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Glam Desk Hacks to Make Your Space as Productive as Possible!

Cute cord management….seems to be one of the biggest issues along with storage organization and innovation today when it comes to glamming up your most valuable space in your home! I have a few tricks to share with you that will help with organization, cord management, and productivity.

Hack #1: It is proven that when you are happy and satisfied that you work more productively. So having cute accessories to go along with your work/study space is almost a given. Say goodbye to that 80′s stapler and upgrade to a matching desk set. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it’s a nice feeling to look forward to adhering that report together with your new stapler. Anything that will give you that extra boost of motivation to complete your tasks is worth investing in.

Hack #2: Instead of investing in a new iPad or tablet case, to make your device stand vertically, try looking for a dish stand/cookbook stand. I picked this adorable stand up at an outlet store for under $5! Like I previously mentioned, revamping your desk doesn’t have to be pricey. Now I don’t have to get rid of my favorite iPad case (let me know if you’d like the information to purchase the case I currently use, it has a kickstand for horizontal use) and the cookbook stand doubles as a clipboard holder for when I’m typing research papers or essays and need to reference information consistently. Other stands that were marketed for the same purpose on online retailers were at least five times the price of this handy stand. Plus, the kickstand in the back is adjustable if you’d like to have the device, paper, clipboard, textbook (yes, it holds my texts books as well and the arrow in front keeps the page from turning!), etc. at different angles. I would recommend this hack to anyone looking for a decorative book/device stand or anyone who needs a book or device stand on a budget. I should also note that Hobby Lobby sells basic versions of these holders in black, brass/gold, and silver. They are extremely affordable, especially if you purchase the plate holder with Hobby Lobby’s weekly 40% off coupon.

Hack #3: This is an example of how the stand works and looks from the front (second photo). I also use the stand for my planner. It is helpful to be able to have your planner/to do list right in front of you while you are completing tasks for the day. I have purchased a Create 365: The Happy Planner and it is set up with three boxes for each day. I use one box for each school (since I attend two different colleges) and the last box for other things I need to accomplish that day. I make little checkboxes inside each box for each task I need to complete and mark them off when I have finished the task. I also color coordinate for each class/school which makes it helpful when I am glancing at the planner so I can differentiate which items are for which class/school. This also helps on the monthly view of the calendar, where I continue to use color coding to write tests and papers. The colors match the binders I use for each class to keep everything consistent. I also have three snap-in tabs in The Happy Planner (I purchased these at Staples). I use the first tab for this month’s monthly view, the second tab I use for this week’s weekly view/today’s view (which you are viewing in this photo), and the last tab I use for next month’s monthly view so I can write down upcoming assignments and appointments. They are handy to have right at the top of the planner because the side view tabs are hidden when the planner is closed (which I do like for aesthetic purposes).

Hack #4: Cord management is a big issue because I have a tv on the wall above my desk. Which means inevitable wires…everywhere! So the one wire that I couldn’t hide, I took a tall floral arrangement and wrapped the cord in there. Which you cannot see from straight-on, but from this angle, it is slightly visable. So if you have cords that hang down the wall and you can’t hide them in the wall, for whatever reason, use a plant, picture, tapestry or lamp even to creatively hide them.

Hack #5: This is an important “hack” because if you don’t stay hydrated you’ll start to get tired and no one wants to be tired when they are in the middle of a great workflow! So stay hydrated so your body can function properly. When I say to stay hydrated, I mean with water. I invested in one of these metal vacuum bottles, I found it super affordable at Tuesday Morning. It holds 25 oz., so I know how much water I am drinking and it keeps my water cold in the car during the summer as well. These bottles can keep your water cold for up to twenty-four hours! Similar to the popular Hydroflask, which I wanted to try a competitor before I invested the full $50 in a Hydroflask. I’ll tell you why I won’t spend $50 on one if you comment and specifically ask me to. But we tend to drink more water if it’s colder, so I highly recommend investing in one of these “stay cold” bottles.

Hack #6: My last hack is to use one a cosmetics organizer as a pen/stationery organizer! I found this cute organizer at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon to purchase it under $10! It organizes my colored highlighters and felt-tipped pens. It’s an essential if you’re a pen junkie like myself. I also love how it can hold things as large as a post-it and a giant paperweight in the front compartment.

Please let me know if you enjoyed these hacks or have any questions on any of my purchases. I am always more than happy to help or answer questions.


9| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4622

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Time ticked by slowly as Kwangsik and you sat in the staff room. Teachers went in and out, but they didn’t seem to mind the two of you being there with Mrs. Shin. The whole school probably knew by now. They would have seen the stretcher.

If you’d had your way, you would have either been in the ambulance with Jiwoo or by yourself, away from anyone who might want to ask you about what had happened. You were not in the mood.

However, you couldn’t leave the staffroom. Kwangsik, after leaving Jiwoo’s presence, had turned totally distraught, and you felt someone needed to be there for him. He sat in his chair, his knees brought up to his chest, hands wrapped around a cold cup of cocoa.

“Kwangsik.” You tried, putting a hand on his arm. “It was an advanced step that she shouldn’t have made us do. It’s not your fault.”

He took a moment to answer. “She’s never going to trust me again.” He whispered, not looking at you.

“Jiwoo is the most forgiving person, she won’t stop trusting you.”

He didn’t seem convinced, and looked sullenly at the antique coffee table. The staffroom was like any other room in the school: Cherry wood panelling, small chandeliers. But, unlike in all the other rooms, the fireplace wasn’t boarded up, and now hosted glowing, crackling flames. Other than that, the room was full of comfy, high backed armchairs and tables. An end table stood in one corner with a selection of hot drinks and cakes. Mrs. Shin had tried to get everyone to eat, but you were feeling slightly dizzy, and food did not sound like a good idea.

