“Hokkun” Shimonoseki city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan.

I tried translating this small corner from Popolo February 2014, cos I think it’s very cute :3

We will give you catchphrase YO!

The one who deceive everyone with his mature aura and angel smile. Give a name for Hokkun, the hidden hyper-chara(!?)

Myuto: The cool who can’t stand being alone ❤ Although he is easy to feel lonely, he has a cool aura. That part of him is unfair, right.

Taiga: Cool & Chatterbox He might have the cool image thanks to drama and such, but he is actually really talkative. When camera start rolling he tries to act cool~

Ryusei: Vampire tooth that shines like The Big Dipper (Hokuto ShichiseiI haven’t met him that much, but my impression of him is a cool person. He has vampire tooth, right? I added that in the name (lol)

Jinguji: The Cool Silly He is actually smart, but his usual action and behavior are stupid (lol) Maybe he is a bit similar to me!

Jesse: A half Cat and Dracula Because he has vampire tooth, his appearance is like dracula, but his personality is like a cute kitten. The gap is too big (lol)

scan thanks to yoshiko_mama