hola band

Okay that’s it. Stop all this fucking hating on each other. I’m actually a bit pissed. Yeah a lot of people are upset over not being on Parahoy. Please let them. I mean, hola, their fucking favorite band is on a fucking cruise ship, for 4 fucking days, and they’re activities with the members. That’s just fucking cool. And it’s totally okay to be super upset over the fact they can’t be there. Don’t think you’re better cause you’re handling it better than them. Also, Don’t get upset over Hayley saying people on Parahoy are ‘really dedicated fans’. It’s not like she’s saying any of you aren’t. I am a 99% sure she knows we love them just as much as the people who did go. She’s just excited? And why wouldn’t she. People are paying for a cruise just to hang out with her and jerm and tay. That’s nuts. Also, very important, don’t hate on the people who are on Parahoy right now. Don’t say they don’t deserve it or something cause that’s bullshit. And people on Parahoy right now, have lot’s of fun! I’m sure y'all gonna have the time of your life. And don’t forget, that when you come back, that you’re not better than someone who didn’t have the opportunity to go. Now can y'all stop the bullshit and be happy for each other, and Paramore, and all. I am done. Peace out.