hold her waist

She was riding the motorbike and I was sitting behind, gently holding her waist. It was a cold morning and I had no gloves. After a few minutes, she stopped at the red light. I startled when I felt how she carefully took my hands and put them in the pockets of her jacket to warm me up.
—  lesbianespresso.tumblr.com
Piercings.-Derek Hale Smut.-

“Can you do a Derek smut where his girlfriend has nipple piercings and their having sex and he makes sure that he won’t hurt her during that and she tells him she likes it rough?? Thank you if you do this xx”

Y/N bit her lower lip as she changed her shirt to a tank top before walking downstairs to the kitchen,leaving Derek in the bed by himself.She wanted to make him some breakfast before he woke up. She stood in the kitchen making waffles when Derek had woken up.She smiled as she heard him walking through the house before making his way down the stairs.

“Morning Der.”Y/N  murmured to him as she got a yawn in return before she felt his arms around her from behind.She couldn’t help but giggle a bit when he ran his hands up her stomach to grab a hold of her breasts. He raised his eyebrow when he felt metal poking out against her t-shirts.He grabbed a hold of her waist before he turned her over so her back was pressed against the counter.”What the hell are those?”He asked,his finger pointing to where the metal was pressing against her shirt.

“I got a piercing or two.”She murmured,grinning cheekily at Derek before he picked her up,placing her ontop of the counter.”You’re not kidding?”He asked as he began pushing up her shirt to find that in fact, she had gotten her nipples pierced.He couldn’t help himself as he gave the piercings a testing slight pull,his eyes widening when she moaned out.”Fuck.”Y/N moaned and he raised his eyebrows.”Why don’t we put breakfast on hold? I wanna eat something else before I start my day.”He growled with a smirk as she nodded her head in agreement.

Y/N giggled when he picked her up,rushing up the stairs with her holding onto him tightly.He smirked a bit as he gently laid her on the bed,his hands pushing the shirt up her chest and then off of her body.”You’re so beautiful.”He murmured to her as he left a trail of kisses down her neck to her breasts.One hand went to her right breast,pulling gently at her piercings before his mouth attached to the other breast. She arched her back off the bed as her fingers tangled in his hair,whining.”More Der.”She whined as her hips bucked up against his.”Patience sweetheart.”He murmured as he pulled his mouth off of her breast.

Derek began the trail of kisses once more down her body before he hooked his fingers into her panties,dragging them down her legs.He smirked a bit as she pouted at him taking his time.”Stop that pout before I put something in there to stop it.”He warned her with a smirk before he pressed his tongue flat against her, licking a bold stripe up her pussy. He was going to take his time but he couldn’t control himself when he was tasting her.His tongue flicked against her clit and she gasped when two of his fingers,pushed into her.”So wet darling.”He teased as Y/N tugged at the ends of his hair.

Y/N couldn’t help the provocative sentences that began pouring out of her mouth as he thrusted his fingers in and out of her while his tongue flicked at her clit.She threw her head back into the pillow and let her eyes roll back in her head a bit as she felt the band in her stomach tightening and beginning to snap.She began seeing white as she let herself go,He smirked as he cleaned her up before pulling away.

“Let’s go eat because after that,I’m pounding you into this mattress.”

Quick little drabble, inspired by @deadlybingo post here. 

“Everybody inside go!” Barry yelled.

Felicity ran for cover, not caring as she dropped her umbrella to the ground. The rain hit against her face as she pushed herself to run for safety. Once she was under cover, she turned back to face her teammates. She froze, her breath caught in her throat at the sight before her.

Oliver hadn’t moved, a gold light flashed over him.

A loud buzzing sound filled her ears. Her eyes widened in shock. Time seemed to slow down around her.

“Oliver,” she choked out, she jumped forward, trying to reach him. A pair of arms wrapped around her waist, holding her back. “No!” she screamed as Oliver disappeared from sight. “Oliver!”