It was a few silent moments later that Mrs. Shin herself slipped onto the chair next to you, holding a cup of tea. Kwangsik immediately sat up. “How is she?” He asked.

Mrs. Shin looked pained. “Master Jinho rang me. He and Hyejin are with her in the ambulance. Mister and Miss. Yang are meeting them at the hospital.”

“Do they know exactly what’s wrong with her?” You asked. She looked a little hesitant at Kwangsik.

“They think it’s a broken collarbone, maybe a few ribs. They won’t know until they x-ray her.” She looked at the both of you. “Master Jinho told me to tell you two, but he would appreciate it if you didn’t tell anyone else. He’ll make a formal announcement to the school when he gets back.”

You nodded however Kwangsik didn’t respond at all, sitting back into his crumpled position. You tried to bring up small talk with Mrs. Shin. “I guess injuries don’t happen here very often.”

She sighed and put her hands in her lap. “We get injuries in advanced classes occasionally, but they’re usually just bad sprains or hamstrings. In all my time here, there’s only been one other serious injury in a class. A boy landed a leap the wrong way and wound up in hospital.” You nodded. Some accidents just couldn’t be prevented, even in professional companies.

“The teachers here are too good to let careless mistakes happen, and the students can usually be relied on.” She looked to Kwangsik. “Of course, Madame Zhang was certainly to blame for Jiwoo’s incident. And you, Miss (Surname).” She nodded to you. “Were very brave for trying to stop her.”

“My resolve went as far as my idiotic vanity allowed.” You muttered. “It still happened.”

She shook her head. “You have been through many things since you began here, Miss (Surname). I certainly will never forget that first class you were in.” She gave a light chuckle at the memory.

“Park Jimin is a curious boy.” Her expression turned a little sour. “He should have been here. Perhaps Madam Hyejin took it a little far, but he would have prevented it.”

You nodded dolefully. You’d thought that too. God, why hadn’t you kept up your argument? You could have saved your best friend from this.

“I wonder what he’s up to.”

“He’s still at school.” You told her. “I saw his name on the review sheet.”

She nodded. “Yes, I’ve seen him about. I’d simply assumed that his apprenticeship time was up. Though I don’t think it’s too hard to really know why Jimin’s been put in Madame Zhang’s class.”

She glanced at her watch then worriedly looked at Kwangsik. “Oh, it’s dinner time. Do you think you can go?”

He took a deep breath and stood up, putting his mug on the table.

“Thank you very much, Mrs. Shin.” You told her and bowed. Then you proceed to pick up your Pointe shoes from the floor.

“That’s alright.” She said. “I’m sure you’ll be told if there are any further developments.”

She held the staffroom door open and the two of you slipped out. Straight away, you were in the entrance hall, where students were coming down the stairs. Silently, you merged into the chattering crowd and went into the dining hall.

“Yeah.” You heard some students say behind you. “That’s Rhee Kwangsik. The one who dropped her.” You were extremely tempted to turn around and snap at them, but instead pulled Kwangsik along to the queue. His face was glum and pale.

“Kwangsik.” You said softly. “Pas de deux is two people working as a pair. If something goes wrong then it’s the pair’s fault, not the individual’s.” You were not sure where you’d gotten this from. You weren’t even sure if it was true. You thought about dancing with Eungkwan. If you made a mistake it was your mistake alone, it would be unfair to blame him. But then, it never felt as if you were a pair. You were by each other, but not with each other.

You shook your head quickly, stopping the train of thoughts, before you ended up thinking about Jimin.

As soon as you reached the table, Yuna stood up. “(Name) do you know if she’s okay?” She demanded.

“She’s in the ambulance; I think Master Jinho’s going to tell us more later.” You sat down, sliding your plate onto the table with no intention of eating it. You were feeling kind of nauseous.

“You were right, (Name).” Yuna said dully. “That move was way too advanced for us.”

“I loved how Madame Hyejin owned Madame Zhang, though.” Hyeun chirped. “She was so funny. Her expression was hilarious.” She was the only one at the table smiling.

Hyeun, realising that it maybe wasn’t the time, let her smile fade. Things settled into silence. Other groups of students fluttered around, several of them pointing out Kwangsik. You weren’t even sure if he noticed, he was so distant.

Dinner passed very slowly. No one talked much. You wished you’d brought your phone with you, though you doubted Jiwoo would be in the position to text.

Eventually, another teacher, Master Kang, stood up and dismissed everyone. Your table stood quickly, all of you anxious to get away. You were in the entrance hall when you heard someone call your name.

“(Name)!” You spun around. Jung Dawon was coming up to you, pulling Kim Seokjin along her. His face told you he was in heavenly submission.

“I heard about Jiwoo.” She said. Her bouncy voice was softer now. She pulled her hand from Seokjin’s and put it on your shoulder. “I know she’s your friend. Are you okay?”

It was slightly weird, being asked if you were okay by a near-stranger, and that she actually seemed sincere. Her concern was comforting, though. “I’m fine.” You told her. “I just wish it hadn’t happened.”

“Yeah.” Dawon muttered. “Madame Zhang’s a liability in the extreme.”

You were about to agree when you realized. “Wait.” You said. “You don’t think it was Kwangsik’s fault?”

“We weren’t there.” Seokjin said, curling his arm round Dawon’s waist. “But we heard what happened. The move was too advanced.”

“Yeah.” Dawon agreed. “Even if they are a steady pair, it was Madame Zhang’s fault in the first instance. She should have known their limits.”

“I bet my dad is gonna fire her.” Seokjin said a smile on his face.

“Jinho would be insane not to.” Dawon nodded along. “The parents would all protest if she stayed, even if she is Areum Zhang.”

Your head snapped up. “What?”

Dawon smiled. “Madame Zhang used to be Areum Zhang, of the Seoul Ballet.”

