¡Hola, Barcelona!

Mañana sábado 20 de diciembre y el domingo 21 estaré en Miscelanea Bcnen el mercado de obra gráfica con láminas, libros, postales y dibujos originales, para los que aún tengan regalitos que hacer y para los que quieranpasar a saludar.

C/ Guardia, 10 
de las 12h a las 22h 

Barcelona nos vemos este finde 

Y para los que no estén en Barcelona y quieran alguno de mis productos aquí les dejo los links, solo tienen que escribirme a hola@sarafratini.com y hacer sus pedidos 

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During the Gala, Yuzuru Hanyu has a particular (and surprising) task to carry on: wearing a t-shirt in Spain’s national colors, he amusingly introduces Javier Fernandez to the audience in CCIB arena. In Spanish. Yes, in Spanish: “Hola, Barcelona! Medalla de plata, de Espana, Javier Fernandez!” And Javier Fernandez does the same for Yuzuru at the end of the Gala, describing his team mate as a “conquistador nato” [a born conqueror]. They laugh, we all laugh. Later during the afternoon, while preparing for the official gold medalists’ picture, Yuzuru Hanyu – as if he were the host – helps Shoma Uno fit in and relax: the 2014 Junior Grand Prix Final Champion looks out of his element, so Yuzuru takes Shoma’s right hand and puts it on Sergei Mozgov’s shoulder while posing for the photographers; but the stubborn hand still can’t find its place and stays somehow suspended in the air (and I wish you could see this particular picture from the back too…). During the tour of honor, Shoma still feels out of place, so Yuzuru steps in again, raising his younger colleague’s hands in the air and teaching him to wave to the public, as if he were passing a torch to the 17-year-old… And he does one more thing: he pushes Javi on the ice for an additional tour of honor: the Spaniard deserves it, the audience deserves it too. So, thank you, Yuzuru Hanyu, you’ve been a wonderful master of ceremonies in Barcelona. And what a joyous week this has been – I’m so grateful to have shared it with so many people loving figure skating. See you all next time.

By : Florentina Tone from Inside Skating

Hola Barcelona, I’ve been getting a lot of invitation mails from Barca folks and finally I’m going to make that trip.Thanks for your interest. There is no available spots for my trip this time, all booked. But no worries, I’ll have one more trip soon. For more informations and appointment requests keep an eye on www.okanuckun.com. Bdw I’ve just joined Snapchat. Follow me on Snapchat to see designing process and my trips. Snapchat: okanuckun https://instagram.com/okanuckunwww.okanuckun.com. Bdw I’ve just joined Snapchat. Follow me on Snapchat to see designing process and my trips. Snapchat: okanuckun https://instagram.com/okanuckun www.okanuckun.com Booking For okanuckun@gmail.com Done using @eikondevice #symbeos #ems420

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