimin’s pubic bone for relief.

“Do you want me here?”

The hand that had been teasing my breast now skimmed down and pressed my thigh open, making room so that he could circle my clit while he continued to pump into my tight core. I screwed my eyes shut and arched my back, breathing heavily and moaning through the torturous pleasure.

“Yes. God, yes. That feels -AH!- so good!”

My fingernails scraped down his back and he paused for a second to growl a “Fuck!” at the stinging sensation before resuming his motions with and even quicker, rougher pace. The soft protests of the bed had turned into louder creaks that mixed with the sounds of skin on skin, labored breathing, and my erotic whines and moans. The temperature of the air was steadily increasing, turning Jimin pink in the cheeks as I watched sweat drip from them and slide down his neck and chest.

“Jimin…let me drive?” I asked.

He raised up on his knees and pulled me up, hugging my body to his as he settled into a comfortable position against the headboard of the bed. With my hands braced on his shoulders and his on my waist, I sank down on his thighs, gasping as he pushed past my threshold once again. Jimin kissed me as I circled and ground my hips into his, his hands gripping tightly and then kneading my waist as if he wanted to be rougher but didn’t want to hurt me in the process. He smacked my ass once and smoothed his palm over the red mark before massaging that as well. My whimpers were muffled by his lips for a moment, then he pecked and sucked at the side of my jaw and down my neck, my sensitive areas, and I trembled and bucked my hips, my walls tightening around him. His eyes closed and he released an open-mouthed groan into my chest.

I began to rock my hips back and forth slowly, allowing to Jimin to easily reach and tease my nipples. He placed one arm around my waist, holding me close, and one hand was on my upper back, holding my chest steady at his mouth. His tongue snaked out and flicked at my right nipple, wrapping around it before he closed his warm, wet mouth over the bud and sucked me into ecstasy. I could feel myself practically gushing on his cock as I rocked on him faster, soft wet noises coming from between our bodies.

“You feel so good” moaned Jimin, his eyes dark and warm on mine.

“More, please..” I begged.

A sly smile spread across his face at how undone I was, completely absorbed in him and how we felt together, him filling me up and rubbing against that sensitive spot within me. He kissed my left nipple before sucking and licking at it the same way he had done to the other, this time adding a little extra stimulation by biting and scraping his teeth over my hardened nub, pleasure shooting to my G-spot.

“Ahh! Oh My God!” I exclaimed.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore; I moved on him harder and faster, now bouncing on his cock with more vigor and excitement that before, one hand grasping his shoulder and the other holding tightly to the headboard behind him. Jimin aided me by gripping my hips and slamming me on him every time I moved down. My head lolled back and my vision began to prick and blur with cloudy tears as my breath became fast and shallow. A warm pool steadily gathered in my groin and lower stomach, the pressure building deliciously until I let out high pitched squeaks.

“(Y/N), look at me” his voice broke through the high cloud that I was floating on and I looked down at his blurry face with my misty bedroom eyes. “You’re close…” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Jimin knew what my orgasm looked and sounded like from a mile away and I knew his.

I wrapped my hands around his face and fell deep into his brown orbs, becoming lost in their beautiful dark, sparkling depths. I nodded my head yes, unable to speak full words

“Hold on just a little bit longer.”

With his lips cradling mine, he switched our positions, me against the bed and him hovering above again, in control. the way he touched me, slow and intense, the way he loved me; it all felt like a beautiful scene in a movie, a R&B music video. I heard the music when he looked at me, felt the bass deep inside when he touched me. Jimin rocked in me again, slow and fast all at the same time. I brought my legs up at my sides to make it easier for him to reach deep inside. He gripped my right thigh and pressed down, using it to steady himself as he picked up his pace, while his other hand gripped the back of my neck as he kissed and teased me. His mouth skated over my lips and his tongue licked mine fleetingly as he breathed into my mouth.

“Uh, Fuckin hell, (Y/N).” he growled in a deeper than normal tone that set off explosions in me. He drove himself fast and purposefully, targeting that special spot in me endlessly.