Her breathing sped up, coming out in short pants, tears filled her eyes. “No, no, no,” she muttered to herself, she closed her eyes tightly. He couldn’t be gone. Oliver couldn’t be gone. Not when she… There was so much that she hadn’t told him yet.

Images filled her mind. Flashing behind her closed lids.

The first time he walked into her office.

Oliver showing up, shot and dressed as the Hood, in the back seat of her car.

Oliver saving her from the Count.

Their disastrous first date.

I want to be with you… if you’ll come with me.

Oliver finally opening up to her, telling her the stories of his past.

The house in Ivy Town.

Coming back to Star City.

Oliver on one knee in front of her. Sliding the ring onto her finger.

Finding out that Oliver has a son.

The look on his face as she placed the ring on the table.

Staying together, to work as a team after Digg and Thea left.

And then, Oliver vanishing before her eyes.


She shook her head.


This couldn’t be the end. He couldn’t be gone… Not when

“Oliver!” she screamed, her voice cracked as tears slipped down her face. Her knees started to buckle, but the arms that were around her waist, held her up.

Is is real?

His voice echoed in her head. Questioning her relationship with Billy.

Had that only been a few weeks ago? Now, it felt like years.

I don’t know.

Had been her reply. Which had been the truth. She didn’t know.

But now, in this moment, having just watched Oliver vanish before her eyes. She knew.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. She was still in love with Oliver. And always would be.

He was her always.

But he…

“Felicity,” Barry’s soft voice broke her out of her thoughts. She looked at him, a look of despair on his face. “Felicity, I’m sorry. I tried… but, I wasn’t. I… I wasn’t fast enough.”

She reached towards him, the arms around her waist let go and she rushed into Barry’s open arms. Sobs racked her body.

“We’ll get him back,” Barry promised, squeezing her tightly. “I swear Felicity, we’ll find Oliver and we’ll bring him home.”

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neverlandperegrine  asked:

Charlie's grip on Nat's waist vs Cara's is very easy to tell the difference between you're welcome

i think the same, hehe

with Cara, his hand rests gently on her small back, a normal ‘place’ when it’s about colleagues & co-stars. But with Nat, his hand grips her waist, holding Nat close to him. His fingers are even distorting her vintage dress :P a quite possessive gesture tbh.

and, don’t even let me start about the body language, and how in -almost- every picture, he leans toward Nat.

(in the last one, he doesn’t even bother to place his hand on Cara’s back, but only his arm around Natalia, and *of course* his entire body leans toward her)

Ok but what if near the end Lydia starts to forget Stiles and he’s so desperate for her to hang onto any memory of him that he falls to his knees, his hands holding her waist and begs her to remember.

And here’s Lydia, looking down at a beautiful boy who looks so broken, a boy who seems so familiar to her yet she can’t quiet place him.

His eyes, she thought, look like they belonged to a boy who used to gaze at her from across the classroom. His hands felt like the ones who had held her in the back of an old jeep when she thought she wouldn’t make it through the night. And his voice; she could swear it sounded like the boy who screamed out her name as she fell lifeless onto the lacrosse field when she was fifteen.

“I’m sorry” Lydia whispered, “but I don’t know you”.

Stiles lets his hands drop and watched her turn away from him. He thought he knew heart break, he thought he felt it when his Dad didn’t recognise him and again when his best friend asked who he was, but it was nothing compared to the pain he felt right at that moment when the girl he’d loved with for almost a decade turned her back on him.

“Your best friends name was Allison” Stile said in a desperate attempt to buy some time. Lydia stopped mid stride and turned slowly to face him. “You have a dog”, Stiles continued.  “His name is Prada, you got him for your tenth birthday. You bought him to show and tell and the teacher told you off so I told her it was mine. I had detention for a week but it was worth it to see your smile.”