“God.” You said. You’d heard of Areum Zhang, the prima ballerina of the Seoul Ballet! She was famous for her beautiful performance of the Nutcracker Pas de Deux. You’d never had a chance to see her before she’d left the stage, but your old ballet teacher had talked about her many times. The image of Madame Zhang, sitting with a slumped back on her little stool, a glum expression on her face, it really didn’t fit with the idea of a world class ballerina.

“How did she get here?” You asked.

Seokjin smiled. “She’d just retired and my dad employed her. No one could do Pas de Deux like her. Except maybe Jimin and Taeyeon, once they’re professionals.”

Dawon giggled. “She doesn’t like them much.”

“So what happened to her?”

Seokjin shrugged. “I really don’t know. Either way, she might be the best at Pas de Deux, but she’s certainly not the best at teaching it.”

“Even with her fame.” Dawon added. “She’s not going to be staying after all this crap.”

You almost groaned. If your parents found out about Jiwoo, if they found out about you doing the exact same move as Jiwoo, you would be out of here in no time.

“Yo! Jin!” Came a loud call from the dining hall.

Kim Taehyung was striding down the hall, as confident as Master Jinho, though being dressed in a hoodie and cargo pants pretty much ended the similarities. Other students stepped aside, all looking a little awe-stricken, even though most saw him every day. He strode right into your conversation, grinned at Dawon and Seokjin and then looked to you.

“Ah!” He exclaimed, turning the heads of those still leaving the dining hall. “You must be (Name)!” He gave you a wide grin, holding out one massive hand. “You’ve been front page of the Amour gossip’s magazine ever since you got here!”

You shook it, your hand getting lost in his palm. “I’m Kim Taehyung.” He said proudly. “Brand new and shiny after a five hour detentional work-out with Master Woo, the great gymnast.”

Seokjin chuckled next to him. “Jungkook better watch out, man. You and that guy spend way too much time together.”

“What about me?” Came a soft smooth voice. Jean Jungkook came out of nowhere. He was about the same height as the two other boys, with a tall slender body like Taehyung. Jungkook was sassily staring up at him with a perfect pointed eyebrow.

Taehyung simply grinned at him. “Don’t worry, Kookie-ah I’m all yours.” He said and jokingly began making small kiss noises, while trying to hug Jungkook.

Dawon gave them a look before she burst out laughing. “Don’t mind them.” She grinned. “They’re just always hanging out, so we joke about it.”

It looked like they were about to start wrestling each other when Seokjin, thankfully, cut in with a much exaggerated cough.

“Jungkook.” He said once he’d got their attention. “This is (Surname) (Name).”

He tore his glaring eyes away from Taehung and turned to you. His eyes immediate brightened. “Ah, so you’re the one Jimin’s been all bitchy about lately.”

“Um…” You frowned.

He smiled securely. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll come around sooner or later.”

“Well I hope so.” You trailed off.

Jungkook gave you nice genuine smile. “Anyway I’ve got to go to. See you later (Name)!” Then he waved and turned to walk away, before you could even as much say a word. Taehyung who had been talking with Seokjin hurriedly followed along. “Hey Jungkook you rascal wait for me!” Then he bounded up the stairs while shouting. “It was nice to meet you, (Name).”

You stood dumbfounded left with Seokjin and Dawon. “Well yeah that was Taehyung and Jungkook, they can be a little bold sometimes.” Dawon told you, rolling her eyes. “Actually they’re just a pair of idiots.”

“Well they’re are certainly straight forward.” You replied.

“Yep.” She said. “I guess the most of us is like that.”

“I think it’s great.” You nodded. “I wish I were brave enough to be like that.”  You smiled at Dawon, before you caught a glimpse at the almost empty hall. “Oh, I’m sorry but I better go now.” You said.

“Okay.” She said, giving you a quick hug. “I hope Jiwoo’s gonna be okay.” She pulled back, her hands on your shoulders. “And if you ever need to talk, I’ll be in the usual places.”

“Right, thanks.” You smiled grateful. “See you later.”

There was no news when you checked at the staffroom door. Mrs. Shin’s face was pale, though. “Just get some sleep, dear.” She told you quietly. The staffroom beyond her was lit only by firelight and a few lamps now. You saw Madame Choi staring into the flames, along with Master Clayworth, your Character teacher. He always liked Jiwoo’s expressions and movements. Character was her thing, as it was his. Smoke curled up from his cigarette. The staffroom hadn’t smelt of smoke, so you guessed it was a special occasion.

“Mrs. Shin, what is it?” You asked her. Tears were already welling at your eyes. You had no idea what was going on, what if it was something really terrible?

Mrs. Shin pursed her lips, pushing up glasses. “It’s a little worse than they thought, dear.”

“What?” You demanded.

Madame Choi appeared at the doorway. Her usual scowl was more pronounced, but sadder now. “Miss. (Surname), please go to your dormitory, you have no business here.”

Mrs. Shin looked a little hesitant, but Madame Choi pulled the door shut in front of you.

You swallowed down the stupid lump in your throat and turned down the corridor and up the stairs. It was first when you reached the second floor that you realized Yuna’s voice had been calling your name several time. “(Name), you okay?” She asked worried.

“Yeah.” You mumbled dazed.

“Come on.” She said and gently took your arm. “It’s been a long day, let’s get to bed.”

“Hmm.” You murmured and obediently trailed after her.

Madam Choi, came in to ensure that everyone were in bed. That meant Madame Hyejin was still at the hospital. “Good night, girls.” Her voice was very different from Madame Hyejin. Somehow Madame Hyejin had managed to become more motherly in the past weeks, which you really didn’t thought could be possible, considering she was always constantly yelling at everyone.

