hola james

Cuando Willy vuelva a las cafeteria...

James: ¡Hola Willy! :D
Willy: Hombre, hola Mike! 
Willy: ¿En serio? Tu eres el de Tumb…
James: No, no, ¿Has dicho Mike? Si, ese soy yo jejejeje *Se va a preparar alitas de pollo para su amor secreto*
Willy: Echo de menos a Vegetta :’(

Two and a Half Steps Ch. 2- a modern Shenko AU

AO3, FF.net

A/N: I’m so glad this has gotten such a great response so far! I’m actually taking it in a very different direction than I planned, but I’m really thrilled for whats to come. Plenty of fluff and angst, and naturally some smut. Enjoy!

Waking up in a new place was always strange for Shepard, especially now. It wasn’t so unusual when she was actually moving in, but at the current moment, it was strange to think that this new place was permanent. But she certainly wasn’t complaining. She’d been in the city for a few years now, and knew it was going to be a good place for her. But a new home really brought her good feelings.

The apartment was gorgeous, a gutted out warehouse with huge sprawling windows against the back of the apartment, a view that looked out on the bustling city and let the sun in in just the right ways. She’d succeeded in putting together her bed in record time, and plopping the massive mattress on top of it. She was still in the process of putting the place together, but it did feel like home… already. It was better than most places.

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