hold hands everyone


something i want to happen

- all the boys teaching el to play d&d

-maybe even max if she doesn’t know

-maybe even steve joins one night cuz why not (plus he’s grown way attached to these kids)

-so they all pile into mike’s basement which is decked out with a bigger table to play on

-i mean they’ve got 3 new players they need room

-and the little cubby where el stayed is still there because mike and el will sit there and talk after school

-anyway so mike planned this campaign so well!!!! he wanted to make sure it was perfect so that el, max & steve have a fun first time

-it takes them ALL day and they still aren’t even finished but that’s okay because it’s saturday and they can come back to it

-and because it’s late and they all trust each other 100% now they all stay in the basement for the night

-they push the table to the side and gather up all the extra pillows and blankets they can find or that mrs. wheeler will let them take

-so they set up a huge area to lay on and they put a movie on

-not horror because they’ve had enough of that for the time being

-maybe raiders of the lost ark? or a star wars movie

-and they try their hardest to stay up and watch the whole thing but they just can not do it

-dustin knocks out first, then probably lucas and max (who are laying next to each other, kinda shyly)

-mike and el are next to each other too but they’re holding hands

-everyone eventually drifts off but el and steve are the last ones. steve has to make sure his children all fall asleep peacefully

-and el pretty much wants the same thing

-steve gets up and turns off the movie before laying down and going to sleep as well

-next morning mrs wheeler makes a LOT of food for breakfast (11 people is a lot to cook for but steve helps willingly)

-after the kids all finish they return to their game and they kill all the monsters and save whomever needs to be saved

-it lasts almost all day but they finish in time for dinner!!!

-after dinner everyone starts heading out

-jonathan takes will home because joyce still doesn’t want him biking or walking home alone at night

- hopper comes to pick up el but makes sure to say hi to everyone and gives them hugs

-steve gives dustin, lucas and possibly max rides home

-and mike and nancy see everyone off, staying out on their driveway until everyone is out of site and then going inside because there’s school the next day

-yeah that’s it i’m just soft and want them to be happy with normal lives at least a little bit

>tfw your wife looks like the Queen of the Damned and you’re still so in love with her

Sort of improved version of this old garbage I did last year. So many years, a child and a marriage later, and Talos still finds Shakkar as pretty as the day he first saw her. c’:

leo de la iglesia is the dad friend

  • listens to your problems while absent-mindedly strumming his guitar
  • always hosts get-togethers at his place
  • fridge is always stocked with beer and homemade guac
  • did someone say “karaoke”
  • constantly checking in with everyone to make sure they’re having fun
  • will pull you off the couch and onto the space that’s been cleared out on the living room floor and will dance by your side until you’ve completely lost yourself in jlo’s “jenny from the block”
  • tucks you into bed when you’re sleepy-drunk and hums a sweet lullaby under his breath while setting a glass of water and the wastebasket right beside u
  • “what’s that” “soy milk” “hola milk, soy leo”

umm AU where harry just went through a really bad breakup in which his douchey ex-fiance leaves him for a huge corporate job offer. which yeah good for him except he was a jerk about the breakup, left him via phone message, and didn’t look back. which sucks all on it’s own but now harry finds himself confused because he’s not nearly as sad as he thinks he should be about it, and frustrated because he has two non refundable tickets for a honeymoon cruise. enter childhood best friend louis, who he calls up the night before while packing and is all like, “ummmm so. how’s a free vacation sound?” and louis’s like “nothing’s free in life harold…. but….. i’m listening.” it honestly doesn’t even take anything to convince louis. most of his protest is just for show because harry can already hear him dragging his suitcase out of the closet. so.

so they arrive at the dock where they’re supposed to board the ship and louis’s like “um so why is everyone holding hands lol” and harry’s all “yeah…. so… funny story… ummmm i got dumped and this is my honeymoon cruise surprise :)” (louis is tempted to throw him overboard. they haven’t even gotten on the boat yet but the sentiment is still the same). but now that louis knows the whole story (which harry tells amidst deep frowns and lots of tears), he is determined to be the best fake™ husband ever. so he signs them up for all the couples activities because “go big or go home styles. or tomlinson. styles-tomlinson? who are we again?” and they end up doing better than most of the couples there when it comes down to How Well Do You Know Your Spouse trivia. it should be embarrassing really, because everyone around the ship already knows them as the dream team and it’s only been 4 days.

