The conversations Ciara and I have, they are amazing.
  • Ciara:I really want to get a dog and name it Chimera.
  • Me:Duuude! Get a beagle! Haha, get it, like in I Am Number Four! Or, no! Even better! Get a chihuahua!
  • Ciara:Yeah! And I'll call it Sonny and make it push Percy off the Peace Arch... but I want a Rottweiler.
  • Me:*gasps* NAME IT CERBERUS. Get it? Like in Percy Jackson! Cerberus was a three-headed Rottweiler!
  • Ciara:And I could get a snake and name it Medusa!
  • Me:Dude, this is so going on Tumblr.
cabbage-man replied to your linkI finally got the Fanfiction list up and running! It has mine plus some I read that I liked. Let me know if you’ve read any good fanfictions lately :)

lady, write an avengers fic for yours truly ;] i need inspiration! oh, and i’mma read your sirius/oc fic. anything you wanna let me know before i die from its awesomeness?

Gah, I don’t think I could write an Avengers fic but feel free to find me a Rogers/Stark one thanks a bunch lovely  gah, thank youuuuuuu. Um, beware of terribleness? i dunno, it’s not fantastic :P