You didn’t sleep well that night. It took you hours to get to sleep, every couple of minutes You would check your phone anxiously, even though both Jiwoo and you weren’t the texting type.

“(Name)!” A voice reached into the black void. “(Name)!”

Where was this voice coming from?

Where were you?

Who was calling that name? Whose name was it anyway?



“Clearly she’s trying to get out of class.” Came another voice, this one sounded annoyed, irritated. 

“Maybe she’s dead.” Another voice.

“Oh zip it, Hyeun.”

Too many voices…too many…


“Shut up!” You cried out, eyes still closed.

Why were they calling the (Name)?

“See, she’s awake.”

“Her eyes aren’t open.”

“Just wait a second and she’ll start calling Park Jimin’s name again.”

“God, shut up, Minjee! You’re such a pain in the ass, even now with everything that’s happened with Jiwoo and stuff!”


Your eyes flew open. (Name). That was your name. Jiwoo, something about Jiwoo. You looked around. Who were all these people?

Wait, Yuna, Minjee, Hyeun, Seohyun. “Where am I?” You asked these people. Why did you know their names, but not who they really were?

“The dorm, you idiot.” The girl called Minjee drawled.

Time ticked…


You shot up in bed, only one thought in mind.

“Has there been any news about Jiwoo?” You demanded.

“Well finally.” Minjee muttered as Hyeun shook her head glumly.

“There’s going to be an announcement at breakfast, though.” Yuna said. “God, you took ages to wake up.” She looked at your ruffled state sympathetically. “You been worrying?”

You nodded. “I hope she’s okay.”

“Same.” Hyeun replied. “Come on, you better get changed, if Madame Hyejin were here you would be dead by now.”

Like dinner, breakfast was a sober affair. Dawon came over and gave you a quick hug and asked if there had been any developments. You were glad for her support, strange as it was from someone you knew even less than other people here. But then, you’d only known Jiwoo for a week, and your concern seemed to be dominating everything.

“Attention, school!” Came a call from the front of the hall. It was near the end of breakfast, and you had only eaten a few spoonfuls of yoghurt, waiting for this announcement. It was Master Kang. All talking stopped, and the short man cleared his throat uncomfortably.

“As…uh…as many of you will know.” He began, twisting his lips, his moustache bristling. “Miss. Yang, a first year here, had an accident yesterday during class. Ah…Master Jinho has asked me to tell all of you that…ah…she is in the operating theatre at present, but it is going trough procedure, with no complications.”

You glanced at Yuna. She gave you a nervous nod.

“Ehem…school dismissed.”

You head swirled as you all stood. You gripped the chair for support, a horrible opaque yellow creeping out around the edges of your vision. Pressing your lips together, you waited for it to clear. Finally,  you could see again, god thanks no one had noticed. You took your plate to the serving ladies and headed upstairs to tech.

Glancing around, you saw that everyone was performing their usual stretches and warm-ups. Kwangsik sat alone in a corner, gripping the foot of his outstretched leg with a pained face, even though you’d seen him do it yesterday with ease. It wasn’t his leg he was thinking about. You stretched alone, having always warmed up with Jiwoo before now. You still felt light-headed as you practiced  your soubresauts and plies, and more than one of them were off-balance.

Yuna came and sat next to you as you tied up your shoes. “Woken up yet?” She asked jokingly.

“Just about.” You said with a half-smile. “Last night dragged out a bit.” You then looked down at the ribbons of your shoes. They were a satin mess, already coming undone.

You frowned. Tying up your pointes had become second nature…

“Alright, class!” Came Madame Choi’s voice. “Quiet, if you please!” You hurriedly did them up the right way and stood with everyone else. “Now.” Madame Choi’s dark eyebrows were drawn down in her normal, sharp scowl, and her hair pulled back in the high, regal bun. Despite her changed temperament last night, she was back to normal. The problem was that you most certainly were not.

Your focus faded in and out as you performed your barre exercises. One moment, you would be focused on keeping your core engaged, you arms long, and then next you would be drawn out to thinking about Jiwoo. The inevitable question buzzed in your head: Would she come back? Would she return to Amour?

“Miss (Surname)!” Madame Choi’s voice was sharp. “Your posture is cause for distress!”

You straightened up, pushing your shoulders back and tightening your ribs. “Better!” She snapped.

You managed to get through the rest of the barre exercises without further fault, but you knew you were not at your best. Your échappés were sloppy, and sometimes you couldn’t even get onto your pointes, let alone hold yourself up. Your tondues were terrible too. You couldn’t seem to work out which foot went behind the other, even though you’d being doing it with no thought for many years now.

“Alright.” Madame Choi called. “Starting positions, if you please!”

It was with relief that you took your hand off the barre and hurried to the centre. But of course, this was going to be even worse. “And five six seven eight and.” You lifted your leg up into arabesque, praying you could stay on Pointe. It seemed fine, you seemed okay.

“Arms out, Miss (Surname)!” Crap! You quickly stuck your arms out, but the clumsiness made you lose balance, you slipped back onto a flat foot, desperately trying to keep your leg up. You pressed your lips together, determined to get into position again.

“No.” Said Madame Choi, stopping the piano. She took a deep breath, as if resetting. “Again, if you please.”

You nodded quickly and got into position, remembering your arms this time. “And five six seven eight and change legs, yes and now pirouette, pirouette, pirouette.” You wobbled on your toes as you tried to spin. You knew you looked pathetic, but she continued on as the introduction ended.

“Alright and enter enter enter!”

When only Minjee spun on, Madame Choi stopped the music again. Jiwoo had been the one to enter on your left. “Miss Yah, you may take Miss Yangs’s place, do you know this part?”

Hyuen or Miss Yah, stepped forward with a smile. “Of course, Ma'am.” She bobbed a sort of curtsy. For you, Jiwoo’s replacement was a real confirmation of how bad Hyeun was, even though you already knew it.