cue dramatic confessions, bed sharing that means nothing till it means something, an obscene amount of nautical references, and cameos by the rest of one direction lol

Chanyeol as your Roommate

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Request: Hi!!! Can you do Chanyeol as the roommate you got to share an apartment with for college? And you dont really know him yet, just on the day you guys move in OH and the course you’re doing is medicine, his is probably music haha thankssss

A/N: I hope this is what you wanted and that you enjoy~! (p.s. i haven’t been to college before lmao so if some of this stuff is incorrect i sorry)

- as you walk into your new dorm you instantly notice the boy unpacking

- he’s v tol you can’t miss him

- he’d see you walk in and look a little confused until it clicked

- “ahh, you must be my roommate! i was just unpacking, but i can help you with your things if you need it.”

- and you’re like damn he tall and cute and nice how am i gonna do this pls help

- while you’re unpacking you’d get to know each other a little bit

- you learn his major is music and you physically feel your heart skip a beat

- what

- anyway he suggests that you both take turns making breakfast every morning so neither of you leave for class hungry

- “you can’t learn on an empty stomach~!”

- you keep catching yourself staring for wayyyyy longer than you meant to

- ‘stop it y/n this is your roommate don’t be cliché’

- you spend the rest of your first day unpacking, going over class schedules, and getting to know each other

- as time goes on you make other friends

- but chanyeol is highkey your best friend like ever

- when he gets the chance he walks to class with you

- literally forces food down your throat if you try to leave without eating

- reminds you to take care of yourself when you’re studying really hard

- ngl hearing him practice through the walls at night is the best thing

- ever

- his voice is just so soothing???????

- every time you compliment him on it tho he gets all blushy it’s adorable

- you’ve probably already stolen half of his wardrobe

- “y/n you can’t keep taking my sweaters”

- “but they’re so comfy and warmmmmm”

- “you have your own!”

- “it’s different

- you probably have to make him sleep as well because if you don’t he’d stay up all night composing

- basically you’re just each other’s parent

- e v e r y o n e ships it

- everyone.

- even the fucking professors ship it

- but somehow you’re both oblivious to it???

- anywho

- one day he’d tell you he’s going to a party and that he’d be back later that night

- ‘n you’re like okay cool don’t be an idiot i’ll leave the door unlocked

- he’d come home shit-faced drunk

- and chan is literally the worst drunk ever 

- he gets sarcastic and clingy af and just becomes such a baby

- and you, being both a med student and his best friend, get stuck caring for him

- “chanyeol you need to drink this water” 

- “no i need to drink your face”

- “what the hell does that even mean???”

- “what the hell does your face even mean?”

- istg he’s just the worst

- eventually you get the water and medicine down his throat and put him to bed

- but when you go to leave he pulls you into his chest and bear hugs you

- “cuddle with me.”

- your face becomes literally tomato red

- after fighting it and failing for a few minutes you just give in

- he’s so warm and you can feel your heart pounding

- then you quickly realized something you had been denying since day one 

- you loved him

- the next morning you woke up

- but chan was gone

- and the smell of pancakes filled your nose

- you’d wander into the kitchen to find a slightly pale chanyeol making breakfast

- “it’s my day today, is it not?”

- over breakfast he would apologize for the night before and if he made you uncomfortable

- but his words aren’t registering

- “chanyeol i love you”

- you and him both would gasp at the same time at your confession

- “i’m sorry… shit i shouldn’t have—”

- “i love you too, y/n”


- you’d walk to class holding hands

- everyone knew it

- they were not surprised

- and honestly nothing changed from before after you started dating

- just a lot more kisses and shit

- you really were already dating

- it just wasn’t official

- ugh my bias list

- i’m dead y’all are so cute

- goodbye

-Admin Yeonie

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My ideal way of Adrien finding out that he likes Marinette is by talking to Nino and being like “of course I think Marinette’s cute! Of course I want to kiss her doesn’t everyone she’s just adorable” and Nino’s like “dude no...” and Adrien just suddenly goes “oh... oH DAMN”

Adrien: “What do you mean it’s weird that I want to kiss her and hold her hand? Doesn’t everyone want to do that with Marinette? I mean, how can not everyone think she’s the cutest thing to ever walk this Earth?”

