hold all these limes

Party Games - Stiles Stilinski (Part Two) [Smut]

Author: @writing-obrien 

Character(S): Stiles Stilinski/Reader, Theo Raeken/Malia Tate

Word Count: 4674

Notes: Public fingering, public sex, Oral (both recieving), Bondage, Alcohol Abuse, Body Shots, food play, ice play, Daddy/Baby girl kink, spanking, hair pulling, slight public nudity, biting, marking. Thank you to @stilinski-jpeg for proofreading for me! 

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Yuri on Ice grocery store au meet cute: Viktor starts working in the produce department at a grocery store. He notices the cute quiet guy working in bakery and can't help but introduce himself. All Yuuri does is politely say hello and then keep doing his job. In an attempt to get his attention, Viktor walks past with a crate of limes, dropping them and says "Why can't I hold all these pick up limes?!" Viktor being a huge dork discuss 🙌

This is such a late reply and I’m so sorry but I love this idea so fricking much. 

  • When Viktor drops the crate of limes and says that HORRENDOUS pun, he gives this wide and goofy grin because he’s so proud of it. 
  • Yuuri pauses in what he’s doing (prepping some dough) and simply stares at Viktor because he’s trying to process said horrendous pun.
  • The silence drags on for far too long and Viktor begins to panic internally. He fears he’s embarrassed himself in front of cute bakery guy and can never show his face around the bakery section again. GOOD ONE VIKTOR. 
  • But then Yuuri lets out a snort which is followed by heaps of laughter as he doubles over, his arms wrapped around his stomach. Viktor can only stare because oh goodness, cute bakery guy has the most beautiful laughs he’s ever heard and he wants to hear it again and again. 
  • But his laughter is also infectious so Viktor starts laughing and soon these two dorks are trying to catch their breath, not noticing the weird looks like shoppers give them as they walk past. 
  • Yuuri manages to stop laughing and immediately tells Viktor he’s such a dork and that was incredibly cringing. But he’s smiling, a bright smile which warms Viktor to his very core.
  • It then becomes Viktor’s goal to make Yuuri smile and laugh whenever he sees him because Viktor loves seeing him so happy. 
  • This includes making himself look like an utter idiot but it’s worth it when Yuuri does that adorable snort followed by wonderful laughter. 
  • Surprisingly, it’s Yuuri who asks Viktor out on a date a few months later. The both of them having become close due to bonding over horrible puns, terrible work hours and their love for amazingly cute poodles. 
  • Viktor says yes of course and he does drop the box of limes accidentally this time out of his surprise. 

Grocery!AU where Viktor pines after Yuuri who then pines after him too and all their co-workers are tried of it, YES PLEASE. 


i really hope this hasn’t been done already (since it was the only thing i could think of after finishing joseph’s route today).

at first this started out as a fun and simple parody of that “why can’t i hold all these limes” meme, but that went downhill kinda quickly lmao. i think that it turned out pretty well though, considering this is my first time drawing any of the daddies ayyyy

edit: idk how the 1 from 21 got erased from the first drawing??? sorry ‘bout that ;;;;;

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i'm reading this piece of erotica and literally every time the heroine takes her bra off, her boobs "Tumble out" "Tumbling into waiting hands" "Tumbling down her chest", tumble tumble tumble. my breasts don't tumble. do yours? is this a regular real life thing that happens that I'm missing out on do to not having tumble-y breasts?

it makes it sound like they’re in danger of falling to the floor like that guy trying to hold all the limes

For my best friend’s birthday I’m going to do cheesecake mousse parfaits.  I have a bunch of lemons and limes I need to use up… (roommate, when I say I want limes, I mean 2 of the things, not a giant bag of them I cannot hold all these limes), so I’m gonna make lemon curd, lime curd, homemade salted caramel, and chocolate fudge and do different flavors.  Should be fun times.

The signs as 2009 memes

Aries: Insanity Wolf

Taurus: Foul Bachelor frog

Gemini: Why can’t I hold all these Limes?

Cancer: Keyboard cat

Leo: Trololololo

Virgo: Thanks, Obama

Libra:  Long neck reaction image

Scorpio: Clarinet Boy

Sagittarius: Kanye Interrupts/Imma let you finish but-

Capricorn: Homestuck

Aquarius: Joseph Ducreux 

Pisces: 60’s Spiderman

ff7 characters as memes
  • cloud: pepe
  • aerith: john cena
  • tifa: why the fuck u lyinn
  • barret: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE???!??
  • marlene: disaster girl
  • yuffie: rickroll
  • red xiii: advice dog
  • vincent: feels guy
  • cait sith: i can haz cheezburger?
  • reeve: i came out to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • cid: deez nuts
  • zack: ridiculously photogenic man
  • sephiroth: MOM HOLY FUCK
  • reno: doge
  • rude: deal with it sunglasses
  • elena: why can't i hold all these limes
  • tseng: son i am disappoint
  • hojo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

When XY Pokemon were first shown, I made the “why can’t I hold all these limes” meme but with fire types (fennekin, fletchling and litleo had been announced) but now I feel like I’m gonna have to change that to electric types for SM lol