Hola Barcelona

9 June 2017
We had breakfast on the French Riviera instead of on a boat in the eastern Mediterranean - the weather was beautiful, the sea calm and the views magnificent.

There were 730 km in front of us and we covered 450 yesterday. Knowing anything can happen, we didn’t make any definite plans - decided to ride and see how far we got.

We ripped up the auto-routes, arriving in Barcelona at 7.30pm.

There were problems, for example petrol stations on the auto-route don’t take foreign credit cards. To solve this we pulled off at Arles to have lunch, get money and fill up.

There was a price to pay both financially (tolls and petrol) and physically (where do I start - numb fingers, stiff shoulders, numb bums)

With 280km to go we started to see masses of motorbikes swarming down the auto-route, all heading to the MotoGP. We even stopped at a Moto Relais (a filling station specifically for motorbikes) just before the Spanish border and the buzz around that inspired us to keep riding, ignore the pain.

Our hosts at the BnB were surprised to see us as I’d emailed to say we were delayed and would arrive Saturday night.

Within 10 minutes of arriving, we were at a bar on the beach drinking beer and eating Galician octopus and grilled sardines. The sea was calm, we watched beach fishermen, locals playing beach volley ball, kids swimming, people drinking beer, laughing and talking - the strain of the gruelling ride started to slip away.

a long list of special songs that they’ve written about the countries they’ve been to, also including some songs they’ve covered during the tour :-)

links that have a plus sign (+) beside them have more than one video

last updated SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE NORTH AMERICA: “Twin Cities” on August 2, 2016 at 11:48 PM (GMT+8)

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[02.19.16] Nagoya, Japan

[02.20.16] Osaka, Japan

[02.23.16] Tokyo, Japan

[02.27.16] Shanghai, China

[02.29.16] Taipei, Taiwan

[03.02.16] Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

[03.03.16] Singapore, Singapore“Singapore”

[03.05.16] Jakarta, Indonesia“Jakarta” and “Nasi Goreng”

[03.08.16] Bangkok, Thailand“Phad Thailand” and “Bangkok”

[03.10.16] Hong Kong, Hong Kong“Hong Kong Rhymes with King Kong”

[03.12.16] Manila, Philippines“Vanilla in Manila”

• • •


[04.05.16] Sheffield, England“She’s Like Sheffield”

[04.07.16] London, England“Bangers and Mash”

[04.08.16] London, England“Fish and Chips”

[04.09.16] Brighton, England“Brighton Feels Alrighton”

[04.11.16] Leeds, England“Yorkshire Pudding”

[04.12.16] Nottingham, England“Who’s Got the Best Ham? Nottingham!”

[04.14.16] Birmingham, England“I Shaved My Beard for Birmingham”

[04.15.16] Cardiff, Wales “Welsh (I Wanna Be)”

[04.16.16] Cardiff, Wales“I Bought A New Car in Cardiff”

[04.18.16] Newcastle, England“Newcastle, It’s Not Old Castle”

[04.19.16] Glasgow, Scotland“Glasgow’s Ready To Go Go” and “Here We Fucking Go” and “500 Miles”

[04.20.16] Glasgow, Scotland“Here We Fucking Go Now”

[04.22.16] Manchester, England“Manchester is Party Capital of the World”

[04.23.16] Manchester, England“Wonderwall”

[04.25.16] Belfast, Northern Ireland“Chasing Cars” and “Belfast and Furious” +

[04.26.16] Dublin, Ireland“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” and “Wet Friday Dublin Nights” +

[04.27.16] Dublin, Ireland

[05.12.16] Vienna, Austria“We Had the Biggest Wiener Schnitzel”

[05.13.16] Verona, Italy“My Name is Calum” and “My Name is Luke” and “Verona”

[05.14.16] Rome, Italy“When in Rome”

[05.16.16] Munich, Germany“We’re the Munich Munchkins”

[05.17.16] Paris, France“France Off, Take My Pants Off”

[05.18.16] Lille, France“Lille”

[05.20.16] Antwerp, Belgium“Antwerk”

[05.21.16] Amsterdam, Netherlands“Ziggodome” and “Hot Damn in Amsterdam”

[05.22.16] Amsterdam, Netherlands

[05.24.16] Zurich, Switzerland“Swiss Chocolate, Swiss Cheese”

[05.25.16] Amneville, France

[05.26.16] Hamburg, Germany“Hamburgers in Hamburg”

[05.28.16] Herning, Denmark

[05.29.16] Copenhagen, Denmark“Coping with Copenhagen”

[05.31.16] Oslo, Norway“No Way Norway” and “We’re in Oslo”

[06.01.16] Stockholm, Sweden

[06.03.16] Helsinki, Finland“Helsinki”

[06.04.16] Tallinn, Estonia“Tallinn Soars Like An Eagle”

[06.06.16] Berlin, Germany “I’m Born Again Berlin”

[06.07.16] Mannheim, Germany

[06.08.16] Cologne, Germany

[06.10.16] Barcelona, Spain“Hola Barcelona”

[06.11.16] Madrid, Spain“I’m Mad, I’m Mad, I’m Mad for Madrid”

• • •


[06.30.16] Uncasville, Connecticut – “Connecticut (Spelled Connect-i-cut)”

[07.01.16] Uncasville, Connecticut

[07.02.16] Hershey, Pennsylvania – “Hershey Park Chocolate Factory”

[07.05.16] Syracuse, New York

[07.06.16] Darien Lake, New York

[07.08.16] Bristow, Virginia

[07.09.16] Mansfield, Massachusetts

[07.10.16] Holmdel, New Jersey – “Holmdel Feels Like Home”

[07.12.16] Toronto, Canada “Poutine Doesn’t Taste Like Poo Poo” and “Living in the 6ix"

[07.13.16] Montreal, Canada – “Perfect”

[07.15.16] New York City, New York

[07.16.16] Camden, New Jersey

[07.18.16] Charlotte, North Carolina

[07.20.16] Jacksonville, Florida

[07.22.16] Pelham, Alabama

[07.23.16] Nashville, Tennessee

[07.24.16] Atlanta, Georgia

[07.26.16] Cincinnati, Ohio

[07.27.16] Auburn Hills, Michigan – “Lose Yourself”

[07.29.16] Moline, Illinois

[07.30.16] Tinley Park, Illinois

[07.31.16] Saint Paul, Minnesota – “Twin Cities”

[08.18.16] Tulsa, Oklahoma

[08.19.16] Maryland Heights, Missouri

[08.20.16] Kansas City, Missouri

[08.22.16] Omaha, Nebraska

[08.24.16] Denver, Colorado

[08.26.16] Salt Lake City, Utah

[08.27.16] Boise, Idaho

[08.28.16] Auburn, Washington

[08.30.16] Spokane, Washington

[08.31.16] Ridgefield, Washington

[09.02.16] Mountain View, California

next show: Wheatland, California on September 3, 2016


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