“JIMIN!” I screamed as he broke through the veil and propelled me into an even deeper level of pleasure.


My misty eyes overflowed and a single tear fell from each corner, only to be wiped away by his soft, caressing thumbs.

“I’m so close..” I whispered.

“Me too, Love.”

His fingers snaked with mine, gripping tightly as we both fell helplessly into each other. My body felt as though it were floating even though I was trapped under Jimin’s strong body. Each thrust of his hips made my insides tingle and burn and I felt the dam that held my pleasure begin to crack.

“Jimin…Jimin…Jimin…” I chanted in hushed whispers against his lips. His movements became sporadic and uneven and he kissed me desperately and messily as he squeezed my hands in his.

“I’m gonna cum, Jagiya.” he panted.

I wrapped my legs around him tightly and forced him to enter me deeper and harder than before. A couple thrusts later, I broke and all my pleasure rushed forward, my walls tightening and contracting around Jimin until he joined me in blissful ecstasy. I hugged him close to me as I cried out and he moaned loudly into my neck, riding out both of our highs. My body quivered and jolted as electrical impulses continued to shoot through me from time to time. Jimin rested his slick, hot body on mine and I let him, not wanting to feel the emptiness that would come when he finally pulled out of me. I studied Jimin while I brushed the hair from his face as he painted kisses on my chest and cheeks. He was beautiful; sweaty pale golden skin, pink cheeks, dark, intense eyes, and swollen lips. Perfect in every way possible. He made his way up and enveloped my mouth in his, distracting me with his passion as he slid completely out of me. I squeezed my eyes shut momentarily and whimpered at how hollow and incomplete I felt now that our bodies weren’t joined together anymore.

“I love you, (Y/N).” he crooned as he smoothed his hand over my cheek.

“I know.”

“No, I mean it. I love you so much.” He insisted. I blinked up at him for a second, surprised by how adamant he was.

“I love you too, Jimin. Always…”

He seemed satisfied with my declaration and smiled slightly before pulling me in for one more kiss. We spent the rest of the night wrapped in the covers and each other, talking, laughing, and touching one another again and again. Two more steamy sessions and one shared shower later, we were finally in bed again, this time to sleep as we were both exhausted but happy. I cuddled into his chest, his warmth, smell, and heartbeat gradually lulling me into a deep, peaceful sleep. My slow, heavy breathing matched his and I couldn’t help but smile to myself. It was these moments that I enjoyed most, the ones where our hearts beat in sync, our breathing matched perfectly, and my body fit into his like a puzzle piece. The moment when we became one.

So I decided to take a trip down memory lane. I was curious about how JaDine’s past music videos will make me feel now that I have accepted the fact that I ship them. HARD. Reel or for Real. 

Alam Niya Ba

Now, this was JaDine’s first ever project together. While watching it, I did get some feels but it was obvious that Nadine wasn’t that comfortable. Nevertheless, they still looked cute and really good together. It was a bittersweet music video and throughout the video, I did see some little sparks that proved that they did have natural chemistry together. I also commend James’s lovey dovey looks towards Nadine, but I could still tell that it was only reel. 

OJD: 7

No Erase

This song was from their first ever blockbuster film Diary ng Panget. At this point, it was obvious that they were more comfortable with each other.Nadine’s smiles were more genuine albeit I could tell that it was still reel. I couldn’t deny how in the music video they did look like they  more comfortable with each other compared to Alam Niya Ba. I saw more of their developing friendship in this music video. One thing that didn’t change was that they still looked really good together.

OJD: 7.5

Bahala Na

NOW WE’RE TALKING! Guys. I just can’t with this music video. It’s super obvious how they’re better friends now and I can already see some snippets of the real JaDine. Their chemistry was just exploding I had to hold myself back from squealing. This is actually my favorite song of theirs, so I’m not biased or anything. They look more comfortable with each other and their sweet gestures for this music video was just too much for my shipper heart. The part were they were just nuzzling their faces against each other really got me. Like dayuum guys, have mercy on my heart. Even though this music video was more genuine than the last 3, I knew that they could still top this.

P.S. They still looked really good together.

