holcombe hill


Holcombe Hill, Bury

So just a bit about me and this blog…I studied photography at university from 2008-2011, after that I barely touched a camera for the next few years. I started taking photos again early in 2016 and I’ve decided that they’re better being on show somewhere rather than buried inside folders on my external hard drive. I’ll be posting up the pictures I have from uni and also uploading new ones when I have the time to get out and make them.

Most of the photos I take are night ones and mostly in the country side - I like getting out there and enjoying the peace, quiet and the stars. I’ve done some night photography in the city too which I’ll post at some point, and maybe I’ll occasionally do different things too.

This blog will be partly for me to keep a record of what I’ve done but I’m hoping that other people will see it too. We’ll see how far this goes…

This photograph was from my university final project, it was taken near Bury in Greater Manchester.