“You are smart. You are so smart sometimes I wonder if you’re even human” Stiles said. Confusion crossed Lydia’s face. “How do you know-“

“Two months ago,” Stiles interrupted, “you received your acceptance letter from Yale. You once told me that you were going to win the field’s medal and I told you if anyone could, it would be you.” A ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he remembered their junior year dance. That was the moment he found out that Lydia Martin was as kind as she was beautiful, that she was as fearless and she was smart, and she was perfect, so damn perfect.

“I’ve never told anyone that” Lydia said.

Stiles stood, taking slow steps toward her, being mindful not to frighten her. “You told me” he said softly.

“I don’t understand how you know this, why would I tell you this?” Lydia sounded panicked.

“Because you know me, Lydia. And I know you, better than anyone else in the world” Stiles said as he approached her.

Lydia didn’t flinch like she thought she would have when Stiles’ raised his hands to push her hair from her face. She felt that feeling in the pit of her stomach again; familiarity, safety and love.

Lydia closed her eyes, trying to make sense of what was happening when she felt his lips on hers. A kiss, a kiss so soft she thought she could’ve made it up. But when she opened her eyes again she saw him. She saw the boy who would offer his chair to her when she were in middle school; the same boy who always complimented on her fiery red hair when everyone else would make fun of it. She saw the boy with the topaz eyes who she kissed on the floor of the boys’ locker room; the boy on the lacrosse field; in the jeep; in her dreams and constantly on her mind. He was everywhere. He had been there in every point of her life; quietly in the background for so many years but now he was the centre of everything.

He could see it, he could see the exact moment she remembered. She looked up at him and almost lost her breath as it all came back to her. 


KaraMel Fanfic #21

Title: Someone Whom She Was Fated to Meet

Prompt: When Mon-El talks about his childhood and his visit in Krypton, Kara realizes earth might not be the first place she met him.

Also posted on AO3.

Disclaimer: I (unfortunately) don’t own Supergirl or any of the characters (though it would certainly be nice). 

Requested by @iminyourhandskara. I hope you enjoy this sweetie and it was what you’ve imagined :)

Note: If there’re any grammatical or language mistakes, I apologize beforehand, I rushed the editing to make time for studying my finals and since English is my second language there might be some mistakes here and there :)

Kara had never felt at peace anywhere more than she felt in Mon-El’s arms. She was at her apartment—her and Mon-El’s apartment, more exactly—sitting on the couch with her back on Mon-El’s chest, her head tucked under his chin and resting on his shoulder, and his one arm wrapped around her waist, holding her close as he played with the ends of her hair every now and then. They also had a blanket wrapped around their shoulders despite the fact that neither of them felt cold because of their alien physiology. Kara wasn’t complaining, though. After a day of superheroing and trying to chase down a lead for her new story, she was exhausted, and wanted nothing more to get home and bury her face in potstickers and ice cream, along with spending some quality time with her boyfriend.

That was when she’d found out Mon-El had prepared her exactly those, with hot chocolate next to them, as well as putting on a movie for both of them to watch. Kara had laughed when she saw the title: “Aliens in the Attic? Seriously?” Mon-El had shrugged, a grin playing on his lips.

“Alex suggested it. She said it was pretty funny.” Kara had rolled her eyes as she’d thrown herself on the couch, grabbing the plate of potstickers.

“Then she’d be right.” She’d patted the spot next to her, inviting him to sit down, and Mon-El hadn’t objected. On the contrary, he seemed pretty eager as he made himself comfortable next to Kara, his arm circling her waist and pulling her close, causing her heart to stutter. As comfortable and…at home Kara felt in Mon-El’s eyes, she felt like there’d always be a part of her, like a teenage girl having her first relationship, that would feel excited every time Mon-El looked at her with a smile on his face, wrapped his arms around her waist and tucked her in his embrace, and kissed her with those beautiful lips of his. Kara didn’t think those feelings would pass anytime soon, and she didn’t want them to pass anyway. She wanted Mon-El in every way possible.