“Miss (Surname)!” Madame Choi’s voice pierced your thoughts. It sounded as if she’d said your name several times now. You realised that Mister Ghim was already playing the music. You quickly lifted your leg, but of course you were already passed that point. Madame Choi just gave a small sigh and counted. “Six seven and enter enter enter! Yes, good Miss Yah! And everyone on! And yes, pirouette! Bravo! And five six now left left and right, now split. Miss (Surname)! Where are you?”

You glanced around, realising you should have been upstage, leaping and turning down the large split your class formed for you. Crap! You quickly ran there, to keep in time to the music.

“And right step, left step!” Your legs crossed awkwardly, having no idea of what to do. “Assemblé right Assemblé left and right left right now pirouette, pirouette.” You were so lost, watching everyone else do it with such ease.

What was wrong with you? Why were yourlegs getting all mixed up?

“Come on, Miss (Surname)! Downstage!” You leapt forward, thankfully remembering this part, and landed in another wobbly pirouette. “And five six seven eight and combo again!”

The rest of the practice was a mish mash of stops and starts, almost all of them on your part. You were swallowing down a heavy lump in your throat as the clock told you, you had five minutes to go.

“Alright!” Ordered Madame Choi, her voice now a painful, amplified caw to your ears. “Once more from the top!”

You took a deep breath. Just five more minutes, then you could leave, then you could be done with this horrible thing for another day. You lifted your leg in arabesque, praying you didn’t screw up. It was bearable, right until the rest of the class entered and you began the combination. The combination you’d performed a thousand times in the last hour.

You blanked. Your arms went slack. What, what was the next move? You watched everyone else do it in the mirrors, but it was too late. Your leg dropped.

“Miss (Surname)!” The piano stopped abruptly, and Madame Choi finally gave up any tolerance. “Would you please focus!”

You gulped and looked at her. Her dark, almost black eyes stared back at you, her hand on her hip. She stared for a good long time, as if trying to work out whether you were the same person she’d given the solo to. You certainly weren’t sure.

“Class dismissed.” She eventually sighed, turning to collect her clipboard with weariness you’d never seen in her before.

Tears suddenly stung. You knew you’d failed her.

None of your other classes were as bad, but then, you didn’t find any of them as important, particularly this week of the dance review. No one said anything about how terrible your performance was. You missed Jiwoo, you realised now that she’d been your key confidant for the past week.

But, you told yourself, talking wouldn’t solve the problem of your uselessness. That was your fault alone, and now you were going to let down your entire class in front of the entire school. You would prove that they shouldn’t have allowed an inexperienced, too-old amateur into Amour de la Beauté.

To make matters worse, your head kept up a solid stabbing pain for most of your classes. At lunch, you sat down to your chattering group of friends. Kihyun sat next to you, loudly telling everyone a story from conditioning class. You didn’t understand the words he said. All you could think of was how horribly loud his voice was. Everyone laughed, and suddenly it was all pressing into you, crushing your mind. You tried not to groan, and took your unfinished lunch to the counter, urgently needing to escape the noise.

Ballet History was quickly turning into your favourite subject. Master Hwan, whilst unenthusiastic himself, was at least good at keeping the class quiet as he droned on and on from American Ballet. He didn’t even know how to pronounce half the words, and so it was all meaningless. Without Jiwoo to pass notes to, and without any happy thoughts to cling to, you sank down on your desk, your head pressing against the cool surface. This was what you had wanted to do all day. Sleep.



“Wakey wakey!”

“Huh?” You moaned, your head feeling extremely heavy as you lifted it. You were still at your desk.

Yuna’s face grinned down at you. “Class is over, (Name).”

“You’re so lucky you can fall asleep at desks!” Hyeun exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to fall asleep in Ballet History!”

You smiled drowsily. “I didn’t mean to.” You stood up, lifting your books off the table.

“We better hurry.” Yuna said. “Or we’re gonna be late.”

“Oooo!” Squealed Hyeun. “I wonder what’s gonna happen!”

“If Madame Zhang is there then I swear I’m going to walk out.” Yuna declared. “What a bitch.”

“Have you gotten any texts from Jiwoo?” You asked her.

“Nope.” She looked down at her books, snuggling them against her chest. “I hope we’ll find out more soon.”

“I wonder if hospital food’s as bad as everyone says it is.” Hyeun mumbled. You gave her a sideway glance.

Everyone was already doing their warm ups when the three of you got to Pas de deux class. Or rather, they were playing around with ballet moves. Jongsoo and Dongwon were teasing Seohyun and Minjee by pretending to be female dancers, whereas Kwangsik was staring idly out at the windows, blind to the laughter going on around him.

Only Eungkwan was warming up. He was practicing ronde de jambes, artfully swinging his leg back and forth with extraordinary control. You could see why he was in the advanced class. But  his face was blank, focussed straight ahead, watching his leg move back and forth. It just didn’t look right.

You took a deep breath and slid to the ground. You hardly dared to put your pointes on. Today, they felt like your enemy. They’d never felt like that before. To be feared and respected, yes, but to be hated? Never.

Rolling your shoulders back, you tried to entice yourself into enthusiasm, then you slipped your shoes on and tied them up, watching yourself carefully wind the ribbons above your ankles. You had to rethink a few times, getting them round the right way.

It was then that the door opened.

All laughing and talking stopped.

Your heart thudded, as your breath caught.

Where Soul Meets Body- 7

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1989

Tags at End

Master   Part 6

Originally posted by drugs-we-love

You were not alone when you woke up the morning of Steve’s departure. Surprised as you rolled over, your eyes snapped open, only to be met with a wall of flesh, stretched tightly over a muscular back. Nuzzling into the warmth his massive body provided, you wrapped an arm around his torso and pulled yourself as close as you could get, morphing your body to fit the curve of his.