OJD: 9

Hanap Hanap

Okay, let’s talk about Hanap Hanap. This music video was oozing with natural chemistry. Those prolonged looks and hand grabbage got to me. The part where James slowly encircled Nadine’s waist around his arms was just epic. The whole music video as a whole was very touchy which I loved. JaDine legit went from 0-100 real freaking quick. I can’t believe that from Alam Niya Ba to Hanap Hanap their comfort level with each other has surpassed my expectations. I can vividly tell how close they have gotten with each other in a short amount of time. Is it reel or real? Who knows. A round of applause for these two for messing with my feels, please. 

P.P.S. They still looked really good together. Just saying. 

OJD: 9.8 

On The Wings Of Love

Halp. Have mercy. Please. These two are too adorable for their own good. This music video sent chills down my spine. The line between reel and real was too blurry. They looked like they were not even acting, they were simply just being themselves and having fun. My thoughts were proven right on this, when I watched an interview with James saying (pertaining to this music video) “after we were done acting, no, not acting. After we were done having fun.” [not verbatim but pretty close.] I literally teared up while watching this mv. Their smiles, the consistent heated looks, the intimacy and everything that should be cliché pierced an arrow through my shipper heart. It was all too much. I just can’t with these two. Plus, you know what? The still look really good together. They are individually really attractive, so I guess it makes sense why they make a beautiful pair. *whipers* imagine what their babies will look like.

OJD: 10+

Baby serise, Mood swings

I know its crap but I have school tomorrow and I wanted to finish and put this up tonight…oh well :) Hope you like it!


‘Is it normal for a pregnant woman to cry while playing animal crossing?’

“Daniel!” I shout through the house, pretty loud I must add. So loud I’m surprised China didn’t hear me.

You see when you’re pregnant you get mood swings and when your husband decides to tweet about said mood swings it can go one of three ways; (1) Everyone involved finds it funny and nothing can go wrong, (2) The victim (me) will get very upset, or (3) The victim will get very angry. I’ll let you have a wild guess at the one I am right now.

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Simple love (Vikklan one-shot)

Totally random title x3 And, yeah, I am totally aware of the fact that this is really short again and I should get myself together and give you guys better quality stuff to read, I’m sorry…

Just some pointless but adorable fluff about Lachlan being cuddly and wanting to use Vikk as he teddy bear x3

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: IRL

Word count: 578 words

“That freaking blue shell again! I’m done!”, Vikk burst out, putting his controller down and rage-quitting their Mariokart game.

“C'mon, mate, it’s just a game!”

“I don’t care, I’m going to go and do something productive instead.”

“But Vikk…”



“No!”, he started to walk away, but was stopped by arms snaking around his waist, firmly but gently holding him in place and a warm body pressing against his back in an all-too-familiar embrace. He just wanted to leave and and do some videos or relax, maybe read a book or listen to music on his own, but Lachlan just wasn’t having any of it, of course.

“You’re not going anywhere.”, the blonde stated, lightly brushing his lips against the other’s neck – he knew how to get what he wanted, and he would get it, there’s no doubt about it.

“Let me go!”, the shorter demanded, trying to escape while avoiding to hurt his cuddly boyfriend.

“Nah, I don’t feel like doin’ that.”, he smirked into his neck.

He tightened his arms around the Brit’s petite form and carefully lifted him up.

“Lachlan, put me down!”, he shrieked immediately.

“Teehee, no.”, he replied and sat down on the couch, pulling the smaller onto his lap.

“Let me go!”, Vikk tried once again, growling and completely failing at being scary even the slightest bit.

The Australian didn’t bother to say anything this time – he didn’t need words. He leaned back, pulling the other with him, then nuzzled his hair, pressing soft kisses into the fluffy mess.

“Lachlan…”, the victim of the situation groaned, but it sounded more and more like a helpless whimper. Lachlan’s smile grew wider: his lover’s defences were already crumbling under his attacks. He moved his hands onto his stomach, lazily rubbing the sensitive skin under the thin T-shirt with his thumb.