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ghostgetters  asked:

9 for Starco!

{send me a ship + a no. 1-60 for a prompt!}

starco + 9. “things you said when I was crying”


“W-why are you crying?!” Marco spluttered out. “What’s wrong?”

Star laughed, and practically tackled him— Marco nearly let himself fall over had he not caught his girlfriend in time, holding her around the waist and letting her cling onto him, peppering kisses all over his face. Not the reaction he expected, but not exactly unpleasant either.

He still didn’t get why she was crying, especially when she planted one of her signature Star Butterfly kisses on him; sloppy, wild, full of laughing and smiles.

“Nothing’s wrong, you dork,” Star giggled, sniffling and smiling from ear to ear.

“But you’re crying,” Marco pressed.

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Theo Raeken Smut

Y/N ran her fingers throughout Theo’s hair lightly as she glanced down at the so called bad guy. Sure, he was a bit bad but to Y/N, he was perfect. She smiled a bit when his eyes opened and glanced at her,grinning a bit.“Hi handsome.” “Morning to you too.“Theo murmured and grabbed a hold of her waist,pressing his lips to hers.“Did I ever mention how fucking gorgeous you are?“He mumbled as he nuzzled his face into her neck,leaving kisses. "Yes Theo,you told me all last night."Y/N teased with a giggle before he squeezed her thigh lightly."You realize how handsome you are?"She murmured and rolled over onto his lap."What are you doing princess?"He asked as she ran her fingers down his bare chest lightly. "I love you."She cooed to him and he grinned widely."I love you too."He whispered back to Y/N before he pulled her down against him an pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. He raised an eyebrow when he felt her grinding against him."You want more?"He teased, giving Y/N a cheeky grin as she blushed a light shade of pink and nodded her head. "Yes."She murmured and he squeezed her thigh."I can’t get enough of you anyways."He murmured to her before he rolled the two of them over, a confusing look going over his face when she pouted."I wanted to be on top."She whispered before he chuckled and flipped them back over. Theo moved his hands to her thighs and held them lightly as she grinded against him."Come on, no teasing darling unless you want me to make you sore all over again."He mumbled to her as he smacked her ass lightly. Theo tugged at the shirt that she was wearing which was actually his. Y/N leaned back and let him take off the shirt before she pressed kisses down his chest, her fingers hooking in the band of his boxers before she tugged them down. Her mouth watered at the sight of his cock that seemed so unrealistic due to the size and thickness."Stop drooling sweetie."Theo called and snapped Y/N out of her thoughts before she made eye contact with him. She took his tip in her mouth and sucked a bit,smirking as he heard his gasp. She slowly began moving the length down her throat inch by inch as he bucked his hips up impatiently. His hands tangled into her hair as she gagged a bit, moving a small dainty hand to wrap around what she couldn’t take in her mouth. He bucked up his hips again and he groaned out loudly,throwing lines of curse words and Y/N’s name. She continued to bob her head even faster as Theo felt himself coming closer to his high. "A-Almost the-what the fuck princess?"His attitude changed when she removed his length from her mouth."I want you to fill me up."She mumbled with a giggle and a blush tint to her cheeks. She moved back to sit on his lap,grabbing a condom from her table that was bedside. Y/N rolled it over his thick length before she hovered over his hard on,pushing it in her pussy before she lowered herself down. She gasped and bit her lip,adjusting to his size as he filled her to the hilt. She let out a scream when he gave her no time to adjust but just thrusted up into her with a smirk evident on his face."Fuck fuck Theo!"She chanted as she met with his thrusts,grinding down against his length as her hands were pressed against his chest. "Who’s pussy is this? Who can only fuck you like this?"He asked and smacked her ass as she threw her head back,gasping loudly."Fuck only you Theo! Only you!"Y/N screamed out and felt her pleasure skyrocketing through the roof when Theo began rubbing his thumb against her clit. "Hold on."He growled as he felt pussy squeezing and contracting around his length. He began thrusting a bit more faster before he let out a strangled moan as the two reached their highs. She moved off of his length and laid beside him,panting as she tried catching her breath."Y/N, I’d love doing this every single morning.”