He started shifting, slowly turning onto his back as you tried to keep ahold of him. A deep, throaty chuckle fell from his lips as he peered through sleepy blue eyes at you, shielding his face from the sun with one arm thrown over his face. “Mornin’,” he drawled, using his other arm to hold you against him.

“You’re actually in bed,” you commented, fingers dancing over his ribs. He chuckled again, feebly trying to stop your tickles.

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Trauma: Exist (angst)

Title: Exist (Wonwoo)
Genre: Angst
Words: 671
A/N: I’m so sorry this was late. Golden Child snatched me.Well, I’m back already (jamming to Sea by GOLCHA). This is kinda longer than the others, I’m sorry. Enjoy!

| Boxed In (Vernon) | Stuck (Mingyu) | Exist (Wonwoo) | Sing (S.coups) |

Originally posted by wonuflake

Breathe in. Breath out. Breathe in. Don’t let it out already. What’s the use anyway? Breathe in. Hold it in. In…

“Hello? Paging Jeon Wonwoo?” your hand waved in front of Wonwoo’s face, making him blink, his trance broken. He looked over you and put his arm around you, forcing a smile, “Yes, I think the blue notebook would be a nice gift.”

You give him a look and remove his arm around you and hold his hand instead, “You’ve said that for the umpteenth time, I’ve lost count. There isn’t even a blue notebook.  Seriously, what’s going on?”

He let you make little circles at the back of his hand. It soothed him.

Wonwoo looked at you, flabbergasted by your outburst. One thing about you was that you never prodded him on telling his thoughts. You were always taking things slow. Wonwoo liked that but he also wished you’d ask him how he felt or what he was thinking. He wanted to open up. He wanted you to talk about the times you’d walked in on him crying a puddle of tears on his bed or holding a slightly bloodied knife or when you accidentally clicked his search history and found the depressing sites about Sylvia Plath’s suicide and how fast would such things kill you.

Wonwoo was confused of himself. Of everything. He didn’t know what he wanted. He also felt like he wanted to just live and die when the time comes. Sometimes it was difficult to just live. It felt tiring dragging himself around and waiting for another fifty or seventy years until nature kills him off.

Wonwoo,” you say, the tone of your voice was scared.

Wonwoo looks at you for a long time, internally screaming at the voice that was heavily doused with fear. He licked his upper lip. That’s what he did when he was nervous. You knew that and took both hands, your pleading eyes peering over his messed up ones.

If you want to open up, tell her, his mind seemed to say.

“Will you be okay hearing all this? I just…” he sighed. “I don’t want you–”

“Wonwoo just tell me, I’m not going anywhere. I’m here holding your hands and asking you to just tell me all those damned stuff that goes inside your head,” you sharply whispered.

“I just…” Wonwoo takes a deep breath and decides to clear all the doubts inside of him. You patiently wait.

“Why live? It feels like living is just a waste of time. Why take time to learn those ABCs? Why take time to fall in love only to hurt yourself in the end? Why live? Why breathe? It’s tiring to drag yourself around and wait. I’m tired of waiting, Y/N.”

As if he hadn’t taken time to breathe, Wonwoo gives jagged breaths filling in the wide empty space between the two of you. You kiss the back of his hand and engulf him with your hug. It felt like you were enveloping him even if your body was smaller than his. Wonwoo hugged you back, placing his hands on your shoulder blades and burying his head on his spot near your collarbone. The first tear falls.

“It’s okay…I’m here,” your hand reaches the back of his head and you play with his hair, it encourages more tears. Wonwoo stayed silent for a while. “Hey, Woo. I’m here, don’t give up, okay?” You smile and he feels it along with the rhythm of your heartbeats. Wonwoo shuts his eyes tight and the heartbeats fade as if just a memory, he feels your touch disappear. He was losing his grip on you.

  You were gone.

“You’re not really there,” Wonwoo leans his head against the wall. He sighs. All he wanted was for you to exist for another forever. More tears flow out of him along with every light and hope. Everything diminished. 

Breathe in. Breath out. Breathe in. Don’t let it out already. What’s the use anyway? Breathe in. Hold it in. In…

When I was younger I was supposed to be asleep by eight o'clock but I used to always wait until my mum had gone back downstairs and then read but then my mum caught me and she took my glasses off me so that I couldn’t read after I was sent to bed. Fast forwards two months to my birthday I asked my mum for a science kit and she was a little surprised thinking I’d want more books instead but she bought it me and then when she took my glasses off me at night I’d get my magnifying glass out of my science kit and hold it in front of the page so I could read


Have you ever started a drawing, and drawn, like, the best eye you’ve ever drawn in your life? It’s detailed and perfect and you love it, and you sit back–

– And you realize that the eyes are completely crooked and in the wrong place?

Getting things proportioned properly and in the right place can be tricky, but it’s an important early step in any drawing. By getting the proportions sketched out early, you save yourself grief later on and don’t waste time drawing detail on something if it’s in a place where it doesn’t belong. 

For this lesson, we’re going to focus on an exercise in very simple observational proportion.


Materials: you will need a small, complex object, capable of being comfortably lifted in one hand – I recommend child’s toy, such as a toy soldier, action figure, plastic animal, etc. Something reasonably detailed in shape. If you have more than one, even better! You can get a bag of cheap little plastic toys at the dollar store sometimes that work great for this.

Recommended Media: (Optional) Vine charcoal on newsprint works well for this exercise. You’ll also want an eraser (kneaded eraser works really nicely).

Set up your work space with your paper, and your toy within easy reach.

Hold up your toy. Look at it. Set it down next to you.

