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Wanted (Wonho pt.3) [M]

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Genre: Romance (lots of sexual tension?)
Pairing: Wonho/Shin Hoseok (Criminal/CEO), You (Federal agent)
Rating: M
Warning: Smut, Language

Shin Hoseok, formerly known as “Wonho”, is a criminal-turned-business man with an outstanding record for law breaking.

And you had a history with him.

As much as you wished for the past to remain in the past, a recent high-profile crime suddenly forces you back into an unlikely partnership with the terribly charming and mysterious Shin Hoseok.

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3

The last time you came to Wonho’s house was during a police raid. And that time, you had the pleasure of holding his cat while your team searched his place.

A wanted man with multiple felonies living with a Siberian kitten? That was a first. And as it turns out, the cat was oddly fond of you, not that you mind, it’s just he’s yet again defied your assumptions about his lifestyle.

“Welcome back.”

Wonho pulls up before the garage, and you sense the familiarity in your surroundings. Still the same house from what you remember, except this time, you weren’t in your fatigues.

The minute you enter the door, a furry gray creature comes running forward. You instinctively open your arms, letting the kitten hop into your embrace just like the last time.

“She missed you too.” Wonho chuckles, shrugging off his jacket.

“Maybe I should take her home.” You kick off your heels, petting the soft fur as the kitten purrs besides your neck.

Wonho didn’t respond, letting his eyes do the admiring while you giggle at the cat’s display of affection. He knows staring only worsens his self-control, but the sound of your laughter is always too precious to miss. Yet he’s just as frustrated as he’s pleased by your presence. That innocent smile of yours paired with such a ravishing red dress is a new type of torture.

And his cat is getting every bit of your affection.

“Let’s go to the living room.” He pulls off his tie, hoping to reclaim your attention.

Your gaze wanders back to Wonho loosening his top few buttons, and your blood suddenly heats at the sight of his exposed forearms. But you quickly shake your head, stopping yourself from going further because tonight’s job isn’t over yet.

“Want anything to drink?” Wonho calls, heading towards his kitchen.

“Water is fine, thanks.” You follow behind into his spacious living room.

“Not champagne? This calls for a celebration.”

“Too early for that.” You sat down on the couch. “For all we know, this could be a fake.”

Wonho returns with a glass in each hand. “Well, I have a good feeling about this.” He sits down besides you, opening the laptop on the coffee table before picking up the cell phone. “So as I was saying, I.M has a thing for smart phones.”

You held up your hand. “Wait. Let’s start from the beginning.” You pause, “What’s your relationship with I.M?”

Wonho inhales as he leans back into the cushions. “Long story short, I found him around…eight years ago, on the streets. He didn’t have any family, so I took him in.”

You nod, quietly listening as he continues.

“It was winter, in January. The 26th to be exact. And we decided to make that his birthday since he couldn’t remember his real one.”

And then, you had an epiphany. “Is that why the pass code is-”

“0126.” Wonho adds, taking a sip of his water. “It’s an old habit of his.”

He then grabs an USB cord, connecting the phone to the laptop. You watch as the computer screen turns black with nothing but a giant letter ‘X’ on display.

“It’s I.M’s work alright.” Wonho smirks, an air of confidence in his voice. “This is his signature security screen. Completely impassable. And only those he’s told how to bypass it, can.”

You frown, folding your arms in the process. “Does it take another genius hacker to get inside?”

Wonho shakes his head, his smile growing bigger. “All you have to do is type out a password.”

You scoff, probably because how much of this is starting to sound like a joke. “What is it?” You didn’t bother taming your sarcasm.

“It’s…” He reaches out to the keyboard. “I.M is very handsome.”

You blink in silence, until your expression falls into a total look of annoyance.

“Wonho, if you’re-”

“No I’m serious!” He then began typing, and you glare at his fingers that are indeed typing out those words. The screen then disappears, and a list of folders and files suddenly pops into view.

You swear you might just faint at this ridiculousness.

“This is…” You couldn’t find the proper words utter. “Really stupid.”  It’s taking a lot to convince yourself, even as you read over the folders each named after a prominent politician.