She’s Horrible

Could you do one where Dan has a psychotic girlfriend but all his friends want Dan and the reader to date and the reader has a huge crush on him?

I hope this is okay love :) thank-you for requesting. xxoo 

It hurt to see them together. She didn’t appreciate the way he would hold tight to her waist, the little cheek kisses or those beautiful, dimpled smiles. She didn’t appreciate him the way you could.
And no, this wasn’t only jealousy. All of his friends could see it too, she wasn’t right for him. It was rare that she would let him leave her side, she had claimed him and didn’t want anyone else around. As soon as she had met you, she took instant disliking. The disliking came along with childish behaviour such as sarcastic teasing and showing off that she had the thing you wanted. You couldn’t even talk to him alone anymore, she would always turn up at his side and if she didn’t wrap her arms around him obsessively she would be sucking his face off right in front of you.

“why are you with her?”
“she’s not right for you, mate”
“You could be with someone so much better..”

Words all his friends would pass to him yet he was unable to see the issue.

Today would be different for once, Dan had text you on a Saturday morning asking if you wanted to get coffee with him…just him. You were more than excited to finally get alone time without his leech attached to him.
You prepared yourself to go out, dressing in your favourite outfit and doing your hair before slipping on your shoes and heading off. Your step had a little skip to it as you entered the cafe you were to meet at. You ordered your coffee and decided to get Dan’s so that it was ready once he arrived.
“enjoy your coffee miss” the sweet lady said as she placed them on the table before you.
It was already 10 minutes later than the arranged time but it didn’t surprise you, Dan was always getting ready at the last minute. However that 10 minutes turned into 20, then 30 and before you knew it you had sat there for an hour staring at the cold coffee you had ordered him.

Your eyes started to water at the thought that he’d forgotten about you, but you wouldn’t let the tears fall.
Not wanting to go sit at home alone, you drove to your friend Louise’s home where she welcomed you with open arms as always. You explained what happened and she took you into a warm and comforting embrace.

“Are you going to talk to him about it?” Louise asks after a while of silence
“no… I’ll just let him forget about me”

Of course, Louise couldn’t stand the idea of two of her best friends falling apart so she started to plan some little idea’s.


You sat at home that night, your favourite show lighting up your laptop screen as you lay in bed. The whole world seemed so quiet and calm, even with the uneasy feeling in your stomach.
You jumped when your phone vibrated beside you, the screen lighting up the dark room.

text message from Louise: I’m having a little party at my place tomorrow night. You are coming and we are going to have an awesome time. xxoo

You couldn’t help but giggle at her order, replying that you’d see her tomorrow night.


You parked your car on the street outside Louise’s house. The music got louder as you got closer to the door, the sound of chattering and laughter filling the cold night air. Louise always surprised you with how quickly she could organise things like this, and how so many people would show up.
As you entered the busy house you were greeted by many friendly and a few intoxicated faces. You planned on having a good time tonight but you just couldn’t get Dan out of your mind.

Was he here?
I hope so, i want to see him.
Actually I don’t want to see him it would be awkward.

You were torn from your thoughts by a loud and mostly annoying cackle, one that you only knew too well. You turned around and saw Dan with his girlfriend clinging to him as usual. You giggled as she tried to kiss him but he stopped her, his face showing just how uncomfortable he felt with the public display of affection.

“I was hoping he wouldn’t bring her” Louise spoke as she appeared by your side
“She is wherever he goes” you answered

When Dan’s girlfriend noticed you, she slid away from Dan and strutted over to you.