Me? I’m using my cute little Natasha 

Now, draw your toy’s silhouette

The silhouette should be solid and black. Do not draw any interior detail – JUST the silhouette, completely filled in. If you’re working with vine charcoal, let it take up most of the page.

Set a timer if you can (your phone should work fine) and work for up to 10 minutes.

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characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion, Apostasia
pairing: ^ (rating: aa, hugs and kisses?)
words: 1104
summary: (modern!au) they go bed shopping. or really, only Erblu is. Apos falls asleep and Arme’s just confused.

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Tiny Light - fic

Characters: Tiger, Midnighter, Helena Bertinelli, Damian Wayne
Summary: They were the toughest of the tough. Smarter than most. And here, they were suddenly at a loss, all because a child showed up.
A/N: Based loosely on the Nightwing Rebirth issue, where it shows all Dick’s buddies kind of helping him track down the thingy to save Damian’s life. Dick lives, obviously. By the ~power of love~


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whipbogard  asked:

Would it be okay to ask for a JayDick buddy cop au? :x

Anything for you whippy <3

This is lightly based off the challenge from B99. 

Wanna Bet?

“Guess who just solved the Richardson case?” Jason swaggered into the conference room, file in his hand. He tossed it down on the table, going up to the white board at the front of the room and replacing the 90 written under his last name to a 91. 

Dick’s arms were crossed, pretending to be pissed. “Awesome,” he said. “While you were working on that, I took care of the Deliccui case, the Boyardo case, the Montoya case, and the missing puppy case.” Dick pulled the files out of his bag along with a newspaper. His smiling face was on on front page, holding a little girl and her lost puppy. 

A few of the people in the room whooped and some “oohed” at them. Dick walked up to the front of the room, plucked the marker out of Jason’s hand and replaced the 90 under his own last name with a 94. 

“Better get ready,” Dick said as he set the marker down. “I hear your speech writing skills could use some work.” 

“Don’t put your suit up just yet, Grayson,” Jason replied. “This bet isn’t over until one of us hits one hundred.”

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Otabek Altin x Yuri Plisetsky

Characters: Otabek Altin, Yuri Plisestky, Lilia Baranovskaya, Jean-Jacques Leroy (Minor), Isabella Yang (Minor), Minami Kenjirou (Minor), Viktor Nikiforov (Minor), Yuuri Katsuki (Minor)

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences

Warnings: description of injury and blood (minor)

Word Count: 12527

Bang: @yurioniceshelter

Partner: @plotindevelopment || @kaylingling7 || KayLingLing7 (Ao3)

          link to art

Beta: @yourplisetsky (thank you so much Eve <3 I’m so happy you helped me!)


Summary: dance of the dragon (Latin)

In a world where people are still chivalrous, where knighthood is more than a title. Where magic was and is an existence that can never be wiped away. Determination and hope can lead you anywhere, from good to bad.

But it may also lead you home, whether that is a new place or old. And even with trials that test you to the very core of your being, you can survive and more importantly thrive.

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REQ FROM ANON: Please make a Sakura the beautiful and innocently cute librarian and Sasuke visits the library a lot because Sakura is there, eventually falls in love for her, then ends up confessing to each other and leading to a lemon. Ya know? :)

I personally loved this prompt!! i did my best with it and I hoped I made the lemon to your liking <3

Sasuke hated reading. Ever since he was a little kid, he hated trying to make the effort to understand and interpret the characters written his books, and only read when it was absolutely necessary—for example, while driving. Otherwise, reading was an absolute no-go for him.

So he didn’t completely understand why he was standing in the Konoha Public Library, waiting in line to get a library card from the really cute librarian with the big black glasses and pink bun.

“Hi,” she said cheerfully. Her nametag, resting on top of her ample chest, read Sakura. “How can I help you today?”

“Card,” Sasuke muttered, unable to fully look her in the eye. He hoped he wasn’t blushing.

“You want to get a library card?”


“I’ll take that as a yes. Now, if you could just fill out this information for me, sir, and give it back when you’re ready, I can get that all set up for you.” She handed him a clipboard and a pen, and he withdrew himself from the line and sat in one of the hard, dusty chairs, filling in his information where needed and ignoring the rest.

Because, after all, he hated reading more than he had to.

It seemed good enough for Sakura, who put the information into the computer.

“Alright, sir,” she said. “I’m going to ask you to take a seat over there so I can get your picture. You know, for ID. Don’t worry. Just act natural. It’s not like I’m giving you a mugshot or anything.”

Sasuke sat slouched on the stool. “Do people actually worry about this?”

“They want to look good,” Sakura shrugged. She held a camera up and aimed at his face. “Alright, look at me. One, two, three!”

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Being Human (UK) Masterpost

Season 0 

0x01 - Pilot

Season 1 

1x01 - Flotsam and Jetsam

1x02 - Tully

1x03 - Ghost Town

1x04 - The Boy Who Cried Vampire

1x05 - Where the Wild Things Are

1x06 - Bad Moon Rising

Season 2 

2x01 - Cure and Contagion

2x02 - Serve God, Love Me and Mend

2x03 - Long Live the King

2x04 - Educating Creature

2x05 - The Looking Glass

2x06 - In the Morning

2x07 - Damage

2x08 - All God’s Children

Season 3 

3x01 - Lia

3x02 - Adam’s Family

3x03 - Type 4

3x04 - The Pack

3x05 - The Longest Day

3x06 - Daddy Ghoul

3x07 - Though the Heavens Fall

3x08 - The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Season 4 

4x01 - Eve of the War

4x02 - Being Human 1955

4x03 - The Graveyard Shift

4x04 - The Spectre Calls

4x05 - Hold the Front Page

4x06 - Puppy Love

4x07 - Making History

4x08 - The War Child

Season 5 

5x01 - The Trinity

5x02 - Sticks and Rope

5x03 - Pie and Prejudice

5x04 - The Greater Good

5x05 - No Care, All Responsibility

5x06 - The Last Broadcast

He Tells the Fans

“Babe!” Ashton yelled walking outside of the large house onto the pool deck where his girlfriend was currently reading while drinking a glass of iced tea using a brew she had just bought at David’s tea. It was just past three in the afternoon, Ashton and the boys having just returned from another meeting with the management team, not revealing any details to her unless things were finalized. “I have a question for you.”