“It is stupid, but it works.”

You had to take a moment, giving yourself some time to process everything before your eyes. But you might as well accept it; these criminals are simply beyond your understanding. At least this I.M guy has a sense of humor.

Taking a gulp of water, you stare back at Wonho again. “But…why? Why did he do this?”

“I.M is a smart kid and good at heart, so it also confused me why he’d do something like this.” He sighs. “And it confused me even more since he was the one who sent me the invite to the auction.”

Wonho clicks on the screen and opens his email, showing you a fairly empty message.

“He sent it to me without any context, as if it was in a hurry.”

Your jaw went slack, yet you think you might be getting the hint. “You think he was being threatened?”

“Not him, probably a loved one.”

You furrow your brows. “You just said he doesn’t have a family.”

“It could be someone he met later.” Wonho shrugs, leaning towards you. “A girl maybe.”

You scoff, almost rolling your eyes. “Would I.M go this far for a girl he met?”

“I know I would.”

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Is That A ... Cat?

Admin A finally had time to write something? ADMIN A FINALLY HAD TIME TO WRITE SOMETHING!!! 

What she was seeing had to be wrong. There was no way – not even by a tiny sliver of a chance. I’ve got to be dreaming….

Minseok. Holding a cat. In his apartment. 


Minseok looked up, an eyebrow raised slightly at the shock on her face. “Yes…?” She could see his lips twitching like he wanted to smile. Likely as not, he was trying not to laugh at her thoroughly dumbfounded expression.

“That’s a cat,” she said. “You’re holding a cat.”

This time, there was no denying the grin on his lips. “And?” The cat in question decided to stretch, nuzzling even closer in against Minseok’s shirt. She blinked, eyes flicking between her boyfriend and the admittedly adorable animal currently cuddled up in his lap.

“You hate cats.”

Minseok snickered. “Well, I’ve been working on getting over that.” He grinned lightly down at the cat, petting over his fur softly. “Besides, he’s probably the sweetest cat I’ve ever met.”

“So…. He’s here? Permanently? Did you adopt him?” She finally managed to shake off her surprise, setting her bag down before waling over to sit down on the couch next to her boyfriend and the new addition to the apartment.

Minseok nodded. “I did.” He smiled when the cat looked up at her, regarding her with curious eyes. “Want to pet him?”

She smiled playfully. “Of course, Minnie. If you’ll remember, I’ve never had to get over a dislike of cats.” She held out her hand to the cat, waiting until he had a chance to sniff at her before softly petting over his head. Minseok laughed.

“Looks like he likes you,” he said, still snickering lightly. “I just hope that I stay his favorite.” She laughed as well, still petting the cat’s head.

“Yeah, yeah – you just wait, Minseok. Soon, he’ll love me most!” she said teasingly. “I’ll give him all the tuna he could ever want!” Her smile widened when he started to purr. “See? I’m already quickly becoming the favorite.”

Minseok laughed. “I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve. After all, I asked around. Luhan suggested a few toys that will definitely make me his favorite.”

She shook her head, still snickering playfully. “No way a toy will outrank tuna.”

“We’ll just have to see then, won’t we?” Minseok grinned at her before he leaned over to kiss her cheek lightly.

“We will,” she said, turning to give him a proper kiss. “So, you never actually told me. What’s his name?”

“Well…. I was hoping you’d help me name him, actually.” Minseok gave her one of his bright, happy smiles, one of those that she could never say no to. “After all, he’s joining our little family, right?”

Elim Garak wearing a fur and holding his sexy space cat.

Thanks to @toastpiercer for both ideas. According to her, the sexy space cat is colorful like a parrot and is native to some conquered planet in the Cardassian Empire. The universal translator translates its name to “Whitney Houston.” Nothing else would be gay enough.