“Oh look, little miss waste of space decided to show up” she spoke with a smirk on her face.
“Look, i don’t want to do this tonight. I just came here to have a good time” You say, hoping to be left alone. It was obvious she wanted to upset you more though
“Did you really think Dan would want to get coffee alone with you?” she asked, venom soaking each word
“I’m sure he just forgot, he would never hurt anyone intentionally.” You answer her calmly
“Ha, honey he planned it all. He thought it would be hilarious for you to sit alone, waiting for something you could never get. Seriously, look at yourself, your pathetic. You could never get someone like him.” As she spat those harsh words at you, your couldn’t hold back the few tears the escaped.

She spun on her heel but suddenly jumped back in a startled manner. Dan was standing right there with his arms crossed and an angry expression upon his beautiful features.

“Hey ba-“
“The doors that way.” Dan interrupted, has longer finger pointing towards the front door.
“what do mean?” She questioned, batting her eyelashes and acting innocent.
“I mean you need to leave right now. I don’t want you to speak to y/n or myself ever again.” as he said these words, he walked past her and wrapped his long arms around you, stroking your back.
“But Da-“
“No, this is over. We are over. Now you need to go”

Finally giving up, she marched out of the house in a rush. Dan continued to hold you against his chest as he swayed back and forth in an oddly relaxing movement. After a minute, he took hold of your wrist and pulled you out and into Louise’s back yard where you could talk privately. You both sat on the cold grass, staring up into the star lit sky.

“How long has she been treating you like that?” Dan questioned after a few minutes of silence
“Since you first introduced us” you admitted.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I’m not completely sure… You loved her and i didn’t want to get between that. And i wasn’t sure if you’d believe me anyway” you spoke, watching your breath form soft clouds in the cold night air.
“Y/n, I will always believe you, I trust you more than anyone. And.. I didn’t love her”
“oh..” is all you could say. How are you meant to reply?

You sat in silence for a few moments more, twist the shining blades of grass around your fingers. You thought about whether or not you should bring up the cafe incident.

“What happened yesterday… when you didn’t turn up at the cafe?” you finally asked
“what?” he asked in return, a confused expression on his face
“you text me… said you wanted to go out for coffee with me and didn’t turn up…” At this, Dan looked even more confused as he pulled out his phone and went into his texts
“oh my god.. she’s horrible. I’m so sorry y/n, she must have text you from my phone”

Once again, comfortable silence took over. The cold air now getting to you as goosebumps covered your skin and you hugged your knees up to your chest. However it was like a sudden fire took over your body the moment Dan pulled you into him and held you close.

“She was completely wrong, you know?” This confused you slightly as you had no idea what he was talking about
“about what?”
“well, she called you pathetic and that is incredibly untrue. Your the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. And she said you couldn’t get some like me, which is absolutely ridiculous. Any man would be oh so lucky to have a girl like you. If anything, i certainly don’t deserve such a beautiful girl like you”

Your heart was beating a million miles and hour yet you couldn’t think of a single word to say. You turned your head up and stared into his dark brown orbs. It all happened so quickly, yet so perfectly. The whole situation was so cliché but you would never change it. Dan looked down to your lips then back to your eyes that were shining perfectly in the moon light. He leant in slowly and the second your lips met, cue the fire works and butterflies. Five seconds into the kiss a group of loud cheers erupted from the back door. You lips finally separated and you both turned to find all of your friends smiling and cheering.


You both released breathy laughs before looking out into the yard again, Dan pulling you even closer to him, his arms holding you in such a warm and loving way as his head rest upon your head. It was all perfect.

only in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom can you need 4 different pairing names to describe all the possible ship dynamics of the same OTP


OTP Meme: Carol Peletier + Daryl Dixon

[¼] locations: on the motorcycle

“Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle." - Hunter S. Thompson x

Walls ( bc school is in two days and i’m dying inside )

“Don’t you think it’s too plain?” Hermione asked, one day, her eyes on the plain colored wall.