“Shoot,” she responded closing the book while removing the sunglasses, her body covered in a beautiful strapless one piece bathing suit.

“What are your thoughts on making our relationship public…like telling the fans and everything?” he asked sitting in the lounge next to hers. She closed her book setting it beside her before sitting up, her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought. “Babe?”

“Give me a minute,” she responded thinking through the pros and how the cons were currently outweighing them, not to mention the fact they hadn’t even been dating for a week yet. “Why now?”

“What do you mean?”

“Ash…it hasn’t even been a week yet. Besides, these are your fans. They’re either going to love me, hate me, or hate that I’m with you before stalking me on all forms of social media and relentlessly trying to verbally attack me,” she stated back, Ashton standing up from his chair to sit on the edge of hers.

“I know it hasn’t even been a week yet, but I don’t want to hide you. I want to show you off to the world and go out with you without worrying that I can’t kiss you or hold your hand. I’ve been trying to date you for three weeks now, I don’t want to go a moment where I can’t show you off now that I have you,” he muttered looking down at his lap. She studied his face and how vulnerable he looked in that moment wanting nothing more than to take that away from him. In all honesty, she was terrified. Ashton Irwin, probably one of the sexiest twenty-two years old’s on the planet was not only her boyfriend, but wanted to do everything he possibly could to show her how much he cared, when her ex boyfriend whom she dated for two years didn’t even want to hold her hand around his friends.

She leaned towards him, taking his face in her hand and turning it towards her to press a kiss to his lips softly, only having it returned full force, slipping his tongue in her mouth momentarily. “Go ahead, babe. You can tell them.”

“You are so fucking adorable,” Calum said as he flicked through instagram filters, y/n looking over his shoulder helping him choose.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this,” she said before settling on one.

“I can’t believe you’re letting me. I thought it would be more of a fight to go public with you,” he stated back honestly, which was true, she wasn’t the most confident girl, but he was slowly bringing that out of her, for the better.

“If I can kiss my mans in public, it’s all worth it,” she muttered simply before pressing her lips to his, a smile growing on his face as he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue in her mouth, hand rested on her cheek.

“Your mans?” he questioned with a slight laugh.

“Yes, babe. My mans. Now hurry up and post it so we can go get food. I’m starving and there’s pancakes calling my name.”

Luke Hemmings spotted for forth time in Sydney with mystery girl holding hands. Could this be the guitarist’s new girl?

“We made the front page, again,” y/n, said watching Luke make his way towards her in the coffee shop they usually get coffee in every morning. She held up the magazine with their figures plastered on the front holding hands. He leaned in to kiss her lightly before sitting across from her taking the magazine from her hands, opening it up to the three page article dedicated entirely to them.

“Luke Hemmings, age twenty, has been spending more time at the beach lately than in the studio with his band. Could she be the reason why? Luke and his mystery girl have been seen spending quite some time together from the Good Charlotte concert two weeks ago to a roaming the streets of Sydney hand in hand. Sources confirm this mystery girl, who goes by the name of y/n y/l/n works at one of the surf shacks on the beach near the Hemmings household drawing the attention of the singer,” Luke read out loud giggling slightly.

“Are they always so nosy?”

“Oh, babe, you have no idea,” he said closing the magazine before sipping at his brew, a huge smile on her face. “What?”

“Nothing. Just the fact that I’m drawing the attention of singer Luke Hemmings,” she stated back simply causing him to smile.

“Why don’t we just make our relationship public and stop the rumors?”

“Okay,” she said simply shrugging her shoulders sipping at her cup as well.

“Okay? That’s it?” he asked as she nodded.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s pretty much out there already, why not just confirm it so they can stop talking about it. I’d like to get back to having moments with my mans.”


y/n woke up to her phone exploding with mentions and messages from twitter completely confused.

‘Get your filthy hands off my man’
‘You aren’t even cute, and you think you can date Michal Clifford? Try again.’
‘I can’t believe he’d go for someone like you’
‘Go kill yourself’

“What the actual fuck?” she muttered before seeing a photo of her and Michael on twitter that had been posted on instagram beforehand.

‘Missing my baby girl @y/i/n.’ It was a picture of her rested in Michael’s lap as they played xbox from when they first hung out. Being beyond pissed was an understatement  as she quickly found her boyfriend’s number hitting the call button not really caring what time it was.

“Hey, ba-,”

“Don’t hey babe me, Michael. Why would you fucking do that without asking me? My phone’s blowing up with hate messages from your fans and I’m completely blindsided by all of this. Why couldn’t you fucking ask me first?” she ranted into the phone clearly upset leaving Michael speechless on the other end of the line. he hadn’t really thought about the outcome of making your relationship public, really just wanting to express his love for you.

“I didn’t think about the consequences, babe…I just wanted you to know I missed you,” he whispered into the phone, y/n instantly feeling regret for having yelled at him. Of course he’d never do it on purpose to hurt her. “I’m so sorry…I can take it down.”

“No, don’t do that. I appreciate the gesture, Mikey…it’s just, we come from two separate worlds, you have to remember that, not that it really matters because our relationship’s out there now, but just for future reference, talk to me first, alright?” she asked looking towards her clock seeing it was only four in the morning instantly regretting calling him knowing she must’ve woken him up. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“My fans woke you, I should be the one apologizing, babe.”