Nino: *looks into the camera like he’s on the Office*

i. Hold her hand so everyone will know she’s yours

ii. Kiss her whenever you want to, no one will stop you.

iii. Hug her tight and never let go.

iv. Let her lay down your chest, she likes to hear your heart as well.

v. Tell her you love her because sometimes that’s all that she needs.

vi. Call her every time you can.

vii. Stare at her eyes, it proves that she’s the only one you see.

viii. Ask her how she is, she needs somebody who’s there whether she’s happy or not.

ix. Tell her you miss her even if you just saw each other a minute ago.

x. Tell her she’s yours and you’re hers, she loves that, trust me.

—  dud-y, Notes to self and to everyone  
reddie fake dating au

Hi!! Okay, so I made yet another au,,, If you’d like, feel free to add your own headcanons onto this!

- Basically, it starts out with the losers at lunch. Bill and Bev are talking about their date they went on that weekend. 

- Richie groans and makes a stupid comment. Bill would usually tell him just to shut up, but he wanted to mess with him that day. 

- “Richie, how many dates have you been on?”

- Richie instantly gets red in the face and is all flustered because guess how many dates he has been on. ZERO.

- “Well?”

- At this point, Richie is freaking the heck out. He can’t say he hasn’t been on a date before because Bill will literally never let him live it down!!

- That’s when Eddie walks into lunch!!! Richie instantly gets an idea!!

- “Actually, I’m dating someone currently,” Richie says in response with a huge smirk

- “What the hell, who?” Bill practically gasps.  

- “I’m dating Eds!” Richie says proudly

- That’s when Eddie gets to the table and he overhears. He’s like ??

- Eddie starts to say, “What? We’re not dating” bUT,,, Richie immediately shuts him up by kissing him in front of everybody.

- Eddie’s eyes practically pop out of him. He’s so shocked?? What the heck is happening?? But he’s lowkey kinda enjoying Richie kissing him?

- Once they separate, their entire table is just staring at them with their mouths wide opened and their eyes in shock.

- After their kiss, Richie grabs Eddie and runs with him to the janitors closet??

- Everyone’s like, ‘What the hell just happened?’

- In the janitor’s closet, Richie basically tells him that he told their friends that they were dating so he wouldn’t sound like a loser in front of everyone. 

- “Richie, you already are a loser.”

- “Please just fake date me??”

- Eddie first says no because tHAT’S LITERALLY SO WEIRD?? WHO FAKE DATES SOMEONE??

- Richie literally gets on his knees and is begging. Like he literally doesn’t want to lose any of his popularity points, even though he barely has any, to begin with.

- After seeing Richie beg like that, Eddie sighs and finally gives in,,,

- So basically, for the next few weeks, they are doing things that couples do?? Going on dates, holding hands, kissing,, etc. But only when it’s in front of people in school.

- Eddie honestly kinda enjoys spending all of his time with Richie? They were already best friends but it just feels kinda nice to have a relationship with him?

- Then he remembers it’s fake and Richie probably doesn’t feel the same way.

- lITTLE DOES HE KNOW,,, RICHIE FEELS THE SAME WAY!! He doesn’t want to say anything because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, though. Even though they’re literally fake dating… smh

- Basically, one day, when The Losers Club is hanging out at Richie’s, they continue their charade. But then, everyone leaves and it’s just Richie and Eddie hanging out.

- They are holding hands still even though everyone has left and THEY DON’T EVEN NOTICE?? then Richie literally leans in and kisses Eddie. 

- After the kiss, Eddie’s like, “Uh, none of our friends are around.”

- Richie realizes he done goofed and starts mumbling sorry. He doesn’t really feel sorry though because he realized that him kissing Eddie felt almost natural?

- About a month later, at lunch, Bev finally decides to break the ice

- “You two do realize that we know you’re not actually dating, right?”

- Eddie and Richie are literally so shocked because they lowkey haven’t even been acting? They really do like each other, but they don’t know it’s not unrequited??

- Basically, Richie gets this bright idea to fucking confess in front of everyone in The Losers Club

- “Eds, will you be my actual boyfriend?”

- Eddie spits out his chocolate milk that he was drinking all over Stan

- “What the hell?” Eddie coughs

- That’s when he realizes that Richie literally has the most serious expression on his face

- “Oh, you’re not joking.”

- And then they kiss!! In front of everyone as an actual couple!! And they’re happy!!

- Wow!! If only they talked to each other about their feelings prior to all of this, they wouldn’t even have to have fake dated!!!

- The end