“I hate you…”, the shorter mumbled as his last, hopeless counter-attack, giving in.

“Liar.”, the Aussie murmured while pressing his lips onto his neck and he purred with delight as he felt his defeated boyfriend slowly relax in his arms. Vikk hummed, dazzled and a bit light-headed, leaning into the other and arching his back to press himself fully against him. A happy sigh tickled his neck and he too let out the breath he was holding.

“The things I let you do to me…”, he muttered, enjoying the feeling of his lil’ Lachy caressing his stomach and pressing feather-light kisses into his hair. Soft chuckles and loving murmurs were lost in the midnight black mess as the smaller reached to intertwine their fingers. The other sighed contently, face buried into dark locks, causing lovely giggles to erupt from the small Brit in his arms.

“I love you.”, the slightly muffled confession, though been heard countless times before, still made said boy’s heartbeat quicken and his head spin as he snuggled deeper into the sheltering embrace, smiling shyly while mumbling his response.

“I know, I love you too.”, the reaction came without delay in the form of a chaste kiss pressed onto his cheek and firm arms ever-so-gently tightening around his torso.

His smile grew as he nuzzled his head under the Australian’s chin, earning soft, content hums from him. Why was he so against this in the first place? It was so nice, so simple and peaceful, wrapped up in their shared warmth, in their safe bubble of effortless happiness and love, separate from the rest of the world. It was perfect.

anonymous asked:

hey can u please write a lil story about harry spoiling u when u get ur period? i think that'd be cute hmm?

This is very cute, sweet pea. Thank you for the request.

I believe Harry would be so thoughtful and caring towards the missus during her time of the month. He’d spoil her rotten with chocolates and cuddles, making sure to rub her tummy when she was cramping. He’d make her tea in the mornings, small and light lunches, whatever she craved for dinner. He would be so attentive, habits and traits taught by his mother, making her feel so loved.

This is hurting my heart, oh my goodness.

I hope you enjoy. If you have any other requests, please send your ideas and submissions, here.

All of my love, as always,
Caitlin xxx

“G’morning, angel. How’re you feeling?” Harry coos, his fingertips ghosting across your bloated abdomen, your quiet whimpers of pain being murmured into his ear, his hands cupping your waist. “The cramps still aren’t gone, huh?”

“No, I hate being a girl,” you whine, nuzzling your face into his bare chest, your toes rubbing against his calves, the duvet casted over your torso loosely. “’m hungry, too.”

“Do you want me to make you somethin’, now? I’ll bring it to you in bed, because I don’t want you moving around and making yourself uncomfortable. Why don’t you choose a film for us to watch whilst we eat?” he murmurs, kissing your temple lightly, his bright green orbs gazing into your blue eyes, a slight smile settled upon his features. “Do you want to watch The Fault In Our Stars, again?”

“Could we?” you wonder, your lips forming a grin, your chest leaning upwards, gently, your gaze focused on his features. He had light stubble forming on his chin, a few spots dotting alongst his forehead, the small pudge to his belly causing your heart to swell. Harry was himself, when he was around you. He didn’t have to hide behind concealer, or worry about the small amount of chub that he had gained over the filming of the movie. It didn’t matter what he looked like, or how he behaved, he was Harry, and you were in love with every part of him. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” he grins, pressing his lips to yours softly, his fingertips dancing across the waistband of the boxers you had stolen from his drawer the night before. “I’m not going to have any boxers left, baby.”

“I don’t think that would be too horrible,” you giggle, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, your palms pressing against his collarbone. “I enjoy having you naked. It wouldn’t be bad for me.”

“I’m flattered, angel, but I don’t think Fionn and Tom want to see my manhood,” he chuckles, his cheeks turning red at the thought. “Correction, I don’t want anyone to see my manhood, except for you.”

“I love your penis very much, so, I suppose it is a smart idea that I am the only one to see it,” you nod, your mouth kissing the vein in his neck sweetly. “because I’m not sharing.”

“You’re very cheeky, when your lady friend arrives, y’know that?” he smirks, his voice high-pitched and tense, his breathing quickening at the idea of him touching you, merely roaming his hands on your figure. “It makes it very hard for me to resist you.”