“What is?” Draco asked as he pulled her closer to him, her back touching his chest.

“The walls.” She replied. “We should paint it.”

Draco groaned, as his girlfriend pushed her crazy idea. He knew when she decided to do things, whether she had permission or not, she would push her ideas and it doesn’t take a genius to know that when she pushes things, she pushes them to the limits.

“We’re wizards, Hermione.” He murmured in her hair. “We can just flick our wands.”

“But I want to do it in the muggle way.” She protested.

He sighed. “Fine.”

He didn’t want to move from their position first so he cuddled her closer to him, his hold on her waist tightening as she chuckled at his action.

“What color would it be though?” Hermione muttered, loud enough for Draco to hear.

“Green.” He said, inhaling her scent.

She had always loved her she smelled. Like cinnamon and vanilla, which he found out to be pleasant for his nose—considering if it wasn’t his favorite scent already.

He loved how her body molded in his. How her fragile body matched his in a syncing way.

“No, we are not painting the walls green.”


“No.” She cut off.




“Draco, our bathroom walls are green. The library’s walls are green and the kitchen’s walls are green. Oh no, mister, I don’t want to paint the walls in our room green!”

Draco inwardly sighed. “What color would it be then? Red?” He snorted.

“I was thinking between the lines of cerulean and violet.”


“What?” She shrieked. “Why?”

“I don’t want our room to look like something painted by a five year old.” He scrubbed his nose. “Besides, cerulean and violet?”

Hermione pouted. “But we aren’t painting them green.”

“And we aren’t painting them with red either.” He countered back.

Hermione turned to face him. She smiled unconsciously. His face was just inches away from hers. His pale blonde hair was sticking out in all directions and his eyes were half-closed.

She pinched his nose. “Silver then.”

He popped an eye open, smiling at her. She smiled back, complete by her greeting early in the morning.


He grinned, leaning in closer. “I knew you were the right decision.”

Hermione rolled her eyes. “I love you too, Malfoy.”

As do I, Granger.

I'm trying to sleep

“Stop pressing your erection into my ass, I’m sleeping” Sasha whispered half asleep. 

“I can’t control it” I heatedly said back. I rolled my eyes.

“Go to the bathroom or something” she moved her hips into mine by accident. I locked my hold onto her waist. I groaned into her neck

“Don’t move or it will get harder” I warned.

“I hate you right now”, I rolled my eyes. She loved this dick though.

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Open Imagine

Wanted to tr this thing. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

She slowly came to consciousness, groaning at the feeling of the silky sheets touching her naked skin, along with the warm sun touching her face, making her squint her closed eyes at the light, that somehow managed to bother her even trought her eyelids. She didn’t even bother to open her eyes as she snuggled on the pillow to try and get some more sleep, but she couldn’t help but open a smile when she felt someone’s arms sneaking to hold tightly onto her waist. She wiggled herself to get closer to the person, hearing the latter groan at the disturbance of his sleep. He ignored it, trying to go back to his dreams, nuzzling his face into the crook of her neck, absent-mindedly inhaling her scent and smiling against her warm flesh.
She shivered under him as he started to trace circles on her hips with his cold fingers and muttered an hoarse “good morning” on her ear. She sighed contently. His husky voice was enough to light up her entire gloomy Sunday morning. She turned to him, replying quietly using his same words, never breaking the loving gaze they held with eachother, even when she caressed his face softly, feeling the light stubble tickling her palm. He gently leaned in, claiming her soft lips as his own, as they danced in a slow, passionate rythm together, numbing away all toughts that could be on both heads. A few seconds passed, and he pulled away, closing his eyes as he pulled her closer to his bare chest, feeling her silky hair and happy sighs on his skin. Together, they fell into slumber once again, content with eachother’s presence.
He was hers.
She was his.
And the only thing they needed to be happy, were one another.