Also thanks to @subspacecommunication. I referenced both ds9 screenshots and their super cool art when I drew Garak’s face

I think

I wanted to be what he wanted

And I became this idea

He wasn’t a Kitten in that distorted sexual sense to me

He was soft and I wanted to hold him close and keep him from pain

But he was also strong and had claws and I wanted to give him space

I was scared that if he knew how gentle he made me feel

He would hate me

He would hate that instead of thinking of sexual things with him

I fantasized about wrapping a blanket around him and hugging him

Watching kid movies together with his cats 

Holding his hand for the first time

But he hates me now anyways

So I guess the lesson is

Don’t think you have any control over losing someone

because sometimes trying to make things better

just makes things worse

Good intentions do not equal good outcomes

I know its so fucking hard to let go when you love that deeply

Its so hard to let go when they made you so unbelievably happy

So impossible to forget the beautiful things they said

But you have to let go

Be grateful you had happiness, even just for a few moments

Please don’t end up like me

We had a new cat ay the shelter this week, Mr. Whiskers. He has a special story. 

A 17 year old boy showed up at our Petco on Monday holding a beautiful long haired tuxedo. The boy lived in a foster home and had a kitty he loved very much, but for some reason he needed to go to a different foster family, and the new foster family said “absolutely no cats whatsoever”. He didn’t even have a carrier. He walked for an hour in pouring rain, holding his beloved cat, until he came to Petco and begged the staff to take the cat in. The guy is 18 in two month. He can live on his own, and have as many cats as he likes, in two month. His new foster family refused to even give him a ride to a shelter.

The shelter employer said: “Most seventeen year olds want to be tough. This guy names his cat Mr. Whiskers.” This is Mr. Whiskers:

Grandpa Firestar is always talking about his three grand kids and everything reminds him of them 

“ Did you know my granddaughter Hollypaw was in a race last week? She was amazing and came in 2nd place I was so proud I even recorded it wanna see? “ 

“ Lionpaw Jaypaw and Hollypaw just went into the 5th grade and I have pictures of their first day, they were so cute with their new clothes and they were so nervous! Reminds me of my first time going into 5th  “ 

He could probably go on for days telling stories about the 3 even if the person left 

  • Some random NPC: So how is your kid?
  • Kanetsugu: Oh she's doing fine--KENSHIN PUT THAT CAT DOWN WE ARE NOT TAKING IT HOME.
  • NPC: Aw, Kanetsugu, let her have the kitty, she ought to have one
  • Kanegtsugu: Oh no that's not--
  • Kenshin: *sniffling holding the cat in his arms* Ai tell papa to let me keep it.
2p's reaction to seeing their favourite animal dying

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: *loud gross crying*

James Williams/ 2p Canada: *is used to seeing animals die, and he hunts but still cries a lot,liek a lot but only if no one is around* 

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: *since he had own over 20 bird he used to them passing away*

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “oh my goodness that is so sad” *takes out handkerchief and blows into it* :,(

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: *hold his dog and is starting to pay attention to him a lot more* 

Yang Wang / 2p china: *the loudest grossest crying out of the bunch*

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: *starts holding his cat while crying into it neck* 

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “well that sucks”

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “that poor kitten” ;-; *doesn't care that his make up is getting ruined*

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: *puts all his animals in his hoodie and won’t let them out for the next week,while cuddling them while, crying and saying how much he loves them*

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: *internally screaming, and is trying not to cry* 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: *do i really need to explain that he is not the best with animals* 

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “….well that is not good”

  • cecil palmer: i'm not a cat person
  • cecil palmer: but ohmygod that floating cat in the bathroom my buddy my son <333
  • cecil palmer: there is an emergen-- WHAT A CUTE CAT VIDEO
  • cecil palmer: i'm doing wood carvings of cats and posting them on my tumblr and you gotta reblog them all. why you not reblogging them carlos
  • cecil palmer: *goes on a killing spree bc strex hurt his cat*
  • cecil palmer: *regularly injects himself with antitoxins to survive petting a cat*
  • cecil palmer: *in the hour of greatest need to the sound of heavenly trumpets surrounded by a purple mist descends from the ceiling, holding a cat in his arms*
  • cecil palmer: yeah i don't even like cats that much, duh