“We can wait one more day. It’s possible. We can do it,” you sigh, the pads of your fingers drumming against his chest. “I wish I found a birth control that would end my cycles completely. How nice would that be?”

“That would be very nice,” Harry admits, his heart aching at the sight of you in pain. He hated knowing that you were hurting, but he couldn’t help you in the way that he wished he could. He would take all the pain from you, if he was able to. He absolutely hated seeing you cry. He thanked his mother and sister from time to time, grateful for their advice and hints on how to take care of you in your time of need, their knowledge aiding him in becoming the best caretaker for his wife, which simply made you love him, even more. “I’m going to make us breakfast, yeah? Do you want to stay in the bedroom or snuggle in the lounge?”

“Um, the lounge would be nice. I think there is more room for us to cuddle, in there,” you smile, kissing the corner of his mouth lovingly. “How did I manage to marry such an amazing man? I’d really like to know.”

“Oh my gosh,” he blushes, wrapping his arms around your waist, squeezing you tightly against his taller form, his legs entangling with your own, the slight pudge on his belly softening his abdomen as you snuggled into him. “Do you still think I’m amazing with this pudge on my stomach?

“Harry,” you sigh, gently sitting upwards, crossing your legs underneath your bum, your fingertips touching his cheeks, running over the peach fuzz over his upper lip. “I will always think you are amazing. I love you. You’re sexy as can be. Have you seen your muscles? Or your abs? Seriously, button. You are not pudgy.”

“Why do you still call me that?” Harry giggles, swinging his legs over the bed frame, his toes nudging into the thin carpet of the hotel suite floor. He stands upwards, holding his hands outwards towards your torso, smiling whilst you interlock your fingers with his, your figure leaning into his form, following his path into the kitchen. “It’s been three years, since the ‘Best Song Ever’ music video.”

“I think the name fits you, H. You’re as cute as a button,” you grin, kissing his cheek swiftly, settling your body on a bar stool, once yourself and Harry entered the lighted kitchen. “You call me ‘angel’. What makes that different?”

“Well, you are my angel,” he smiles, pacing around the island, grabbing a handful of utensils, clanging pots and pans against each other as he settles a skillet on the cooker.

“Harry, you do not need all of those spatulas, whisks, forks, and knives to make breakfast,” you sigh, your palms resting on the marble countertop, your ankles crossed beneath the chair, the pain in your lower stomach lessening as adjust your posture.

“I’m going to perform a show. Y'know the shows that happen at the Japanese restaurants in America? I’m going to do something like that,” he nods, confidence etched in his tone.

“Harry, please don’t hurt yourself,” you groan, rolling your eyes playfully, your stare intent on your husband, your heart dropping when he starts juggling. “You’re going to give me a heart attack.”

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m okay,” he sighs, shuffling around the counter, softly nudging himself between your thighs, cupping your cheeks in his palms. “I’m taking care of you, tending to your needs. I won’t injure myself.”

“You make me nervous, y'know. I don’t like when you hurt yourself,” you sigh, you eyes staring into his, your eyelashes batting against your skin.

“I don’t like to hurt myself, either. It’s painful,” he teases, rubbing his arm playfully, your palm pushing against his chest, his lips pursed into a smile, your belly fluttering as you admire him.

“Harry, stop,” you giggle, a whine leaving your lips immediately, his fingertips gripping your waist, lifting you into the air, his lips pressing a kiss to your neck. “I was being serious, button.”

“Baby, I swear to you, I’m being careful. It’s my responsibility as your husband to care for you when you’re not feeling well. I can’t do that if I’m not healthy, can I?” he ponders, a smile smile curving his lips upwards, his mouth touching the crown of your head wth love. “I’m being careful, angel. I am.”

“I love you, a lot. I want and need you to be healthy and happy. It’s important to me,” you state, tapping your index finger against his nose.

“You’re important to me,” he grins, his heart swelling with love, your cheeks blushing pink with his confession.

“Harry, you’re important to me, too. Very, very important.”